SESSION 435 12/31/83 to 1/1/84

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and understand new dealings (—-) to come that is days now past bye. We look around the area and in this area we will remain (——–) we will speak to them. (We will lower that)(music in the background.
Forces: Hours pass bye into days and days into months and months into years in which we have kept our course and our path enlightening those around. In so doing you have been given the guidance and the gift of (giving) in so doing you have been given the (trial) beyond expectations and the wildest dreams. In so doing you have been given a path that has not been (—–) to conflicts in so doing you have what would be considered challenge to challenges in so doing you have gone to the depths of the emotions into that of faith and prayer for those that stand and remained upon the shore after the dark those truly are the ones chosen endurance is the most sparks and in the sparkles of that in which one encourages the existence of the Divine and one becomes closer to the reality of the Vision without the vision there is no life and without life there is no hope. Hope is the endurance of all things that have the (nucleus) of Faith. With Faith all things are possible without Faith there is nothing made and without Faith there is no beginning and there is no end of misery for Faith transforms that of the earth into that of the heavens for bringing down into the earth is Faith. The doorway of Faith is trust the cornerstone of Faith is understanding. The ladder of Faith is Love and the breath (breadth?) of Faith is giving and that trust of Faith for the understanding of the All Knowing and Powerful that remains to be seen. All those who commit there lives to the Higher Forces and to the Mission on earth.
Forces: We have been working. We have been setting up in this area, a Divine Plan that is beyond mans imagination. We have set this center and this circle of Kosmic Understanding to the beginning and to the end of all mankind, the belief of a Divine Within. We understand within this passage of time comes a new message of hope in our brother, the (—-) brother.
Forces: We talk to you tonight that you might understand and receive and understand the purpose again you have gone through and have passed over. A New Israel is about to begin the year 84 is the color of pink and blue, the year 84 is the color of pink and blue, the year 84 is the color of all creation. The year 84 is your creation. All those things that you desire, all those things that you wish for that of understanding through faith, the year 84 is the year of faith through the understanding of love and hope, the year 84 is our year. We shall take command of it we shall take charge of this moment, we are here. It is our moment, our time miracles and visions, dreams and hope shall be seen in this year, things to understand things to go after this is our doing now. We come in we take charge we take control. The year of Satan is over, the year of pain is over. Satan is now bound up, for 23 years he shall stand bound again. The pains of Satan is finished for 23 years. We have now control of this area, of this time. It is our moment now. We shall enter in, we shall guide, we shall be known. We ask now that as we go through this room in Silence, we shall touch each one of you in our doing. (Forces breathing heavily)
Forces: We only wish that the world in itself would come into harmony into a world order of peace without us having to interfere. We only wish that the world powers might work together without us having to interfere. We only wish that the world powers would work together to create peace that we should not have to interfere.
Forces: There has been many a day in which the Council did meet to decide the reaction and the consequence to weigh the balance for doing and the not doing. To see in people the things that are being and are not being. Yet in this time that you are in it is as has been given to you the best of times. The moment around is the best of times on a scale of the evolution is that in which all creation had come into being to mark. It is the darkest hour only because the light is about to shine. It is the hopelessness of the world that from Hopelessness hope can grow from, that the unseen can be seen once again. That the Forces on High can come down and walk with the children of man and talk to them once more in which they can be guided and civilizations can be built in which societies can be laid down again in which God can be with his people once more. Many years have gone by a rebellious people have passed pain and suffering has been done man against men, women against woman, city against city hopefully this will end and a new society of understanding, of working together in the Brotherhood of the Spirit, in the union of not powers of theirs or mine but in the union of God that the power of God be done through us and in us and with us. In this Unity we come together to create, to grow, to have, to be. In this Life you have the makeup of the seed of truth, use that truth wherever you go knowing that in all that you do, in all that you think, in all that you say we will back you, we will be with you, we shall not let you fall, we haven’t let you fall from the beginning of time and we shall not let you fall. We the Forces on High shall be at your side and the power that is instituted in the Matrix of our being will be instrumented through you and with you and in you for the Glory of God, the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Union of the Spirits around. We watch and see that this is your important hour of transition to a new consciousness. We are happy we are able to be with you tonight. We shall not leave you we are around the house. We are in the skies tonight. We are there for you. When you say to yourselves what are you that we should come and we say to you we have prepared for this day thousands and thousands of years. The rebirth, a new beginning of Society from whence man has fallen. It must start somewhere and we will begin the starting of it. We will gather those all together in this spot. We will build, we will create. Blessings upon all those who are here In the name of