SESSION 437 3-17-84

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in this area and working with all items of a political nature with the middle east which we are involved (part missing ) for the things that are inevitable in the world structure of man comes from a knowledge of One and take and the command of such power. It would be in our best interest to understand that force or power or strength is only the measurement of Service done for one particular subject the amount of power one has is the amount of strength one has to serve one item be it God, be it man, or be it the world, or be it self. All these items are in the Revelation of the force of nature which has its own impetus and strength and participation in life. As we move through life there are many things we would like to command and get a hold of in such a strength we do know a security but when this strength becomes a dire need in which it is necessary to have one item or another item to be done with that you are now what would be considered at the mercy of the world, when anything that needs to be operative, fixed, put into its own perspective, now that if you cannot do it with self then the (need) of it to be fixed is by the elements around self. There are many times in our own daily situations that such a need strikes, be it the gas stove be it the heater, operate heater or be it a refrigerator. In all these conditions be it a car be it any mechanical item the initial repair process is already innate inside and the fixing of things comes either from a tinkering or hammering or messing around as they would call it in such condition chances are the higher self will direct the individual to what has to be done or fixed.
Forces: We also have the same in operation on a spiritual level a tinkering around a moving around a experimenting and finally merge the Higher Self into an order of perfection again not all things operate according to our world but to our needs but in such a demand when we are found in a situation wanting or repair work to be done then a force of the spirit comes in and works with the elements that is already there and at hand and brings into an element into the environment that it wants to produce or to (—-) a share. All factors are necessary factors and have there own strength and of course have there own credibility but knowing that all things are in Gods hands and that all things will be corrected or worked with in that period of time according to the perfection and the Spirit of the movement. We also would like to address a Cosmic Law and the Cosmic Law of the world of the Universe or the Law of inch by inch is much more powerful than mile by mile. We understand the tediousness of your work that sometimes takes place here in such of this tediousness at work and involved lots of hours man hours and of course women hours. In such a structure we wonder why anyone would want to waste any time on items that really does not have any personal meaning to them. All items no matter how great or small where they begin or where they have begun are (—) the Masters. To do something that is in a perfect state brings a certain element of truth into perfection a certain element of belief and certain element of harmony and Love. In so doing these belief structures are elements of work, in the hand, in the crafts, in the working around even to the point of the listening there is always one on the team that needs to do one item, another team member needs to do another item and another one needs to walk around to listen so he or she might perceive of the Spirit of a force. All these are important elements. In the building of the Temple of Jerusalem there were a group of men that were of a 14 number and existed 14 in a inner system that never slept. These were those who guided the Temple constantly they would walk around and hear and see and perceive how things were moving and at night they would record and another 14 would take over but these 14 powers were always walking 24 hours around when they were building the Temple of Jerusalem. In such a condition we can only say their major role as Solomon and his Wisdom understood that all things needs to be watched, all things need constant care, maneuvering and evaluation and all things need to be handled in the right manner and all things are different. So in his Wisdom he structured these 14 guides to constant, record, report and have information on hand about the progress and handicaps of the development. In such a system this is a workable condition that one must reevaluate the construction of a work and process that is being done. In such of the building of the great Temple of Jerusalem more resource, energy, and equipment was poured into this structure that devised a political as well as a economic and as well as a standard of living for a society of people that were in a state of tribal control and tribal (manageship). In this doing of the Temple we have the (—-) laws and the understanding laws of before of giving, of working, of preparing, of constantly walking in meditation. Man is constantly reevaluating himself and woman in the ever, ever movement and scale of strength versus the inch by inch process and a mile by mile. It is better to move in a small pattern every day (realigning) every day trying to make better its not necessarily that you will make it better the next day but a ever trying process of (—) to move and to create and to make things better is the evolution of man but in such a sphere of the Cosmic Law a slow movement is much better to have than the fast abrupt movements for the slow movements are the strongest stones any sediments that deposits on a slower basis have (—–) more time span to develop and to materialize