Session 251-8/21/79

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We find the situations quite moving and we find the items round and about (—-) very involved is to speak on directly and the exodus of Virginia we watched for this particular pattern and try to work the conflicts out but none the less we also are (—-) the entity to make a decision one way or the other even thought the decision has been made to leave it has not been solidified yet therefore again the moments of time and days will either put to attract and retrieve her down the road or to set a exiting principle starting a new existence for herself. One way or the other it is of her own personal development that she has reached its now up to her to finalize the decision that she had made today we only ask that we keep ourselves as cooperative and positive as possible through these moments knowing that the spirit will do the best and work out the best. We have a few tricks up our sleeve and will utilize them to help alter the comfortable situations they might find themselves in but again the decision has not solidified yet entirely as it will take at least two days and then at that point one way or the other would be known. So the decision has been made its now being worked on and try to keep ourselves posted in tact what they are doing. The situation appeared in such a way the leaving force totally did come more or less from the mother’s side of perpetual bombarding and presenting a situation of comfortability, so called worldly standards in the daughter and this is drastically an error in comfortability means the mother has the strict adjournment of details and things to do which of course RH does not like to do, we have a conflict immediately. The force generally came from Ingrid projected to her daughter constantly over the many months of taking and retrieving her from this situation. So you need not the error in judging and analyzing whose error leaving more or less a encountered situation that has been weighted with pressure over the entity to make them the decision. We are try to keep close and other outcomes as they move on.

Forces: Question.

IS: The book that I read about a person going out seeking the Universe, God is that correct?

Forces: Well we see some allegory and some reflexes within the mind of man we don’t find it a 100 per cent correct we do find some of the principles are working.

IS: And his vision of God?

Forces: Something that is more of a personal vision rather than a direct truth.

IS: In reality there is that personal involvement too right?

Forces: Yes you do have that.

IS: Do you have a direct vision of God?

Forces: Well we have some apparatus to show us the TV screen.

IS: Thank you.

BN: Is there a specific negative force being directed against this group from the outside?

Forces: Well the negative force is the world concepts and the worldly concepts seek always to try to disengage or dis-tangle successful spiritual enterprises but these things do find their own ultimate end in its negative (—-).

BN: Thank you.

BR: Any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Just try to do what we were trying to council you to come out of the down depression each ah as being affected by the other traveler moved had to be affecting but not to release yourself (——). Nonetheless it will work itself out.

BR: Thank you.

NN: What does it mean, “Thou has magnified they Word above all thy Name”?

Forces: The truth itself is the ultimate end and truth will finally come and manifest its being in all conditions.

NN: Thank you.

BH: With Psalms 121 to 135 would it be correct, original it was said that they covered all the centers like the Lords Prayer would it be correct if they just covered the higher three and those higher three are then taking care of the lower four?

Forces: You could find this correct.

BH: Thank you.

BH: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

Forces: Just (—–) movement forward and positive attitude and a creative ability (——).

BH: Thank you.

HI: In the dream that I had walking through the city and there was this war going on and then I had to find a place of refuge and I went to Salvation Army. What does the Salvation Army mean to me?

Forces: Saving of the soul in the (—) of the Army.

HI: Thank you.

Forces: towards working to save the soul.

HI: Thank you.

HI: And then also in a dream I had to go somewhere and I could not make a detour because I didn’t have time so I had to cross a street and in the middle of the street (stopping signs?) but I just had to pass through which I did what does that mean to me?

Forces: Removing some of the heavy surroundings within self.

HI: Thank you

JU: The pressure that builds up sometime is this something inside me that’s acting up or something from the outside and how can I deal with it?

Forces: The pressures built up through thoughts and feeling and manifested through certain concentrations of these thoughts to manifest them is to move and to think of more of a positive stand rather than a negative stand this would be a good implementation of working with at this moment of.

JU: Thank you very much.

GL: Am I doing the right thing at my job?

Forces: We find that you are working with it and the situations are ironing itself out should be not too bad.

GL: Thank you.

DN: My dream of picking ticks off could you help me understand it?

