Session 130 – 9/19/77

Greetings to all here present now. As the time moves on, so is it to prepare yourselves for the work ahead. We stress this commitment of movement and the work ahead for those things that need to be done. There are many plans in working. We must keep our attention to the plans one at a time in order that this work can be accomplished. There is no need to be concerned, but just to do; not to be too much concerned, just to do, and in doing you shall receive your answers. In this strength of your development you will receive intuitiveness to be greatly needed in your creations and productions. Harmony is needed as you move forward. Harmony in peace and in mind. This is a creative factor in which the environment reflects the harmony. When it is no longer producing, it loses its strength and becomes that less than what it should be. We find that in preparation many aspects of consciousness and care needs to be applied. But in so doing, you shall find many expressions of self in a development of giving. We stress the factor of living in communal aspects together, which would bring a growth pattern and strength to all. In so doing we have a pillar of strength and room of expression. This expression is very much needed in order for the higher creation to take over. In this experience and development of time, we have that in which the sound part and the picture part can move on…(There is a period of silence.) We are now ready for your questions, but at this time we must express the changes that are to be had on the whole. Question.

IS: Would this be all right at this point to embark on the new business venture with the contact that Luke has made, with the Smith………?

FORCES: It would be well if the entity do not forget commitment, Otherwise, it should be protected.

IS: Thank you. So as long as he does not forget his spiritual the commitment, he can make another commitment, so to speak. Now about the Son of Sam, the young fellow Berkowitz, he’s claiming that that man is Satan and all these others are demons and the dog and et cetera, et cetera, Is there truth to what he is saying?

FORCES: Repeat. Chances are correct.

IS: But in that case…

FORCES: Repeat your question.

IS: Oh. The Son of Sam he claims that Sam, the man the old man with the black dog, that he’s actually possessed or is Satan. The dog is possessed by a demon. So are some of the other people that he mentions names.

FORCES: It is strange, but there is just that force that surrounds that particular house. The force is not a positive one, but as far as the child is concerned it can blossom and soar very nicely. Question.

IS: What child?

FORCES: This is the child within all of us, Question.

DD: Could you tell us about Osiris and the Egyptian resurrection?

FORCES: This is the power that goes through the country and forces in which they speak of the presence and in the presence the readings of the light, and in the presence, the answer. Question.

DD: Could you say, tell us, anything of the philosophers’ stone?

FORCES This is a terrific stone if done well. You can receive the vibrations of a soft nature and in so doing create strength and harmony within the circulatory system.

DD: Is this soapstone?

FORCES: That is a conductor and a protector at the same time.

DD. Would it have to be to make that philosophers’ stone would it have to be prepared in a certain manner, Soapstone?

FORCES: There is no certain manner for it to be prepared as long as you use a certain amount.

DD: A certain what?

FORCES: Amount.
DD: How much should it be? Thank you.

LK: At this time would it be possible to receive a schedule as far as fasting or services for the Yom Kippur holidays coming up?

FORCES: Fasting should be done during the one day, during that eve of Yom Kippur. As far as internal disciplines, that should be done by your own discretion and your own involvement to the belief that has to be developed, More so, what is coming up is a changing cycle, It is a preparation to release and to gain, for there is a spiritual center coming through the lower latitudes that is receptive to those who are receptive. Question.

LK: A spiritual center within the body or geographically on the earth…

FORCES: This would be of dues centers, both types.

LK: Thank you.

RH: The discussion that Tom said at the table about apples, in the Garden of Eden the forbidden tree or the apple tree was also the tree of life. Was it the plan of God that souls would come in not through women through childbirth, but through the… but actually bearing children as a tree bears fruit? That souls would come in?

FORCES: It is not a plan of God that this should happen as far as waiting. But an active response as far as creating and doing. There are many souls that change their identity. This is very dangerous to themselves and to their own personal well-being. Question.

RH: Thank you.

BR: Could anything be given on what’s happening to Ray in Newfoundland?

FORCES: This is an internal searching and an aspect of receiving what has been given and returning it as best and as straight as he can.

IS: So he is planning to come?

FORCES: This is indefinite. There are many aspects around that would detain the individual.

1S: Is there any reason then why we could or could not leave the house on a certain time? Or should we not worry about it, just go about our business?

FORCES: This is a purpose of creating an endeavor of giving. It should be a positive aspect. If put in, the reaction shall be good.

IS: So the positive thing is to…not to worry about anything, just go about our business?

FORCES: Correct, and do the best you can and to move on into your own personal business.

BR: Is there…is there any guidance that can be given to us about moving? Anything about what’s happening down in Charlottesville, in Virginia?

FORCES: The guidance must come from your heart. This has always been successful to you. It is a strange place. It is strange and stranger yet.

BR: Thank you.

NN: What did it mean in Newfoundland, the Orientals, …the Orientals seemed to be the most positive as far as those last two restaurants that we ate in? It seemed like the Orientals …they seemed to be like a positive element there.

FORCES: There is no oral response.

JU: Can you explain something about the mechanism of how a Psalm… a Psalm works when you read it which doesn’t seem to be related to whether you understand what it’s saying at all consciously? That force or how it… how it works on you?

FORCES: …(There is a long silence.)…

THE CROUP: Save us from destruction and protect us, Let thy light shine around us.

FORCES: In this case there shall be new lessons to be had and new answers to be done, at this, it shall be accomplished. And that in which all… there shall be all right. In such there is this reckoning of strength and of organized unit. In such places you will find those areas where campsites would be best… in such a short note, one who perceived the answer could be a very long prophet. Question. In such there should be that strength to move on. Question.

HI: Could you tell me in which area the blob in me has the most control? And how can I conquer that?

FORCES: In such you would find, what would be called Neptune and in such that you would find, as what would be called, Avenue I or C, the beginnings of a new consciousness. Question.

HI: Is there anything that you could give me as to what I should do next?

FORCES: There should be incentive to be creative upon which the Forces will give you with your hands the expressions of auras and lights.

HI: Thank you.

RU: In the boat trip to Newfoundland, the first trip, why did… I experience the fear that I had at the very beginning of the trip on the water?

FORCES: You would find this culminating from a lifetime in which you, as a person, was literally dragged in a canoe up the Mississippi.

RU: Thank you. Did I overcome some of that fear by sticking around on the deck?

FORCES: This would be the best way of saying that. We will speak to you again. But this moment there is a particular job that needs to be accomplished and there is a particular hour that needs to be at rest, but we will speak to you again under the many force of ships and movements and certain styles of power coming to the earth. Greetings to all.

THE GROUP: Our Father, which art in the heavens……