Session 188-9/10/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have been observing certain conditions and find it interesting. Movement and development is working out just fine. We find the progress in the house to be favorable and according to our plan. Now we would strive to tell you that in this development and progress to be made there is a tremendous amount of power and resource, that each and every one of you are going to contribute to. Yes, each and every one is a city to themselves, a vehicle of consciousness and power, and we must strive with the amount of time that we do have, to bring into manifestation the majority of things we have slated. Therefore the arch that you are making in the children’s room Mark we would suggest a arch considerably like that of near or facsimile of, more or less like a Gothic or tethic or triangular in many phases on the way down. We would also suggest that in your constructions that you would find certain peace of expression and what would be considered the lines of energy, for as what would be rated as the energy factor in the lower floor. We find that you are captivating at the surge of energy that comes thru the house remarkably. Now we would also stress that each and every member take up his responsibility and her responsibility to meet the goals. If you shirk on your responsibilities and your commitment, you are cheating not only yourselves, but the ideal and the goal to be advanced and to be achieved. Remember try your best and do your best every day so that with each passing moment and with no excuses and with no excuses of running away from situations, but meeting them positively and constructively. We will develop and utilize the energies that the Lord God gives you, guiding you and directing you. In this power we will accomplish what we have set out from the beginning to achieve thru this group. We are now ready for your questions.

DN: What room should we put the master control for the music and intercom system?

FORCES: The music room.

DN: And would it be correct the ideas that have been coming to my head about how to the setup should be?

FORCES: Also the master control could be placed on this floor, in what is now the closet. Which would be a adequate place to find it. The thoughts that you have had in your mind need some refining here and there, but on the whole it is Ok.

IS: Which closet on this floor? Not in the hallway because we were moving the little closet.

FORCES: Well this would be the best place for you. If not it is not the closet in the well, what would be considered the hallway. More or less the closet before the smaller closet, which would be good. Also you would say the broom closet, which would be good. And then again down in the music room, the first thought which would be all right.

IS: As far as the music goes now. A different system for the house, a different system for the meditation room and a different system for the music room is that correct? Meaning if we want a different kind of

FORCES: This would be all right. It would serve the needs of everyone at different times.

IS: So the meditation room could have its own music at all times.

FORCES: Correct.

DN: Which room in the house should we wire to be a recording room as a permanent room for the sessions?

FORCES: This does not really have to be. For where ever the entity walks, a session can happen. Let us not make this a church organization, where you have members and board of directors before we can be finished with you. What would be the best place to wire for a session is in the entities mouth. We do not mean to take away the spirit only to put it in to perspective.

HI: Why is it that since I have been coming here for the last couple of months that it has been practically impossible for me to go to sleep?

FORCES: What would be called anxiety and tension. It would also be What would be called anticipation. Remember there is a great deal ahead that you need to work out. Many things to be remolded, revamped, reanalyzed. This is the system and situation you are going thru at the moment. After all these years of not meeting with these energies within self you are finally starting to work with them on a more one to one level of self.

HI: Is there also any ________items that you could give us specifically maybe in activities on the physical level perhaps in Virginia Beach or whatever really?

FORCES: We would say that as time will produce itself, these activities will manifest. But you will not be in Virginia Beach for long.

BR: Could any guidance be given on the doors downstairs in the music room?

FORCES: In what respect, how to open or close the door?

BR: The staining. We have the outer part stained and the part that’s coming in the inner part stained. Around the rim we left it open. Is that how the column should be?

FORCES: Ump I would consider this Question one of best ten. For the golden finger award. Point the question to yourself. The question is rather something you all can answer from your own judgment of what would be the best. It would be all right to have it open plain allowing the
grain as has already been discussed to come thru. It would also be all right to paint it. It would also be all right to take the doors down and bring them outside and let Zikon your dog take them for a walk. Now let us go to questions that will be more meaningful to the time that we are spending with you.

RU: First I would like to thank you for getting the jeep fixed with all the things that were wrong with it and

FORCES: Is this your testimony?

RU: I forgot to thank you the last time you helped me out. I wanted to be sure to remember.

