SESSION 423 3/16/83

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We have been watching that of El Salvador and we find it a unrestful area especially in certain areas (—) seems to be targeted for some action. The other actions that they would like to happen is in the area of Lebanon some of (—–) feel that the best place to have a personal private little war to go on.
We are watching also the many different changes and climate moves in your society. Its come to a point where people do not know what (—-) they have or what they are for or what they are against one week its for this and next week its for that the week after that for this and the week after that its another thing its always something else never really establishing to any origin or factors.
We also see the Chinese becoming restless and wanting to have some relationship toward the Soviet Union which could cause strenuous relationships to those of the west. As far as the western technology is concerned going back to the (—–) marking that of the words names of the ancestors on their environment and trying to (——-).
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Could you explain the changes that are still taking place in the group?
Forces: The objective is to get closer to the Forces and a more of a disciplinary actions within personal development. It is also to focus in on a spirited basis in which the understanding (and might?) of inner searching can come into being. It is also moments of times of rest and moments of recouping into rejuvenating these centers (—-) 2 to 3 of these elements you have basically that this particular group must endeavor through the course of the Bible to keep their eyes open and (—-) phenomena items and things that would explain some of the natural elements (if you listen?).
IS: Are we moving towards that objective?
Forces: We find that individuals must make this their goal and not to be swayed by importance or position for the more you run after importance and positions the more they will use that to control you. You have your positions and your importance already within and when those around you sense that they will run after your position and importance rather than what they think your running after. They are doing rather well in the group as far as focusing on these conditions.
IS: Thank you very much.
LK: Is there anything in particular I should try to look up while we are in Virginia Beach?
Forces: Many individualistic qualities can be taken about many people can do certain dates research on especially at the file centers at the beach research on different items of glands also research that deals with UFO’s flying objects and things related to US seeing how this related to them many years past and how much information they had to know that the information came from us.
NN: What is the healing properties of cinnamon sticks when used in hot drinks?
Forces: Its good for the lungs and calming effect of the nerves also good for the 5 and 10 dime store.
JU: Several sessions ago when you talked you talked about a Mr. Smith you mentioned in the middle of a sentence I’m not sure I understand it. Is that a reference to my former lifetime?
Forces: Who.
JU: A lifetime in Montana?
Forces: Oh, Oh I see what you want to be yes we can.
JU: I don’t want to be that—-.
Forces: No, No ,No you being that you want to be there. Yes we would see you to be.
JU: Is that what you were referring to.
Forces: Yes you already know what we’ talking about.
JU: Some aspect of that is playing itself out in the current period?
Forces: Yeah definitely. At one time at that period you had to sell lumber and sticks and paint and nails now you’re back doing the same darn thing again.
JU: And has does one evolve out of that?
Forces: Doing those to a spirited force or (—).
JU: Does that effect certain things I’ve gone through the last couple of months?
Forces: Well it has affected a certain amount of acceptability and the ability to communicate.
JU: Is there anything else I need to know that can help me at this time?
Forces: No perseverance is the key to (——).
JU: Thank you.
GL: Any guidance for me at this time?
Forces: In what particular area.
GL: Any area.
Forces: Well listening to certain aspects of rhythm and force and certain periods of music could be helpful. Also that of reading different forces of biographies and chapters dealing with life and those aspects of psychic research could be beneficial for your research.
GL: Any specific topics or books or just being mentioned?
Forces: Well that dealing with the eyes of animals and also the what would be considered different planets affect, that will be affecting the earth and how each solid planet in a astrological form will be affecting the earth in the next two years dealing with Haley’s comet could also be involved and certain things that went on in the earth when Haley’s comet always came over it.
GL: Thank you.
HI: In my dreams I go back to Holland and I’m looking at a place and particularly in one place where I used to live and I observe all the changes that have taken place up until the present. Could you tell me why I’m doing it?
Forces: More of a reclaiming some parts of a body energy for your body in this particular move.
HI: Thank you.
JB: Is there something you could give me that would help me with the Lent season its heavy for me up to Good Friday?
Forces: Well Psalm 23 and Psalm 19 is focused for Lent also a calming influence of keeping a Silent Vigil at 12 to 12:30 15 minutes out of that would be good also brisk walks will also be helpful.
JB: Thank you.
JE: When various individuals leave the group why do people of the same personalities come right back into the group?
Forces: More of a evolution scale that is its the evolution scale dealing with the Tree of Life and focusing on these aspects.
JE: Its like a little bit more comes right back in to take there place?
Forces: Yes for other reasons too involved that we’ll not go into at the moment.
JE: Thank you.
BH: Could you tell me what Psalm 64 represents and what aspect its working with?
Forces: More of the 3rd eye aspect.
BH: Thank you.
IS: Could you explain Psalm 72?
Forces: Traveling force and protection over responsibilities.
