Session 378 9/6/81

Forces: Greeting to all here present now.

Forces: We are in the area and surrounding sections (Thunder in background) hoping to speak to you again of this moment. This is the section of time where all items are pushing to order and rectified. There are those small group (-) sections, military actions that will come into the light and ah trouble. These will be groups that will spark off instances of (—-) and avalanches and destruction that will be felt in large cities. Of course we have several tropical storms that are on their way each one in different sections. We have severe depressions in the west and Midwest as far as weather it would be bizarre and frightening. Of course the Midwest is very uneasy and unruly along with the west. We have as far as the European countries tremendous turmoil and confrontations and also situations created and started and supplied by the Soviet Union and we have some inner turmoil’s in China to their own disagreements of conditions and things wanted. Thailand will also cause trouble and Korea will do stupid things. Japan will be over anxious and Australia will find its new home as far as its own capabilities. We are also looking to Italy for some disruption and we find that this is the hour for Britain to take action.

Forces: We are now listening to your questions.

IS: What happened with Tom last night?

Forces: He was experiencing on a lifetime that was in early America.

IS: Why did that come forth?

Forces: Certain qualities of that lifetime is being given to him now.

IS: Is that good?

Forces: Many good qualities creativity and expansion was (—).

IS: Could you tell us what kind of creativity?

Forces: Was the inventor of many different ways of doing and working with coins and water.

IS: How is Tom doing?

Forces: Moving along.

IS: My tiredness?

Forces: Its quiet obvious you have been gone, going and on the go for two or three weeks now.

IS: Is there anything I can do for my physical thing?

Forces: It will work itself out the energy flow will come back.

IS: Anything else for the entity Tom that I can do?

Forces: (—-) it will find its own expressions.

NN: What is the Morning Star that was given to those who—?

Forces: What is the Morning Star in Revelation that would be given?

Forces: There is a Morning Star that represents the energies and creativity and divine qualities and also the Morning Star that represents the abuse or misuse of such.

NN: Thank you.

DD: Did I have an idea in the Meditation Room the other day about the Vesica and I was thinking it was a ship and a whole technique of Meditation could be developed?

Forces: This can be done.

DD: Thank you.

JE: What causes tropical storms?

Forces: People.

JE: What qualities manifest tropical storms?

Forces: Negativity.

JE: Thank you.

ES: Was the comet I saw you coming in?

Forces: Yes.

ES: And the second one behind?

Forces: Yes.

ES: Thank you.

ES: Thank you.

BH: This is September and the full moon should there be apples?

Forces: We will do it ahead of schedule and the fast will start tomorrow dealing with apples four days of apple fast.

IS: Is that for BH?

Forces: This is for her and everyone.

Forces: The alignment of the planets and systems are perfect for these next four days.

BH: Thank you.

JU: Is there an affirmation for my meditations?

Forces: Lord here I am thy servant use me.

JU: Thank you.

NN: What does the dream mean with the new lights in the pink bathroom?

Forces: That the love center must spout a new spirit of consciousness and undertake a new understanding of Divine Love.

NN: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me understand the other day in the last session the thing you told me in the first part of the session was that an affirmation?

Forces: Yes.

DD: The first part?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Do I understand it right the 22 letters with it?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Thank you.

GL: Is there an affirmation I could you that would help me with Divine Love?

Forces: Strong as the Spirit stands within me let me affirm thy name as One.

GL: Thank you.

ES: The dream I had about priests clothing and how it was drawn out and the words underneath were the ephod as the first picture?

Forces: Yes it was those makings of the priest’s clothing’s that you had fashioned in other lifetimes.
Forces: People we just have to express to you the ability of sticking with the spiritual road and the versatility of it versus the material world and people and their negativity in it. Many people are frightened and going through many different circles and cycles. Don’t be taken in to the worldly level but stick to the spiritual world and it will feed you.

Forces: Remember the spirit of the Lord is with you in Silence and a partner with you in quietness.

JU: Thanks for helping me tonight and—-?

Forces: We just do it right.

Forces: You have the strength of the spiritual world you are the bounders and the (—-) pillar of it many out there want to destroy and make the spiritual world meaningless. Be strong in your spiritual purposes for from this source a great deal of salvation can come.

JU: Is that the answer to my question?

Forces: To everyone’s question.

DN: What are the networks you put out what are they for?

Forces: For our purpose.

Forces: There’s nothing that we don’t touch. Everything is set and has its thread for many years to come and its story to be unfolded through the things that you do experience and that we have touched. It will come clear as time goes on.

IS: How long—-?

Forces: Please, please keep on the road keep asking for those things and you become depressions.

IS: Just keep the spirit and that light around you and you will be shown.

IS: In Isaiah they speak about that if they just keep the Sabbath then everything will be ok for them. Sabbaths representing of meditation?

Forces: What?

IS: Sabbaths representing of meditation is that right?

Forces: Yes, yes.

IS: Isaiah says keep the Sabbath then everything will be all right?

Forces: Right.

IS: That’s the only sin because they didn’t keep it?

Forces: If they just keep then things will be (—-).

IS: Isaiah mentions that as being the major sin in that particular chapter, chapter 11 but that chapter promise for good versus promise for bad is that all he’s speaking of not meditating?

Forces: That is all.

IS: Thank you.

NN: In picturing the letters of Jehovah what is the best way to picture them?

Forces: In a fire on a bush.

NN: Thank you.

GL: There is one ultimate God right?

Forces: Yes.

GL: Many people throughout history have worshipped different names of God?

Forces: Expressions.

GL: But ultimately even the ones in Japan or India like Krishna or others still come from that one source?

Forces: Yes, yes.

GL: When it is said “Hear O Israel the Lord thy God the Lord is One” they’re saying that the spirit is the same and it might manifest through different beings?

Forces: Yes.

GL: Thank you.

ES: There’s a red-faced bird in a picture of Madonna and Child in Washington that I saw outside the hospital. What is the significance of that bird?

Forces: More of a inner revelation.

ES: So something is happening when that bird is seen?

Forces: Yes.

ES: Thank you.

BH: Anything you could give me to help me with my meditations?

Forces: Just be patient.

BH: Thank you.

BN: What happen to the air when thunder occurs?

Forces: It changes a lot of the qualities around sections and gets food into the earth.

BN: Thank you.

IS: ——–?

Forces: It is a representation of the world trying to destroy the spirit at this moment.

IS: Are we such a threat to them?

Forces: Yes you are.

IS: Why?

Forces: Because it destroys there own game.

IS: Is that just for me?

Forces: It’s for everyone who’s trying to keep the spirit alive.

IS: Thank you.

DD: What does the Vesica represent as far as meditation is concerned?

Forces: What does what.

DD: The Vesica?

Forces: More of the opening of the seals.

DD: Any certain ones?

Forces: Oh minor ones and major ones throughout the body.

DD: Thank you.

GL: How do people on other worlds relate to God do they understand it the same way we do?

Forces: They express it in different ways with different forms of evolution.

Forces: At this moment we will be leaving and will speak to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.