Session 627-1/22/00

Greetings to all here present now. We are moving fast and strong in the space of time that is around you. In this we see that many changes of land and space above. In this we touch the time is come for man questions raised and this your land will soon be there, that hope has come once more. And now the hour is strike a chord in which we want to council that well it is that no more sin between the gates and one. In this the alpha of night and strife, it is that which we see and then the one who comes once again for all to gather and see and those will, stand and lift that shield, they will not falter again. For this your land will be very strong as the littlest one of all. We said that night is right for causes of the years gone past, but now the call is patience and fast, for that will be the one. And as you entered into this path, the age is now upon you all, that souls, that soul that is within, this is the call. It is not formed, nor is it strong, but in it’s way, it’s one. And now we prayed long for this, that a soul who is divine at one. The vintage of the soul come down, it’s now the higher to see. The test will be hardiest and strong, but none could tamper here. The soul is one in strength and form that a soul is formed clean now.

(Doorbell rings)

FORCES: We will wait a few moments. It is done to come in. We will not open yet, do not open, hold. Open.

FORCES: In this we say the test is now, the soul is triumph, trying. And then the east is test by fog in it’s own direct shun-med. The biggest the test the harder the prize to accomplish and to gain. This we see as trials begin, the east that wants to be free.

FORCES: We find ourselves here interchanging form and pattern that it would be hard to see that these changes will come over the distant sea. We’ve come from beyond this time, we find the seen of the race, for on this earth is many a call of that trial that has given birth. And this that OLD MAN said to you is which it would be true. But we want but peace and prosperity for all to come true. But the struggles are from the east, and in this we find our test. And be it what it will always seem, it could be. We find many changes here. We see that the course before us is clear. Many an uphill battle will stand, there is this course again. The heart versus the mind. We’ve taken this time tonight to give you the sonnet of words. But it was given too you by One of these Councils, who have come. Before we begin there is One who is Great and has been here on earth, He will walk by and pass among you to leave his blessings. This man that you know has been pierced and his crowns were of thorns long ago. And now he moves amongst you. Feel his Presence among you.

FORCES: We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in and ah speaking to us, you’ve spoken of a someone who has given us the poem first, who, who might that be if possible to know?

FORCES: We would considerate it just a Member of the Council has come to be with.

IS: Thank you, in the Book of Ezekiel when he describes the Temple, an actual physical description, I always have a very hard time really seeing it and of course he speaks of the sacrifices in the Temple. Then is that Temple that Ezekiel describes, is that a ah Temple that has happened after the 70yr captivity and redone or is it something yet to come?

FORCES. It is said to be a part of both. It is said to be that in captivity, but that which is to come.

IS: And the, in that case, where the Mosque is at this point, would that then be the place where it would reappear again or built, be built again?

FORCES: There is some thoughts on this and it would be in some school yes, but then all that is to be real-built would be in Jerusalem.

IS: Yes and the place where the Mosque is at this point?

FORCES: Again the Mosque is of all Jerusalem, not of one spot, it is a segment of that which is to be built.

IS: I see, so things will be incorporated?


IS: And about my health could you scan me, please?

FORCES: We find a water balance and need for more of your treatments of, and juices. Other than that we find you to be there ok in it’s form. But remember this system needs to be cleansed, you must do your part.

IS: Thank you are you saying four treatments a day?

FORCES: What we are trying to say is if you accomplish even three would be good.

IS: Three a day, ahh, thank you and what’s the minimum of juices that I can get by on, a day?

FORCES: Well we would hope that you would not have that thought pattern.

IS: It’s because of the work and, that I do, each treatment is like an hour or so.

FORCES: But still four juices at least a day.

IS: Thank you so much.

ES: Thank you for all the miracles you’ve done to and helped with for my Mother, ah she’s worried about taking the St. John’s Wart with her cardiac medicines, is there any problem with that for her?

FORCES: Well she can do this, but we would find that perchance there is a sleight affect, it is best to take not as many applications of this, but once a week is just enough for what she needs.

ES: Thank you, and her ah bleeding time, the test that they tried, that they do every Monday, why is it so low, she, cause the medicine, they have to keep increasing the medicine to keep her blood thin, is she doing something wrong with her diet or we’re not looking at something?

