Session 439 4/13/84

Session 439 4/13/84
Large Thunder in back ground loud
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area (—-) in our own style watching and seeing different movements progress as you move in time and space fulfilling very interesting. We watch different items in your political movements and find much to be accomplished by (—-) which covers those qualities too a larger estate of consciousness. We left you some political movements things (—-)the President of your country has (—-)is planning inner movement and manipulation but it is better to step away at times to get involved with different activities other than the further progress on a spiritual quality in which (——-). We find that the Soviet Union again is going through great deal of (_) within there own borders and of course equally as well for the United States but not as serious as it would be for them. We would only urge that in your developed and (-) that the (-) light of the spiritual part of man is (_).
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: You said that sometimes it is good for us to get involved for this group did you mean to get involved in things other than spiritual or-?
Forces: Spiritual work is involved with all things.
IS: Oh I see are we at this moment involved in these other things or?
Forces: We don’t see it as such.
IS: And its something that we will be?
Forces: (-) would have some foundational interest (—-) a batch of different private sectors that are watching will come forth and make themselves known.
IS: I think I understand what you meant. You mean for private sector those things founded are involved in outer things to a small degree even though its going to have a big impact?
Forces: Yes.
IS: How do they justify it that they make friends with their childrens enemies like the thing in Texas?
Forces: It is not a consciousness of ethics involved here its more of a (——).
IS: Is Gabriel there already.
Forces: Has been already has.
IS: Are they going to get together again?
Forces: This is something hes thinking but as far as it lasting that’s a whole different story.
IS: And her agreeable accepting?
Forces: Some hesitations not totally accepting it.
IS: Did anything cross his mind that he said that’s what he wanted?
Forces: It has crossed his mind but even he doesn’t understand totally what he wants just someone to take care of him.
IS: And will she.
Forces: To many demands on her own personal life that does not fall into the baggage right now.
IS: So shes now meeting JE parents?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Will that visit of JE parents accomplish anything?
Forces: We’ll see.
LK: Could you tell what the significance of the Gulf storm is?
Forces: Looking at the Spirit energy moving it and allowing that of darkness to be broken and (_) the White Force to come in as he is doing it just now(Heavy Rain coming down)
NN: In Job what is Behemoth is that a person, or expression, or a force?
Forces: It is a force.
NN: Being the chief of the ways of God?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Could you explain that?
Forces: It is the understanding of the Force of God which comes through all channels (——) in one channel in and out other channels (–).
IS: Is that correct that the Behemoth may be the lowest of Gods Energies that they are actually the cattle because (____) that would mean cattle?
Forces: The crawling (_) ah the hoofed cattle.
IS: So it is one of the lower of Gods?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Is there even also some kind of semblance that maybe could be seen as
Forces: As an elemental Force accomplishing this for dividends of (Light/Life).
IS: And its located in the sky’s as we would consider it?
Forces: In the ether’s of the elements of the sky.
IS: So you can hear it then?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Is that something comparable to what the Cats do?
Forces: Yes within the air.
NN: Thank you.
IS: Thank you very much.
ES: Thank you for your mercy and miracle of nursing these last couple of weeks.
Forces: You had us working overtime.
ES: Thank you very much.
ES: I ask for help and guidance in my studies to keep me on the right path?
ES: Thank you.
DD: Thanks for the help you gave me in the (____)
Forces: Wisdom is acquired through Patience and sometimes Patience comes with pain.
DD: Can I ask another question to keep out of trouble?
Forces: We’ll answer it, were not answering it to keep you out of trouble, were answering it because we want to.
DD: Thank you.
DD: Could you help me understand do I have right thoughts about what the prime radiant is?
Forces: Square it with that the hypotenuse to the right angle and that will be your picture.
DD: Picture of what?
Forces: You will see.
BH: The element of small qualities?
Forces: Yes that is the small things that are the most powerful. Many times an angel will walk by you least you not know it that you be tested.
