Session 301-no date

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: As we move through this day we find that those items, which seem to center on your life must be given to the Lord of workings. We must strive to turn to the Spirit of Life and give that spirit to take charge of ourselves. There is those moments we need just to say Lord take a hold of this body and move it the way you see fit. If you would see around you as you move through time and space of the elements that you meet they are all (in) respect (an) aspect of self (if) we keep that always in our minds then of course would we be irritable or upset with those things that we meet or if we are we are being upset with ourselves. So everyone is in a position where they’re meeting part of themselves. Well as the world turns (Laughter) sometimes we kind of chuckle we see the senior citizens population on the move to their TV tubes at one o’clock in the afternoon to 2:30 there is a tremendous onslaught rush to get back in front of their TVs. It’s amazing to find out how these so called seniors look at the younger ones they don’t just look at them as people they look at them as entertainment they look for that entertainment to sit and be spectators. Of course they feel they no longer can perform as they had so you could get the same enjoyment if you just sit back and, and be spectators. In reality nothing ever gets done by sitting back and being spectators and it really is a very sad thing to ah put into your life cycle. We all must put something forward ah to accomplish the things we would want. Now let us see. We realize as we do move through these troubled moments it is only to build your character and your strength of endurance and resistance of the spirit against the desires of the flesh (when) we do our best in all aspects we become stronger within ourselves and this strength is ever so gratifying to our uphold (to?) obtain to.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

NN: Who is the man with the appearance of brass in chapter 40 of Ezekiel?

Forces: Well this is more of a space suit from a different galaxy the man was clothed in an instrument to preserve his life stability and station.

NN: Thank you.

LK: In the book I’m reading it talks about shape changers people that can change their shape to animal forms yet retain their own mind but take on all the instincts of the animal and travel as the animal or turn into trees and still retain their own mind but take on all the aspects of trees. Is this possible?

Forces: There are those possibilities in which these things can be done.

LK: Thank you.

HI: Is there something that my father would like to do that he’s not communicating? Is there something I can do that he could become more spirited?

Forces: Making artifacts and working with Silver or ah copper and generally making miniature furniture to would help him out.

HI: Thank you.

JE: Was there any positive or good things that came out of Atlantis?

Forces: Atlantis wasn’t so bad it’s just that the decent of Atlantis that was bad which made everything else bad. There was a great spirit following in Atlantis where they had ceremonies at least four to five times a day and these ceremonies were kept alive to maintain the stability of Atlantis (and) when these ceremonies diminished Atlantis began to break up. The greatest power that came from Atlantis is the Spirit and the Serving of the Spirit in Ceremony, Prayers and Laws.

JE: Thank you.

BH: In a previous session it was given that the Angel that was opposite of Auriel. I was wondering what you meant by opposite?

Forces: Well there’s a counterpart of each Angel and that which served Auriel was Michael.

BH: Thank you.

BR: Time being of the Devil what is Space?

Forces: It’s interesting who told you time was of the Devil.

BR: Along time ago it was said there’s no such thing as time.

Forces: Very good we could see the concept of how santanic force is used for the element of time. Space is the illusion that is created by each individual.

BR: Thank you.

BN: Could you cause a person to turn to God or is that the person’s decision?

Forces: That is the only decision the person makes. (Laughter)

BN: Thank you.

Forces: Then you see how critical your decision is that is the only thing you are allowed to choose the rest is pre-recorded all depends upon your choosing of course. Do you understand the most valuable answer was given here in the shortest period of time, if the session was to be over right now it would be worth it because the secret of truth for the whole Universe was in that line in itself. The only decision that man has to follow and make is to serve the living God from that point on is just a pattern that is going to manifest. If people could only understand that important point, serve the Living God the rest is in his hands.

BN: Thank you very much.

ES: Can you tell me who the Queen of the South was in Matthew chapter 12?

Forces: Well we have three references, we have the Queen of the South of Sheba, we have the Queen of the South, which is sometimes is represented as Mary and we have the Queen of the South in a negative aspect which is Lilith.

IS: Does the Queen of the South stand for the emotional part of female?

Forces: Yes.

IS: The fire?

Forces: Yes.

ES: Thank you.

JU: Is there a form of service today that comes closest to that in Atlantis when it was on the right track?

Forces: You have the service of singing and Psalms and that of consecrating of the Host and Eucharist, which represents the High Sacrifice that took place on the Altars of Atlantis. Of course their it took place on a etheric level.

JU: Thank you.

DL: This lung junk that everybody has I read about castor oil and turpentine?

Forces: Yes this is good.

DL: Does it need to be turpentine or paint thinner?

Forces: Turpentine will be much better than paint thinner.

DL: It’s like the Oil of Turp?