FORCES: The only thought we might have in seeing this is the tea or substance of tea that is taken at night seems to be some sort of element that affects her in the morning, we find that her bleeding time is also interactive with stress ah aspects and to move the bleeding time to a given day might see some results, but the stress factor of anxiety in this particular entity causes that too ah.

ES: Thank you very, very much.

IS: For Joshua a question, number one thank you so much for the help, ah is he contrite enough eh, that’s my question, but his question is what does he do once he, when, what do, no, the way he put it is what do the Forces want him to be or do once he finishes college?

FORCES: There’s a certain amount of dedication to society that one needs to do, might be once said, the party time is over, that the dedication to society is what we ask, that he chooses, rededicates himself to a purpose, an ideal, that he can grow upon and develop, something bigger than himself and the rocks he climbs.

IS: Could you give any direction for him into which direction would that take?

FORCES: He has an idea of where he should go in this direction and the concept, but again, it is for his ears to here and we will refrain from saying it at this moment, until he is before us.

IS: Thank you very much.

SP: Thank you for being willing to speak to me, I’m looking for guidance on a political future, I was wondered whether or not you believed that Mark Warner would re-seek the democratic nomination for Governor of Virginia this time around or, or not, or should we still seek that?

FORCES: This question is a question of diversity and logic, of fluidness and of strength, the question of wonderment to us, why such a person as named should ever run for anything, even a dogcatcher would be too high a position for him. We find as we look and see this question a-lot is in the balance and it is pivoting ever so delicately, in such a way it might need a little assistance, yes and out, many runners, many favors, and many want-to-be’s. There is a saying that it is not over yet, this particular item, we do not want him to be in this race at all, we do not want him, he is about to force his hand in this, it’s not done and it’s not a done deal, for this particular state there is a pivot point for the rest of the nation. Now your question to be answered, it’s not over until the fat lady sings, in so doing his wife will be singing different tunes. Now we say don’t give up this particular choice, —–battle as one would say. Let us intervene and work on it, but we hear what you said. There is a strong commitment in a democratic force, but I have to say to you we also see a strong negative force for him who not to do this. What we are saying here tonight, is he has been told in a direct form, by many strong individuals who are anchors in this particular party, they do not think it’s wise at this time. But there are those around that he has hyped up and given much out that will try to support and elevate him to that position. Again we do not want to say that he will get nominated, only to have you stop your vision, but he just allow us, for him to be ours, in what we need to look at. Again it is true the democratic party will be close in this decision, as we speak tonight, it is not even finished. We need to give you a direct answer, when the answer is not direct at all, it is not done, it is not finished, he will see what has to be accomplished. If need be, will will speak to you in the things that we see. But this week will be a balance, a tedious balance for him. The cups are stacked and now the choice comes of who it will be given. There is much more to be had in this simple question, ever so complicated in it’s answer. But in so doing it allows a divine hand reaction in the making. We hope, we hope this could give you insight in the days ahead. Hang in there do not relent, wait for us to intervene.

IS: Thank you very much. Is there any kind of ah work that LFP needs to do at this point to prepare for when things turn or for that moment should it come?

FORCES: There is a lot of work the entity has already been doing, a lot of planning accomplished. The biggest project in his vision would be the middle child who has been neglected, not only in school but in the home, the middle class, but we also see a tremendous pivot again in the social workings of the elderly and in this stride it can change how this country looks at the senior citizens. For what we are saying, you are all going to be senior citizens shortly if not now. Some of you have received your envelops, some are just barely new. But what we are saying is there will not be a senior citizen in the next ten years, for they will continue to work into their seventies and even eighties. So a new concept of senior citizen will have to be pushed into the eighties and seventies, but not sixties, and not seventies. And this is what will happened in this country, that the senior citizen is in the eighties, not the sixties, as the years, nor seventies for they will be busy working. And the reason why we say this is they know when they work, they live, and when they live they survive. So this is a plan to re-think the concept of senior citizens and when the calling mark should be, it should be raised not lowered.