BH: Thank you.
(——) Third Chapter of John the Gospel of John memorize it.
JB: The purpose of John (———–)?
Forces: Representing the Spirit of the Christ leaving the Body of the Bread .
HI: Is there something she could do to help all these shifts in which she is gone most of the time?
Forces: Allow Patience to temper these feelings many things coming which as far as working it out will accomplish itself Patience itself through that Patience it will work itself out.
JB: Thank you.
(_): Recently I seem to be quicker to anger ah on edge is there something I can do to deal with that?
Forces: In what respect.
(_): My dealings with people around me especially the people that I work with?
Forces: Well you have questions we have answers.
Forces: Why do you feel that the quicker or the anger is coming about.
(_): I just feel that I am shorter of temper than I should be.
Forces: Just meditate a little bit more on your prime objective and calm the Spirit down of anticipation. Allow yourself to be an instrument of the Spirit.
(_): Thank you.
IS: Is there anything for Jesse is he learning anything from Texas visit.
Forces: Assuming a lot of perspectives yes.
IS: Is there anything that could be given for it?
Forces: (Must now allow that of the healing sensor to be used rather than the speaking sensor.)
IS: Thank you.
IS: Is there anything for Benjamin?
Forces: Rather the development of a new focus of healing in that of inner searching rather than expanding or giving of an outward search more of a inner circle of movement.
IS: Is there any reason I can’t shake this flu or whatever?
Forces: (—-) it has a large percentage and if you drink or eat a lot of food with garlic on it with onions and hot spice this will help the system alot.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Is it a different king of flu?
Forces: Nor will you ever experience the like of it.
IS: Thank God.
IS: All those readings that were given to all those people from Toms work these are people that have not even turned there head in a spirit direction never knew a whole world existed. What has it done for them, has it done anything?
Forces: It has developed there sense of appreciation and insight for that of the inner search.
IS: Were all those readings correct?
Forces: It has its station yes.
IS: It effected them to action is that correct?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Could you give me anything about my schedule that I tried so hard to go to sleep and rise earlier?
Forces: Different cycles of change is coming about dealing with outer influences (—-) really innocent on your behalf.
IS: How can I—?
Forces: A warm bath or better yet that of the hot tea with lemon, also mint tea.
IS: I’ve tried all the hot teas.
Forces: Focusing on the mint type (-).
IS: I don’t want to feel that I’m dumping.
Forces: It should not be taken that way you are deemed an instrument so they could express.
IS: Will I ever get over those feelings of I guess fear?
Forces: Its possible (—-) yes.
IS: And the rope?
Forces: It will be put into it yes.
IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?
Forces: We would suggest that different variances be taken the they will be watching a more of a the moral aspect of celebration in your own area the ah watching of course for the aspect of spirit to come forth and much more of the spirit that is around this area so that the coming from a spiritual nature from a divine so that it will be transformed into different creatures. There are many things that we see and it can be done but there are also many things that can be done by the very nature of doing a fourth power lets spirits come together.
Forces: We also would acknowledge a spirit that will (——)
IS: You’re speaking of a 4th of July celebration?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thats a big one is that what your saying?
Forces: If all goes well as planed yes.
IS: One of my concerns is every fourth of July it rains?
Forces: We will work with it.
Forces: We also would like some group to visit this Christian Fellowship House (—) a group meetings throughout Charlottsville just casually meeting there ah not all if you wish but some and stopping at the quest bookshop ah watching for different lectures we will be watching through some of these aspects.
IS: Thank you.
IS: And is there anything for Emala?
Forces: She’s all ready for Passover.
Forces: We were thinking more about odds and ins that we would like to approach look at it we are reviewing and trying to work out some quality that will be helpful. All things are being watched and reorganized and we will speak more about the reorganization of course or plans that is to come for that of benefits a different Force a creative quality
Forces: Greeting to all here present now
Group: Our Father.