FORCES: Yes but remember you thank us when you least have that what would be considered ego involved with your dealings with other people. Verbal thanks is to itself like the air, it raises and rises to the roof and it’s more or less like hot air. What would be considered thanks would be those qualities that must be worked within self. Thanks would be in the meditation room, a consciousness of striving for discipline of your physical body, of the many personalities within and maintaining a consciousness within your physical body. Nothing is ever done in the earth without a certain amount of control over the physical body. Remember people anything that is refined anything that is artistic, anything that is cultivated takes time. Nothing comes easy. A fast gimmick, a fast sale, quick millionaire over night. All these are gimmicks. The quick millionaire is the one whose selling the quick millionaire. In reality he is becoming a quick millionaire over those who are striving to become a quick millionaire. But let us face reality as it is. Thanks is words. That does not, what would be considered exempt you from the responsibility of meeting self in the meditation room. Thanks is keeping conscious of self in the meditation room. For if you have control over your physical body and your conscious mind in that meditation of silence where you will have discipline over the many thoughts that go thru your mind and center it on one thought. Then you shall truly find peace. During the course of the day many sordid and morbid and also distinct thoughts of destruction enters into the mind. It is up to you to decide which will have the focal point The reign over your castle. If you bring up a thought of hooligans you will have a destructive nation within self. But if you constantly discipline self and the desires within self and come to this rightful conclusion that self must ever move forward and on upward in expression of refinement. Refinement only comes from that consciousness of disciplining of self, the body within self, the desires within self. Basically the energies of self. Anyone can be a public relations personnel. All it takes is a certain amount of energy. That energy from here to there. Anyone can be an ambassador. It is the question whether your are a good public relations or a good ambassador. A good ambassador plans and utilizes his time. We would advise all of you if you want to be perfected in your own particular trades. Write down commitments during a week and what you would stick too. Ask someone to hold it if you need or ask yourself to hold it. And try and strive to continue with it and rest of course on Sunday. Let everything break loose on Sunday then if that has to be. I hope it doesn’t but in reality you have to start somewhere. If you allow time to keep on creeping, then it will never get done. The moment of accomplishment begins with the first step. Questions. Excuse me, we are back to Ruth who I inadequately or most assuredly interrupted.

RU: In the beginning of that

FORCES: You were at the point of thanking us.

RU: In the beginning of that you said something about different personalities. What does that mean within me? Is that in possession?

FORCES: Remember that you have other lifetimes, that you had lived. Each had a strong personality trait in which you had developed or in which it had control. It is up to you to bring in this lifetime the best of every personality. The best of every refinement in many lifetimes. To see will take you some time to understand what we are saying. You do not quite see. You have a understanding of it. But you do not comprehend the entity of this particular secret we give you tonight. Or that has been given to you at another night. Question.

NN: Would it be possible for me to know what my talent at working at Crutchfield. Or there a particular lifetime that that’s from. All the people that are around me there?

FORCES: A aspect of several lifetimes. Let us say an aspect of several lifetimes. Dealing with Persia, dealing what would be called Atlantis and dealing with Egypt. Questions.

NN: Also is the affirmation Love, Peace Harmony is that strong one for subduing your______?

FORCES: Lord make my Spirit a subtle Spirit. Make my life a reflection of Thy Glory.

IS: What is the meaning of Love Peace Harmony when its in a chant form?

FORCES: It is raising the consciousness to the words of
Love Peace and Harmony. But to what you believe Love Peace
Harmony is, is only slighted to your interpretation, again
of Love Peace Harmony.

MK: The arch that I am doing in the children’s room it should be more angular than round?

FORCES: If it can be, but try it that way.

IS: Is it the thing that I did draw here, number one?

FORCES: A Gothic arch could help you understand what we are talking about. Also you would find literally the expression of those energies you are referring to. Question.

MK: Are the radiators that we hung from the ceiling, particularly the one in Miriam’s room. Is it secure?

FORCES: Well, it could. If you can go in there with a sledge hammer and hit on one side. I don’t think it would be so secure. I think it would rip from the ceiling or hang suspended. Security is a funny word. We up here find very little security in coming to the earth. In fact we do not have security. We find it interesting when all those on the earth have a health security, a old age pension security, a U S bonds security, a stock security, social security, this security is a funny word. It is attached in such a way that it can be stable. But if you center your thoughts on the radiator, too much, maybe it will lose its security. Concentrating too much on a bad thing usually makes a person insecure.

