Session 189-9/12/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have (—-) the work, of around us, is beginning to manifest, in such a strength and power. The obstacles will be overcome. The movement of forward, of a solid, to the development, of the things to be accomplished within self, and around and manifesting around self. In these days to come, shall be days of change, and days of construction and days of understanding. These days shall also be days of development, days of planting and renewing, for small projects. Everyone of us must find, that these days ahead, will have our being and manifestation, and the things that we accomplish. And we with each passing moment should see the accomplishment manifest more and more. We are setting up certain situations, that would be congenial for purchasing and buying items and things, that you will be needing. We also would only stress the affect of attentiveness and consciousness of things around, so that you might more forward easier. We are now striving to undertake certain manifestation, unfoldments to come about. As far as this area is concerned, as you well know, certain mishaps have been happening in this city. It is not going to be the end of it, nor the beginning, but it is also the keynote of knowing and striving to find the manifestation of the true spirit, cannot really materialize in such an environment. Certain other forces will come into the area that has never been here before, nor the experience, nor the knowledge of it, has it really been experienced, like unto it before. We are now ready for your questions.

JU: Is there any preparations or things we should know, for the moving of the Ark, when that takes place, that we should be doing this time?

FORCES: Just simply moving it, and putting it into the vehicle. And personally keeping a mind and attend to the values, and the tremendous responsibility, that you are placing within the vehicle, and what you are carrying. It should be adequately protected, as far as moving. It should not be too difficult, in the moving. But remind you, that you are moving a force of energy, from one place to another, and that this preparation should be undertaken for the certain amount of care and wisdom. Also it would be advisable to have what would be considered a day, of the moving a fast, until it is accomplished and brought to the area. Other than that, it is, and shall be taken care of, on all levels. Question.

JU: The list of the incenses, is there any thing, should we leave any of those out? Any special benefit…

FORCES: That you’ll have to decide upon self, and the things that you would want. We particularly have our own incense to, to use. You have yours.

DN: Can you tell me if there is anything I can do about the tips of my two fingers on my right hand, or if it is just something that will go away. Not the tips, the situation…

FORCES: What would be considered certain types, is it the experience of numbness on these particular fingers?

DN: Yes.

FORCES: The only way you can have this experience become less noticeable, if you cut down on your smoking and of your coffee drinking. They are the first area of the body, that it is affected. More so making a personal commitment to your God, will help you cut down on this energy factor, that has a, what would be considered, not such a positive reaction to you.

JE: Did you ever give sessions, thru Cayce, to an American president?


JE: Which one?

FORCES: Well, Roosevelt we spoke with, and we had some type of distant relationship with Woodrow Wilson.

JE: In the sessions that were given to Roosevelt. Can you tell what information was related to him?

FORCES: The course of the countries development and future.
And how to handle and come up with a plan to save the country.
Putting the people to work, in the different authorative
plans in government works.

IS: Did he do it?

FORCES: History states he did.

JE: How did you have contact with Wilson?

FORCES: Different various ways, mediums. Different various ways.

JE: Did Roosevelt understand what the sessions were?

FORCES: He respected them.

GL: Is there any guidance for me at this time?

FORCES: We would stress, that you develop your inner qualities. And not light into worldly desires, of what would be considered understanding and position situations. We would also stress that you must develop those qualities in harmony and peace, not only with self, with those around you, so that you can’ move on to higher realms of information and knowledge.

GL: The dream that I had recently, about being in a temple, and an earthquake, and knowing I would die and giving my spirit over to God, and then the releasing of those entities. Could more information be given about that dream?

FORCES: It is just generally a pattern, in which you had made some form of commitment to move on, and to leave behind some of those qualities, that were not so constructive.

GL: Was this a past lifetime?

FORCES: More or less present also.

HI: Could you help me to understand something about the dream I had last night, whether it should he taken literally. It was something about the near future, something very drastic was going to happen to Pennsylvania, then there was a time element of a week. A week in which I had to come to a decision, or something like that.

FORCES: More or less, the commitment within self of brotherly love. And the disaster is the quality of those things that come upon us, when we turn our back on truth and love.

RH: This week to come is, other than the things I am thinking of, should I be doing more things with myself and with the children, to prepare when we move to Virginia?