into a stone becomes the hardest stones and the strongest. In such a understanding Moses himself took the Principle of the stone and brought forth water. Mans consciousness (Tape cut off) He or she already knows about. This is called the Dorian Understanding, the dawn of understanding in which one might undertake the knowledge or what would be considered the information given to them and become little Frankenstein’s. What you have as information, what you have as understanding, what you do with it is all up to you. The Dawn of understanding is that quality in which Moses had to hit the Rock and from the Rock comes the gushing forth of the water. Of course even in his own doubt he hesitates to hit the Rock but none the less as the Scriptures read he struck the Rock and gushed forth the waters from beneath. Remember even the Rock itself will crumble even the strongest Laws of life the most hardened, hardened circuses of what we consider the foundation of a mental minds objects, the solidification of mans attitude towards things that stops the growth pattern of life. The Rock brought forth the water, the element of the Staff was the Word of God written on it, in this Word that is the Names of God that Moses had represented the very power to be within self, the very Essence of Life the Staff of Life, the very being of your presence is that which you will go around constantly striking the Rock of hardness the Rock of mental concepts, the Rock of preconceived ideas. Man constantly makes these rocks for Gods servants to come with the Staff constantly cracking them in the middle. Some day in the evolution of man these Rocks will no longer be formed and water which represents Gods blessings, surrounding of water Gods grace and Gods Benevolence will be around us from the very substance in which stops the flow of this Force. Knowing then when Moses had the Staff he too had to develop faith, he too had to believe in what he was doing. Belief can only come from a day to day item the (Belief?) of Faith cannot be sold to anyone, Belief of Faith is a lonely scale it is developed, consecrated, perfected within the Heart of man. When one believes by Faith regardless of what is in store mentally inside, but if one walks by Faith and in this Faith carries that Love then he is guaranteed success even though at the time he did not know it. Very few famous people who are famous today thought what they would do was a personal struggle that nobody could understand only until then at one point in their careers suddenly began to understand and famous personalities have it (haven’t?). These qualities of sticking to what would be considered Patience, Faith, Trust, Love and surmounting them with time will always make you the winner. Things might seem to be incomprehensible, seem to be insurmountable, seems to be dark and insecure. If all members would increase the flow of positiveness of their own (—-), of there own undertaking. If all members would be Patient, do there job to the best that they can do with Love in there hearts and without indolence or without personal satisfaction then that individual is not only guaranteeing a environment that will be successful but also will be guaranteeing there own personal life standards. For by doing step upon step and line upon line you will be guaranteed a heaven on earth, a perfected consciousness of peace and harmony not to the dictates of the world and their quotes or there moods of depressions or who to stand to or who stand up to, who to believe in and who not to believe in, who is more powerful today versus who is less powerful tomorrow Forces:(let one answer the door).
Forces: (Could wait for them but we should continue).
Forces: Our time is more valuable but for the sake of the one who left we allow a (—–) cycle so we can continue.
Forces: In such conditions remember that Patience, line upon line. Don’t look at the overall picture the (math) (vast) picture, if you look at the (math) picture you will guarantee, guarantee to have fear doubt and anxiety. In that space strangely as it might seem there is not a government that just becomes powerful over night, in that space is a government that is powerful because of themselves, not of themselves (Outside door opened and shut) (Forces: we are sorry we had to send you on that errand but none the less interruptions do happen and we must know at every moment when they are about to happen) The United States is powerful because of itself, not of itself, because of the people and the principle of daily living, because of Patience because of having the Faith for those who might not look strong, for those who on a worldly level might look weak, for those who are fragile, weak. We (someone in background) We’re just watching her move around) We follow the weak ones, we follow those elements that would be weak for in such elements does God have his reign, does God become strong. Where man is strong on a worldly level he has no part of God, where man is strong on a worldly level he enjoys life and has not time for God, where man is strong on a worldly level and his image makes it for him then man is only bent on his own destruction. That is why the United States is great because of itself, not of itself. The United States (had met) force that has made of the common people of the world. The principle itself is idealistic, the Laws and Regulations of this Nation has abound to boggling the minds, the eyes, the hearts of every person that the laws itself is geared to strangle the spirit always has always will be but the Laws stops the Spirit from its expression, not the laws that were given innately within self but every single time man or woman breaks a law a new law must be produced to help them stop to