Session 430/2

SESSION 430 2 7/10/83

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We have watched closely the different levels of movement and have allowed ourselves the ability to get and to acquire the items we need done. We are moving forward and much more aggressively in acquiring and accomplishing the items necessary for progress. We have watched closely the movements of many, many sets of people. We find again that certain conditions must be made before that of the manifestation and the coming of such powers. You are now living in an existence in witch the very atmosphere of life itself is questioned. Theses elements that you do work with have constant vibration and movement. When the force no longer sees this circulation we immediately restart and go into a channel of different energies therefore in your search for the right existence make sure the energy value is almost right and (—–).
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Have we accomplished what you wanted in Virginia Beach?
Forces: We find that the foundation and the equipment of such ending in the week past to be adequate and accomplished.
IS: Should I stay there longer?
Forces: No find not to.
IS: Should we register with ARE as a Search for God group?
Forces: We find this to be so.
IS: Which one?
Forces: We find the number to be 777.
IS: Could I have some understanding of that?
Forces: The Search for God that you mentioned yes this is a group the official number should be 777.
IS: But it should be registered with the ARE?
Forces: We find it to be so.
IS: Instead of them putting down Search for God group number one Schuyler to tell them to put down 777?
Forces: The number is such.
IS: Will they be agreeable to such?
Forces: We’ll see.
IS: Should I register that we are just now starting the group.
Forces: The group was started in that of June 1973.
IS: And that’s how it should be registered?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Should I give them the number?
Forces: Those who are in this particular group should be members.
IS: Their names should be registered?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So that means we are coming to something-?
Forces: The intensity of our heat is penetrating the density of your (craft).
IS: Is this also a means by which to record these members here now?
Forces: As faithful servants as they move on in time.
IS: Am I correct in understanding that ARE has up to now has been the Old Testament and we are the New Testament and the merging of the Two?
Forces: You are correct.
IS: What does Gladys feel about us now?
Forces: There is a great deal of strength and pride and, and, the renewing of that of the old quality that she had missed, that same vibration in the atmosphere that she had known while she was with Cayce its now revisited her in this form by this group.
IS: This is conscious?
Forces: Yes.
IS: How did she feel when I (closer) to her one of your answers?
Forces: At home.
IS: That’s what I felt so there was complete acceptance because she felt at home with the (——-) afterwards around her?
Forces: That and another beginning of the search.
IS: Beginning—-?
Forces: The entity replies of certain areas that——.
IS: But this was no longer a sort of thing this was from the pages of our readings which are the continuation of your readings you understand we are the same which they are could she accept that?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Is that not a tremendous thing the Forces that you have accomplished?
Forces: It is the first sense of progress also the first sense of help.
IS: Should each member become an ARE member?
Forces: We find it so.
IS: Who would be the most receptive to understand to give us this number until 1972?
Forces: The secretary at the ARE.
IS: Is that the lady I spoke to–?
Forces: We find that we’ll give you and work with you on it, it will be that.
Forces: It is the secretary to Edgar Cayce.
IS: Oh Gladys.
IS: OK thank you very much. You said something about the coming of the power?
Forces: The awareness and the manifestation of the power.
IS: How does (——-) feel about this group now?
Forces: Elated.
IS: how did he feel and did he understand what I accomplishment there?
Forces: Elated.
IS: Has he understood that man could not do such a thing that it took something greater?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Has or did Gladys Davis tell him that we have readings?
Forces: Yes.
IS: And how will he accept it?
Forces: Naturally.
(————————————–) sound bad.
IS: And how did Charles Thomas when I specifically said this is the next stage for ARE.
Forces: And us knowing the ground work and things (——-) must be.
IS: He seems much stronger than the last time he was in the house?
Forces: This is true.
IS: Thank you very much.
LK: Could you tell us what it means in the Cayce readings when they talk about planetary sojourns and specifically when they say that a person has sojourns in the Sun or Mars?
