Session- 18/19 8/25/72

FORCES: A fast move as we enter. Before you know what is to happen, we shall be there in all its glory, or smoke. In this rather fast moving times we find ourselves quite moving in a confused state, for those who do not find what to do with themselves, and their lives. There are many, many people out in the world, who live a ho…hum existence, having no purpose and no positions to fulfill, but their sexual desires and gratification. Man must come to an expression of fulfilling and expressing that fulfillment, in where and what he is around. There are those who left this group, only to get involved more deeply, in their sexual and physical appetites. For those in this group, it means that they must transcend that and move on to a higher consciousness. When they start to fly, it is beyond belief, what will be accomplished. For they no longer will fight and complain, and hooked up to the gonads and desires of the physical body, that torment them, and leash them to the earth, and stop them from their progressing in the spiritual endeavor, interesting parts of evolution. Man was not meant just to have sex. Man was meant to move on from the physical body, into a higher consciousness, thru the force and the energies around us, we constantly move on, as you had discovered, in France they had harnessed this energy in an elaborate, artistic designs, and craftsmen were brought together from all over the world, to display the beauty of life. King Solomon brought all the craftsmen, from all over the world, to display again the beauty of life. To display the beauty of life takes love and cooperation, and patience, all this can be done and will be done. Move on with all speed, to the great artistic designs, that you have in your mind, for all things now are possible with God, all things are possible. There is nothing you cannot handle and nothing you cannot do. When they destroyed France’s king, you have only what you see now of France, despots, toils, sexual decadence, a miserable state, for in that state, were all the arts, and all the craftsmen of life, who are now drunkards, who are now prostitutes, who are now the decadence of life, for there is no one to lead them. A balloon went over to France last week, this balloon ignited a flame within the French people, that were what would be considered, a maniatic cry of cheer, that surrounded all of France and made these people heroes. Of course America had to likewise do so, for America could not be standing outside in the cold. But, none the less, to have a balloon unify France, what is it then that must unify the world. Let us all then push that attitude away, and bring in the can do, creative attitude, that all things that are we are around and touch, is the expression of God, and can be done thru time and patience and love with one another, this can be done. This year coming up, as we so often do, give you what the year to come, is to be. The colors of course would be blue and white, more so the colors of the group, and the patron of this group is, for this year 1979, the year of many turnings. It is the year of the Lady of Fatima, and this is what this year will be all about. It is the year of Fatima, and it is the year in which this group, will now have as its consciousness, to build around the details and understanding and maybe even a trip to Fatima. In many ways than one. Question.

MK: Can you guide us on some of the specialty construction like round things or things we could read or plans. Like how to make rounded framing and stuff like that

FORCES: It is, can be, what would be termed simple. Take a stone and start rounding it. That is one aspect of rounding columns, of course the board columns, of course the cut in half type columns, and then you could have a square pillar, and then wire mesh around it. The wire mesh could be built up to such a point with plaster, and around and around and filling it in, sometimes with whatever you could fill it in with. Doesn’t necessarily have to be much, newspaper, cans, bananas whatever you can find, until the wire mesh gives form, chances are, you could get what would be considered your insulation and round that off inside, then the wire mesh outside, and then plaster it. This could have some aspect to it. Of course you were talking about the cylinders, this could have another aspect. And of course in time, more revelations could be had about columns.

MK: And odd staircases, flying staircases or round staircases, are they made from wood, or is that metal or steel or

FORCES: They can be made from wood, they can also be made from steel. I think the basic point in which you would find your staircases, in which we know about, is that the staircase centers around a pivot. This pivot is a center solid beam, could be made out of wood or steel. From that all braces come and get its support.

MK: That pivot would be in the middle, and the staircase….

FORCES: Sometimes it can be on the wall itself, coming in adjacent to the stairs, holding it up. A solid steel beam, adjacent wall all the down with steel prongs facing into it. This could he done or wood, or what would be considered, that one slight chance of the beam force. It cannot be understood to have steps that go, like straight in a upward and slanted movement. It will not be understood. Question.

MK: So this ought to he feasible for the area that we, Isis and I had talked about last night?

FORCES: Yes it could be done in this particular area, if certain research or aspects about weight position and properties of size and distance. It could be done.

NN: What was the difference between the way Solomon got wisdom, and the way somebody else would like gradually be given wisdom. What was the difference?

FORCES: One was a gift, the other was karma.

NN: Also it says in Ecclesiastes, that there is one evil, that befalls all men. What is that?

FORCES: Procrastination and laziness. Also, you could also say, this procrastination leads to negative thinking. Negative thinking leads to all, what would be considered, having a logical viewpoint on things. So and so does this, so and so does that, you never know what is behind the door, who can help you when and where. But by you not doing one certain act, that door cannot be opened. Question.

BH: I have a feeling that St. Anne’s school, is not such a good idea anymore. I just wanted to make sure that is right.

