Session 194 10/15/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have been moving in some directions, and finding again the path open to us. There are those progressions that you are, tapping into at the moment, and generally moving them about, and building them up from the levels. There is much to (—-), much more time will be spent as you move forward in seeing, what was done. In short there are those balancing factors that are now coming into play that will bring more harmony, and prosperity in different levels of the expressions. It is in short, a kind of brief interchange, of manifesting this relationship as we move on. We are now ready for your questions.

JU: When I feel a blockage in energy, or physically feel parts of me getting very tense or these bumps or something. Is there some way to get the energy to flow again, something I could follow, when I feel something like that happening?

FORCES: With this, could be resting yourself, for a few seconds on the stillness and asking the Higher Deities to come in to help you and to guide you. This also would he a force of calming self down, in breathing exercise, and moving forward from that point on.

JE: Would it be the same breathing exercise we use in meditation, or would it be any specific one, it might be?

FORCES: It could be that or similar, to breathing in and out at a rapid pace, but at a number, considerable to your status.

JE: In the tales written about Arthurian England, and early medieval England, they have all these tales of Knights running into encounter after encounter, and what appears like fantasy situation, after situation. So much is written like that, a knight could go out in the woods for an afternoon, and encounter 47 processions of people going thru the woods, and all sorts of things. What does this really represent, what is behind all those things happening.

FORCES: More or less, the life of the elemental forms, and people of the little colonies, that do reside in the forest.

JE: So these are stories of elementals, encounters with elementals.

FORCES: And other creatures of different dimensions.

JE: Did this actually take place did they actually encounter them?

FORCES: It does.

DD: What’s wrong with the hot water in the guest shower, it’s coming in hot and then cold.

FORCES: It could be a simple mechanism, like the washer, within the spout. It could also be, the shift of pressure that changes it in a short form, the hot water moving into the cold water pipes, mechanism of the, the mechanism of the device, washer of some sort, stabilizing the flow of cold water with the flow of hot water together.

DD: Is the washer that I took out, worn out?

FORCES: It would have some conditions of not being in it’s proper place, tightly.

DD: About the numbers 2 and 7,like all the numbers, one thru ten, have a geometrical figure, which is obvious to see, but the numbers 2 and 7 don’t have. What would they be?

FORCES: They are more of a building from the physical level, into a spiritual consciousness.

DD: Is there a specific form for these?

FORCES: 2 and 7.

DD: A pyramid?

FORCES: A geometrical form could be devised, in many different ways, circles or squares, diamonds, rectangles.

IS: Could you explain, what is wisdom? What level of consciousness does it occupy? What’s the importance of it, what is it?

FORCES: Wisdom is the acquisition of all knowledge, rendered, received, acquired, and the application of that knowledge, wisely. The manifestation of the knowledge, in such condition, that it would be exempt, from all error. Wisdom also finds itself within the structure of light and spirit, of creativity. It is the essence of creation; it is part and all of the same force. Wisdom comes from a general purpose of giving, and also of receiving, and ________ purpose is for create ability to continue.

IS: But it really doesn’t have. It’s much lower than the law of love, or in a whole different category.

FORCES: It is almost like, pillar of wisdom and love, each has a different function.

IS: But they are equal?

FORCES: We would find each pillar has a different pressure point, of holding up laws. Love of course, is in this dimension, the highest form of expression to be acquired. Wisdom is the manifestation of acquiring and receiving of knowledge in this form to express the love.

IS: Is there other dimensions, that other things are higher than love?

FORCES: More or less, love seems to generate the basis of all creation. You have different aspects of the love, that needs to be worked or cultivated on, but generally the love principle is the basic law.

IS: And yet wisdom is not a basic law.

FORCES: In this particular galaxy, wisdom is not really developed as much as the love is focused on. Wisdom is the aftermath of that, which is acquired from love.

IS: So in the scale of evolution, before you can have wisdom, you have to have love.

FORCES: This is correct.

IS: Then again what happened to king Solomon?

FORCES: The misapplication of love.

IS: Is it, I thought love has no sin?

FORCES: There is what would be considered, a creative ability of love. The love that has been directed by Solomon to do work, but where he begin to bargain on a worldly level, to what type of work, that must be done, this was the error, that slanted that love aspect, and brought a slant of the wisdom.

IS: What kind of bargaining did he do?

FORCES: It is more of a reasoning factor of future bargaining.

IS: Could there be given a little bit more about, what you just said?