IS: Thank you very much. So is there anything that should be given at this point directly to LF to ah ah what else needs to be, what, what else he needs to do for now, at this point in time?

FORCES: I think we have shared the thought aloud, we should move on to questions others.

IS: Anything for Susan?

FORCES: It is with a great deal of gratitude from us to her that she has taken her time and energy to help this household, but it is of such a meaningful gesture that she has given with love without restriction, so we acknowledge that from our side and will bless her and move her and direct her. But we and the Council do want to say” avok paleh avok ketziah ayonk ento oto enshiantino is hebonho ohok monto kontae eo” this is a blessing that the Council makes on those they seek favor, and we and this Council has acknowledged your kindness to those here.

IS: Thank you. For the gentleman that’s sitting in the back, I don’t know if he knows to ask questions, I didn’t have a moment of time to brief him, is there anything that can be given for him?

FORCES: He has a voice.

Q: Yes ah, ah I, I would like to ask a few questions. Tom talking there has been a, a people killed by the space aliens on this country and if it’s true why the good space aliens, they don’t give us help on the physical plane. Would you give me the answer please?

FORCES: Unfortunately it is true, sattar race of aliens move through your dimension, otherwise known to your ears as Satan, this concept is not new to you, you have been taught it since small, there is a race that strives to take your soul and demoralize, but yet at the same time there is that which is a divine creed, from that one who has walked here tonight amongst you, this is when he said, My Kingdom is not of this earth, if it was so I would have said”. In these words he reminds us that his Kingdom is not here, he reminds us that the battle that is at hand, as Satan had said to him fall down and worship me and all this I give you and as the Man who walked amongst you said, “Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God, begone” It is that simple, that easy, there’s nothing complicated about it. You are the Father, The Father is you, you are in his Kingdom, you are his heir, you are his children. If the evil one comes among you you have the authority to dismiss him. But if you dabble (—-) into the things of the devil, then it will be difficult for you to cast him out.

Q: But I’m talking about the physical plane here, but I heard that evil space alien has such a advanced future, ah advanced technology and also the (——–) I mean ah, how can, how we can fight them back?

FORCES: It’s not the fighting back, that word should be used, but the Divine Quality of the Soul that they cannot understand. It is the Love aspect that is within all of us that is our last resort. They busy us trying to fight among ones another, they busy us in conflicts to slow us down, to save us we would say, if we would put all our energies in that of productivity, what a glorious race this would be. But as far as there technology and there understanding spirituality and the soul so do you. And in such saying you already know all of you, the Kingdom of God and the soul that is within you. What they know is nothing compared to what you have.

Q: Ah, ah, I have one more question ah is it ah better to show for me to wait on the one two thousand during my Venus ah period, and, and ah practice (——-) during my Venus Period?

FORCES: We would say it will be alright.

Q: Thank you so much (——-).

FORCES: Thank you so much for visiting me.

JU: Can you ah give me help with ah eliminating anxiety and centering myself?

FORCES: Bring them here, the Entity has given you a key to help yourself, just call upon it, the Entity has told you to meditate, just find yourself doing that, the Entity has told you to watch the thoughts of anxiety for they’ll not help you, just remember that, the Entity has told you about food, and watch what you put in for this causes up-set-ment too, and the Entity has told you to still your voice in the moment of struggle, but remember it is not only you that this is happening too, but to the whole as a group, to the world. To still that moment or that voice within, it is not so complicated that you can’t win, yes you have anxiety but I do to, but I come to talk to you. So cast off the anxiety, know it’s real, that it has visited you, and then you see that you breath, you center, you say I can do, don’t get trapped in a can’t do attitude, don’t get trapped as far down as you think, it’s impossible to climb up, there is nothing that can’t be done, we hear your panic attacks, but when they start remember it’s the one who will take your hand and pull you out of that.

JU: Thank you.

FORCES: And we will help you with this lopsided looper

JU: Thank you.

Q: (———-).

FORCES: He is a scared child, very scared, one dinner with the entity and he’ll never be the same again.

Q: Thank you

JW: Could I understand compassion for your enemies?

FORCES: Repeat.

JW: I have trouble understanding my exhibiting compassion on my enemies or people that I think are in conflict with me, could you help me to balance?

