Session 411-9/8/82

(Beginning missed)

DL: What kind of sounds that people and what kind of people would be getting the sounds?

Forces: More of communications and healing of Revelations within the body and of the light and people who are tuned in.

DL: And the other entities there were 2 or 3 around the side of Tom?

Forces: Workers of the Hand.

DL: The Hand?

Forces: Yes.

DL: Could you explain that?

Forces: Workers that will bring into manifestation.

DL: Thank you.

GL: Recently my shoulders have gotten worse and I also wonder if there’s something wrong with my lymphatic system?

Forces: More or less it is the atmosphere and moisture humidity, when the humidity goes up your particular shoulders having certain calcium deposits in it react to the moisture.

GL: Is there something I could do for that?

Forces: The castor oil packs could help out a lot and movement in itself helps it.

GL: And my lymphatic system?

Forces: Lots of water with vinegar in it could help you out.

GL: Is that related to general arthritis, a type of virus and is it related to the kidneys.

Forces: Arthritis is related to the mind, not to allow your mind to become stagnated to allow your spirit to always be moving and ready to serve, manifestation of it goes on into the body as time goes on.

GL: My understanding of how sicknesses work spiritually how they filter down into the physical is that accurate?

Forces: Well sicknesses is a kind of a self destruct mechanism within the body where it follows first by depressions allowing negative forces or feelings to come in and reside within the aura of the person which makes that particular person susceptible to diseases.

GL: Is there certain herbs or foods or things like that, that build up within the person a resistance to the negative force?

Forces: Well let us try as we have tried through this particular Session to speak about. Focus on a most positive feeling within the mind allowing that to be your center, when that is come up as your day of picture of concentration it will give you the best atmosphere within the body for creativity-ness and will give you the best for the reaction of the body. Positive thoughts is an essential must for the striving of a healthful body. Food is a secondary thing; it’s not what goes into the body but what comes out of it that is most important. Amazing how it is but the creation of the spirit of man, of what he focuses on is more powerful than the food elements and energy found within the, the food.

GL: Certain foods such as garlic are said to build a resistance to negative forces?

Forces: Garlic is a very powerful herb of course, it is also a psychological herb, it allows the person to realize that strength of the herb can help, but it is again within the person that releases the strength of the herb within the body by belief.

GL: Thank you.

JU: Should I become involved with the project called Branch Lands?

Forces: How would you want to get involved with it.

JU: I’m not sure.

Forces: You could focus on it and see if it makes you a better person.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving and speak to you again soon.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.