Session 628-2/06/00

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. The (——) is (——) we find many strange similarities between Austria and (——–) moments. It is not a conducive way for these elements to ever be sided. This again the way in which to get a foot in the door. It is a form of government that needs to change and needs to change drastically.
We also find Iraq to be involved again in underground testing, we find that as subtle as it is, it cannot be detected, we also see the accord between Ireland in the North and Ireland in the South is dissolved by impatient practices, again it is petty item that was never meant to be in form as the solid ground. There is still a chance for its survival only if the spokes person or head of this country gets involved. And again we see the same occurrence between Syria and Israel of a to not to taking form or place in it’s own agreement. There is plenty of activity in the outer stratosphere and ionosphere dealing with incoming and the incoming is from a stranger, yet more powerful ship. There is much cover of this particular session tonight, so we will have to be sometimes brief, but to the points. We also perceive many changes within the Internet and currency that is of yours. And sometimes this stock market that is yours will find some perilous times, sometimes, it is a general statement. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you very much for coming in.

IS: And who will be doing the underground testing?

FORCES: We see it as elements of Iraq.

IS: And in view of all of these changes that your talking about, could there be an explanation of Chapter 7 of Daniel, that’s the 10 Horns and the Little Horn, and all of that?

FORCES: They are talking about unifying of Europe and that of more of the anti-Christ itself.
IS: You can see it, in formation in itself, not until a couple of years will that manifest.

IS: That’s all a couple of years?

FORCES: It is in a stage of young elements, but in itself it is in a growth process.

IS: The little horn that spake great things, ah that’s the anti-Christ?

FORCES: Well it is declaring to do those things.

IS: So it’s not the anti-Christ?

FORCES: No we didn’t say it wasn’t, but it proclaims of doing these things.

IS: What country will spawn the anti-Christ?

FORCES: There are the three to be watchful of, Austria, Rome, and what would be considered the isles of, of Spain.

FORCES: Is that entity already there, already alive?

FORCES: He’s a spirit of favor, a spirit of consciousness, he is a accumulation of thought.

IS: Will there be an actual one human manifestation of such, the anti-Christ?

FORCES: It could be a materialization after many years.

IS: When you say many years are we talking about ten years, five?

FORCES: We have a twenty year period, be broken down to seven and five and what would be said another five.
IS: Is then the anti-Christ gonna be, is the anti-Christ, or the physical body, or the three candidates, as I assume your talking about, already alive correct?

FORCES: It is alive with all those who act in such behavior.

IS: So the three candidates are alive and who ever may manifest it, may be one of these three countries, one of the people in those three countries, so they are like ah runners, runners up for the seat of the anti-Christ, is, is that the understanding?

FORCES: Accumulation of all three countries.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Also for my medications, that new thing that I, that I started taking the colostrin, is that a good thing for me, very good thing, or not important?

FORCES: We find it to be good.

IS: Is there any of the—.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Is there any of the other things that I’m taking at this
point, ah necessary, not necessary, or, or I need to change something. Should I enumerate the things?

FORCES: We can hear them.

IS: I take vitamin E like ah three times a day.

FORCES: This is good.

IS: Ah, I’m taking the Co-Q10.

FORCES: It is ok.

IS: Ginkgo?

FORCES: We find ok.

IS: Ah, I’m still taking two and a half grams a day of thyroid.

FORCES: Sometimes that can be cut down to one and a half to two.

IS: So, like every day or?

FORCES: Every other day.

IS: Ah, Niacin one every day.

FORCES: We have no problem.

IS: Ah, Ginkgo I said?


IS: Ah I ended up not taking vitamin C?

FORCES: No problem, your doing fine.

IS: Ah, but is it destroying my ability to use that as a strong measure?


IS: Ah, thank you.

ES: The pancreatin.

IS: Yeah the pancreatin—-not.

FORCES: It is ok.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Ah I’m also taking the Vitamin B12.

FORCES: We find that to be good.

IS: Vitamin A, once a day, ah chromium.


IS: Ah magnesium.

FORCES: We’ve done four units and find them to be ok.

IS: Thank you, is there anything else I need to add on?

FORCES: No—–this moment.

IS: Thank you very much, what is the matter with my neck, why is it, one side swollen?

FORCES: It could be tension and also a in, what would be considered, exertion of tension from different areas of holding, the head.

IS: But physically am I ok?

FORCES: We don’t see anything there.

IS: V. G. what do we do with him now.

FORCES: Continue with life.

IS: Thank you.

AC: I was wondering if maybe that you could describe, like a little bit like what your life is like?

FORCES: It is boring, you wouldn’t like it.

AC: Thank you.