FORCES: More or less, from his point, after he left the earth. He was hoping to fix an empire, where he could pass on a certain amount of wisdom, as fixing a empire under that, which would he self sufficient.

IS: So any time a person is trying to leave something for posterity.

FORCES: This is correct.

IS: But anyhow wisdom is on a lower scale level.

FORCES: Love comes to the highest.

IS: And wisdom does change from universe to universe.

FORCES: It would be true.

IS: Love doesn’t.

FORCES: NO this only develops further on up, to other expressions of creative divinity.

IS: Now, who were the old gods, and afterward the Olympian gods. I don’t know if they were one and the same, or are they one and the same?

FORCES: The old gods are a deity to themselves, and expression of power, of the third or fourth dimension. The gods of Olympus were what would be considered, visitor initiates, coming to the earth to be tested, in which they did fail, on their particular mission.

IS: So they were human beings coming from another planet?

FORCES: We wouldn’t give them the terminology of human.

IS: They were gods to this world, but were they also gods in there own dimension?

FORCES: They were co-creators in a different form, but they were the expression of a law.

IS: Were they part of you?

FORCES: In all essence, this part that you speak about, comes from the one source, therefore the answer would have to be yes, but in reality there direction was in an opposite path.

IS: So they really came from a different, did they come from a planet, did they come from an existence?

FORCES: Let us say this particular congregation came from a star constellation.

IS: So they’re really not part of you as far as, like people here in the group, are part of the human race?

FORCES: It’s quite difficult to analyze that, in your terminology. In short to make it simple for you to understand, they weren’t part of our origin.

IS: Now, when they failed, what happened to them, were they taken out of the earth.

FORCES: It was put into suspension.

IS: You mean they still exist?

FORCES: In certain forms, they were belittled into different energy factors, some are still found in chameleons, or what would be called leprechaun stages, others are found in mushrooms, and others are found in different sea creatures, the sea horse.

IS: Do they have a consciousness?

FORCES: They have stored and locked inside them, a great power potential.

IS: Will they come back as gods on this earth?

FORCES: Not until they have paid back, for their lessons learned and misused.

IS: Who transformed them into these, things?

FORCES: It is a self-process of nature that brings them to the lowest ebb.

IS: They just gradually one by one, all of a sudden…

FORCES: Leave a human being to his own self-desires, and to his own self, and he gradually destroys himself.

IS: Like, maybe once, they would turn themselves into something, and never be able to turn themselves back.

FORCES: It is a part of consciousness without discipline, and you no longer find the true consciousness of what you are (were).

IS: But they will come back some day as gods?

FORCES: They will not come back as gods it is a misformed application of those who were humanoids, who named them as gods.

IS: Then will they come back, in a superior form?

FORCES: The superior form cannot be allowed.

IS: Is this what happens to souls that ah, when it says that god doesn’t want any soul to perish. That’s what happens to a perished soul, they go into the lowest scale of evolution?

FORCES: They go thru different cycles of learning.

IS: So in reality, there is no soul that will perish, it is just stored away.

FORCES: Striving not to perish any sword, or that of the soul within, but the soul itself must decide its own evolution.

IS: Now, does it mean, that at any time, ah, that animals dogs, cats, can become or will become, to the time of evolution into human beings?

FORCES: No, they have their different evolution.

IS: Is it into other forms, or does it remain in the same form?

FORCES: Different forms of consciousness.

IS: Physical too?

FORCES: Manifestation thru a physical form.

IS: But on this earth, this is there earth actually.

FORCES: Through the earth.

IS: Meaning one animal going into another animal.

FORCES: Or the soul group of that animal.

IS: Does it mean that Satan himself will also be reduced or will reduce himself, to one of the elements of this earth?

FORCES: It would have to be that.

IS: So actually everybody that has the power to use the elements of the earth, misusing those elements, he ends up as an element.

FORCES: This would sound to be correct.

IS: Because that’s what they did, they had the power over that.
FORCES: Correct.

IS: Now, what happened to the old gods, those powers, Astoreth, Baal, I don’t know, ten billions of them, and who was the queen of heaven, also?

FORCES: You come into a strange analysis of gods, or old gods. These are different creatures or deities or power structures, power sources or lights or laws that generate throughout the galaxies of the universe, that make the structure of certain laws. They are constantly moving or declining, all depends upon the usage and the origin of the same.

IS: Are any of them part of what today is part and parcel, of the black forces?

