Session 415

SESSION 415 11/22/82

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and will be here for the days as this week and month goes on and we shall come in on Thursday and stay for that entire period of December into January. We are watching different countries and countries in (–) trying to get their goals reached and as (your) processes changes politically and has opened up new feelings and expressions of (—). But its strange how they had to wait till persons died in order to make these overtures. Such is life. For these people are strange to begin with.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Is there anything we can do it sounds weak?
Forces: It is normal entering into the body where a Sessions for a group has not been given in a long time therefor we are breaking through the elements and ether’s of the group.
IS: What is the reason that the session was not in a long time for the group?
Forces: Personal growth and commitment.
IS: Is it now—?
Forces: It has reached a level where its moving again but it should not reach a level in which it becomes stagnant. It must reach a level of moving and growing and giving.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?
Forces: Just to move him forward (—-).
LK: Is there anything I should be concentrating on in working with myself?
Forces: Patience in the environment and surroundings (—-).
LK: Thank you.
HI: Could you tell us the spiritual cause of leukemia and ifs it is a (—-) disease could they correct it as such?
Forces: More of a other particular consciousness of a lifetime and payment of that lifetime back. Sometimes attitudes of not wanting to move in a progressive pattern and also other lifetimes.
HI: Thank you.
?: Thank you for the bracelet and can you give me any guidance at this time?
Forces: Generally the one step theory is also helpful.
?: Thank you.
DD: Tom wanted me to ask about Mr. (McGreer?) why he called?
Forces: In what respect.
DD: He called this evening to talk to Tom.
Forces: Looking at it we can only see him asking for more help with the school and putting on a play for the (—–), something like that might be the reason why he’s calling for help in the beginning part of (—).
DD: Thank you.
IS: It had nothing to do with the children thing I mean it has to do with the children (—)?
Forces: Oh no it has nothing to do with your entertaining them on that particular day the 17th.
IS: Yes.
Forces: Let the idiots (—–).
IS: Thank you.
Forces: We have to have figures so we find the PTA as you asked that we kept close track of, made them increase from a 1500 total and being that we feel responsible to give you the exact amount and keeping posted which we have not done before, but the reason why its a 1,500 is we feel because of the contribution with the spirit of the people and watching Mr. Ringrose give his contribution and what Mr. Ringrose has done has sparked a great of chain reaction in the community.
IS: You mean the actual physical 50 dollar donation that Mr. Ringrose gave?
Forces: That had something to do with a great deal of (—).
IS: Thank you very much.
DD: Do you have any guidance for me at this time?
Forces: Bring down the spirit and focus on that and it will benefit.
DD: Thank you.
JU: Am I handling the situation at my job correctly and can you help me with it?
Forces: You must try to develop your job by bringing new ideas into it in a loving manner with your boss Harvey and not to create new ideas and new ways to sell Sherman Williams paint corporation. We use the paint on our vehicles quiet extensively.
JU: And the continual taking of feldene is that ok to continue at the moment?
Forces: It will be ok.
JU: Thank you.
GB: Any guidance for me at this time both concerning my aunt who just passed on and personally?
Forces: Better to turn your receptors down a few notches that you don’t pick up. Sometimes you pick up vibrations you don’t know how to handle them. Tuning it notches down and tuning in with the entity we speak through will help you tremendously.
GB: Thank you.
Forces: And of course the aunt that you speak of has crossed over with the help of the entity we speak through knowing that he was working with was on many levels this past weekend.
GB: Thank you.
GB: Her life was extended (—–).
Forces: Going through certain personal lessons to be taught.
GB: Thank you.
DN: Could I please ask for guidance at this particular time and—?
Forces: (—-). Anything.
DN: Yes.
Forces: (—) childlike attitude the way it is now you would be a tremendous success.
DN: I would be very happy to create the suit for the entity I’ve guilt feelings over it the one that’s already prepared would be a better all around would it be more it would be sturdier and —?
Forces: Whatever you feel.
IS: The one that caught my eye would that be a good thing?
Forces: That would be a good thing.
IS: The inner part that makes the——?
Forces: We doubt that it comes with eating a lot of food.
IS: If the entity DN would do the inner part and we would buy the outer part would that be a good arrangement?
Forces: Can be done yes.
DN: Or just like the most beautiful long lasting suit for the entity?
Forces: That is (——-) with that most lasting suit deals with the spirit.
IS: Are we in the right direction?
Forces: (—-) Las Vegas (—).
IS: Would it be more beneficial if we did it ourselves the whole thing?
Forces: Mostly (—) saying (—) your in the right (pot of gold?).
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Question about the canning that we had so many jars but I keep finding that were sealed and then another point all of a sudden I find them unsealed where I myself moved them around and they were sealed?
Forces: Sometimes the pressure in the room and moving around try to watch the cans that have lost there seals by how you set them if you set them on an angle lying down it has a tendency of popping the seal.
IS: (—–)?
Forces: Sometimes certain jars don’t seal properly and if they are moved around too much the seal does break.
IS: As far as we’re doing with the can goods and stuff we’re doing ok?
Forces: (—-) 98 percent (—-).
IS: Thank you very much for that I don’t know if we ever thanked you because with the poor crop of the garden that we had this year its by doing these meals and canning them that we were able to have so much more of the garden and we have it. Its hard to believe that we have all this thank you very much.
Forces: It always works out.
Forces: We would also suggest to put up your lights this weekend being that the weather will get colder and while the weather is warmer take advantage of it. (—) nice job to do.
IS: Is there any other thing that I should know in preparation for Christmas day?
Forces: We are reviewing it and having a close hand in it with you we’re quiet excited about the whole thing for the big bash if you want ah none the less we are watching over it.
IS: Will JU father be able to co e through with the toys?
Forces: Hes working on it even at this very day it seems to see that he has a perspective lined up to send it maybe not exactly on time but none the less there is that question of sending it seems to be very positive in one respect it would deal with a particular, what it would deal, with it would deal with an attitude of another person (tonight) (————) who he talks to.
IS: Then should we buy certain gifts?
Forces: You will have tour answer by next Wednesday.
Forces: We are watching over this celebration you are giving and move with the Spirit and hope it is contagious and will allow the Christmas spirit to enter early this year because it is needed to help the economy of your country and sell dolls and toys to make the money for (—-) and make everybody happy and we will talk to you all later.
Forces: Greetings to all here present.