FORCES: We find ourselves to be in a space sometimes without form or movement, but a space that is encompassing all in all. We find it to be a like that and strong in it’s own force, but We also have to be the Watchers, which is a job of continuous activity, it is not an easy job to one day wake up and say We will not have the leaves be green, We will turn them to be pink or blue, or the sunset to be, or the sky to be blue, We rather them to be red or yellow, so all in all, We are the Keepers and the Watchers, and making sure the panel doesn’t digress to much.

IS: Thank you, are you the Watchers that Daniel mentions in the Book of Daniel?

FORCES: Well it would be considered such.

ES: Thank you, thank you very much again for all the help you’ve given my mother. She asks ah how her left hand and arm are doing and if she should con- do anything different than the exercises that’s she’s been given?

FORCES: Sometimes a weight in which lifts her hand up by itself and down by itself in a motion of activity, by it’s own battery will be at times good. And there are other exercises of just simply leaning against a wall or door and pushing as hard as she can, or making it feel as though your pushing. And of course the old ball trick of putting the ball in the hand, allowing it to exercise that. Warm baths at times are good with olive oil and also greasing up with coconut butter would help a lot.

ES: Thank you. She asked about the aide Talinya should she let her go, should she find someone else or just keep her until she doesn’t need anybody?

FORCES: There are times in which it’s best to keep, but down the road it would be best to replace.

ES: Thank you very much.

JW: The presentations for Tom’s meeting are they right?

FORCES: We find them to be involved with a great deal of accuracy and involvement in understanding, but there all encompassing and involved with ever so many other aspects to be done. It might not be a aspect of total coverage, but it’s a beginning.

JW: Thank you very much, is there any thing I can do about the panic attacks?

FORCES: Well you must remember that when they do happen, the prayers of the Bible can calm you and also knowing that it is of a calming nature to realize that it will all be fine, salt intake and increase of that would cause panic of the solution of salt and watching of the bread intake, along with sugar intakes.

JW: Thank you, is there anything for the people in New York?

FORCES: Watching and considering the words of the different sessions would be just as powerful in their building structure.

JW: Thank you.

NN: Thank you for all your help at work, ah I was wondering about a liquid calcium supplement like the kind they have at whole foods, the kinds they have or is it better just to leave off all calcium, I’m not taking anything calcium at the moment.

FORCES: Finding enough calcium in carrot juice, is more than you need a date.

NN: Thank you very much.

JU: Can you ah heal Tom or is there some reason that, ah it isn’t happening?

FORCES: Well we find the question………funny and strange, remember the anxiety and stress in confrontation is a pattern of qualities that would if ceased, would allow the entity to rejuvenate, but at the same time, that harmony of one another is what one should strive for and should start with you, but we also should say that there is a great challenge that he’s meeting on the etheric level in …….proper seating alignment in the vehicle that he moves in, so even though the seat he sits in, he has to lose that weight to sit there properly, he still needs to guide the ship, where, where he’s at. There is many changes and forms that are going on at this moment that he is putting right and bringing into the 21st Century. So at the same time, it is a form of moving out there, what he deals on an etheric level with all of you and in your bodies, changing and preparing things to come, giving what you are needed and getting you ready for the things to come for challenges.

JU: Thank you, am I using the……box correctly?

FORCES: We find it to be used properly.

JU: Thank you, do we have implants in us, that may have come, some sort or some form that may have come either from you or from some other Higher Force?

FORCES: Well there are those elements that do happen and totally not by it’s own natural way and there are times when the entity had to baatz them and turns them on or moves them to a different level of vibration.

JU: So we do have those in us, all of us here?

FORCES: Some do.

JU: Some do.

FORCES: Some…do, some two.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me understand the ah Language of the Birds, ah I would call it phonetics, you spoke about the…?

FORCES: It’s also a language from the tribes of South America, and it is what was called their language.

DD: Is it, could you explain more of what you, what you were talking about in sessions past about phonetics, is it, is it connected with that?

FORCES: It is also connected with that scheme and understanding the words.

DD: How does it work?

FORCES: It works by the very feel and sense of the environment and the area, one doesn’t have to say words to be able to see them and one does not have to hear sounds to be able to understand them.

DD: Also the, ah, Time Travel from the last session ah, I, I understand you can travel back physically and yet you said you couldn’t, you could only do it ethericly. Does, you cannot travel back at all physically?

FORCES: You can travel back physically to, but it is etheric first, then physical.

DD: So your etheric body travels and then you bring the physical with you?

FORCES: Yes. But the Etheric Level first, all the time, that does not materialize then the physical can never come.

DD: And on this Smith guy in Boston, was he making use, or he did the same thing I was doing and now I’m working on the Tarot, I call it Tarot. Is Tarot the Time Travel?

FORCES: It is called the Travel of Light, yes, to travel the road, that’s what the Tarot comes from, to Travel the Road.

DD: Thank you very much.

JS: What do you want me to do after I finish school…… society?