FORCES: Some will be part of that. Remember Lilith is also known as the daughter of the morning star, also she was known as the morning of the heavens, she was the spirit that took over Adam and contained and had the evil force, of propagation and destroying the child, or striving to destroy the children of Adam thru Eve. Certain thoughts are had when child is born, that a amulet is placed around it to protect it from the destructive powers of Lilith. You also have this in Greek mythology; that would be the god who would travel thru the earth, destroying children and consuming them for her own pleasures.

IS: So Lilith is actually the queen of heaven that Jeremiah is talking about?

FORCES: We have like a misinterpretation of these things, but you would interpret that passage, similar.

IS: How is it that these Olympian gods were, put into bondage, and yet Lilith, they still are roaming the earth?

FORCES: More or less on borrowed time, to certain females.

IS: So it’s actually, the power of earth people that is giving that power to stay on.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Then all these other gods, or powers, I don’t know what else to call them, some of them are positive, some of them are negative, is that correct?

FORCES: More or less, it all depends on who is ruling what.

IS: Now, all of those gods, does it mean that if they no longer, as long as they have worshippers, they are alive, and the minute they have no worshippers, its like a book, that’s being borrowed from the library and put back on the shelf.

FORCES: The secrets of the laws, whoever taps into them uses them, for what purpose, makes it the manifestation of good or evil.

IS: So those gods Astoreth and Baal, and all of those, are really just a force, to be used for good or for bad.

FORCES: They were a force that was used for evil. IS: But ah, was it there fault?

FORCES: Not more so there fault, but the manifestation of the souls, who utilized and created them.

IS: Who are the souls that created them?

FORCES: Those are the souls that have come thru many, many lifetimes and galaxies into the earth.

IS: Who are those?

FORCES: They were called co-creators or Sons of God.

IS: You mean to say the 144,000, that came with Adam, they were powerful enough, to create co-creators forces, gods, like they created, lets say, electrical, electricity, ah they created, I don’t know, plumbing, something on that order I mean.

FORCES: Primitive as you are putting it, they could create.

IS: And then somebody comes and plugs in the electricity to the wrong thing.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: And calls it a god.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: So the problem was, the idol worshippers, that they were worshipping the tools, rather than those that created those tools.

FORCES: That would make some sense, correct.

IS: But those tools were valid tools, except the creators of those tools were long gone.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Did the Olympian gods know that there end is coming, and did they leave behind some things of themselves, so to speak, like a whole civilization is dying, ok lets take a last, something?

FORCES: This would be true.

IS: And what is that?

FORCES: More or less, certain attributes within the force… field of life.

IS: Is that the ring surrounding the earth?

FORCES: That and along with other things.

IS: Did they also do something for their own self?

FORCES: They strived too, but did never achieve the fact.

IS: Did they try to run away from the earth?

FORCES: They tried, could not escape.

IS: Then what was the function of the ring?

FORCES: This is more or less, a jumping board.

IS: That’s one of the things, how they tried to run away.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: So there is really nothing, they have no handle on anything.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Would it be correct, the taking of organs from one body and putting it into another body is as if though it was cannibalism?

FORCES: They do not look at a like that, but it is not the right thing to do.

IS: Wouldn’t they come back karmically those people that accepted organs, as if though they had eaten flesh of another human being?

FORCES: We never heard it put that way before, but it could make the sense.

IS: There’s that page in that, of those Celtic designs, the Irish man that made a page, which nobody understands it, It has three angels, two and one, then it has

FORCES: More of a spiritual language, of the angel force.

IS: And was a bunch of monks, that –

FORCES: Communicated with the angels.

IS: Strictly with the angels, not with you?

FORCES: Angelic force.

IS: Was Paul prophesying about the vegetarian mood, about our days now?

FORCES: He skimmed upon it. Also in fact there were, at one point, many vegetarian periods in man’s existence. Throw a potato in the air, and everybody becomes a vegetable.

IS: Is there anything that could be a help for me?

FORCES: Just strive to have patience with all the work that is being done in the house, and know that each one is getting done with time, that one upon a time, upon a time. Be patient with the situation, it will get in order.

IS: Are there civilizations, in which technology is so high, or spirituality is so high, that they could become co-creators.

FORCES: It could be, but they would be under control.

IS: So actually no matter what they would ever do….

FORCES: It would go by laws.

IS: Even if they don’t know them?

FORCES: They have to know them, in order to reach that point.

IS: But could they for instance evoke something?