Forces: Removing some of the leaches within self.

DN: Thank you very much.

DD: Is there any guidance for me at the moment?

Forces: We would stress that this is one of your evolving process, one of your scales of evolution that is made and ask you to keep strong and keep ah positive and try to do the best under these circumstances and knowing that we will strive to help out the situation try to alter it and direct it as best as we can but ah remember that your own belief in your God and strength in these beliefs will carry you through the ah crazy moments but ah we suggest patience and a certain amount of faith and these qualities with us trying to work out certain situations that should help you out.

DD: I remember many years ago where you said now it’s your turn does that relate to this?

Forces: It would.

DD: Also the dream I had last night I woke up this morning about the karmetic thing?

Forces: This too was relating to these series unfortunately a group in the Kabbalah has to go through several ah in depth ah situations and in their development makes them stronger with one another it should at least make those who is beliefs and (—-) commitments become stronger under the stress factor. We do feel like the commitments must be solidified with faith and members of this group should become strong in their own ideals and regardless of what the world will do.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?

Forces: Well we find it a very stressing moment and the distance again a certain amount of work and love and trying to move along with this particular soul and the developments at hand that have been made versus this minus factor of retreat does take a great deal of energy and there’s a great deal of anxiety of trying to correct it ah heal it but this is a stress condition that he will have to go through.

IS: Is there anything else we can do as a group?

Forces: Again to reconfirm the commitment and be positive and not to be swayed by worldly feelings of what they would have you do but what your own spiritual beliefs and guidance would have you do just generally sticking with one another and becoming strong and reaffirming the walls of faith.

IS: Am I doing what I’m supposed to?

Forces: You are handling the situation doing what exactly needs to be done.

IS: Thank you very much.

IS: (——)?

Forces: We would say that each individual must watch their private thoughts and try to correct them as far as being positive those private thoughts in a negative field only leads to a negative expression at this moment everything should take its course as far as pulling back into position remember it takes everyone in his own ideals or her ideals to keep this boat afloat and moving in its objective.

IS: Thank you very much.

DN; The castor oil packs are they putting an energy in and removing an energy at the same time?

Forces: Remove all the negative field and replaces it with a healing positive field.

DN: Is that a particular color also?

Forces: More of a green bluish green.

BN: What sort of force field does the Tudor bedroom have now that the wood is stained?

Forces: More of a field that helps the eyes and the nervous system be put into (—–).

BN: Thank you.

JE: The conversation Tom had with me concerning MM over the weekend was that to solve some karmetic ties?

Forces: Yes but there are also some items he was picking up subconsciously he was trying to work with not having enough time to do what he wanted to do but none the less what you had just said is correct.

JE: So whatever karmetic ties it finished it?

Forces: Well it put it in its proper position finishing it takes a little longer.

JE: Thank you.

BH: Could you give the karma with cancer in different places in the body it manifests like brains and lungs?

Forces: Well some cancers that certain patients come in to take on for others around them and there are some cancers that take on in the brain because of the misuse of the power of the mind in other lifetimes the eyes because certain lifetimes they misused the vision of the people for their own interests and other heart and lungs because they spoke words that were wrong and (developed bad teeth).

NN: What does it mean in Isaiah about them going into the clefts of the rocks?

Forces: More or less hiding or harboring the thoughts of high qualities versus that of obstacles.

NN: Thank you.

HI: The dream that I had about Jacob where I said the door was closed for him to work with children anymore that he should rejoin the service and go into radio communications could you tell me please what that means?

Forces: Well we would say that to go into radio communications would be a very positive field for him working in the Hospital would also be positive but the working with machinery seems to relax the mind a lot more and help it ah move along faster but going into the service would be a backward step and not really necessary.

HI: Thank you very much.

Forces: At this time we will be leaving we can only stress to keep your faith in God strong and your own personal God the God that you all believe in and not allow the desire factor the ambition factor the justice factor to sway you from this particular God be strong and keep your affirmations in its right place and regardless of what the outward will do you still have a course that needs to be traveled on and progress needs to be taken.

Forces: The Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.