Session 352. between 2/9/81 and (3/10/81

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Forces: We have been watching and hovering for a while and seeing how things progressed. We have watched your new president go through his first cycle this is a most interesting cycle. So far he is planting very positively to showing and making structural changes but you know when you deal with politics you also deal with a certain amount of corruption so there is actually no way you can walk through it without having a to see some of these things. His next cycle is the next three months of March, April and May the mid of March of course and from January, February and March is his first cycle including parts of December now we also find that this will be his most testing moment to one or to the other side hoping that there will be directives given. As far as the economy is concerned it your country it not to bad but there are some (—) spots that need to be shored up and corrected. There needs to be some strong figures in order to correct them all or to correct them in order to make it better. As far as the Soviet Union is concerned the advancement into Poland had been postponed by fear and by the strength of Carter and of course Regan’s mettle. All this had a great impact on their decision not to invade into Poland which is quiet lucky because everything was all set for the invasion and then because of the strength of, of the American Spirit of going forward regardless it kind of pushed them back from entering into Poland. As far as China is concerned there is some internal developments also there are those internal clashes that are still going on between themselves and the Soviet Union there is some thought of trying to take over the mainland and the Formosa ahh this is going on in a diplomatic way. As far as Japan is concerned there are some changes some more cultural changes that are about to happen and as far as certain spots in America of course your volcano is still active and several other volcanoes are active. And generally it is interesting for us to find that here they spend thousands and thousands of dollars to practice in California how to evacuate people why don’t they simply move. It doesn’t make too much sense to play games with evacuation when they know immediately that their death is around the corner. Its quiet perplexing to understand the human creature.

Forces: We are ready for your questions.

JU: In the last session you said economics wasn’t my bag could you tell me what is?

Forces: Well economics you can use and work with it you also remember that the spiritual road is your bag.

JU: Thank you

DD: Could you help me understand the dream I had about the Presence being able to sense the Presence of people?

Forces: This represents the Spiritual Law being revealed to you and the guidance that you would need to be able to help and to understand the course that’s set before you.

FS: My dream this morning—

Forces: You did. Go ahead.

FS: Ah I was in a store and it was raining outside and I walked with some people to a cafeteria one was an older Jewish man who was talking and saying how his children had married off into different faiths I got through the line and most of the food was gone except for the appetizer which I put on a plate and Jane was there as well but she was eating right from the table without getting a plate. At that point an argument started between two people and I went over to where the table was where there was a pizza and there was one good piece in the pizza and I picked it up and the person who was at the table said excuse me but that’s my pizza and took the piece of pizza and took a bite of it and put it back down and ah the two people that were arguing the lady left and as she was leaving she turned to another person there for help who just told them I don’t care.

Forces: Certain decisions within self that must come into understanding and certain arguments about rights and wrongs within self and certain identities of where boundaries between what belongs to you and what does belong to others must come into focus and also certain Revelations of the Spirit Christ that is coming around you and sharing that same spirit and also not going to the main dishes but also going to the appetizing the teasing dishes that means getting your feet wet a little bit sharing the spirit a little bit and not keeping it into yourself but sharing what this experience is affording you to experience.

FS: Thank you.

BR: The dream I had the other night I made a pizza.

Forces: We would suggest you all go out to get a pizza and I put it in one of the big ovens going to pick up the pizza the pizza was someplace else so I went to IS and IS said the last time she was at the lawyers office she saw the pizza there so we all went to the lawyers office and everybody sat around the conference table—?

Forces: Represents the spirit of Christ being shared and experienced in this trial and more of a experience of success in many attributes.

BR: Thank you.

BH: When I say the Psalms for the centers what should the order be?

Forces: Start from the lowest on up.

BH: Thank you.

NN: If Joshua had wiped out the Hivites in Gideon would the pattern have been different?

Forces: There would be a difference in the world today.

JE: What was the true story behind the Lincoln assignation?

Forces: Lincoln assignation.

JE: Yes.

Forces: His wife had something to do with it that there were also some political maneuvers within the country and there was a great disease within the country that wanted other President to be involved with the office. More of a internal struggle of power between the big businesses versing the small corporate businesses and several other people in the south and west coast.

JE: Thank you.

HI: Which Psalm delivers a man from a strange woman?

Forces: Well we always suggest that as long as your reading a Psalm you’re being delivered can’t do two things at once.

HI: Thank you.

JB: The dream I had the other day.

Forces: 64 and 84.

HI: Thank you.

JB: The dream I had the other day I was receiving communion given by the Pope wondered what that means for me at this time?

Forces: More of faith is being applied by the spirit of Christ within you.

LK: In the Book of Revelation it tells of the Star that will be loosed from the Heavens and hit the earth causing mass destructions and earth changes and everything and the name of the Star in the Book is Wormwood and I’m wondering what the significance of the name means will like a comet—?

Forces: There’s a consciousness of scientist that are sending things out into the atmosphere that will affect the, the atmosphere itself and there is also a great what would be considered laser satellite that is affecting the atmosphere of America ah produced by the Soviets that is inadvertently affecting the whole atmosphere of the whole world.

LK: So that’s what it’s talking about in Revelation rather than a meteor or something?

Forces: Well the satellite would be considered a meteor sending rays into the earth bombing it but there is also other meteors coming near to the earth, which will have its same affect too in a different respect.

LK: How did they get the name Wormwood in Revelation?

Forces: More of the Devil.

IS: With the book that I just finished reading about the exorcisms is my understanding approaching where—?

Forces: You’ve tackled it finely.

IS: Is my feeling right I did like an expose on the black force and it attacked me, attacked the house?

Forces: You did in that way in an indirect way yes.

IS: Is there more danger?

Forces: No not to it directly we are working things out.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Can you give some information or guidance about stress and jobs and leaving jobs and how to cope with it?

Forces: The best thing for stress when you identify with stress is to go and take at least to 3 minute to four minute to five minute break and time it by just sitting still this presence of three to five minutes of being alone with self does wonders even if it is in the bathroom.

GL: Thank you.

JU: In the economics you gave me to study is there some area that I should—?

Forces: Gold and Silver and all that has been done in America with the intent of gold and the effects upon the economy.

JU: And look at it in a different viewpoint from which I have been looking at it.

Forces: Yes.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving the entity we speak through will be going on a fast starting on Sunday and it will be for 13 days more so we’ll make it 10 days for this part and then we’ll talk more about it as we will come along.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.