Session 440

SESSION 440 4/28/84

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Forces: We are in the area and watching there is the different changes in a fashion to say of the Middle East along with certain elements of Lebanon changing the interior structure with Syria getting more involved in its own factors. We also of course see the Soviet Union getting involved in an indirect (–) but in a very underlying manner. Things are not as well as can be expected for different countries with earthquakes and that the United States will be going through some internal what you call evaluation, what you call evaluation of its program the steel mills have to be one of them along with the automobile industry, along with the food processing industry three major industries will be turning around and making different associations in there fields of endeavor.
Forces: Your weather would be strange to say the least and bizarre being cold at one time and raining out the other cold and rain continuations of such conditions. Also the warmth we forgot to through that in.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: In the Book of Luke Chapter 17 verse 19 those 10 lepers
Forces: Yes.
IS: How long was the (—–)?
Forces: 6 to 7 months.
IS: And how long did it really take to manifest a healing?
Forces: Somewhere around 3 to 4 weeks.
IS: So it wasn’t instantaneous?
Forces: Some it was others it took that period of time.
IS: For the one leper that came back he was completely healed and that took about 3 to 4 weeks?
Forces: That was more of an instantaneous nature.
IS: Did the others that did not get healed—-?
Forces: More so because of attitude and conflict.
IS: Did they realize why they lost the healing?
Forces: Usually those who have an attitude problem don’t realize anything.
IS: Thank you.
IS: In Esdras in Book two Chapter 13 verses 40 to 45 it says Those are the 10 tribes which were carried away prisoners out of there own land in the time of Osea the king whom Salmanasar the King of Assyria led away captive and he carried them over the waters and so they came into another land. (continued)
IS: Ended up in region called Arsareth.
IS: Where is Arsareth today did they succeed number one and where is that place today.
Forces: Repeat.
IS: When the 10 tribes were lead away from Israel. They were taken by the king of Assyria and they were distributed to all kinds of places.
Forces: Arsaret would be near the area which would be Iraq and Turkey.
IS: Does that place exist?
Forces: It would be more so of Istanbul.
IS: So it would be wheres today Istanbul?
Forces: Yes.
IS: So does that mean that was Istanbul at that time builded or no?
Forces: No it is the area in which they speak about.
IS: It sounded that they decided a group of them decided that in order not to lose their origin and (–) with everything around them as that was the idea of Salmanasar just to mingle them with the rest of the people.
Forces: There are two sections one in Istanbul and the other one part of in South Africa or more so in the middle part of Africa.
IS: They have the (—)?
Forces: They are Jewish and have the King yes.
IS: They are of a direct linage of those——-?
Forces: But you would find them to be black today.
IS: Is that right how did that happen?
Forces: Things do happen.
IS: So they did get mingled?
Forces: The Queen of Sheba had an effect on it from Solomon.
IS: But this happened way after the Queen of Sheba?
Forces: This is true but none the less it is that linage that had this affect.
IS: I see at that point they already had a (Sirak) linage there from Queen of Sheba so now were talking about Hundreds and Hundreds of years later when these people from the 10 tribes come there so they figure its ok to marry as long as its Jewish people.
Forces: Moses did it.
IS: Right, right.
Forces: Solomon did it.
IS: Right.
IS: So that’s how they became black today is that correct.
IS: Are they aware that they are Jewish?
Forces: Oh definitely they have the ceremonies till today.
IS: Are they the ones that, that guy that said hes a (——-) from King David?
Forces: Yes.
IS: I see then the ones from Istanbul are they any way retained themselves special?
Forces: They have lost more of everything there.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: Is there anything we can do for Benjamin?
Forces: Just slowly evaluation and accounting of things to be done and planning would be wise.
IS: The things that the entity Tom discussed about the front the paving of the front the circle is that correct at this time?
Forces: Yes it could be done.
IS: Should it be done in black top or should it be done like parking lot cement or?
Forces: Taring it would be the best.
IS: Is there anybody we should contact?
Forces: It will be given.
IS: Thank you and for the back for the drive to talk about that?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you very much.
LK: Can you tell me what the difference is between pity and compassion and how to turn pity into compassion?
Forces: Pity is when you judge compassion is when no judgment is involved. Not to judge.
LK: Thank you.
NN: Are the (—) categories of mercy is it referring to steps of progression?
Forces: Yes.
NN: Would it also be considered like subdivisions or laws (——-)?
Forces: Yes.
Isis and Emala talking
Forces: Yes it will work itself (–) the Hope and Joy around you knowing that things will in health and body mind be worked out where you would not need to worry about those elements in time they will work itself out and be in harmony with your body.
IS: Thank you very much.
Isis and Emala talking in Yiddish
Forces: We understand, we understand that your body is complaining and the pain but it is a normal process of adjustments.
IS: Thank you.
(_): In chapter 8 of the Book Of Numbers can you tell me what the pattern is (—–)?
Forces: More of a circular candle with one in the middle.
(-): One candle?
Forces: 3 pronged type candle.
(-): And what does that represent?
Forces: (Your) 3 fold spirit.
(-): Thank you very much.
JU: I’m walking into walls the last couple of days?
Forces: Attitudes and a little bit of not having humility.
JU: Thank you.
JU: Also on that stone top that we have been talking about could you give us some guidance on what should be done or carve or anything around the edges what Names of God Archangels.
Forces: No names should ever be written on the edges of stone only on the face of stone.
JU: And what should we put on the face?
Forces: The face usually is symbolic of, of the face.
JU: Is there a symbol to put there now?
Forces: Quadosh Elohim Intreds.
JU: What was the last one?
Forces: Ithnu Intreds.
JU: Could you spell it for us?
Forces: It is the fourth letter and the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet with the 16th letter.