Forces: Yes and if you put a little of pine oil into it, pine tar this would help tremendously umm but remember also what would help is vinegar. If you take vinegar and mayonnaise that would get your vinegar in you and lettuce that would help that clearance up. Basically it’s the sun aspect that’s coming out once the sun starts shinning it will kind of give you the energy and Cs that you need.

DL: Thank you.

IS: Is it correct there’s only one test that man goes through and that’s justice?

Forces: Whether to give to God completely or why yes.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me with the pink bathroom I changed the middle faucet but it still seems to leak and I don’t know if I did exactly what you said.

Forces: Well what did you do.

DD: I just changed the washer and I checked everything else out.

Forces: Well did you look on the left hand knob too.

DD: No.

Forces: Look at that one closer we’ll come back to you after you do that. Doesn’t need to be taken out.

DD: I don’t need to take it apart?

Forces: You do not, you don’t need to exchange it, it will work.

DD: What should I do?

Forces: Pray, pray that it works that you won’t have to take it out.

DD: Thank you.

NN: Would you say what galaxy the man in Ezekiel was from?

Forces: Well let us say comes from the galaxy that is found in Andromeda or Dromeda.

NN: Andromeda?

Forces: Yeah.

NN: Thank you.

LK: What is it to serve the living God?

Forces: A lot of hard work. (Laughter) Constant work because there’s constant moving He’s the big mover ah to serve the Living God is first dedication to offer your body on the altar every day and sacrifice it up. This is the beginning of serving the Living God.

LK: Thank you.

HI: The dream I had where little girls were giving birth to children is that a revelation of the times or is it symbolic?

Forces: This would be coming into style and it also is a symbolic level of premature inspirations coming into the earth without the proper care.

HI: Thank you.

JE: Why do I have a strong feeling for the Civil War period?

Forces: Whether you were involved with the Civil War or not.

JE: Yes.

Forces: Do you feel you were involved with the Civil War.

JE: Yes.

Forces: Then you were in the Civil War. (Laughter) We would put you somewhere around Gettysburg Virginia again and near Hopewell was the area that you had lived in and ah there’s a name of Youe not Baby Huey but there was a name named Thomas E. Youe that was you.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: More so Timmy, Timmy E. Youe but there was a name change when it was Thomas but it changed to Timmy but it never really Timmy well I won’t give you your middle name go ahead.

BH: With Mordecai and Esther why did Mordecai openly didn’t do reverence to Haman at the Kings gate where as before Esther was in the Palace he told her not to tell Ahasuerus who her family was.

Forces: Sounds like an Italian meal going on.

BH: And then he turns around and does a big deal to bring attention to himself. What was he trying to do?

Forces: More so to be receptive to the spirit that was leading him to do what had to be undone.

BH: Thank you.

(Tape stopped)

BN: limit to the speed of light?

Forces: There isn’t.

BN: Thank you.

Forces: But according to measure per second, per microsecond, per minimum second man must know how fast he moves in that per half a second or second and this is what is being measured.

BN: Thank you.

IS: So in reality once you eliminate the time factor then you eliminate all these other barriers?

Forces: Yes.

IS: That’s how life has no measurement if we get
out of the time factor.

Forces: Yes.

IS: And in reality in order to go the speed of light we have to go through the barrier of time.

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

ES: When I meditate sometimes I reach to my waist for a Rosary that I feel is hanging there was I at one time a nun?

Forces: In France very heavy yes. Not heavy rosary heavy person you ate all the bread and the monks didn’t have enough bread. What happened was one side was for the nunnery the other was the monkery and there was a hole in the wall where the monks kept their bread and you moved the stones all the time to get the bread. They thought the rats were eating the bread and yet everyone was thin but you. They thought you had a thyroid problem, way back then they didn’t know what was going on one would do an experiment in thyroidism so they just labeled you as a thyroid freak. Little did they know you were the bread freak. Things got so bad, so better for you I mean so good for you better listen to that messing up your own language leave you to do that yourselves. Things got so great for you that you would take the bread and stick it in your underwear and nobody would ever know the difference. And then when you went to your little room at night you invited another nun down the walk to come and share Mass prayers with you, more so prayer evening prayers in your chapel there and you had consecrated bread what we’re trying to say is that you had snacks at night. She took the tea bags and made hot tea and you had the bread. The other nuns in the area there was about 54 nuns to the compound worked in the yards of course and they always try to realize that you were blessed more than they were. Things got even better for you when the monks began to change the cabinet from putting bread there to preserves that thought the mouse would not eat the jars. They would can pears and peaches and apricots and cherries and whatever apples. Then they would start the monks blaming one another for stealing the jars. What you would do is take a jar you had no longer bread to eat but you had the jar and she had tea and you ate half of it and you ate half and this kept up for a while and with the jars when you emptied it what you did was you went in such a way that you dug a hole where the wall for the monastery that separated the nunnery from the monkery and you just took dirt around where you had your garden and you ah took your jar out of your private and you opened up the whole and stuck the jar through it. There for the monks were beginning to wonder why jars were appearing in the garden. So they blamed one of the monks who had that particular garden where the jars were appearing and the monk well couldn’t swear but the monk said that he didn’t plant the jars in the garden, they kept popping up. So then they changed the whole (—-) from the cabinet from after a while thinking and changed the monks too. Caused a whole panic in the whole monkery. This went on for years.