FORCES: Not in that dimension, only in the third dimension.

IS: And yet a story of The Daughter of Iss, the book. We know it wasn’t earthlings you gave the name of the planet, where it happened. Who were they, the ones that had such….?

FORCES: Let us consider them more like the anti-matter of the earth.

IS: So actually they really didn’t do anything, they just showed up, and everything happened?

FORCES: This would be so.

IS: They got caught in a whirlwind.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Is there anywhere in the galaxy, or anywhere, that a Messiah has come, has been totally accepted.

FORCES: Messiahs are in the very virtue of the fact, that they are never accepted.

IS: No matter, in any universe?

FORCES: Let us say first, Messiahs are accepted only by their ultimate power of show, and therefore there are those who have come, and are not received, there are those who come and make themselves received.

IS: How is that done, thru political?

FORCES: Through the powers that they have.

IS: Is that part of the scheme of things, for them?

FORCES: It is the skin of things.

IS: Is there anywhere in the universe, where a Messiah had performed the second coming?

FORCES: In the earth here, trying to develop that general theme of resurrecting the cells, hasn’t happened yet in the earth, as you all know it extensively, but has happened minutely.

IS: In the earth. people that pick up their bodies?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: But, themselves?

FORCES: By themselves, through the power of the force.

IS: Who are they? Are they anyone known?

FORCES: It is only those that you do know as Christ, as Jesus, and that would be enough for the moment, the force in itself. Other than that it hasn’t really been developed.

IS: Is there anywhere else in the universe where that has been developed?

FORCES: Not to this extent.

IS: Any other universe?

FORCES: There are certain general themes, according to this principle, but not according to the third dimension principle.

IS: But in other dimensions it has happened?

FORCES: Not according to the third dimensional plane.

IS: I see, so I couldn’t understand it anyhow. Do they have Messiahs there too?

FORCES: They have laws that guide them, and certain general key people, are the key ones, who guide them to other evolutions.

IS: So its not, maybe they don’t even need a Messiah?

FORCES: Well, they do not name it as a Messiah.

IS: But they’re not in such a mess, that somebody actually has to come forth with a bang?

FORCES: They are receptive to the law. Here you need a bang.

DN: In the last session you told us Tchaikovsky lead a metaphysical group, of musicians or people. Could you tell us some more about that group, and maybe who was in it, that also we would recognize?

FORCES: You must understand that a lot of musicians had a spiritual evolution, that they were going thru. Beethoven he had his spiritual evolution and Mozart, there are other compositions, there are many people, artists, who dedicated themselves to spiritual evolution. You have a great secret in the Latin Mass that was handed down in this particular Mass you have occult and metaphysical symbols, given to the psyche. These people would gravitate on this particular Mass and receive it every day, and develop from that point on. There are certain groups, the Mass was the center part of their spiritual and artistic evolution, and then they would move from that point on. This would be a key factor of several other groups, and you also had in the Jewish Temples the same evolution and secret clubs of the Zohar, that was beginning, and manifesting and moving on. So each one had a certain source of secretness and occultism that kept them moving forward.

DN: Also, you had mentioned that there were those people who truly received from the forces, and that those people that copied. Was Bach one of the ones that copied? Or why is his music so irritating to me?

FORCES: The energy flow is more demanding, and sometimes out of rhythm.

DN: So a lot of his was more intellectual than really inspiration?

FORCES: There is complications there.

BR: Could you tell us what the amulet looked like?

FORCES: A symbol of the Tetragrammaton on it, and Hebrew signets and letters to ware off certain force.

BR: What happens on a new moon?

FORCES: Becomes what you would consider dark. And the moon radiates certain forces in the earth that rejuvenates and regenerates certain parts of the cell.

IS: Now, all those different entities that are coming into the earth, in spaceships, they too are not you. Well it seems like, none of the gods or what were considered gods Olympian gods, otherwise, all of these, really, you had nothing really to do with them.

FORCES: More or less, Observation.

IS: You were observing them, were you the testers?

FORCES: Observing, checking. Testers, whatever name you want to give it.

IS: All these other people now, entities that are coming into the earth, they too are not you.

FORCES: These are different beings from other planets.

IS: Are they aware of you?

FORCES: They understand us.

IS: They have to get permission from you to enter this dimension?

FORCES: There is a certain power that we do have and generate over them.

IS: So you are the ones that will give them pass, passage.

FORCES: There are those who aren’t allowed in, there are those who sneak in.

