Session 438

Session 438 3/18/84

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and have a focused on bringing you warmer weather and nicer days in fact hotter weather is whats necessary in comparison with the aches and pains that surround you. The dampness has been too much for you and has accumulated a certain amount of the moisture in the air in such the barometer being down would produce rain but none the less by bringing up the sun it will reduce the wetness and the mold and make things a little bit more pliable and jurisdiction wise you will power over your own functions. We also would realize that under certain conditions of weather factor do have tremendous affect over the body. In such conditions when dampness or clouds or cold airs have their prevailing ways then of course rheumatism, arthritis and then even to the point of affecting the digestive systems continue and (—-) the body as such. In all these directions and inner directions we do have a constant flow of power and energy that is affected by the Moon, Stars Sun. We are focused upon the economy of this United States and the properties thereof and find that suffering still will continue and prevailing winds of economic strife will still continue things have not gotten better as far as the (—-) they have gotten to the point where people now living maintain and the maintaining is as much a chore as the (—-) itself but much in the maintaining allows the spirit and that soul of the spirit to be expressed. Don’t let it ever be said that the difficult times were the worse times in fact the difficult times bring out more of the Spirit than the best times do. We will now review certain subjects in the control issue of that of plants and plant life. Surrounding oneself with plants or flowers has a tremendous effect upon the psyche and has a tremendous effect upon the pineal gland, the pineal gland is operated right near the emotional center in the brain in which this factor does control and fluctuate a pendulum effect upon good and bad, that is upon high moons and depressions. Focusing around flowers or having flowers near self would allow the pineal gland to focus on positive emotional aspects in which of course affects the personality in the most positive way. Of course we have (nourished) the daffodils that are around and this is the call to Spring it is also the call for love, of the intellect, life as a spirit of generosity of gold and of the abundance of money. It is the Spring time where things are ready to be and ready to be expressed.
Forces: Now we are ready for your questions.
IS: My energy is low?
Forces: There will be a new train that is going to be coming into the vicinity you are at circle a transit point where a new flux of energy takes over this is called the Avenue Flower Circle and during this cycle you have what would be considered the regeneration of energy about ready to happen (—) it starts at a very low peak and then gradually builds up through the Spring and Summer.
IS: I feel the energy drained out of me?
Forces: This is certain aspects with the virus and the flu that is going around.
IS: Anything I can do?
Forces: Drink plenty of liquids and in time it will heal itself (—–).
IS: Is this flu any different than any other flu?
Forces: Its quiet different from an unusual type but it is relaxing about a week to two weeks and interesting virus that kinda is a sickle type round cell that hinges on to certain lymphatic systems within the body.
IS: Is there any truth about that article that appeared of the Spaceship that were there that caused diseases?
Forces: There is truth to it.
IS: Who were they then?
Forces: Certain negative forces.
IS: From earth or from outside?
Forces: More so lets say its an experimental forces within your own government.
IS: Thank you very much.
BH: In the book from the Cayce reading on evolution when they talk about regeneration of the (centers) does that happen (——)?
Forces: This is correct.
BH: Thank you.
Forces: The biggest item of regeneration is a positive attitude which regenerates more in the everyday conscious world.
JU: Is there a pattern for prayer and meditation or a Bible reading that you could give me?
Forces: In what respect.
JU: A time to meditate and certain Bible passages I have one that I am using now in the Bible or affirmations I’m using now in the Bible. To build up a stronger foundation with the changes that are happening.
Forces: Changes are always within self between thy own attitude and the approach of things that you meet in your life. As far as your meditations are concerned the one for two o’clock (—-) which might adequate for you and also the Patience possess yea your soul and with Love all things are possible.
JB: Working in the garden at this time?
Forces: In general working on it will prepare for it.
JB: Thank you.
HI: Is there anything you can tell us about the King of Salem Old Testament, how many years is living earth was he (—–) now in the earth?
Forces: Lets say he was a mystical God of force and more of a visitor to the earth rather than a King of the earth.
HI: Thank you.
Emma:Can I ask a question?
Forces: Yeah.
Emma: Should I go with (—-) to New York?
Forces: ( (—–) If its in our heart to do there’s no stopping.
Emma: thank you.
RH: Could you give me a focus for my meditation?
Forces: Let the Light be in you and around you and through you, let the Spirit be ever above you and let your hands be the application of service.
RH: Thank you very much. And a question for David? He wanted to know if he had the right idea what with what was give in the last session with the numbers?
Forces: He’s focusing on the right aspect.
NN: Is their is anything with certain types of yellow attached to death (—-) or is that particular child last week?
Forces: The application of the Small angel force.
NN: Thank you.
LK: Could you give me a Chapter or a book in the Bible to focus on right now?
Forces: (—–) Chapter 6 whole chapter.
LK: Thank you.
LK: In the Book of Isaiah the angels—?
Forces Read the book of Isaiah 4th chapter 23 verse 20 and 18th verse.
LK: Is that for me too?
Forces: That was more intended for you but the one who answered he can use that too.
BN: Should I ask the question I was going to ask or is that the answer?
BN: Thank you.
JE: (The Incas) What king of karmic tie between the King and the girl.
Forces: They were Kings on Atlantis.
JE: The girl has a previous incarnation (—–).
Forces: It was their responsibility in Atlantis, one who is the Faithful was in the (—–) and the one who is the destructive King was the one who came.
JE: And those two incarnated any time later in history?
Forces: You would find them as Hitler and you would find them as what would be in reference as Winston Churchill.
JE: Thank you.
RH: Are there any Chapters in the Bible or verses that the Forces would have me read at this time?
Forces: All of them.
IS: Does Emma have the Strength Emma wants to go to the mountains in New York for Passover?
