Session 434 8/18/83

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and will stay here for this week to be with you and to watch. We are aware of the situation with the entity GB leaving and watching it we’ll evaluate it in such words or terms of only allowing the force which drives him to be expressed in his own terms that he might be able to grow sometimes the pants becomes too tight and the individual has to change in certain circumstances we will open up a new policy for him and for the entity DN and those who want to apply to it that they can come and visit for the weekend for a few days but not to stay following such policies they can be guided and talked with and helped as much as one can but would be advised to work out things within themselves. As far as the entity GB is concerned we have watched it and noted the extensive depressions knowing that (—–) away from this particular group is also good for him. This would have to be his decision of course but all in all if he does make it, it would be advisable to experience and grow on other levels, to come back well this will have to be taken into consideration by us. All those who are here maintain themselves to be here and attain the same reward and purpose of growth in there own soul level and will continue to maintain the growth and as we would see the entity GB put (—-) aside one way or the other of what to do within self and his future (—) decisions within his fear of (——). We are mostly interested in these connections or those who remain so that the progress can maintain and move on.
Forces: Ready for your questions.
LK: Is there something I can do with the part in me guilt to let them go?
Forces: Guilt sometimes is good for the soul ah too much of it is useless, the ability to jump into the work and, and contributing is one way of getting rid of guilt actions.
LK: Thank you.
NN: In chapter 5 of Micah what is the 7 shepherds and 8 principle men that (—-)?
Forces: These are the principles of spirit and fortitude of those wisdom and patience and of those qualities that work through the spirit and through the centers of the body that (–) throughout the world.
NN: Thank you. Is it specific people?
Forces: It is people but more so within the individuals spiritual fight.
BN: What is the physical origin of aging in this house they don’t seem to be doing it as fast as others?
Forces: Combination of the spirit and the essence of the spirit around you and that of the Radiance of a God-Force that is within.
BN: So without that something breaks down in time?
Forces: Without the God-Force the breaking down force is much rapider.
BN: Is there a particular chemical element that is the main one that breaks down?
Forces: The element in which breaks down the aging process readily and faster.
BN: Yes
Forces: What do you mean, what types of foods would be contributing to her breaking down process of old age.
Forces: We would review the foods that would break down for old age.
Forces: Contributing to old age you have many different basics.
BN: What are they?
Forces: Most of all loving your neighbor as yourself is the basic that old age will not penetrate you. Service is another basic that gives you the health and vitamins the body needs. Through service it rejuvenates the cells within the body strange as it is through such service of giving does the body rejuvenate on an etheric level and this is what is meant by through giving do you receive. (10.30)
BN: Thank you very much.
IS: Is there also a certain kind of cell in the body that if these things are not applied breaks down faster?
Forces: More so the Radiance around the body that dictates the breaking down of cells faster and the (—) and the negative force in the cellular structures of the body break down faster to old age.
IS: The age is really through the Aura?
Forces: This process is through the heart center. The heart has a certain enzyme that is secreted through what we would call the (pleuratic) or the what would be considered the valves of the heart into the blood system these are tiny little what would be considered gradual pockets coming from the lymphatic system that in each valve is this gland that secrets into the blood when the heart is negative these here glands secretes nothing into the blood causing the aging process to increase. When the heart is in a positive and giving mode and in that form the gland secretes ah the enzymes that what would be considered coats the cell in a healing pocket of lotion that stops the aging process.
BN: The enzyme works functions at the cells surface then?
Forces: The enzyme through the blood circulation coats every cell within the body.
IS: And how does meditation work with that process?
Forces: This makes the enzymes rapidly grow more and increases the volume and the amount of that producing.
ES: In the last Sessions you mentioned I was a recorder for the souls what was I recording?
Forces: Not relative at the moment.
ES: The opal that I found is that fine or should I get another one?
Forces: Not necessary. More so the stone around your neck has transpired from opal to that of what would be considered onyx.
ES: Thank you very much.
JU: Could you give me some guidance on what I need to do?
Forces: Service, Love and no Judgment and no justice trips.
JU: Thank you very much.
DD: Is it possible to use soapstone powder fired in a kiln?
Forces: Such a powder is dangerous to the lungs.
DD: What happens when you fire it what are the new properties in it?
Forces: Combine steel and brass together.
DD: Thank you.
NN: The only thing about Arcturus in the reading is that it enters into other realms of consciousness. Could you tell me any more about that?