IS: So it is a successful thing or a hopeful thing?
Forces: More so successful.
IS: Every Good Friday we come up to it with big bangs and something on Good Friday always manifests at the end of it. Will we be spared this Good Friday?
Forces: You will be ah services will be involved and you will be.
IS: Thank you.
IS: What happened to the entity DD is it something contagious has he contracted it from somebody and can he spread it to somebody else?
Forces: Let us say its more of a unsettled antenna that was picking up and beaming in but it was an antennae that was crossing over to do other works within him rather than knowing that these centers must be protected and cautioning those as a learning lesson to protect their higher centers from the field trips ah receptive antenna qualities.
IS: Is it at this time possible for you to tell us whats the thing that made him get into it?
Forces: Insecurities are always the problem.
IS: What picture did it take for him?
Forces: Fear and inability to be able to handle.
IS: Handle the fear or handle–?
Forces: Certain fear qualities within his self.
IS: Was there something prior to that fear that brought on that fear?
Forces: Well focusing on it.
IS: Anything else to understand?
Forces: That should take care of it for the moment.
IS: I had a dream that we were walking with the group and there were all kinds of mood situations and all of a sudden I saw this being he was giant and he was dressed up beautiful but like an old fashioned witch doctor very ominous very frightening he was very tall and we were just waiting around in the group and somehow we succeeded to get out and then we were walking down a winding road and I saw him and this time I wasn’t going to get near and I just turned everybody around and said lets run from him. When he realized we were running away from him he started chasing us then we arrived and somehow I knew we were safe he wasn’t as frightening as it wasn’t a question he can really hurt us it was a question of knowing when to get away and not allow ourselves to say I’m not afraid to pass him buy to challenge him and I just refused to challenge him so he couldn’t touch us?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Is that self explanatory?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So really is that a answer to what happened with DD or what could happen?
Forces: Yes?
IS: So the trick is they cannot touch us its just us not to challenge them?
Forces: Right.
IS: Seeing something coming in a bend and not allow ourselves that pride by saying I can deal with this is that it?
Forces: Right.
IS: Thank you very much.
LK: Stained glass window leading down to the ground floor Archangel Michael?
Forces: Could be several things a woman holding a light different flowers all around also it could be (—) of flowers also it could be certain evolution’s of man space. You have several things to chose from as time goes on.
LK: Thank you.
IS: What was the thing Tom told us?
Forces: It deals with the Archangel Michael theme.
LK: For Archangel Michael should it be traditional pose standing on the devil or should it be with the sword upraised?
Forces: It could be creative abilities (we like).
LK: Thank you.
NN: Dream I remember waking up at the end of it there were two men shaking hands I think I was one of the men and there was like a decision reached or something agreed on and I woke up and didn’t know what it was could you tell me?
Forces: No we weren’t there. Agreement on maybe the physical worldly job conditions.
GL: Could you say a good place where to plant the fruit trees I ordered?
Forces: Certain (–) in the lower parcel of the land could be placed in lines.
GL: Should any be placed across the street?
Forces: At your convenience if you desire.
GL: Thank you.
HI: In Psalm 62 verse 9 those that seek my soul to destroy it shall go into the lower parts of the earth does that refer to some kind of energy flow within the body that happens?
Forces: The more so yes.
HI: Could you tell us about it please?
Forces: Energy that doesn’t get elevated and only centers around self.
HI: Thank you.
JE: In Genesis its talking about God is talking about creating man in our image and then it goes on to say and he created man in his image who is the I that hes talking to?
Forces: The Higher Forces has different levels of understanding and a Higher Power that is all ours.
JE: Thank you.
IS: Its still the Forces?
Forces: There are many different categories.
BH: In the Cayce readings it says that Adam projected Eve out of himself?
Forces: Lets say it is true and a lot of other souls have reached that consistency of just creating.
IS: A lot?
Forces: No one or two in their lifetime.
BL: Could you tell us who they were?
Forces: No.
BL: Thank you.
IS: Would we even know them?
Forces: Yes you would.
BL: In readings it said up to the time of Noah they did it that way is that true?
Forces: Yes. Um huh.
IS: Does he know what he was rebelling against?
Forces: He identifies that the spirit was not good but evil.
IS: And DD is he out of the danger zone?
Forces: The commitment is made and finalization must be continued but it is out.
DD: The thing that happened is it like a possession or is it like–?
Forces: Possession (at the start).
LK: Does it have anything to do with the centers getting out of balance?
Forces: Sometimes other times it deals with the electrical field around the body.
LK: Thank you.
IS: It cannot happen unless a person invites?
Forces: This is true.
NN: The music of Bach what was his main contribution it made for healing (———-)?
Forces: Well the Revelationary thought of meaning behind the music.
Forces: At this point we will be leaving but will speak to you again soon.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.