FORCES: Compassion is a word that is in your language, that encompasses all and forgives all. Compassion is grace and compassion is wisdom. No one can have compassion without having wisdom. Wisdom is understanding how far you have gone, how far you have fallen. Compassion is a cool cup of water, for that which is thirsty. Compassion is that which yields. Compassion is non-judgment. Compassion is forgiveness, filtered within it in it’s words compassion means to have passion, but complete passion, for we say this that compassion must fall as rained upon the good and the unjust. Compassion is both for that which one has done you wrong versus that which one has done you good. It is difficult to have compassion on a person that is what you would call not so good, but it is your test as that One who has walked here, what good do you gain from loving those who love you, “rather I say to you love those who persecute you, do good to those who hate you, love those who do not love you. In so doing as the old age law and the message from beyond, love continually forgive, forget move on. Compassion is the syllabus of this language. Compassion is the thread of this cloth. Compassion is the gold in your crown that you shall wear when you move on to the other side, and all will see it and say this man truly has won the crown of compassion.

JW: Thank you.

NN: The new substance that I am taking with the tumeric seems to be working should I continue with it?

FORCES: We would say yes.

DD: The John Smith that you spoke about in the last session is that the same as the Captain of the Titanic?

FORCES: We have given it as such.

DD: And he built, he was the one who designed the ah, that helped design the time chamber?

FORCES: We have given it such.

DD: And, I know I asked this question last Session, the ah cards, the 108 deck, do I, do I have it reversed, should a 108 be the board and the areas be the cards, or did I have it right the first time, 108 the cards?

FORCES: We see it right the first time.

DD: And do I understand with Noah’s Ark, that it was a ah, I saw in a diagram Noah’s Ark was the same design as the Titanic.

FORCES: This is to be true.

DD: So how far did the, did Noah and his ah, how far in time did jump?

FORCES: Let us say as far as 2020.

DD: So Noah’s Ark jumped ahead that far, far, farther.


DD: Speaking of the Noah in the Flood.

FORCES: We understand who you speak of.

DD: Oh, I’m sorry

DD: What will happen in 2020 then, will they appear?

FORCES: What will happen is there will be a great conscious raising and understanding of the true Noah of his time on Mt Ararat. And a great tribe shall come from that mountain and the people shall be one

(Tape ends side one)

DD: Does that go along with the Queen who was in the Mountains, in the beginning of (—)?


DD: Thank you very much.

JE: Why can’t I see the Little People?

FORCES: There are many ways in which you can see Little People, take a fifth of brandy, drink it fast, guarantee you, you’ll see more than little people. Little people are what you in your world call the elementals or the elements, you do see them it is a training of your eye, but your striving to look directly at them, you cannot look directly at them, but you have to look indirectly towards them, it is again and again we tell you this, in order to see the little ones, this kingdom, who have reigned over all the little feats that aggravate you and took you and trick you and test you and haunt you and that should make you crazy. It is to the right of your eye that you could see them, you must train yourself, you must look to the right, you must see the right and in so doing you will begin to see them. They will be a flit of energy at first on the tree on the grass, under the oak, but they will be a flint of energy, and as you train your eye they will get bigger in form, but when that happens you must make a deal with their King or else, there is bedlam to pay, no one sees their world without you making a conscious effort of an agreement, a pact, a treaty, you will tell that you will not violate their space if they will allow to help you, but when you only begin to see the flit of them, the beginning of them, then call out their King, he must come, and must obey you also, for that is the law of this Kingdom and of who you are, who we are, who this house is, they come part and parcel with the house.
All the lights that have been strung up at your holiday season, all of them represents one of person of this kingdom. So with all theses lights, that you have bedecked the land, your only reflecting the members of his kingdom. He has to lure them away from the tantalization and the mirage, the light traps his servants into. So he’s kept very busy getting them away from this light that capsulates them. By the end of the season you must say he’s very tired, no wonder why he’s trying to pull your cords. So know this that you will help to him to remain and regain his servants of his kingdom without losing their attention at the same time, there is a great party within the flame of the light you created that the entertainment goes on for nights on end.

JE: What kind of pack do you make with them?