JU: Should each be written right in the center?
Forces: Yes.
JU: Carving?
Forces: Yes.
JU: Should they be Gold Leaf or not?
Forces: Stone is never Gold Leaf.
JU: The pillars?
Forces: No. We assume they’ll tell you later.
DD: On the (—-) that I am working on the first part is good could you tell is it coming along ok?
Forces: Perfect.
DD: Thank you.
DD: I came across the name of a man Raymond Lully I’m attracted to it what does that mean
Forces: It means the work needs to be Looked at.
DD: (—–)?
Forces: Just to look at some important aspects.
DD: Is the part that I’m looking at the right aspect?
Forces: There are other aspects that will come into light.
DD: Thank you.
IS: Now the letters if I understand correctly is Goth Dah is that correct?
Forces: Yes.
IS: A Daleth, a Vav and an Ein
IS: So its not a word its actually just letters extending forwards?
Forces: For the Entrich.
IS: For the entry you mean door?
Forces: Yes.
Forces: You will receive the meaning as time goes on.
IS: So its a Resh its an R, its a Resh at the end or an Ein?
Forces: The 16th letter.
IS: Which is called Dooah?
Forces: You could add the 20th letter to it.
IS: Doash?
Forces: Yes.
HI: (———)
Forces: It is true take the Element of Life and measure the 4×4 which is Solid and take the solidness on all corners of the elements of solidness and there is Eternal Life.
HI: Thank you.
BH: Whats my biggest stumbling block?
Forces: Preconceived ideas.
(-): Any thing I should be working on right now?
Forces: You are being watched and molded and worked with, it is going along for you in your own right.
(-): thank you for your help and support.
Forces: Yes generosity comes in many ways.
ES: (———)?
ES: Also the Cross my Grandmother had has broken twice does that mean I need to get another crucifix?
Forces: The star and a cross is a symbol here.
ES: Doe that mean I get a cross like that?
Forces: We can’t stop you.
ES: Would that be a good thing to do?
Forces: You will be given one.
ES: Is there anything more I should be doing?
Forces: Kindness to those in and around the area of spiritual progression
JB: Anything to guide me in getting a job?
Forces: Keeping a positive attitude and talking more to JU as far as how to cope when one does not have a job, especially the in places you can go to where it won’t cost you anything.
JB: Thank you.
Forces: Things will work out for you we would focus more on the routine of service giving services not so much in the hospital area but more so in a what would be called business or economic area. The CRC area would be also good for you.
JB: Thank you.
JE: The mold that I’m working on is it what needs to be done?
Forces: Moles are usually like that under ground. We would have the stoning mix the pouring aspect like pancake batter will be developed by doing such you will form the perfect substance.
JE: Like we were discussing a bunch of people?
Forces: Yes.
JE: Thank you.
IS: Two dreams man in house(————-)?
Forces: And what was he doing.
DD: We were all in the den and we were discussing prophecy just after diner conversation and remembering prophecies talking about the prophecies that came true already from you and our dreams and all of a sudden I turn around and I see GL sitting right next to me we were I guess not even talking (——) I can’t remember the whole dream but ah BH said you and him sitting there is also one of your dreams that you saw him come to the house and nothing happened not that he was going to stay or anything he came in and I don’t remember much exchange don’t think we had much exchange he was there he got up it was very kind of normal I didn’t bother to much?
Forces: Its a desire for him to communicate he would possibly happen.
IS: So actually he can’t come in because hes going to lose face right he doesn’t want us?
Forces: There are so many faces he can afford to lose two.
IS: But he has to say I’m back with Ru right?
Something well I say that was the problem all these years.
Forces: There are more things within his own development that (–) that he has to go to.
IS: But he is with RU right?
Forces: We understand you are asking the question indirectly. There is those visits that have been made yes.
IS: What is now going to happen in Texas JE visit there his mother?
Forces: More of a search to find out if its solid or not or if the reins of control in there minds are released.
IS: The reins what?
Forces: The reins of control in there minds.
IS: I see that the people got free from me. Well I guess they truly believe that then do they truly believe that (–) live here and everything?
Forces: People believe what they want to believe so they will not have to look at themselves.
IS: Is there anything else that can be added on too about this?
Forces: About what.
IS: They trying to connect here?
Forces: There is a feeling of aggravation that it is continuing and that its surviving more so more frustrations on there own thought for they are outcast from there own number.
IS: What numbers are they outcast from?
Forces: There own spirit and thoughts of the past.
IS: I see thank you.
IS: What happened to Daniel and his friend Jeanie here that he (—–) turned out that reading?
Forces: More about auto work involved.
IS: How did Daniel take it ?
Forces: Not good and very upset aggravated to say the least.
IS: But he has to believe it because he didn’t come to?
Forces: Well hes forced to ah control himself and ah yes.
IS: He can’t say I didn’t believe it.
Forces: No he cannot do that.
IS: He has to believe it?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Is that a very is that going?
Forces: Its going where it should go.
IS: Thank you very much.
IS: And this person (Larouce).
Forces: Hes a fanatic in his own right even the Communists would not have anything to do with him. His (—) is the only thing that is (–) the straight and narrow solid with even though its plastered with a lot of banners just like his brains.
IS: And the things that he outlined?
Forces: All warn up and torn asunder.
IS: What does that mean ?
Forces: Brussel sprouts A wandering minstrel diabolic.
IS: Certain things he says are correct hes taking them out of (—-) does not bring (—) solutions is that it?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Thank you very much.
Forces: Reminds me of the time when Reagan has asked a question what he thought of Beirut he yelled out he was a good baseball player.
Forces: At this time we will be leaving you and speak to you again.
IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?
Forces: Certain things will work itself into its order.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.