BH: Can you give me any guidance on the job that you gave me today?

FORCES: Yes. Some of you know what I am going to say. Do not be arrogant and second do not assume and third be thankful.

BH: Would it be correct that the name Mary as used in the time of Jesus indicated a rank rather than a personal name.

FORCES: No it would represent a name. Some would represent a rank. Question.

IS: Did that name at any time in history represented a rank? In Egypt for instance.

FORCES: There have been names given and each name had a meaning. This would coincide to that.

IS: Is my understanding of working of miracles correct?

FORCES: Miracles take time, correct. For we are witnessing to a living miracle. This group. It’s a miracle we get thru a session in one piece. There are many miracles. We up here testify too, that we can say its a miracle. Just be proficient. As far as BH her job, thanking us is not what we want. What would be acceptable is the ability and the awareness
of open mindedness, to the spirit, not to the intellect. For man thru his intellect can devise all manner of information. It is the man who has wisdom, who understands, the workings of intellect and has the answer within. Very seldom does a man who has wisdom have intellect. Intellect of studying of preparing, of processing of developing is the mental mind of intellect. Yes this young doctor is sitting down trying to evaluate the brain. Now we must admit it is intellect that is doing this. But as you will note, there is a lot of frustration that will go with this particular work. That’s where the spirit of wisdom comes in and tries subtlely, subtlely to give the inspiration needed. Very seldom is the wisdom exonerated to its rightful position. For many scientist have come to their shocking revelation when the window of wisdom was let in. And very often enough it seems that it was always that person who was not involved in the research process that gave the startling revelation to the physician or doctor or inventor. So mind you this that if you are working on something, look to another person who is minding his own business, for chances are you might see thru his or her actions the wisdom, that you might understand your intellect. Wisdom comes from spiritual evaluation that takes many lifetimes. Yes you can be there, but remember. The love in your heart and the knowing that the higher forces have guided you this far, must give you some sort of wisdom to understand the universal unfoldment of development of the human species on the earth. For the higher forces have guided people for many, many years. And striving to work thru the simple people. For those who have wisdom, to bring into manifestation the joy and the spirit of life of health and of prosperity. Therefore wherever we can we do not analyze where someone is coming from. We only are a one track creature. That is when can I open the window to let wisdom in. You are window openers. You must go to dignitaries, to legal, to business, to the mental minds, to any where in the world. There mustn’t be a door closed to you. You mustn’t allow a door to happen. You must not allow anyone to close their door on you. You must be as pliable and versatile and agreeable in all’ things, knowing secretly the wisdom. Mind you this wisdom that we give you, do not fluff it out like blabbering idiots. Because no one that you will express it to can understand unless they too have been guided step by step. Remember your life is kind of different from the average person. You do not have a person in a average household where they have someone to lay down and people gather around and take notes like a computer from a stock exchange ticket. Don’t take too much for granted. Remember where others are coming from when people are dealing with their egos. For half your battle that you will encounter will only be that standing first cause from the ego. Be as harmless as doves. Therefore you are what would be considered the white cross or the seal of unity. You must go thru all countries, all nations, all positions, to that that would be considered ultimately dark, to that that would be blissfully white. And work in situations. You are a open monastery, striving to help everyone and judging no one. Judgment comes from God. And therefore know the wisdom of people how they act. Know the wisdom within self, and know the course you must follow. Judging them of an act would only stagnate progress on the spiritual level. Judgment must come from a different source that is not of its time yet. But when that judgment comes, you will know you have done your part to make these people ready for that judgment. And you have made yourself ready for that judgment. Question.

IS: You say you work thru simple people, but yet simplicity doesn’t seem its enough in a person. Because there’s a awful lot of what we consider simple people and the forces are the fartherest thing from them. And what is it besides simplicity that you look in a person that he will help you?

FORCES: Remember a simple person, how you interpret what we mean of a simple person is up to you.

IS: So what is a simple person?