FORCES: Only one that your the boss, that’s it. And he will have to abide by that.

JE: Will you help me with all this?

FORCES: There is a word that comes to mind, I just did.

JE: Thank you very much.

FORCES: As we see this we are giving you there kingdom and there secrets, now it is your secret. But when you first see them and sense them and their fluttering of their soul light, call upon their king.

JE: So I do feel them at times.

FORCES: Yes they told me, if you can just help me see them, catch, I can go from there, thank you.

FORCES: We will help you.

JE: Thank you very much.

IS: Ah thank you, what, what is the reason that every time the Master Jesus is in any where in my vicinity, I can, I can, I start immediately tearing, crying, why is that, whenever it is, every single time it happens I automatically go into that, why is that?

FORCES: Well we would have to say the Power of His Presence and what he represented here on your earth and the amount of work he had to dedicate and put himself through, And the pain of the cross, That is a culmination of the membrance of that day.

IS: Ah thank you, so I’m still experiencing it sometime?


IS: Ah is he aware of people that he knew in that incarnation?

FORCES: Oh sure he is.

IS: As a personal?


IS: I knew him correct, in close quarters?

FORCES: We would all say those who are in this room knew him.

IS: And ah, ok so ah, it’s almost like, I don’t know which comes first, it’s like I can feel it, and immediately I start even without, I know that’s Him. Thank you, what is wrong with my eyes, why am I having such a hard time with my eyes?

FORCES: There are times when the stress and the strain of just the grind and also the irritations of what would be called the temperatures and the sockets within are very delicate to these humid and moisture type aspects, which irritates the eye.

IS: I’m constantly from the moment I wake up till the moment I go to sleep, I mean I’m continuously, my eyes are so tired.

FORCES: A slice of potatoes also will give you that energy and (–).

IS: To put a raw slice of potato on my eye?


IS: For how long?

FORCES: Just three or four minutes.

IS: Thank you, ah how am I going to manage four treatments and the work and, thank you very much for that woman.

FORCES: You just do anywhere from three to four.

IS: And the food intake that I am?

FORCES: Well you got to be more careful at night and during the day.

IS: Thank you.

IS: May I ask a political question at this moment, what I am having in my mind?

FORCES: Well, go ahead.

IS: Is EC backing the wrong horse then and if so what will happen to her?

FORCES: Well let us say that her visions are too high, it might cause a certain ah, ah flashback, she needs to be careful.

ES: For a dream that I had about ah, the feeling was I was going to college for religious studies, in Judaic, in Judaic studies, is there anything that I am supposed to be doing or just ah that I’ve reached a point of sacrifice that needs to be made and was that the blood from my finger that was taken?

FORCES: Well let us say on the spirit level you are attending these classes, for you are always getting information from the spirit world, on a physical level there is a rededication to some aspect of another lifetime that you are processing, and of course the blood being sanctified with it. It is not so far that these spirit world and physical world will mesh together closer and closer.

ES: Thank you very much.

SP: I wonder if you could tell me anything about who my biological parents are or where I was born, ah or any information about my back ground?

FORCES: Well we can testify to this we’ll do a check as they call it, but in this particular case you’re only guaranteed one father and one mother, no more, no less. There is a very strong indicator that a European aspect is involved with you, as far as father and mother. There is also a very strong indicator that it was in the northern latitudes of this country that we live in. We find there are times there’s an affinity to the north-eastern states, where you instinctively feel at home, we also see that the question of your father, is this not the question, who your father was or is?

SP: Yeah.

FORCES: We see his wish not to be known, but we can say this to you, that you’ve met him. As far as your mother is concerned, we see again, stamped a wish not to be known, but we see also this impression, that she watched constantly over you, and we see this woman watched you as you grew up. Now what we are trying to say is that they did give you up, but not so far did they go, because what we are saying to you is that they constantly stayed in you life and around you, does this make sense.

SP: Not really, but thank you.

FORCES: We understand an aspect and the needing and the seeking for this, we can ask permission to give you their names.

FORCES: Let us say this, that according to what we are allowed to go by, we will ask this question to them again, be it on the spirit world for one and on the earth world for the other, but it seems to cause a great pain for them, your welcome to ask this question at another session.

