Session 308-5/2/80?

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: As time moves on we have seen different focuses and patterns taking place in the earth. Each passing moment and day in such a progression to induce society of organizations and power. Many internal conflicts in a large percentage of nations. Of course the areas here are building in certain ways, powers and of course there’s new inventions and new thoughts to come about. As far as the eruption in Mount Saint Helena, Mt. Saint Helena there is a combination of both thoughts here but you have a giving and receiving process and it was a destined supposed to be ah it was supposed to be a little bit more destructive than it was this is still being worked with and settled in its proper place. There are those conditions throughout the United States that needs strengthening and possible prayer conditions. As far as the spots we have checked off for at least six persons at a time to travel to these areas and six to remain this would balance out a factor. For the month of June we have sited a two places ah that of New York City be visited and the preservation of earthquakes from happening there for the moment and we have a, a option of Washington or what would be considered part of Pennsylvania to Ohio preferably Washington DC that of in June of the one of being New York and June, July ah around the 20th of July would be Washington DC. That would be the two places to the North. We have three places in the South but not at this moment to be given but one would be in the South along with the other two of course. We have to remind you that sugar is to be watched during these moments of inflation and not only that but too much of the sugar can create poison in the system especially white sugar processed. We would try to advise you as we did last time that lettuce and to (—-) of lettuce would be good for the body system during this period of time and everything else is in its proper place.

Forces: I think we’re ready for your questions.

DD: Could you help me and give me an outline for the things I’m working on the letters and all that so that I could put everything in its proper place?

Forces: Well let’s see ah you would take the first four names of God written in the Bible in Hebrew and each letter will fill your spots in what would be considered taking the letters and putting it in the shape of a rectangle and every second letter will fill the spot necessary and when all spots are filled and returning the remaining ah letters that is your first letters and then the main letters in the spots. That should take care of that for the moment.

DD: Take all the second letters and put them down first and then take all the remaining letters and fill in the rest?

Forces: Yes right.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Simon wants to know if the location of his parent’s new home in Green Valley Arizona is safe?

Forces: There are difficult moments set up for this area. Safe in physical structure but socially and ah climate wise there are changes to come.

IS: No earthquakes?

Forces: Minor ones enough to crack the walls, chimneys, sidewalks take some trees down and create a new dam system.

IS: In their lifetime?

Forces: Oh yes.

IS: Thank you.

IS: So it’s not safe?

Forces: No we didn’t say it wasn’t safe just perilous.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Not safe we didn’t say its safe we’ll just do some changes (—–).

NN: Could more be given about what you said in the beginning of the session about a society of musicians?

Forces: What did we say.

NN: Society for musician’s or something?

Forces: Oh well that’s new on us. They’ll be a new society of musicians yeah that too. Yes there shall be new inspirational music coming out in the month of August for two and a half years. New music introduced to the system that has never been heard or played before. It will have a new change cultural environment to the Europeans and Americans.

NN: Thank you.

LK: Who’s going to be creating that music or playing it or writing it?

Forces: Some individuals who would be considered old timers who might lead upon it but generally new stars if you want to call them that, new heroes and new-inspired workers.

LK: Thank you.

HI: In the Book of Daniel where it talks about the conflict between the North and the South what does it mean in view of spiritual ideals and principle and also ah the way of world opinions and philosophies?

Forces: Versus that…

HI: Versus each side the North and the South.

Forces: One versus that of the conscience and versus that of the worldly power of position and economics versus that of the spirit coming into the earth. The constant logical worldly power versus that of the spiritual powers.

HI: Thank you.

JE: Could you give a complete history of our statue of Saint Francis?

Forces: Hum a complete history of that thing um, um, well at this time of the day Lourdes is found to be the European areas of course that of the forest of Italy and some of the workers found to be in Germany. Carved by three individuals ah one of Italian descent and the other two the nomads of Europe, France and that of ah Spain, part of Spain. The three people who have carved it they had been carved about three or four different times the first time wasn’t exactly the way it was supposed to be it was made smaller and smaller each time. There is like a internal cylinder inside of it more like a shaper in which certain things are left or kept ah and it is definitely been worked upon by one particular person more so than the two for about four and a half to five and a half months and then worked over a period of a year to two staying at his home for the duration and given during particular festivals. There is a thought on it that is a secret thought we’ll keep it secret and it represents another Saint but that is not to be given right now and that it has a certain strength to it in its healing process then there have been many changes, owners once left to a small retreat church in Naples ah family church and migrated itself to auctions over to America in the 1930s to the 1956 areas and then remained in different art galleries in Philadelphia and New York and founded its way into many homes and institutions and ah claimed itself through a bit of ah finagling in New York where you (—) finally purchased it.

JE: Thank you.

IS: Thank you very much.

JB: How do I deal with His sister and brother?

Forces: Well try to take them to constructions of churches this should have some impact, the Cathedrals and structures of religious institutions not to be to obvious of course but also getting them involved in homes. Let them see the different homes in America and go home hunting that should take care of them.

BH: When God said to Job..?

Forces: On that read Shakespeare second chapter second verse that would help you out. Go ahead.

BH: When God says to Job has the gates of death been opened unto thee. What would he have seen if the gates of death had been opened to him?

Forces: Try that second chapter of Shakespeare second verse and then come back and ask us.

BH: Ok.

Forces: Interesting we know how to answer your question.

BH: Which Shakespeare second chapter second verse?

Forces: Oh excuse us on that Shakespeare (chuckle). It’s ah Caesar right yes that’s the one.

BH: Thank you.

BR: The computer that runs the missiles…?

Forces: (—) is here we know it wasn’t the United states fault it was it was sent by a Soviet Black Waves and they are Black Waves.

BR: Could you explain what the Soviet Black Waves are?