FORCES: Things will be taken care of, by or of themselves. Let each passing day be accomplished what you can, and to manifest the things you can accomplish.

RH: Is there any further guidance, that I should have at this moment?

FORCES: More or less the looking forward in a positive manner and situation. And again, seeing higher prospects of enlightenment. Knowing that everything at this moment does not stand still, that it takes an individual to make commitments and move on forward to new and better ideals, and better awareness’s. We are our own selves, our, our worst enemies, by remaining in the same place, and refusing to move on to higher consciousness and evolutions of awareness.

IS: The legionnaire sickness, what is it, what is it a replacement of?

FORCES: It is a lack of truth, in the air, and of life. It also represents a certain amount of greed, in certain respects. But also a combination of other strange area changes.

IS: You mean to say it’s a survival sickness?

FORCES: Not so much as that, but of a different sort, in the battle of the strange positions within mans mind, and his certain aspects of manifesting the stronger beliefs, of spiritual undertakings.

IS: What happens to the body, they suffocate?

FORCES: More or less, a general run down and depletion of the body mechanisms, and cellular structures.

IS: What is that disease a replacement of. Is it something that people cured something else and so this one came in to replace?

FORCES: It’s not really cured from another disease, it’s still a manifestation of truth coming into certain aspects of their lives.

IS: Has that disease been around, just….

FORCES: It is relatively a new type of organism.

IS: Then where did it come from, that’s what I mean?

FORCES: You would find it in certain areas, not only in metal, in pipes and the constancy of these metals and origins of materials. Not only are the humid weather conducing these bacteria to form around the metals, but also in dirt and also in clay, and sand and building materials. Also within the general attitudes of the people, and alignment of stones, and of course water.

IS: Why hasn’t that disease manifested prior to this time?

FORCES: It took a while for it to materialize, because of certain elements within the air, and the sun.

IS: Now, that disease is a message at this moment, to people, from you. Now what disease did they take off the market. Did they cure so to speak.

FORCES: Again, they did not cure any particular disease, it’s just an added factor of a certain commitment, that wasn’t made.

IS: You mean the time expired, up to that time there was that time to make commitments on a certain gigantic level.

FORCES: More or less, correct.

IS: And that’s how every new disease manifests, it’s like jumping points?

FORCES: More or less.

IS: The tiles, that we bought today, are they the correct ones

FORCES: It could, the function, it could be well satisfying, if done right.

IS: Now the marble look alike tile, would that be a tile we should investigate for the entrance on the main floor?

FORCES: It would be a suitable product to use.

IS: It wouldn’t be too much for the?

FORCES: You’ll find it interesting. It might he, the walls too close, but not really if certain accessories were added. IS: Like.

FORCES: Sometimes , more or less a design or pattern, along the sides of the wall, a dadoes or more or less, those qualities of designs of space, of arches, of long lines, and of certain distant forces of colors.

IS: Are you speaking of the columns and the arches in that entrance?

FORCES: This could be used.

IS: As making the space more larger?

FORCES: It could be done.

DL: Also in speaking of long lines, would you be speaking of things like chair molding or similar things that would create a line down the wall?

FORCES: Well something from the base of the wall, to a design in the wall, not particularly a chair molding, but a dado.

IS: Something like the columns on the door, on the doors?

FORCES: This could be done.

IS: That’s not what your talking about, the dadoes. What is a dadoes?

FORCES: It could be several things. Dadoes could be a person who is dopey. It could be a design on the wall. Could be the distance from one base to the other. It could be a dado.

IS: And the doors the way we stained them?

FORCES: Perfect.

IS: And that’s how it should be on the main floor too?

FORCES: Perfect.

IS: Also on the main floor, should there be added on, when we have just the grain, should we add on paint color, or should we also leave it?

FORCES: It could be done either way.

IS: Now just one question with the hallway tile, the marble look. Is it something that is really not necessary, that we are getting into? What I am asking is am I going overboard?

FORCES: Well, let us experience it first, and your inner thoughts will reveal what has to be done.

IS: Now with me personally, with all these lives and deaths, lives and death. What kind of karma did I have that the last few lifetimes, at least the last few that I know of, I was brought in and kicked out, brought in and kicked out?