break that law. The United States is great because of its principles of Spirit, because of the common person. There are more common people in America than uncommon, they’re not all perfect but in their simpleness of life, in their creating a life style of striving for items, material, physical and then spiritual these people build the foundation of the structure that you see today. It is all the hard work and sweat and tears of people before you that allow you to stand where you are now your (—-) will be the hard work of sweat and tears of people in any developing country that believes in idealistic principles. Yes there are many things to work out but these idealistic principles become eventually the cornerstone of that society. Israel caught (of course?) in its own concepts have gone through the rockiest development of a country of the per square mile people in it. It is in a major revolution every day, major changes some changes some changes are good some are unnecessary, some are worldly but always spiritual changes that are made for spiritual purposes they always last the longest. They become the cornerstone of the government. So with what you have to deal with in this country, it is not what is making you great now its what has made you great and what has made this country great is the ability for people to worship together in their own spirit, in their own expression to be able to develop to be able to move and to be able to give. These qualities allow a government to be great of course they will have to constantly check themselves. But none the less they will become great in themselves. Power is an expression of service, to who do you serve. The question is we know you are powerful but to wince does your power come from is it of God, is it of man, is it of self, is it of the world. Where is your power from is it God, is it the world, is it man, is it self, is it the world is it man, is it God, is it the world is it man, is it God, is it the world, is it man, is it self.
Forces: Questions must always be asked the position the direction most of all if you are Patient, if it is a line upon a line, precept upon a precept, one little here one little there but never stopping then you know you are of the right Force and you cannot go wrong. Beware of the quick glamorous ritual of power they come like comets in the night and when morning has come there’s not a trace of them to be seen. As a group as we have addressed you the first time after your commemorative birthday We wish you all a happy birthday. We haven’t forgotten also wish you all the green eyes be upon you and we wish you the Irish luck that comes only with the little people, these little people push hard and strong that (—) ends neither day nor night there pots are filled with gold no wonder why they push hard and strong, small people as they are no wonder why little things they do day and night, its the little things that will bring your pot of gold at the end of your (labour). When the world out there looks drab and gloomy turn within and see the light of day, when the world out there looks drab and gloomy turn within and see the light of day, you do not have a job be thankful for your friends, be thankful for the environment you’re in for with the environment it sustains you that you might grow on spiritual levels, be careful of decisions made but know the time that is given to you is time that is a blessing and not a curse but a time from Karma and not into Karma. When the World is dark and gloomy it takes from you, turn within and see the light the light that is always on, never off. Yes there are thousands at this moment as we speak who are frightened, who are insecure, who are down throttled, who are possessed in the Iron Work of society. Society as whatever form it takes, whatever course it takes it is the suppression. For all those who turn to the Light to the Dark within they put this oppression back and they keep walking forward never allowing negative or can’t do attitudes to crop in and always to do the best to keep moving back the darkness. Never look at the picture as a total scale always look at it as a small scale one minute at a time. What do we do now, don’t ask what we do tomorrow ask what you do now for tomorrow will be the reaction of those answers to the questions of what do we do now.
Forces: We will now be ready for your questions.
IS: Itchiness of skin?
Forces: The reaction to wool with you or the reaction of polyester to you your vibrations in your body are changing constantly. Silk sometimes will be the most comfortable for you along with cotton for your vibrations are moving into different areas of invisible fields that you’re becoming sensitive to electrical energy force that at times is foreign to the earth because of the eruptions of the volcano, earthquakes and materials that are foreign, literally foreign to the earth. Your body is simply reacting to the things we cannot see but is so sensitive to these elements. We will look into it for you and take over and heal that element, in so doing time is necessary and the fact that it is done.
IS: So its still like a leftover from——-?
Forces: Elements from another life versus this life, elements of foreign objects into the earth.
Forces: We would cut down on the iron that you’re taking and we would increase more what would be considered the element of Vit. B12 and B1. Just for a week.
IS: Is my hair getting better?
Forces: It looks like it.
IS: Is it for real trough?
Forces: It is for real.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: In the Book of Esdras 2, Chapter 6 he’s talking about that on the Fifth day of creation God ordained 2 Living creatures one Enoch and the other Leviathan could you explain that?
