Session 193-10/13/78

Greetings to all here present now. As we have witnessed and watched different movements and as we have returned to speaker more to you and as the times of certain conditions move further onward we find items and things are moving according to plan. This change that comes on and over in many conditions that would restore and unify the unseen to the seen. We of course are witnessing many changes and many emotional battles that are to take place in several areas. It is a strange feeling but there will be these changes that will affect several conditions. In all these changes are economic and progressively in a suitable national and geographic area. We find that the elections of this particular Pope is set to begin soon, preferably on the 16th of October and by the 19th the latest, there should be a manifestation on the 18th. We find that this has already been slated and more of a mischievous encounter of something that would resemble and reflect the attitudes of what had gone before. We have already given you the person and the slant of its inclination. We also say the nose is quite interesting. We are now ready for your questions.

DN: The unit at the hospital, I don’t understand, the one I am working in now ah what exactly is the karma involved there or what’s happening, because most of the situations and things there, so far we in the house are so much against, and I don’t understand exactly what’s happening.

FORCES: This is more of paying forth or back some of the lifetimes in South America where you had taken several organs from certain people. It is more or less a link of the spiritual force or waves in this department that those who might perceive and hear might get a glimpse of the spiritual nature. This is a increase of certain force that would be an invisible force, not to make a valid judgment of their actions for there again is a situation that is a liability and destined to change in many respects, putting a force of this nature in the center what would be called camouflaging it without any one noticing the conditions. We are starting to work thru this particular department to find out a better remedy. We are working thru the blood and diabetic conditions and striving more for a spiritual awakening for those who would be receptive. More or less it is as tempting and testing and measuring and weighting yourself out of certain conditions that are heavy within coming to an agreeable condition and message without more or less a progressive fault it is not the major place that you will stay but it is the foot in the door that you will lead on to a very interesting condition more or less what would be considered a psychic therapeutic condition in this hospital.

DN: Can I ask then the thoughts that I had today about my karma if I don’t work out the things that I should work out, are those correct, or am I looking at karma that I went thru in the past?

FORCES: Lets say there is a lot that needs to he worked out more of a progressive nature more of an attitude of getting involved with so called work rather than moving away from the thoughts of work. Its thru the working of your hands and body that you can come into some form of control in this karmetic nature that needs to be manifested and worked in its experience and entirety. We find that if these conditions aren’t met it will deplete the natural forces within the body eventually and leave it drained of a lot of interesting qualities that could have manifested More or less the disciplining of the body that had never really been disciplined because of a attitude or an ability to concentrate on one focus. We are starting you from like a basic structure, the basic quality of the body, the center what would be considered the beginning and moving on up to a center that would be called the occult or psychic center throughout the hospital but this will take time as to progression and commitment level advances and your personal involvement to the spiritual ideals in living.

JE: Could you explain how you received your Torah?

FORCES: This is more of a communication and expression of light from another dimension or more or less from another galaxy in which it was handed to us on the membranes of thoughts of creation. In this particular dimension the Torah is placed in such a way that it is resembled throughout all living conditions and all existence of expressions around us. The Torah in our existence is Life itself the manifestation of the Laws that have been in its wake or in its being. The process of the Torah in your dimension is written on paper it is not necessarily seen at first but eventually is found to be the truth. The Torah again in ours and your law is the Law of Creation. Again it is the law seen here readily, but it is the law seen there after effects and effects of its same nature.

JE: From what dimension do you receive your Torah?

FORCES: Let us say the dimensions aren’t broken down as it is in the earth consciousness, but it is in the same dimension that we exist.

JESSE What dimension is that?

FORCES: ACCORDING TO the earth consciousness, we can reside on the 5th and 6th dimension thereby going to the 9th.

JE: What is the highest dimension?

FORCES: There is no possibility of saying the highest. There is no measurement of lowest and highest as far as the progression of awareness (—) the moment of knowing it is what would be the 10th dimension that would be to the more or less 14th or 13th.

RH: Last night I had a lot of dreams, and I couldn’t remember all of them, but what I remembered seemed really like fantastic things, one in which IS and the guys here were ah constructing castles and fantastic things with ceilings that went up higher than churches, just unbelievable construction monuments and like all the dreams seemed to be like in that kind of way. Could you tell me what that meant?