Forces: It represents the expression of the soul in the earth.
LK: How does it relate to the physical things Sun or Mars or Venus or whatever or is there a relation?
Forces: There is a astral or a metaphysical relationship between all solid items.
LK: Thank you.
NN: Which of the classical composers dealt mostly with the Heart?
Forces: A combination of many ones ah those elements found in this is cooperation of the quiet sound and of course you have qualities that are found in songs of the soul representing that of the Bible but most of all Liszt has a feeling or a cooperation of much quality.
IS: Would you say Chopin and Mozart put together?
Forces: They are very powerful and it could maintain for a impatient environment.
IS: The heart–?
Forces: Who would have the heart that dealing with Mozart and Chopin.
NN: You also said Liszt?
Forces: Liszt is the most harmonious (—-) involved with the natural source of the Solar System.
NN: Thank you.
JU: I feel like I’m off track and need guidance?
Forces: Its essential that you guide yourself and not fall into these traps of destruction.
JU: Is there anything you can give me specifically?
Forces: Not allowing them to exist the very fact of not giving into your comphability.
JU: Thank you.
DD: The list you gave me in the last session the graph you said the apex of the graph. Would the numbers 55, 72, and 114 (105?) respectively be the physical, mental and spiritual?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Thank you.
HI: When you were talking about the energy values must be in its right condition how does one know that ones energy is going the right way?
Forces: This is more of a inner search chances are you can find out by drinking a glass of water with lemon juice in it if the energy is in the right condition you will be able to drink the glass of water with no problem if the energy is wrong you will have a bitter taste in your mouth. That is a physical way the mental way is the ability to have a peace within and not use the analytically mind. Too much of the analytically mind is the (off track of the quest) and the spiritual road is basically in order to get back on the track one needs to have silence and meditation.
HI: Thank you.
ES: You spoke of different (—-) levels coming in what the book is that what you are talking about?
Forces: That is many, many, many other things.
ES: But is that like the very beginning the different type of levels where the people are I guess different levels.
Forces: It is not the beginning.
ES: So that book is accurate in describing what goes on in the different levels in the different (—).
Forces: What (that?) is accurate.
ES: The book Shikasta by Doris Lessing
Forces: (——-).
ES: Thank you very much.
NN: Is there something you can give me where I can become a lighter sleeper?
Forces: We would advise you to gather that of the (——-) and allow it to be under you while you sleep guarantee one or two things it will guarantee you to sleep much lighter or two it will guarantee you to have a heck of a cleaning job (—-).
NN: Thank you.
JB: Is there some subjects in the Cayce readings that I should look at?
Forces: The Electrical-Polarizations of magnetism of that of the bar of rays of that of (anything).
JB: Thank you.
JE: Would it be feasible to put a well in our backyard and if so where?
Forces: Well. The question is what do you want to put in your backyard, where do you want to put what in your backyard, and how long will you deal with what in your backyard.
JE: Is it practical to have a well in our back yard?
Forces: Well is very practical in certain sections. A well is practical in all under, under investigation for that of being well. If you are well then we are well and if all is well then all is well. It is practical to put a well anywhere you want in your life for the one who is under the (—-) and where you put your well should be a practice what would be (—) well done.
JE: How about a water well?
Forces: This too can be applied to the same (—-).
JE: Is there a spot that is better than another?
Forces: Dogs have spots, dogs and cats have spots and Dick and Jane have spots and run.
Forces: Have the well at the thin line to the west of your property to the west of your first column in the back of your porch and it will be done well on that spot.
IS: You mean (—-) to the house?
Forces: No on the back before you come (—–).
JE: Is that before the garage?
Forces: We will show it too you.
Forces: Thank you.
GB: Any guidance for me?
Forces: The applying of one step at a time and constant what would be considered (—) of the Bible and the application of intuitiveness as positive objective and the progress of the (——).
GB: Thank you.
Forces: We will return to you again soon (——)
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.