FORCES: Well ……of you to help society, first communicate with the entity, he will guide you through the next stage of your evolution, but at the same time remember, that if we give you a element of choice or profession you must not lose your heart in developing your brain, yes develop the brain but maintain your heart so you can perceive and decipher the spirit of things, in such doing the entity will guide you in your next step of evolution on what you need to accomplish.

JS: Is there any one particular general area that I should investigate?

FORCES: Yes it is an area, that in your discussion with the entity, he shall review and reveal it to you, scientific and also that of the biological scientifical level is what is open for you.

JS: Thank you.

FORCES: You do also great with the masters of the English language and the romance languages and the articulation of the classics, also in that free of space you also might want to think of a instructor professor in those languages of arts.

JS: My roommate, ah, is thinking about giving away his dog that he’s had for the last year, because he doesn’t have the time to spend with it, I’m curious what he should do, and if there’s any advice I can give him?

FORCES: Well again he might not find time to deal with the dog, but then he does not have time to deal with to many other things, the dog is a reflection of other levels, ah if he gets rid of the dog, and that might be, then what next will he get rid of.

JS: Thank you.

JE: Ah I’ve been asking about elementals lately, ah because of ah of Isis….., but are like Leprechauns and Elves and Fairies are they elementals or are they a world to themselves or can you explain how it all ties together?

FORCES: Leprechauns, elementals and, and Fairies, well there are tremendous categories, the Leprechauns are of a chief category found in Ireland, only in Ireland. Elementals are found everywhere and are the little people everywhere, from all different walks there are those elementals for the homage of those spirits, and of course in order to achieve anything that we want to accomplish, one must communicate with these spirits or elements, you cannot achieve anything unless you perceive the spirit and give homage to that spirit. As difficult as it is or as easy as it is, and believe us it is easy, if you want to achieve anything, offer up to the gods first, or the analyx, so that they will succeed in supporting your course, but no one can succeed without that of asking the elements to hand down what is necessary and needed. Of course the Fairies are the winged people, and these are etheric wings, which hover upon flowers and plants and leaves and trees and all that which give fruit, and that is only where you will find those, and at the base of trees, and flowing rivers, and falls and ice and snow and rock and glacier and sunsets and sunrises, mermaids and other galaxies beyond. Remember they come from other galaxies, they do not, they cannot belong totally to the earth.

JE: So last time you mentioned that if you happened to see one of the elementals, to ask for the king, what is the king, what does the king look like?

FORCES: You’ll know it when you see it.

JE: Is it scary?

FORCES: Let us say you will know it.

JE: Thank you.

IS: At the gnomes, do they belong to the earth, and are they at war?

FORCES: You will find them lower than the Fairies in other elements, but yes, those are the root animals the earth animals, the animals of the earth and below the earth.

IS: There considered animals the gnomes?

FORCES: We would call them all creatures, but they would be considered the etheric levels of the animal world.

IS: So gnomes and ah elementals and ah Leprechauns are on top of the earth and inside of the earth, but they are physical enough, while the Fairies are ether, more etheral, they are in and out, is that correct or is too..?

FORCES: There are some of the entities paintings, that he incorporates the locking of these elements in his paintings which allows different elements of that world, in order to command to stay in that level of painting, and that is what the elementals do when the entity paints.

IS: But is my understanding correct, that they are…?

FORCES: We would be able to give many hours of discussion on this, but we would advise to bring up these topics again and again, for more information as your normal television station would say stay tuned.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Did I mess up with Miss Virginia? I mean this is when we first came down here, is that why a lot of trouble got caused here?

FORCES: No, let us say no, but then again it is to always pay homage to the area in which you are at. We do come a little bit higher than that. But because of what we are, then there’s no homage that has to be done, we are of that place.
IS: So she did cause me trouble than?

FORCES: Again because of who we are, it cannot happen.

IS: Ah, and have I now paid enough homage to Miss
Virginia to…?

FORCES: Well you were just there to do what you have to do, yes.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: Speaking of homage we do see this particular first lady going into her race, but she too must pay homage in order to win, not to any particular elemental but to the Forces that lead us, that means me, us, them, ours, yours, we, everyone. So in order for her to succeed she must also pay that homage and respect that has to be from her liking, she in order to succeed and ask for a blessing, must ask for the blessing and ask for the guidance. Of course what we are trying to say, if we do want her to have what she wants, mainly this particular race to succeed, then you must ask the blessing and must ask for it as you do in prayer. So what we are saying, it can go for her and it can go not for her.

IS: And while we are at it, can I have a blessing from you?

FORCES: You have been faithful to us from the beginning, have we not taken care of your steps, anyone who drives with you must realize, it is of our protection you succeed from one place to the other……our protection you are guided. We have to say that you know where you are going, the people in the car do not. But that is ok because your are in itself blessed and to be given a great deal of gifts in what you have strived to been, what we would say faithful to us. So we must then again say, we have been faithful to you. At this point we will leave and will come back again with more stories of the cosmos.

GROUP: Our Father….