FORCES: More or less the evolution of certain spiritual laws coming into your consciousness and also the manifestation of physical objects around you.

RH: Would the dream that I remembered, the one part would that ever physically happen?

FORCES: It could happen.

BR: It was given to Dr. Russo to have an operation on the new moon. Could you tell us why on the new moon?

FORCES: There’s more of a chance of healing that particular area of the body during this particular time of the month and this particular year, than at the time that it was requested.

LK: Could you give me what’s going on with my left eye, and what should be done to correct it.

FORCES: We find irritation and matter of particles that have entered into the eye, more or less particles that are irritating and rubbing against the cornea or the eyeball, more or less we find the solution of warm water and a little bit of salt could have a mild reaction. Also the tea bag solution and also we would say resting of the eye. The tension and the stress of meeting certain things and making them in order could have caused tension along certain parts of the eye. More or less the ingredients around the eye that have caused the irritation.

RU: The Masonic Temple that I visited in Washington I don’t feel that the people that gave us the tour really understood the power of the things they constructed cause it seems to have been lost, but is there a certain force that you have anything to do with that’s centered there?

FORCES: It is built directly on the centrifugal and the magnetic force of this whole entire consciousness area for the state of that particular state. It is the center point of reception and receiving of electric and magnetic ways. If one would build a tower of solar energy there it could supply 3 or 4 states around.

RU: Was there possibly something of that nature there when Atlantis was in existence.

FORCES: In that particular latitude there would he found that item.

MK: What are the things I am not working with that gave me so much trouble with the 2 doors that I am working with now?

FORCES: We find that to be like a double question. The things that you are not working with was a aspect of image and ego or position. We find that a certain security and self- righteousness in certain aspects minutia as they might be could have contaminated the work in itself. Remember the work is a dedication to God, therefore thoughts are the reaction to your hands. Your hands are only reflecting your thoughts. More or less when you build anything do it for God and not for what you are doing or the concept you are doing it in, because the process that we find for you is a immediate off track consciousness when your mind goes into one of your personal daydreams or positions ability enhancements etc. manifesting in your work that you do, do.

NN: Would anything be given at this time for Ray the Jaunt bus driver, while were still riding it, something that we should be doing now?

FORCES: More or less just being. Ray himself is being affected by your very presence, therefore affecting his growth in his own personal consciousness.

NN: Also would you tell us what the big black hairy spiders symbolize, we see in the house?

FORCES: These could be fears, personal fears of the law and when seen it means the balancing out of the law and rectifying and commitment of the law within.

Ninai Is it true that these don’t bite?

FORCES: They won’t have to bite if not provoked. Everything does bite.

GL: Would there be any guidance for me at this time?

FORCES: More of a progressive nature of moving and consciousness of awareness of the things you do do, so you can move on to your new awareness pattern, that has been planned for you.

GL: Also the children that I have read about super … intelligent children, why do these come into the earth at this time?

FORCES: Because they were scientist from Atlantis time carrying over the genes and the thoughts of their genius.

GL: Are they for the force of Light?

FORCES: Too much involved with mathematics can make them really stupid.

BH: I’m wondering what the significance of at my job them studying the cells in the nerves of the eye going to the brain. I couldn’t.

FORCES: More or less the what would be considered a psychic provision for vision.

BH: Also could you tell us what the Seven Spirits of God in Revelation that John speaks of are?

FORCES: With your particular doctors they are operating on the optic nerve could mean in the expression in their conscious mind as dealing working and handing the defects of such an eye thru this source of creative lesson or thru this source of treatment. There is certain points that could be learned. Treating the optic nerve can never be treated while touching it directly. It must be touched or handled in the indirect parts that it contacts or reacts with. Touching the optic nerve directly would not become the positive results of operations that they need. It is the part of the brain that the optic nerve encounters that needs to be handled slightly. What would be said the optic nerve can be healed with colors of stained glass more readily than with the scalpel.

IS: Your talking about the difference between the cause and the effect, their touching the effect not the cause.

FORCES: Correct. It is apparent that we do understand that 3 individuals are in a condition of working directly with a backward medical team. But we are trying to infuse the stream of spirit to those who are not directly involved with the medical profession. We are not there to get involved with the medical thoughts and theories. We are there to be helpers of those who are affected by the medical thoughts and theories.