Forces: They are beams sent through a satellite that is beamed off inconsistent to the waves of the computer, which causes it to blackout creating a sort of short impulse, which would normally be received but when ah being under attack. This is a, a black wave.

IS: Is it on the principle like bending a spoon?

Forces: No but you could use it as such.

BR: Thank you.

BN: Could you give a prayer to help with Divine Love?

Forces: Lord help me in my abode of my Heart Center to Radiate with the Spirit of Gold Light that the purpose of Service would always be that of the uppermost part of my Heart and that of the Golden-Ember Ray of Perfection elevate through the Service of what I do.

BN: Thank you.

IS: Is that just for BN?

Forces: Anyone.

IS: Thank you.

GL: At Bush Gardens it felt like something was being lifted for myself?

Forces: Certain changes and ah removing of certain chains.

GL: Was that for me or from the whole area?

Forces: Culmination of the areas.

GL: And what I felt was happening throughout the whole place by us being there?

Forces: Yes.

GL: Thank you.

JU: Could you tell us the affects of sun bathing?

Forces: Well we don’t want you to go into shock but lying too much now in the sun can weaken the astral receptive body for high impulses leaving it more earth bound rather than spirit bound for that is too much sun is those who lie in the sun everyday for four to five hours this is dangerous and very destructive to the nervous system and the pathical system in the body. Also it’s not good for the kidneys to remain in the sun that long.

JU: The difference in feeling and thought pattern where is that from for just a few moments in the sun?

Forces: Some part of food energy being given to the body and other gross heavy’s being lifted from it. Normal working or walking in the sun is a complete different condition than lying in the sun.

JU: Thank you.

DL: Karmic pattern for the baby I saw? (Born with heart defect)

Forces: It is specifically for instance the Civil War in which the individual had taken lives deliberately by what we would considered torturing prisoners or with a hot burning coal in the heart center.

DL: Thank you.

Forces: Specifically four prisoners at that time of that life he did terminate.

DL: Thank you.

DD: Can you explain if the 42 letters does it work with the Heart like when you repeat a Prayer many times?

Forces: Definitely yes.

DD: How does that system work (—-) the heart?

Forces: Well we’ll go into that as time goes on.

DD: Thank you.

Forces: It changes the molecular structure and the internal gyro of the Heart to a positive ray but the Heart when is born into the earth is in a negative field and man lives on the earth and in his living through Prayer and Service changes the Hearts negative polarity to a positive polarity.

DD: Thank you.

IS: The tremendous problem that the earth has with nuclear waste am I understanding how that can be solved?

Forces: Yes it could be solved.

IS: The way (—–)?

Forces: Yes it could be solved that ways the first way is not to do it. You will have throughout America as is now a lot of catastrophes from chemical and nuclear waste fallout. In fact many areas of civilization are built right upon dumpsites on the Navy, Air force, Marines, Government, business chemical which will be alarmingly revealed to America in the next three and a half years.

IS: From other civilizations that had nuclear?

Forces: No not only others but from this. New Jersey runs very high on the list along with certain parts of Nevada and North Dakota.

IS: Will it stop them?

Forces: There is a great affect on it yes.

IS: But the only way to solve it would be if they could take that garbage and turn it into energy?

Forces: Well that’s being done.

IS: It is?

Forces: Yes.

IS: But its not solving it?

Forces: Well doesn’t solve it no.

IS: So there is really no way to solve it?

Forces: Yes and no, but yes there is a way certain chemicals have a chain reaction with it that will be developed that could void its dangerous rate of vibration and high rate of intensity.

IS: And they are working on it

Forces: (——–).

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: What linage was set up with Abraham’s wife Keturah?

Forces: As far as the destiny is concerned.

NN: Yes.

Forces: Or the Governments.

NN: I guess the destiny.

Forces: This is the Spiritual faith applied and followed with that of the conscious mind.

NN: Thank you.

LK: In the book I’m reading now which is the last part of the trilogy about King Arthur as told by Merlin. In this particular book the way that she’s (Mary Stewart) written it just seems so real and so right I’m wondering how accurate the book is and if she was able to really tune in to Merlin or the entity that was Merlin?

Forces: Let us, let us say this through folklore and ah books she had help ah yes she had the book is about 93 percent accurate.

LK: Thank you.

HI: In the first Genesis what was it that made the distinction of the day and the night when it was before the sun and the Moon were created?

Forces: The Rebellion of the Sons of God from there consciousness.

HI: Thank you.

JE: You said while ago when you were talking of the statue of St. Francis there was a cylinder is there anything in that cylinder now?

Forces: Well there is a condition of a cylinder shape condition if anything is in there now it is all how you view it.

JE: Thank you.

JB: I understand there’s a breakthrough in electricity sunlight would it be feasible to put this into use at present?

Forces: Oh they have the capabilities now.

JB: Thank you.

BH: How much time goes by from the beginning of the Book of Job till the end of Job?

Forces: It all depends upon the reader (Laughter)

Forces: At this point we will leave and speak to you again soon.

Forces: For tomorrow your buying of food a thousand five hundred would be good.

IS: Concentrate (——–)?

Forces: Or food. In the future you should look also into dried fruits, dried food that will be your next empire. World Governments will be run on freeze-dried food people.

IS: Is the entity Tom still on fast till Monday?

Forces: All conditions have been a that no certain things on a worldly level and on a larger scale has been worked with the fast for this moment is over he now yes umhuh.

IS: Thank you.

IS: And there’s no specific kind of foods that I should concentrate on?

Forces: Well things that you need and just well items of sauces and meats of some types would be good. Certain soap conditions ah well that would work itself out we would look to toilet paper to stock up on it paper will have a certain percentage of going up.

Forces: Greetings to all here now present.

Group: Our Father.