ES: Did anyone ever find out?

Forces: Well let us finis the story then they began to put the eggs that the hens and all that laid in that cabinet and took the jars and preserves out. The rational thinking in that was well the jars can’t come up from the ground the monks couldn’t eat all that eggs you have to cook so therefore nobody will take eggs. Well to their surprise one day you took 3 dozen of eggs. You went to the kitchen took a pan built a little fire in your room the mattress caught on fire and you put it out with the eggs. They never could realize why you had scrambled eggs on you bed the nuns. But in reality no one ever found out they changed it later on to put soap in the cabinet in which they found soap missing to. They never really bothered with that cabinet anymore. (—-) you had a room stock piled with things. Your name at that point well for the sake of Sister Rosiea ah Sister Rosiea La Pouf, they just kept calling you Pou, Pou well at times you reached 300 pounds easy, they had to put two nunneries around you or nun cloth around you to make one dress. So you have a tremendous fight for being fat in this lifetime. You really don’t want to get fat because you know that had happened during that time. But you still have that sneakiness about you where you want to go to the pantries and take things out even if it’s just, just a little bit. We didn’t ask, we didn’t ask the question you did. This all happened around the 11th century we don’t know actually the date I think you ate the calendar, or you wrapped your food up in it one or the other. We’re ready for your next question.

GL: Thank you for the help with my problem?

Forces: You have us working with you on your problems what you call problems. They’re your saving grace and be your shinning light as time goes on. Don’t forget your purpose and ideal is always to be remained in front of you it will guide you through these moments

GL: Thank you.

JU: There is a form of chant or (—-) that could be made it seems to sometimes go in harmony with like an underlying sound everything’s always giving off and when that happens is that creating a special affect or increase the vibration of the chant in some way.

Forces: Yes. Ho o ho he, he, he, he ho (—-). (Laughter) You asked for the chant I’m giving you something.

JU: In harmony with the underlying sound it will increase it?

Forces: Well you’ll be in harmony with any underlying sound around you for 50 miles if you sang this. People would either lock you up or stay away from you. If you are in the street going ho, ho he, he nobody will bother you.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: The entity that we speak through called you pudgy wugy and could you see pudgy wugy with his ho, ho he, he heing ha ha does (Doesn’t?) have a melodic tune to it.

JU: Thank you.

Forces: (—–).

DL: The dream with the man in the gray suit could you tell me what it means?

Forces: Should put it with men with the white suits. Well let us say that there are items that are being taken care of and put into order and these are men come to take those orders.

DL: Entities or just?

Forces: No just workers.

DL: Thank you.

IS: You mean parts in himself that have to do certain work?

Forces: Correct very good.

IS: And his Overself is giving them now the work?

Forces: Al right.

IS: The analogy with Us and Israel?

Forces: That’s correct. Just keep your Spirit and your God close to you as you go through this time and they will try to take you where they think would have more power but what (we’ll?) be doing is giving you more strength.

IS: And the analogy with Pharaoh and Moses?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is also the white robes correct?

Forces: Yes. Just keep the Spirit near you no matter what path is presented in front of you will be the right one we seem to forget about it and become very basic and not allow the spirit to come through us.

IS: But there is no specific thing to say which road which path is being presented as of yet?

Forces: As time goes on there will be.

IS: But then it’s correct though with Pharaoh heart being hardened?

Forces: Yes, yes.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me with the double square that you gave the other day the whole thing I’ve been working on?

Forces: Well try to draw different symbols down while your thinking about them and as you do that try to give 3 or 4 different diagrams for each element and then keep doing that for a while and then the final one will come out and be the master of it all.

DD: For each element you mean?

Force: Correct.

DD: What each element do you mean?

Forces: As you go through each particular ah feeling of thoughts an element will manifest and (you) will refine it as you go along.

DD: Thank you.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving we would say keep your Spirit and your strength high and don’t allow them to intimidate you or to instigate any fear. You have nothing to be afraid of and you have done nothing wrong.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.