Forces: Let us try to explain this to you two creatures one of the spirit and one of the mind. The first one being of every force or element in the earth and at your disposal and at your demand to say what needs to be done to do to have the element within every thing in the earth come together in a force of power that you will work and energy fields that is part of you and is within you for the purpose of salvation of the spirit. The whale represents the opposite which is the mind just as everything on a spiritual level has to be done, that on a mental and physical level the whale is created. The whale is a representation of power in the spirit being surrounded by water that at that time the whale was the totalness of mans mental power in a spiritual element physically made whale. It is a structure that is consistent to the largest form what we would consider as the pea brain but yet in such a element there is a consciousness of intelligence that will be baffling to man cause we know that man believes himself to be the only intelligent creature walking on two sticks. You can never get the scientist to believe, anthropologist, grave diggers that the whale is smarter than him. But in some situations the whale is much smarter than man and its interesting to find out stories where the whale was constantly at bay with man tempting tantalizing, playing around with him and downright teasing him to the point of just manic reaction of man to get the whale. Man does not want to be thinking that he is inferior, especially to a whale for the same force resides within the first name which represents the force within all beings to use that or to use the Whale force each being a plot to the end or to the means of the end, each being a (——) power but each in a different sea altogether.
IS: And that was done on the fifth day before creation of man?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So Enoch was again not (—–) understand?
Forces: No. But the Force of all living spirits.
IS: So all that had to be created before the actual physical creation on the 6th day?
Forces: Well of course you do know that the physical manifestations, vibrations are only the after effect of spiritual laws.
IS: Thank you very much:
IS: Was the Leviathan more intelligent than man?
Forces: He is a conglomeration of not intelligence but of pure spirit. He is the Power that makes every single gift its orb there is no intelligence with spirit there is no need for intelligence. Intelligence is a lower element of development, not a higher development. Intelligence is the walking back into but the pure, pure, state of the spirit seeks not after intelligence for it already knows within self that intelligence resides.
IS: You’ re speaking of Enoch right?
Forces: We’re speaking of that and also of all Lineages of spirit Man that man does not have to reconcile for (—-) to prove what he knows by degrees, diplomas, educations of sort. But he must put into action what he knows within naturally that he might live his days on earth sparingly and with mercy and not contaminate the environment or the Enoch’s of the World.
IS: That’s Enoch and the Leviathan is the one that has the intelligence right?
Forces: Leviathan is the Whale.
IS: Yes. It has the intelligence?
Forces: Is in physical composition for the mental mind.
IS: So does it have comparable intelligence to man today on earth that are not spiritually minded?
Forces: That is appropriate, appropriately applied yes. Whale heads we call them with a (—) of fat.
IS: But yet the whales are not really necessary to build cities and factories and the oceans?
Forces: No. Because he represents the element of man in the spirit form that does not take those expressions but only takes the total mental concept of man, the mental power of man and merges him into the spirit of water, remember the whale is doomed in the water you will not see a whale walking down 5th Avenue.
IS: Thank you very much so that’s answer then to all the whale heads submerge them in water?
Forces: No the answer is they are surrounded by the spirit yet they are trapped by there own head there own body weight and they are limited, limited in what they ever, ever can do. You do not gloat over a person who is mental. You will only say they are useful to a certain point and after that point don’t expect them to be around, they are useful but in there mental concepts they limit there own progress.
IS: Thank you very much.
JE: Stones on our land how can we find these?
Forces: You stumble on them, you accidentally find them, you find them by searching. But you will only find the stone that is comparable to the element within self that has been developed that of the right attitude and frame of mind to allow certain stones to appear.
JE: How can we find stones on the land?
Forces: You stumble on them, you accidentally find them, you find them by searching, but you only will find the stone that is comparable to the element within self that is been developed that or the right attitude and frame of mind to allow certain stones to appear.
JE: (—————) what is buried in the room next to the house?
Forces: Dirt.
JE: Anything in the dirt?
Forces: Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Oxygen, elements of land materials Zikon do contributed.
JE: Thank you.
Forces: You might find some interesting items but—-.
Forces: Man will never find what hes looking for outside of himself.
BH: When you say the Rosary does Mary take our prayers to somebody else?
Forces: Remember your Higher Self is steering it so that somebody else gets the food yourself.