FORCES: Let us say that were not working there. But let us say, it is not out of the running. It would be interesting, but we will give you time to go thru the whole mill, and then for you to finalize, which one you would like, and if you would want us to help you chose, then we’ll be here.

IS: This book about this man, that is describing the psychic abilities, is that possible, is there somebody on this earth that can do it.

FORCES: These things have been going on for ages.

IS: To that degree, I thought even when Tom makes the weather change, its still you in back of him, that is doing

FORCES: Each one has a different pattern or a different person, or what would be considered force in back of them.

IS: I see, so its not really the people.

IS: When Jesus is saying, that he saw the devil thru the storm. What did he mean by that?

FORCES: Appearing from nowhere and giving a flash.

IS: He didn’t mean that the storm was caused by Satan.

FORCES: Storms can be caused by Satan, or can be caused by other things. Forces of black and white, usually have the same tools, its what you do with them.

IS: But they of course, cannot have the amount of power.

FORCES: We hope not.

IS: Yeah, because you said in Wisconsin, that they accumulated that particular storm for two years.

FORCES: Granted.

IS: So while you have the force of God in back of you, they do not have that. Is it the same ratio?

FORCES: Give a little, take a little.

IS: Now, the lights in this corridor, and the wall, the way we discussed it with, ah, last night, that is correct right, to leave that.

FORCES: It can be done.

IS: Should it be done?

FORCES: This would have to be up to you. There is no problem in doing it.

IS: To increase the size of the corridor.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: And then the lights, should they be recessed lights in the ceiling, or should it be lights on the sides. Should it also be, those three canopies, the way Mark saw it, or just a straight carved ceiling?

IS: Recessed lights could give too much of an example or feeling of modern times. You have them on the main floor. You might take away from what you are trying to create.

IS: So its better that the ceiling is left alone, and rather the lights coming from the sides.

FORCES: This can be done.

IS: Or chandeliers, the chandeliers, the way you were talking about, did you mean like, what we call the Arcturus lamps.

FORCES: It could be that.

IS: That is what you meant?

FORCES: It can be done.

Isis What do you mean when you say it can be done?

FORCES: It can be done.

IS: Will it be advisable?

FORCES: It would be advisable.

IS: And so the same thing with the wall, to the guest bedroom?

FORCES: It can be done.

IS: And those niches. That is what you meant, you talked about, at one point.

FORCES: That is just what we meant.

IS: The dream, that the entity Tom had, yesterday, about the balloon, was the interpretation of it….

FORCES: More or less, that there will be, many strange happenings in the air. Lots of ship calamities. In general lots of moving of many, many changes, around and near lakes and waters. Great excitements in major cities. Great disturbances.

IS: Thank you very much for the materials, that you are arranging for us, for the curtains, and also Crutchfield, is he understanding that he’s being hit, because –

FORCES: He knows he’s being hit.

IS: Does he understand?

FORCES: He has some inkling of it.

IS: Is that why he’s so careful with her?

FORCES: He understands that.

IS: So he fears her?

FORCES: Correct. But not for her to utilize it, or else it would boomerang.

IS: He fears what he does not understand, and he does not understand where she is coming from, when she speaks about the entity Tom.

IS: The idea that I had, I don’t particularly like it, but I don’t know what else, to make the dining room larger, by cutting the size of the kitchen, would that be anything in our plans?

FORCES: We will look it over.

IS: I don’t like it, but I don’t know where else, if we need to enlarge that room, I don’t know where else to go.

IS: The Fatima prediction, you called this year the Fatima year. Does it mean all those predictions, in the Fatima predictions, are going to come true this year?

FORCES: Some aspects of them, but this is the year, in which been designated for the Fatima explanation, and exploitation.

Isis So does it mean that the Pope is finally going to open that letter.

FORCES: _________ has been letter opened. There shall be more information given this year, about the incidents. And chance are, we cannot say at the moment. Question.

IS: When you said, karma and the gift, the difference between, karma meaning in that sense, would be good karma that the soul has labored thru generations.

FORCES: Yes, yes, yes, go ahead.

IS: What does it mean, the one that receives a gift, next lifetime, he might not have it.

FORCES: This is true.

IS: So if he did good, lets say, with that gift, he gets it then.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: But most likely a gift is given out only for.

FORCES: A gift is given out, only to give it to others.

IS: Because this is what I about myself, I don’t have any of my own things, I just have gifts, I don’t have…

FORCES: Therefore you are the recipient, from others.

IS: Am I doing all right with that?

FORCES: Your doing all right.

IS: You will let me know?

FORCES: We’ll let you know.

DD: Stonehenge was built according to the number of the sun, the (magic) square of the sun. Why did they use this particular number for, since it’s the same number as the number of the beast?

FORCES: It is the way, there distance and mathematics come out.

DD: Since it is the number of the beast though, isn’t that a negative force coming in there?

FORCES: It’s what you do with it.

DD: What center then, does that relate too, the thyroid?


DD: Do they make the Celtic designs according to the magic squares, to form particular things?