JU: Why does it take me so much time to do each project or is there guidance you can give me so that I can

FORCES: This has to come thru time. The inability of security of making a decision and the inability and what would be considered of moving forward on your perceptions of what to do but the fear of making it wrong causes more problems than just going and doing.

JU: Is there any guidance or help that you might give me at this time, ah I feel the incursion of negative, gunky things entities or whatever they are ah is there some help or guidance you might give me that I might deal with this and stop their affect or influence?

FORCES: More putting your commitment in a form or in a higher form of prayer knowing where your strength and help does come from that these feelings if analyzed are that of jealousy. The majority of times the injustice and the turning away from your God consciousness. It is always said that the jealous heart is the one who sees more that is wrong.

DD: The dream I had about the word Titanny and something about 14 saints. What does that represent?

FORCES: This could represent the 14 questions or centers or keys of personal development along the path.

DD: What does the word Titanny mean?

FORCES: It could mean touching upon or revelation or moving on or moving over.

DD: Does 42 represent the speed of light above? In the heavens and 21,22 below?

FORCES: This could be possible.

IS: Should the people that are riding to work continue to ride the Jaunt bus?

FORCES: It can he done this way.

IS: Or should we take our van?

FORCES: It would be better for the bus at the moment.

IS: Is there a place where I can get an electrical stove that would replace the one present?

FORCES: This particular stove could be fixed, but only for a period of time. Finding an electric stove would he found. It would be found in certain areas of what would be, what would we find a G. E. outlet a of electric stores. Or you also could go to a Westinghouse type outlet, they should have something similar or near that would do.

IS: I thought we went there? You mean at a different moment in time?

FORCES: Which particular place did you go to?

DN: It was downtown on the mall and it was a store who sold all kind of appliances GE and Westinghouse and everything.

FORCES: No it has to be a GE outlet or Westinghouse outlet.

IS: Would it be to the point of us having to cut the stone, and if it does should we call somebody from the quarry, should we attempt it ourselves.

FORCES: Something of its nature will turn up, that will fit properly in its slot.

IS: What makes a person indecisive in his adult life. Is it something in childhood that started. What is it? What kind of education does a child get that he becomes a decisive person?

FORCES: One who becomes a decisive person is quite hard to explain. But these are the people in other lifetimes that have that have made their commitments firm by faith. They’re also a tint, indecisive people have a tint of cowardice in them.

IS: So commitment is the difference?

FORCES: Faith, commitment and moving forward. What is there to lose when all else is lost, but when you enter cowardly into a situation you lose everything that you already have.

IS: So it reflects back on.. . Why is it that people almost on the verge of commitment are finding themselves in more cowardly positions, than maybe some arrogant person that doesn’t have any commitment, except to himself?

FORCES: Because it deals with the unknown, so-called.

IS: So that arrogant person actually if he would have to touch the unknown, he would fall apart.

FORCES: There is a large percentage that he would.

IS: Mental breakdown? So somebody like I don’t know a mental genius or whatever, the point of having to really give up anything of themselves, they would go thru something simulated almost as a nervous breakdown?

FORCES: This would be true.

IS: You said something before about jealous come to negative seeking and everything. Could you expound, explain on that?

FORCES: Jealous heart always sees things that are wrong because they are jealous.

IS: Now the job that Hope-Island and Jacob took will she be able to handle it?

FORCES: There will be the ups and downs, but I think her pride will push her forward more than ever, but there will
be some question marks that will present itself.

IS: To her?

FORCES: To her a reaction through her.

IS: Will it get her closer to…?

FORCES: It will have too one way or the other.

IS: So the whole thing that happened , in reality happened exactly as it had to happen?

FORCES: There’s no doubt about it.

IS: Now the commandment rooms. The design for the two rooms is that correct?

FORCES: You are doing very good with that.

IS: The dining room columns. We got that. The rooms on the 3rd floor, will I be able to get more bedrooms out of that floor?

FORCES: It could be done easily.

IS: Is it the two end rooms?

FORCES: You will find it there.

IS: The dream that I had that series of dreams and things with the Pope, just before the Pope died. Was I astrally involved in that whole thing?

FORCES: You had visibly, visually seen it from an astral level.

IS: Were there a lot of people that had seen it?

FORCES: A few.