FORCES: Certain experiences of other lifetimes had to be absorbed with your higher qualities, so that you could manifest certain designs, and bring them forward, when needed.

IS: So I was just kicked out simply because of time factor, to reach today, so to speak?

FORCES: More or less, and other things in the future. The etc. part is what you are wondering about.

IS: Were there also karmic?

FORCES: More or less.

IS: What did I do, did I kill myself, did I kill others, did –

FORCES: Certain things had to come in so those items could be met within self, that could not have been met in other dimensions or eras, for a long time to come.

IS: Were Jesus’ healings in reality, his exercises for the resurrection of his own body?

FORCES: This had a sum total and an adding factor to it. Correct.

IS: Was Jesus’ resurrection something equivalent to a scientific breakthrough for you and preparation of your coming down to earth. Something like safe landing or something like that?

FORCES: Something like that.

IS: Is it because of, this way you could come in, you could send in your people, without having to, getting killed off. Things like that?

FORCES: This would be correct.

IS: So in reality Jesus’ coming, you did say it at one time, it’s something really that, is a visit from the future to the past, in reality. So in that case Jesus’ appearance for real, that will not happen, for many millenniums or whatever. It might happen, like come in again like a visit from the future.

FORCES: This could be done.

IS: And in reality it’s only exercises so to speak.

FORCES: More or less.

IS: Am I, is that partially I am involved, in my future what you meant?

FORCES: More or less.

IS: Besides the kitchen, on main floor and occasional outlets for air conditioners, on main and third levels. Will we need anywhere else *10 wiring?

FORCES: Maybe one more place, to one and a half more places.

IS: Which level?

FORCES: As you will move on, the second floor, and probably the main floor.

IS: What color should we use in the east wing corridor on the ground floor?

FORCES: This would have to be a traveling color. Distance is usually denoted by blue in space, sky blue. Earth is usually denoted by orange. All the questions would be a vast amount of information, you could tile it, as you are going to tile some areas, you could panel it, you can mahogany it, you can boarder it up, you can knock it down. You can paint it a violet blue, a blue violet, a pastel turquoise, you can paint it more or less, what would be called a plum light pastels color, you could paint it the quality of what would be considered, a very eggshell white, or you can paint it more or less a pastel, what would be known as amber.

IS: All that on the ground floor?

FORCES: No just one of them.

IS: You are speaking of the ground floor right?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: The heater at its present setting, the 120 gal. one, is that the best for us?

FORCES: This would be the best. As long as the heater is concerned, just be advisable of the children turning on the water and preventing them from getting burned. In one respect a big problem with children who like to fool around with the water faucets.

IS: Then we should just

FORCES: Not really, the condition you have on now is perfect for the setup. We do not ask people to wet their fingers and put it in to the plug outlets. The plug outlets are the best situation going for you at this time. In the future they will have light coming through the ceiling, and the energy produced through a glass filter, which will give light into the room. The only way you would store the energy for the night purposes is through a charger which is adequate for 24 hours of light. When the sun isn’t shining, the filter can absorb the light through the clouds, at the same time only absorbing the infrared light power, creating the light of many different colors. Each room could have a different color for a different environment season, sun setting, duration, ah condition and atmosphere and also in the future, they would be able to produce for you with no extra cost, or infringement upon your own particular privacy, the ability of seeing certain constellations through a network of channeling of the systems and the ability of producing smells and sights that would go along with that particular season, patterned thought or element within the earth. Question.

DN: In our lifetime?

FORCES: Well, if you can stop smoking a little bit, and cut down your amount of coffee intake, you might be able to see it.

JU: For the royal blue colored chasuble, am I correct that the symbol should be done in gold?

FORCES: It could be done in gold.

JU: Is that the best color?

FORCES: Yes, it will get you off the ground.

JU: And those Egyptian heads for a desk, would that be alright?

FORCES: If your into heads.

DN: Could you tell me more about the entity Mozart, what happened to him, what was his environment when he wrote a piece like the Great Mass?

FORCES: Well let us say he was taken over by the spirit, and was lead by the hand to write certain pieces. It was a great amount of frustration and desires and ambition and anxiety while he was writing this particular piece. And also lack of Faith in many areas, in which he allowed certain aspects of these pieces, to go undisturbed or just misused in certain other aspects. Laziness also in the inability of sitting down and getting it accomplished, which he knew it himself was the problem.