Forces: It is advisable to discuss this with her but if she has anything in her mind usually that usually wins out but its best to stay with the group for Passover to enjoy it with them. But if she finds it in her heart she wants to go up there no one can stop her.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Also with the things that happened is that how part of me happened approximately or close to what we saw in that movie with those two characters that the (——–)?
Forces: It didn’t happen exactly like that you know that.
IS: Of course not but how close was that was that really the case where—-?
Forces: 40 percent to it.
IS: But did they really have (—–)?
Forces: Maybe for 15 minutes.
IS: That’s the major question so they really didn’t have much of a theological discussion because the–?
Forces: To involved with (weapons and gold).
IS:They probably felt like they couldn’t have got over any (—–).
Forces: But they were some discussions but nothing as elaborate.
IS: What then was the discussion to what degree?
Forces: Well we’ll say as much as possible that they can have nothing I would want to sit in on.
IS: The other day when I brought across the analogy of Jacob giving the prophecy about (—-) and especially the prediction of never to allow Levi and Simeon to join together is that correct. And this is still true to this day?
Forces: Yes.
IS: What tribe at this time would Levi and Simeon represent at this time in the world?
Forces: Of course Japan and China
IS: Its not just Japan its Germany?
Forces: Japan and China with access to the far east with a link to Germany and Italy.
IS: Which tribe would Germany be?
Forces: Well let us say it is a mixture of Gad.
IS: And now when this character appear on the arena of a more personal level, part in a group, is that correct its still correct isn’t it?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So that’s what happens with lets say RU and RH?
Forces: (—–) yes.
IS: And it could happen over and over that these two?
Forces: Different spots yes.
IS: So my advise to (—) was then correct?
Forces: That’s the perfect reply to it yes.
IS: Thank you very much.
BR: I have another question for DD is copper the right metal for the thing he’s working on?
Forces: Yes.
BH: Could you give me any guidance at this time?
Forces: Allow the element of small qualities and the adding up of those qualities to answer a larger picture of the (Greater).
BH: Thank you.
(_): Is there anything to be gained if I study computers?
Forces: Within self there are certain questions that must be answered if this is the direction you want to go for self then that is it.
(_): Thank you.
(_): The nightmare I woke up with the other night about watching the it seemed like torture to a young boy they were putting a third arm on the right hand side and we were all watching and yelling. What was that about?
Forces: Certain qualities are trying to apply Love but are now under your jurisdiction on (—-)being there.
(_): So that’s something that I can do by myself?
Forces: Let us say it was some of the thoughts of these elements scientific facts or figures that really will not make up the structure.
(_): About Chinese the mental mind again and —-?
Forces: Spiritual knowledge.
(_): Thank you very much.
(_): The dream that (—) had a couple of nights ago about Atlantis the parts that will manifest off the coast of Maine (—–) could you say what this (——)?
Forces: This was a lower coastal lines on the west coast of Atlantis of four different islands but more so continents.
(_) And what particular was the dream about?
Forces: More so for a (——-).
(_): Is there any chance that ah in the future with (–)?
Forces: Definitely yes.
(_) Thank you.
(_) What is the origin of my desires to separate myself from the Lynchburg community?
Forces: More of a fulfillment in that center and developing in other qualities
(_): Is it something I am ignoring or refusing to say (—-)?
Forces: (——).
JE: A person like Agatha Christie and her murder novels where would she gain the strength like that?
Forces: More so being a lawyer in the Roman Empire.
JE: So her stories were taken from different things she saw?
Forces: Yes.
JE: Is there someone else that we would recognize her (–)?
Forces: Madame (Duware).
JE: Who is that?
Forces: You’ll find out. She had a great influence over the French Revolution.
JE: Thank you.
IS: Is there a something that I’m doing that creates a leakage of my energy I can feel actually the leakage?
Forces: Not that you’re doing anything Its a change of cycles you should get lambs skin to put underneath your heels when you sleep will prevent this.
IS: Thank you.
IS: A situation like that where did that man the King believe that he can be resurrected and why did he believe that because Jesus came to visit him?
Forces: Plus the visitors from other planets came.
IS: Why was that civilization up there why was (——)?
Forces: More so to prepare for the civilization to come.
IS: Because he had to On the spiritual level (—-)?
Forces: Remember this man was very etheric he could travel throughout his own government communicating to the priests and the appointed ones.
IS: Then why couldn’t he get up?
Forces: Physically he couldn’t astrally he did.
IS: But he couldn’t resurrect he wasn’t he wasn’t ready for that?
Forces: The process wasn’t accomplished on a physical level yet.
IS: Was it also that there was a vessel and he was a good spiritual vessel but not all the knowledge that was there—?
Forces: Was to be understood with those who were of a cruder nature.
IS: And was it also not completely fulfilled because–?
Forces: He fulfilled itself in itself.
IS: Even without believing–?
Forces: Even without believing the Christ he was the Christ.
IS: If he had been given more time after they killed him was he had been able to resurrect?
Forces: Given the factors Being on the right circumstances and time yes.
Forces: At this time we will be leaving we also ask you to focus on, on certain aspects focus in the aspects of Patience and Love.
Forces: Go ahead with your next question.
IS: Is the same thing happening to Tom the drainage of energy?
Forces: It is a draining force that is happening on a circle but it will be replenished.
IS: Is everything else ok for him?
Forces: Yes of course.
Forces: (——-)Virginia Beach would be appropriate for you.
IS: Where would I stay?
Forces: Staying or being there in quarters would be accomplished by certain hotels or finding a place in the area or whatever you wish.
IS: Whatever you wish.
IS: Does that also mean for the entity Tom?
Forces: Yes.
Forces: Will be leaving speak to you again.
Forces Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father