Forces: Once they are carried some place to the smallest part of an (8 hour glass) in which (—-) goes from one place in the Cosmos to the other and all (—) must pass through this narrow slit.
NN: Thank you.
JB: Question for HI? Session The comet that was mentioned in one of the Sessions whether that coming and going on this comet would manifest (–) on the physical level
Forces: It would be on a etheric level more than a physical.
JB: Thank you.
IS: The Jewish calendar with the Aleph and the Aleph the way they say it I don’t know its 6 thousand years till the big destruction. Is that so or is it more——-?
Forces: Change.
IS: So in 254 years there’s going to be—?
Forces: A whole Empire change.
IS: Is it talking about the 2/3rds of the earth?
Forces: Change.
IS: Then the numbers that I was figuring what is that what was I seeing (—)?
Forces: Moments of power and strength.
IS: Was I figuring more the actual years of those—?
Forces: More so of the spirit.
IS: How many years in our years has the earth stood so far. How many millions of years?
Forces: Not able to say.
IS: Is it in your years or (——-) years?
Forces: It is not in the millions it is in the (breath?) of 10.4 Billion years.
IS: 10.4?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you.
NN: Dream I had about the black (mass) I was going to tell Tom?
Forces: Well Halloween is coming up.
NN: Thank you.
IS: does that have relevance to what happened to GB?
Forces: It is there is a great deal of negative force in the air and the confusion does come over him a great proportion not dealing with him directly but a sleeping force does happen at this time of the year.
ES: Dream I was reading a paper the American Indians had seen a prophesy come forth that was to show the end of days that the waves in the grass the waves of energy in the grass?
Forces: It is the prophecy for the Indian people to turn to there own development with their own nation with their own state.
ES: And that’s why the American Indians are called the good children that the children saw the waves in the grass and that would be the beginning of the end of days?
Forces: It would be the beginning and the end of their hardships and the beginning of a new day for them.
ES: Thank you.
IS: What is the reason for their hardship?
Forces: It is more of a Atlantis rebellion that was the cause for a great deal of destruction in Atlantis.
IS: Thank you.
IS: And do the Jewish people have the same kind of a group?
Forces: More so the Jewish people are those protected by the Ones that see. The Forces. (—–).
IS: The Jewish people have had their hardships?
Forces: Hardships are their own personal rebellions they make.
IS: Thank you.
DD: I had a dream about the Tarot the last card called the (—-) is it taken from the end and put in between the Lovers?
Forces: More so the conquering of the Love aspect in (——).
DD: So would it be taken off the end I’m interpreting it in terms of Genesis (——) you take it off the end and put it in there?
Forces: It could be done.
DD: Would that be the correct way or?
Forces: There are those moments it could be done that way.
DD: Thank you.
Q. In a book about the Tarot is it accurate that each Tarot card represents a Hebrew letter and a astrological sign?
Forces: Yes.
JB: Can something be said about the Presidential race will Reagan have a chance to be president again?
Forces: Not if we can help it but we do not want to get involved in it cause there are others who are trying to help it.
JB: Thank you.
JE: They discovered rings around our sun.
Forces: Sure
JE: Could you explain that how come they never saw it before?
Forces: This is why you have the exact duplicate of the planet.
JE: Which planet?
Forces: The one that is a counterpart to the earth.
JE: In the rings what are the rings inside or outside the galaxy.
Forces: They are in your galaxy.
IS: The counter planet is in the rings around the sun.
Forces: Always on the opposite side of the earth therefore you could never see it.
IS: So there is the rings around the sun and then there’s the other planet.
Forces: The planet that makes the ring around the sun was a planet of a moon shape but the ring itself is also such a way that a planet resides a few million miles from it.
IS: Could you make Tom maybe paint a painting so that we can maybe understand?
Forces: A painting was done by the Sun traveling and the painting of that Sun (—–).
IS: The one that we have downstairs in the den?
Forces: Not in the den.
Forces: In one of your private rooms the rings are in the circle of the Sun and will be seen by the blue color.
IS: And that counter planet what do you mean is it like a positive to our negative or negative to our positive?
Forces: It is the opposite in dimensions.
IS: Does it have people on it?
Forces: It has spirits or souls yes.
IS: But not in a flesh form?
Forces: No.
Forces: At this point we will be leaving we’ll speak to you again this week.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.