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This site is home to the Sessions with the Higher Forces. Tom Ringrose gave these psychic sessions (in a manner similar to Edgar Cayce) to his spiritual group (known as The Gathering) over a 33 year period until his passing in 2005. Originally based in New York City, The Gathering established the Temple of the Higher Forces where they live just south of Charlottesville, Virginia. Tom is survived by his wife, Isis, who continues to lead The Gathering now living together in spiritual community for 40 years.


Tom Ringrose →

Thomas John Ringrose was born in New York City on May 22, 1949. His passing in 2005 marked the end of an extraordinary life. He was a psychic, a spiritual guide, an artist, a dedicated worker, a veteran, a husband and a dear friend to many. Tom is survived by his wife Isis and his spiritual group, The Gathering, and leaves us his paintings and psychic sessions known as The Book of Light.

The Gathering →

Tom and Isis Ringrose began holding psychic meetings in the late 60's in New York City. The meetings evolved into psychic sessions given in a manner similar to those of Edgar Cayce. The group that gathered together began living in community and recording the psychic Sessions with the Higher Forces. United by a common desire to search for God, they refer to themselves simply as 'The Gathering'.



The Temple of the Higher Forces →

In 1975, The Gathering pooled their funds and purchased an old hospital in Schuyler, Virginia. This was a big transition coming from New York City, but the sessions led them to this very special building. The hospital was fully renovated, designed and built into a community home and spiritual monastery over a 20 year period. The temple is decorated with artifacts from around the world. See the photos online or tour the Temple.

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