IS: Was there a purpose in my seeing it?

FORCES: Just to give reverence to a psychic event.

IS: Was the entity Tom involved in it?

FORCES: More or less.

IS: The book I am reading, is it something on that understanding or that

FORCES: We would say no not exactly.

IS: So was man on earth is it something different?

FORCES: Something different.

IS: Because there is somewhere also I read a theory about setting down people on the earth from the ships.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: I don’t mean your people. I mean people of the earth.

That how the stock started. Is that correct?

FORCES: We would say the stock started something to a point of saying items on the earth.

IS: That were here on the earth?

FORCES: More or less.

IS: But it wasn’t by any kind of process that this happened?


IS: Because creation never the less is still in the hands of God.

FORCES: And still going on.

IS: And the soup that they are talking about. The creation from the soup.

FORCES: It is more of a terminology, a warehouse of thought.

IS: But is that any value to the creation?

FORCES: It could throw away understanding light to it. Throw an understanding light to it.

IS: But it’s not the whole thing?


IS: But in reality there is no creature except God that can create life.

FORCES: It is God who has created everything. We are just the co…creators, the after effect. We are the creation of Gods work. What we do we must also create everyday. When we fail to create with our hands and our minds, we our in the path of Satan.

IS: And the rebellion that came of Satan. Is it something to the effect of as it happens in the play?

FORCES: Something similar.

DN: Could you tell us about St. Cecelia? There are a couple of stories that one she lived in Roman times and one she lived later on but and if she really is the St. of music or does have control of it at all?

FORCES: St. Cecilia was more of a clairaudient or void or the astral. She received music from the spheres, you could say she had music day represent her on the piano score, what would he at that time. She would receive musical inspiration from the astral level. She would be considered a patron of music rites.

DN: Also the composer Ralph von Williams could you tell us something about him? Does his music cross dimensions or was he able to see other dimensions or….?

FORCES: He did.

DN: What does his music affect most?

FORCES: You will find the music affecting the pineal gland along with the thymus center.

DN: And its a positive affect.

FORCES: If played properly, correct.

DN: What would be properly, particular times of day or something or…?

FORCES: Seasons.

DN: Which seasons would be the most acceptable?

FORCES: We would find them in the autumn and in the twilight of a moon light.

JE: Could you give us a description of your dimension? What you experience what is it like?

FORCES: If we want too. We have given some descriptions in the past of our relations with you all. The descriptions of the trees and the sun and the colors that you do not see sights in the?______ . It is a particular energy field everyone here is almost like pure light. We could take on any physical structure we desire. Speak any language in the universe we wish. Move any place at any time at any second. Manifest two places at once if we wish. But be back at home for dinner. We love spaghetti. Only jesting. Food in itself is not a staple for us. Food is not really essential for us, spaghetti only belongs to the earth. We in itself can move from galaxy to galaxy, universe to universe, from planet to planet, from star system to star system at any moment that we wish. There is tremendous creativity here constantly going on, and creative ability of new worlds that we have to watch and guide. There is an unfathomable amount of knowledge and wisdom being brought from all over the world, all over the galaxies, all over the universe. There is a continuum of sounds, of sights of smells, that keep on growing and pulsating, with time there is none. It is a dimension that would be so exciting that one moment one hour, one second within this dimension would mean that you would never be the same. Does that give you some understanding of part of it?

JE: Yes. Is it possible that we can reach that dimension?

FORCES: Awareness, a oneness, attunement, is when you reach that particular center or dimension thru the stillness within you. As you enter thru that door you taste a little bit of this dimension, which will transform you consciously in the earth. It is that one must tune and when you do tune into this dimension you will not be the same person afterward.

RH: We were told that king David was born, reborn again in Israel and he knew who he was when he was a child. Could you tell us anything more what’s happening with him?

FORCES: Yes, there is more growing pattern, more an involvement in government and political ventures. More of a approach on a book level too in certain respects. We here will watch you all constantly and guide you as best as we can. We have a few things in store that could benefit the group. We have some things that we are planning to give to you all. We only ask a positive attitude and progression in your work schedule and moving forward so we can move on to another consciousness, another avenue of expression and more of that of giving what you are destined to produce while you are on the earth. At this point we have to leave, but will return before the weekend is out. Greeting to all here present now

GROUP: Our Father…