IS: How can they?

FORCES: There’s a certain ring or a certain band that is allowed to happen, by the sheer law of it. This is where they come through.

IS: Isn’t there only one door, the one that Jesus opened?

FORCES: This is true, but the manifestation of this band happens every millennium.

IS: It’s like the Sabbath.

FORCES: More or less, its the opening of a band that can only allow them to enter discreetly, but once recognized they are put back in their place.

IS: Because otherwise it is almost impossible to get into this dimension. You have to find a way.

FORCES: It’s near to impossible.

IS: Wasn’t that the greatest thing that Jesus did, was open the door?

FORCES: It was one of the greatest landmarks, in your evolution.

IS: Now all of these that are coming in, how would they he able to see you, feel you, recognize you?

FORCES: More or less, a feel of our law on them.

IS: But you do not have physical contact with them.

FORCES: As you would say, no way.

IS: And that’s why all these manifestations and all the ships, good, bad, indifferent, short people, long people, yellow people, green people, they’re really just (hodge-podge) from the universe.

FORCES: Hodge-podge.

IS: This is there latest resort area, something like that?

FORCES: Yes, correct.

IS: Why are they coming here?

FORCES: More for exploration and development and watching over certain things that they have put here.

IS: They did?

FORCES: Some of them had left some cultures.

IS: You mean the old Mayan religions and drawings, they’re not of you, they are of these different kinds of civilizations that came to visit them.

FORCES: It does get complicated. We ourselves do visit certain times directly, of a different quality and nature, but not until the scales of these have visited. We are not visiting to dissect and to understand who you are, we already understand who you are.

IS: But to make checkups.

FORCES: We are not making checkups.

DN: Something like the experience that happened in Close Encounters, would that be more like something they would do, or something you would do?

FORCES: It doesn’t matter who does what, and who zooms over whose head. The point is the evolution of man, knowledge will be shown to you, as the questions they ask, and what they are amazed in.

IS: These thoughts that I have in me, they are correct then?

FORCES: We find them, leading you to the right direction.

DN: Does it mean also, that one of the prices that they have to pay or whatever, is that certain of their technical knowledge or whatever, like the tests that we years later had developed, is given to the people that they poke around on or whatever, like subconsciously or something or?

FORCES: Directly and indirectly.

IS: So some of the things, you allow them to come in because they are part of the plan.

FORCES: Correct, were just dealing with the spiritual evolution, they are dealing with a whole different ball game

IS: In reality you’re their supervisors too.

FORCES: Unfortunately

IS: Is there something that I need, like a regenerating
of the (—)? Do I need to regenerate from you, do I need
to be recharged on the blessing? Did I dissipate it?

FORCES: No, we do not see this.

JE: Has the termite situation in the house been corrected?

FORCES: Let us say, they might pop up occasionally in your lifetime. They have been put into a situation of dormancy. Termites are creatures you will have to put up with, they do happen.

JE: There is no really bad damage in the house?

FORCES: Constant observation and, but as far as permanent damage, there shouldn’t be this happening.

RH: Is there any guidance you could give me on the things I do in the house, I feel like maybe lam spending too much time on one thing or maybe I should he doing a lot of things, or maybe I should do the things I do right, and I just….

FORCES: Let us say, you should observe and receive from an intuitive voice within, and just try to do your best that you can, taking your awareness and observation to the right process and there you are guided too by the entities.

RU: One of my students that I have to teach to read is fourteen, is there any guidance you can help me?

FORCES: Teach him to read thru color, and thru sound first. Would be much easier for you throughout your whole class, to teach them sounds first and then color first, and sounds and colors. The entity that we speak thru, has a device and a lesson planned instinctively, with this new program of teaching sounds and colors, if you use it correctly it would produce a tremendous improvement in their consciousness.

IS: Is that, have you undertaken that school, or is it that method, you wouldn’t undertake a school________ , but is it a method, to the country, to the world, what is it? The interest that this group, thru the higher forces, is showing in RU’s school, what is the meaning?

FORCES: It is more a certain planting of seeds, and also trying to correct the misseeds.

IS: That’s not just for this school, but rather….

FORCES: For a general scope of schools. At this point we will be leaving, the entity should go on a one day meal for the week, for the 16th, 17th, and 18th, and it should end on the 18th. As far as going on a fast, for this week, it is not necessary now. We will strive and guide you thru this week, try to give you the best we can in circumstances and helping you with certain floor conditions. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father…