SP: Thank you.

IS: May I ask on that subject just a couple leading things, just in a negative?

FORCES: We will not stop you.

IS: Is her biological father here in the country, alive?


IS: Is her biological mother in this country and alive?


IS: So her biological mother is dead, passed on?

FORCES: We do not see her, we do not see her in this country, nor do we see her here.

IS: The European country that I have in mind for the mother, is that correct?

FORCES: Again we see this to be close.

IS: The story as I have seen it how close is it to the truth?

FORCES: Not so close.

IS: Ok Thank you.

IS: So that part is incorrect then?

FORCES: Not that it is incorrect, you are picking up other aspects, how her parents, life moving through, but not their lives.

IS: Who was I picking up?

FORCES: Well let us not go into that right now.

IS: Thank you.

IS: The information that I am giving to the, my new client, is that correct?

FORCES: We find it to be ah on the line, yes, we find it to be evidently true.

IS: Thank you, thank you very much, ah I’m still struggling with getting names and things.


IS: Could you help me with that?

FORCES: This will be given.

IS: Thank you so much.

JU: Is it beneficial to take DHEA or not?

FORCES: In your case it is ok.

JU: Any size dosage of it?

FORCES: Not too much and not too long.

JU: One a day and then the smaller ones?

FORCES: The smaller ones every other day.

JU: Ok.

JU: And should we look into getting a similar air purifier that’s in the master bedroom for the den for Tom.

JH: Could we, could we understand what the red moon was, ah the eclipse that happened yesterday?

FORCES: It represents what would be called not to be in a negative, but a what would be felt as a rush of physical energy in a self serving way an energy that was of self, an energy of self, it’s not selfishness, but it dealt with a inner energy of self.

JH: Thank you.

NN: With Ron Wood was it just his time ah to move on or was there a reason why he was taken out at this time?

FORCES: What was the question?

NN: With Ron Wood, the one who was the sheriff in this area, was (—-)?

FORCES: It was his time, ah um we would also say that it was an aspect of stress that was forced a lot of items on this entity.

NN: Thank you

DD: Would the board for the Tarot, be as I envision it, going on top the Ark, Noah’s Ark, in all different squares?

FORCES: Yes, we see this.

DD: And the ah, Urim and the Thummin, one’s a 108 going down and 108 going up, that would be 216, that would be a cube (—-)?

FORCES: We see this.

DD: Thank you very much.

JE: After the Titanic what was the next big Time Travel project?

FORCES: It was a complicated concept, but hanging in there with the thoughts and we mean this in the most compassionate way, the atomic bomb was also an element of time ah presence time factors, an element of the ratio of energy of the co-ordinates focusing of the co-ordinates of the earth. From there came what you will know as the Philadelphia Experiment.

IS: So basically what you are saying they’re couldn’t be that kind of a bomb or that kind of a happening, unless it started reverberating probably past and future, ah going through time in order to even ah, am I understanding it in my head?

FORCES: We will call it the, the Epoch of the approach.

IS: It almost has to take on inner time in order to manifest?

FORCES: It is like a Black Hole of a smaller version and what happens is from the detonation point literally turns time inside out and then outside in.

IS: Because it’s bigger than just this time, in order to, the whole thing to really happen?

FORCES: Something like that.

IS: Yeah am I, am I seeing it in my head?

FORCES: Well were not but you are, yes

IS: Thank you.

Q: (from YV)- Ah I would like to ask you, ah is Al Bielek experience of that ah Philadelphia Experiment ah is it true?


Q. Al Bielek ah he claims that he was survivor of the phoenix project, ah the experiment, the Philadelphia Experiment?

FORCES: Again repeat the first part of your (—).

Q. Ah Al Bielek ah he claims he was, he was, he’s a survivor of that Philadelphia Experiment and (—)?

FORCES: We hear the words, but we don’t really have to understand them, but we know the answer, because we are ah where we’re at, the answer is yes.

Q. Ah but I heard (—-) that he, he said the United States government has transfer, transferred his soul into other body, I, I find it hard to believe?