FORCES: A simple person allows the knowledge of the intellect to have its place, but knows the wisdom of the ultimate end. Therefore simplicity is just the basis of having the knowledge that wisdom is the ultimate end for all problems. Knowing that there are different things we must work out. But thru the end product that of divine love and harmony, that it will manifest a cooperation and unity between nations and governments and worlds. Simple people are those who allow there wisdom to guide them, rather than there intellects. A simple person could be in charge of the U.N. all the way down to pushing a garbage can.

IS: So it really, simplicity has nothing to do with the with anything that anybody can see.

FORCES: Simplicity is the ultimate form of accepting the law of the universe.

IS: No judgment, no justice

FORCES: No ticket, no shirt.

IS: Now am I understanding the problems that Carter is having with his family?

FORCES: It is accurate. Carter is now becoming more, he is being worked with.

IS: So he is truly now being pushed towards God?

FORCES: He is desperate.

IS: And that’s why his family is now against him.

FORCES: Its like guru mahareshi yogi authum ice cream boy Did not his parents attack him when he went against them and married the little mahareshi. Secretary. Did not his own personal wanting something for himself. The 15 year old person. Interesting to find out how his beloved holy family became in the public eye so unholy. And on top of it even on a purely ethical level they became improper according to social standards. So you have a classic example of family love and togetherness. We sometimes laugh up here or down here, it doesn’t matter where were at. When we hear the old cry. We are a family and we’ve been thru a lot together and therefore you must and then when something goes wrong, not in agreement with what would be considered mom and dad. See with the guru mahereshi the mother, bless her soul, was upset that her son was getting involved with something she didn’t appreciate. So look to the mother, bless her soul, who can cause a lot of strife and turmoil with their children. So a family unit is only as strong as the commitment to God or to the mother.

IS: So Carter displeased his mother?

FORCES: Carter, bless his soul, displeased his mother. Knowing how she most wanted to get into the White House. And how Carters wife must have said she cannot be around here. We cannot have two people in the same land together. It’s either her or me. And of course you know, Carter didn’t want any arguments so he told his mother to calm down and to cool it off. So she calmed down and she cooled it off… She cooled it off to such a point that now the whole families crazy.

IS: So then she turned everybody else loose?

FORCES: She let their own animalistic tendencies to go rampant. Now remember we have a lot of things in Carters family. And its amazing how we have a President that as far as public opinion is concerned, mind you, doesn’t do the American people, their image good. Because he has a mother who loves boxing and wrestling. And she eats happy frankfurters and Billie’s beer, she drinks. Of course Billie’s beer is Billie’s beer. And of course you have the professed ah speaker for God, who got herself involved with a pornographer. Dirty pictures, magazines, by a man who almost got his head blown off, in down south somewhere in Georgia. Now you have all these things happening. You must truly see the wisdom that God is trying to talk to Carter. Questions.

IS: The electricity downstairs and the workings of it, and the continuation of it. Number one, do we have enough power downstairs for all the things.

FORCES: Well if you plugged every plug in and you turned every fixture on, and you turned every other fixture on in the house, well you wouldn’t have enough power.

IS: But is it the way we –

FORCES: You have ample power to operate on a normal capacity certain demands that you will need under living conditions.

IS: For our group.

FORCES: For your group.

IS: But everything is wired Ok down there now?

FORCES: The wiring is all right.

IS: And what we are going to do in the future for this floor and the second floor. Because we can’t bring in more power, or should we bring in more power. Power capacity? But you said once not to. So will we have enough?

FORCES: Well let us say you can get an evaluation of your power. You could put in a heavier wire to your system. This can be done. All you simply do is tell the man and he will change your wire.

IS: Also the idea of having the garage.

FORCES: It could be done.

IS: What is the mechanism that Jesus triggered off in reconstructing of a lepers body?

FORCES: The seed of love and compassion, with the wisdom and knowledge of Gods law.

IS: Then is it those 144,000 cells?

FORCES: Had been awakened.

IS: By his touch.

FORCES: By, not only touch. But touch is very important for one who can awaken those cells.

IS: I see, so actually the mechanism itself I could possibly understand?

FORCES: Sort of, yes.

IS: I could?

FORCES: We will tell you it as time goes on.