BH: Thank you.
AL: I was wondering if the Forces (—–) with a couple of papers I have to get out before back school to write not to think but to write truth to write the Spirit, is that possible?
Forces: If you put your hand to the paper with that conviction it should be.
AL: In what way can I improve my skill to write closer in mind with the Forces (——)?
Forces: We are seeing what you are doing is adequate for the moment.
AL: Thank you.
ED: Is there anything I can do with the adjustments I am making right now?
Forces: Sometimes just having a personal moment of prayer by yourself in that space that you are standing, not that you go off to a different area but that where you stand you might have a moment of Silence. This can refresh you and regenerate your battery.
ED: Thank you.
Forces: There is someone else we will allow you to get the door for.
Forces: Questions.
ES: In one of the Gospels Jesus cures a blind man and says that the first thing he sees is man as trees walking what does that mean?
Forces: That he saw the Aura of the man first. (——-) That he saw the Aura of man first.
ES: Thank you very much.
HI: In one of the books Paul is writing about Timothy and Timothy is helping him to lay on his hands. Could you explain their relationship?
Forces: Repeat.
HI: Paul was writing in one of his letters that Timothy was helping him with the laying on of hands. Could you explain their relationship.
Forces: As we go through life we do have helpers on the spiritual road and simply Paul is expressing the line of help force energy power that was involved here and how the flow of this energy was going on.
HI: Thank you.
NN: Is it actually a substance?
Forces: Whats that.
NN: friend in Nepal talking about it (wood?) sounds like a substance?
Forces: It does have a force that surrounds you not a visible but a presence.
NN: Thank you.
JB: Is there a Bible passage for me at this time?
Forces: We would focus on Chapter of John the first and second Chapter and the Chapter of Matthew the fourth Chapter that would be a good and then Chapter of Kings first Chapter first Book of Kings first and second and third Chapter.
JB: Thank you.
JU: At the time of Thomas a Becket could you tell us how some of us might have been involved?
Forces: Not important at the moment. On Thomas Becket it is not important about who was where with him at what end, ah that question about what he had done and his life how he had lived it. Its totally misrepresentated in many different aspects but there is a political web went through with it that was going on in England. Sometimes we wonder if people were to be projected back to England in that age period, that projection, alot of them would not want to stay there.
JU: Thank you.
IS: JU jobs?
Forces: Was there any offers to you.
JU: One temporary and I don’t know about the cooking job.
Forces: We know about the cooking job is not in, we know that it is not even well (—-). There’s no question about that, the question is your faith and your strength within this faith to keep it not dogmatically strong but you got to temper it with Love and patience. Dogmatic faith does not help anyone and selling of yourself, you must develop a self image not to be embarrassed of but a self image that you’re proud of and in such doing when you do come before them a intimate voice has been saying don’t hire him, don’t hire me I really don’t want to be hired, don’t hire me I don’t want to be hired and you got to stop that thought form pattern saying I don’t want to be hired to I do want to be hired without saying it verbally I do want to be hired, because if you do not want to be hired you wouldn’t be there looking for a job.
IS: Why is he saying I don’t want to be hired?
Forces: Doubts, fears, self doubt most of all, his doubts that he cannot do the job. He the entity is so afraid of failure that he would rather not take any job than to fail at it.
Forces: Of course as we mentioned before the market isn’t not the greatest , but a market has nothing to do with getting a job.
DD: Could you tell me if the thing that I am working on (———-) Tom said everything seemed to open up.
Forces: It might be moving along center on your meditations and your prayers and then to your own force in that force that comes from meditation and prayers and you will be guided in the right direction.
DD: Also on the drain?
Forces: There is one there that you connect to yes.
DD: (And just go at an angle to hit it?)
Forces: The drain never goes out
DD: Drain what?
Forces: A drain never goes out.
DD: If I dig down certain depth and at a certain angle will I hit it?
Forces: We would see that you can hit it in the angle to the east not angling up too far up but keeping the sloping at a downward path and it will work.
DD: How deep would it be?
Forces: We’ll meet that when we come to it.
DD: Thank you very much.
IS: Could you tell us anything about Tom’s dream today about the building of and the (—-) of the stone