DN: Also could you tell me anything about the condition of Madeleine, at this time, or if its necessary. She’s got extreme amount of weight loss and I am wondering what’s the problem?

FORCES: More of nerves anxiety, certain hatreds, and there is also a tightness within the blood corporation or system causing a depletion of caring of wanting to care. And also more or less that of a pending, what would be considered this blood condition that is up and down reaction, more or less other items too complicated to mention. Anything to be given to her?

FORCES: Fruits could be good, but the environment situation has to be altered, her thinking process has to be changed in order for her to regain some type of balance within her life.

JE: The entity Fred Hocktle in my office, is an epileptic. Is there anything that can be given to him, to help him?

FORCES: If he could take some garlic into his system. This is a miracle drug, for a lot of ailments, especially for the nervous system. His epilepsy is caused by a short circuit, within his communications system. If he can occasionally have a spoonful of what would be considered, olive oil in his food. Also a condition of calmness must be centered around his life and trust in his God, and trying to preserve his balance of calmness and perseverance. Vegetables of spinach and broccoli and a sort of condition of leafy greens and lettuce, could rejuvenate such a system. Question.

DN: The entity Clare from Tom’s old work. Could you tell us maybe what caused her problem. Should we contact her, anything to be done for her?

FORCES: This is more of a battle within self, letters has what the entity had struck upon. Being impatient to witness to the spiritual world, by not having the patience to manifest it daily, each day with those that you meet. The inability of manifesting the laws at home base. Rather wanting the cake and eating it also. But in time the entity will come to some understanding of the situation and will try to move out from it. Being strong, its sometimes as she is.

IS: Being strong?

FORCES: Strong willed, as a backbone, is the basis of some future development into some spiritual commitments.

IS: If a personality like that is strong or strong willed, I don’t know if I understand everything, but wouldn’t it be for her almost impossible to be in a mental institution?

FORCES: Well, that would be correct, but the idea is that some people allow themselves the luxuries.

IS: So in a different age, she would not be in a mental…

FORCES: She would not have the time.

IS: Is it true though, that in the Qabalah, that they had this law, that unless you are 40 years old and married, you shouldn’t even touch it?

FORCES: It is some type of recognized system of belief, that in order to be stable, as far as your own maturity and development, you should have gone through at least 30 years of living some course and getting through some type of encounter with things around you, before going on to the heavy stuff.

IS: Because it does have an affect on you?

FORCES: Oh definitely.

IS: I mean even if you just read it without understanding it.

FORCES: Correct.

GL: Could anything be given for the athletes foot infection, that seems to be going around.

FORCES: Just the ability to take the showers, for those who have it with there sandals on, and the applying of the ointments, of vinegar and solution of garlic could be put into the foot area, white socks could be used, and also the medicine that has been acquired. All this is done, it should be taken care of, and eliminated.

DN: Also the best agent to kill that, and the molds and things, that grow in the bathroom, because their so humid, would it be one of the disinfectant, would it be something like Clorox, would it be carbolic acid, or what?

FORCES: Would be a bomb. We would say sunlight and the ability to turn on the shower at the lowest amount of pressure. Remember you are 14 people taking showers, each shower should consist of 3 minutes, that is it. The shower should be at a very low pressure, and you should do your business and get out. But too many be underneath that shower at high speeds, at such an exorbitant amount of time, that you can hold a convention under it. This is inadequate, which produces the environment of such conditions of molds and pookerdooker athletes feet, that comes with too much moisture and dampness and a certain bacteria, in the mold buildup. Corrective care and use of the feet, and cleanliness each day, changing of socks within each day, and also the application of the ointments. And just thinking, the ability of yourself of taking care of it, for you affect a lot of people down the line. Question.

DN: Some areas are not readily accessible to a lot of sunlight. Would any of the artificial bulbs or lamps be good for these areas?

FORCES: Not unless you plan to grow a greenhouse in the bathroom. What would be good, is as what was said, 3 minutes under the shower, at less speeds, sandals, the ointments, socks changed daily, this should do the trick. And lots of onions. Around the neck, around the toes, in the ears. We are going to be leaving right now, we will talk to you again tomorrow at 11:30. Greeting to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father…