IS: Because there is an actual mechanism that’s being done, if its not just the touch.

FORCES: Yes but it is the right combination and the right amount of commitment and love that can operate this mechanism.

IS: So its really a scientific law, but not in our kind of science.

FORCES: It is a spiritual law.

IS: But aren’t spiritual laws really scientific laws. Well in another dimension wouldn’t it be?

FORCES: Spiritual laws are the laws in which scientists are finding out, and in there knowledge they are dubbing it scientific laws. The spiritual laws exist long before the scientist had found it.

IS: But that’s what I mean, its really a very evolved

FORCES: The law is the law. Even if you did not have me speaking it here, the law is still the law. Know ye that if you turn away from the light of the law, you turn into your shadow of darkness. Instant punishment. Some is slow, some is fast, some takes time. Turn away from the law and you turn yourself to death. The law is the law. What is the law, it first begins with compassion and forgiveness and love. This is the three-sided figure from which all the laws emanate from.

IS: Now am I correct in understanding that Jesus woke up those 144,000 cells. Does that mean that they automatically in the same split second?

FORCES: Correct. Many people feel that God must come down in an Oscar Meyer wiener and wave his magic wand over the peoples heads and they turn into tulips. The point is every day the revelation of Gods law is being revealed to you in everything that you meet. Can you picture us up here, sitting down here and talking with you at night of course, because that’s the only time you’re more active. During the day we think you are more asleep. Then when you sit here and we talk to you about what has to be done, we say the next day, you’re going to meet this, this, this and this. Now this is the perfect situation, you should do this or you should do that. Then you go down and you go back to sleep again. Every day you will meet, but if you be humble and receptive, you will have the right answer. With God and humility all things are possible. Question.

IS: So that’s why only one leper came back out of the ten.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Does it mean that those other nine that did not come back, that mechanism went back?

FORCES: The mechanism can only go back to sleep if you do not recognize that something has changed in you and truly with humility acknowledge the difference, than there is no difference. The difference is in your minds, not in physical, tangible things that are dead. It is your minds spirit that lives. What you believe you create. If you believe, this way this way and this way, and goonky, goonky, goonky this way, then you will only perceive that way. But if you start perceiving this way, this way, and this way. Compassion when I don’t understand something. Patience when I don’t know how to do something. Understanding of love when I don’t agree with something. Patience on waiting for the answer. Endurance to find the receptive information. This is the right course to follow. Question.

IS: The entity Tom’s dream about me being the elder daughter of czar Nicolai, the last czar of Russia, is that…?

FORCES: This is correct. We also would acknowledge that this particular Anastasia as he keeps talking about is in fact the true Anastasia. Whatever you can do to help these individuals would be acknowledged by us.

IS: Does she truly remember?

FORCES: She what would be considered is bats in her belfry to the outside world. Bats in the belfry would mean that sometimes she would think you were a spy, or that you were sent by the Russian government to kill her. Now normal people would say, she’s just out of it. But you can understand some of the traumatic things that had happened in her life, why she would feel and believe they were still after her. In fact she is the rightful heir to the throne of Russia, if it should ever come back to power again. But this is neither here nor there. We’re not tied up to this aspect. We must move on.

IS: Does she have any children?

FORCES: We do not see her with any children.

IS: Then she’s the end of the royal line.

FORCES: Well let us say if she does have a child, its out there somewhere.

IS: Does she or doesn’t she?

FORCES: Only her hair dresser knows.

IS: Did I ever have any lifetimes as a man?


IS: And did the entity Tom have any lifetimes as a woman?

FORCES: Well let us say the evolution of his lifetimes were a little different. Ah I cannot give you the answer to your first and second questions openly, because it would complicate your minds. All I can say is that certain things happen, that male and female aspects are not the same as you would believe them to be. Yes this entity was a female in other lifetimes and yes your were a male in other lifetimes, but not with the understanding that we speak about. It is not possible for us to go into it at this moment, so lets ask another question.

IS: That book about those people that created immortality, the Karma Machine. Is there such a thing?

FORCES: If it is written in a book then it must exist.

FORCES: At this point we must leave and we will speak to you again. Be productive, be attentive and keep close ever to the spirit. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father…