FORCES: They made it according to the inspiration that we handed down to them.

DD: What would be the magic square, for the temple that Isis is talking about

FORCES: It would be more of a rectangle.

DD: The Temple Beautiful in Egypt, is it built according to a magic square, or is it more like a rectangle too?

FORCES: It was, you should have known, you helped build both of them.

DN: Could you tell me about the entity Claude Debussy, what affect his music has on physical, mental, and spiritual, parts of the body?

FORCES: We would say a moving music. Music that will make people move, from one place to another. More like jumping music.

IS: So it’s not a spiritual movement?

FORCES: It is more of a movement to move, this physical earthly ethers, more so than the moving of the souls spirits within. It moves more of a physical thing outside.

DN: In particular the piece called “The Engulfed Cathedral�? what effect does it have?

FORCES: Let us say this helps the movement from around the area, into a pinnacle. We cannot really give you the whole information here, but the movement from the earth into either the spiritual realms, to a higher building, or into something others, other. So you in one lifetime, had what would be considered, tremendous musical ability, working indirectly with certain forces, and moving people from one, to that point of inner concentration. Let us say, you had developed your music style, because you were made a eunuch. In being Jewish, you also had lots of studying. So you fulfilled your balance of that life, with music writing and studying. Mesopotamia and Jordan. Question.

DN: Why was I made a eunuch? Can you tell me?

FORCES: Karmicly or personally? The circumstances, which is more important?

DN: The karma.

FORCES: Circumstances. You were attacked by some hooligans on the road, and for fun they bohunkied you.

DN: And, karmicly, the reason?

FORCES: Disciplining of your energies.

BR: Was the book that we were looking at this morning, about Versalles, there was an artist, that after he finished the Hercules painting, he killed himself. Why did he kill himself?

FORCES: He did not want to be underneath the king’s ownership. He was willing to do that, which was to be done, but secretly he wanted to run, into what would be considered his own personal freedom, with a mountain girl. In short in reality, he got too involved with his painting, that got him into what would be considered, a strange endeavor, and temporary insanity arrested himself, because he could not bring himself out of his paintings, he was too much into his paintings. The moral of the story, do your work, but do not be in the work. In short do not attach yourself too the work, as yours, but as of God.

NN: If somebody earns, like works thru wisdom, in other words if they get it, and it is not given too them, the way Solomon is. Does it mean they will have less problems with the gonads? If somebody has to work thru wisdom karmicly, does that mean they will have less problems with their gonads then, Solomon did, did he not really have a problem with his gonads?

FORCES: Uh-huh. Problem with the gonads, Solomon. It is what you do with the wisdom, does not matter how you go thru or obtain the wisdom. But what you do with the wisdom, that is the aftermath, which judges the outcome.

NN: When I get sleepy, the way I do at work, it every single day almost, and usually around 1:30 or 2:00.

FORCES: This is what would be called the slow period of the sun and the earth. The sun pulls tremendously on the earth, which allows the fluids in the body become thick. What one should do is get up and share ones self in the fountain of waters, walk around a few seconds, jump up and down, clap your hands, but don’t do that there at this moment. Rather go to the room and wash your face, breath in about 7 to 8 times, ask God to surround you and go on out to work again.

IS: Now, in what capacity did the entity David help out, in the building of those two temples?

FORCES: The structural foundation of the temples.

IS: Was it in cement, and things like that?

FORCES: More of stone, limestone, more of cut stones, more of what you would consider limestone and cut stones. But it was of a higher stone quality, than of today.

NN: What happened to somebody like king Solomon. What was his very next lifetime, after king Solomon?

FORCES: Well, let us say servant to those who are in rule, so he could oblige himself to learn more.

IS: He is back on the earth right now?

FORCES: It is irrelevant.

IS: The laundry room closet, are we having that understood?

FORCES: You are growing to understand it, it will grow on you.

IS: With saving of the space of the walls and things. Is the design correct?

FORCES: We would find the design to be all right. It could be done, it would be all right.

IS: Should we change something?

FORCES: Look it over one more time, and then perceive a change if possible, if not it will be Ok.

IS: Is it a change in the upper part?

FORCES: We would suggest the upper parts.

IS: What I consider the sleeping bag closet?

FORCES: Look it over, you’ll find it.

IS: Is it the design itself, or the building?

FORCES: You’ll find it in the building.

IS: Is it what I am seeing right now?

FORCES: It would be done that way.

IS: Now, you said we can do all these things, that we have in mind to do with this house. Does it include those palatial stairs?

FORCES: This will take some work, but in time, you will evolve to it.
S: Constantly I can’t find a way, in which, where do we situate the temple in such a way, that it faces the east, it has an entrance somewhere to the house. Will we find a spot exactly?

FORCES: It will be given in time.

DD: Was the temple beautiful a square of the sun, I mean of Venus?

FORCES: It was. At this point we are leaving, we have things we must accomplished. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father…