FORCES: Well let us say this, he’s not getting the big picture, he feels like he’s been transported into another body, he’s missing time, and by missing time he feels this way.

Q: I see, and the ah, so does the United States government have ah technology to control the time, or do they have a time machine right now?


Q: Wow! Okay ah thank you.

IS: Ah, thank you. The again the Temple, the Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Temple, ah of Ezekiel is that something that will be done in our time?

FORCES: There’s a yes and there’s a no, it’s already been designed and created, on another level already accomplished. For it to be done on the earth, on a physical level, that’s going to take a little bit more than your lifetime.

IS: Thank you.

IS: In the, in that case was I ever involved personally in any one of those ah buildings or designs of the Temple, maybe the original Temple or (—)?

FORCES: Yes we would say that.

IS: At the time of ah (—) Solomon, that time?

FORCES: Yes very easily, yes, yes, yes.

IS: Ah in the second ah, well thank you.

DD: About the question before, do understand it aright that the atom bomb can’t be set off unless your at a certain co-ordinate latitude and longitude, is that correct or can they be exploded anywhere on the earth?

FORCES: Well we, your not supposed to know this, so therefore maybe we shouldn’t say it.

DD: I’ve heard it before.

FORCES: Then if you’ve heard it before.

DD: So all these things they say their going to launch an atomic attack is all a bunch of malarkey?

FORCES: Well nor do you want to stand on the street corner doubting their word either. But it, it’s, it is true.

DD: So it can only, they can only go off at a certain latitude and longitude?

FORCES: It’s, but everything, yes its true.

IS: Thank you.

IS: When was ah my information about Susan’s ah, ah birth parents incorrect and what degree?

FORCES: Because what we have mentioned is that you got involved with a different group as they were moving through and not them, but the group they were moving through.

IS: Um, ok is there also a degree of the parents not wanting to be known, that I’m being veered off?

FORCES: Well there is that strong force-field around this yes.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Are there any other ah herbal or other elements I should either take or stop taking?

FORCES: You have been taking Zinc.

JU: Um-huh.

FORCES: We would lower that down a little bit and potassium, you could lower that down a little bit and of course the, the A could be increased a little bit more and the E could stay the same.

JU: Thank you.

NN: I don’t want to question the magic because I, I believe in it, but I just wondered the thing with Emala, does it have to do with hooking in to the Mother Force, the Cosmic Mother Force?


JE: Ah so who figured out the Time Machine, I mean it seems like it was a lot of big to do about nothing and they got nowhere, who actually got it right?

FORCES: Well can we go back. Well, can we go back a little bit, the Time Machine was given to the Egyptians in the Pyramid form and was used specially specifically for Time Travel. You’ve come upon the pyramids, it is a weight to balance the earth, but it is also a counter lock to that energy field that allows time travel to happen. Now we don’t mean to be absurd or challenge civilization, but every 10,000 increment years this time travel lock is open and it puts us at the time of Moses when it was open again and now it relatively can put us close to that time happening again.

IS: Now when we talk about Time Travel are we talking about just the future or is it possible to go back into the past?

FORCES: Both ways can be accomplished.

Q: If we go back into the past can anything be touched or changed?

FORCES: Going in the past creates you to the etheric, where you cannot alter and in fact going in the future creates an etheric where you cannot alter.

IS: So basically no matter what we do we are going to be ghosts in either place, except in our own time.

FORCES: Relatively simple, uh.

IS: Makes, thank you, makes perfect sense, that solves all the problems.

JU: You said the Time Lock at the time of Moses to now, but is it would that be 10,000 years or?

FORCES: There is a Time Lock variance, it begins to happen in this era. The variance takes part of the opening. There is an opening of a etheric level, spirit level, and a physical level. Each level is part of the opening.

IS: If you go lets say back and you become that material body, is it the same way you visit your dreams or the fourth dimension?

FORCES: It is of the same essence yes.

IS: So basically the travel is, is like that movie where they built this humongous structure but basically the person went through there own inner thing and they never physically, the physical body never left the place?

FORCES: More or less.

IS: Are we then not doing that kind of traveling ah when we (–)?

FORCES: On this subject is, can be considered to be true, yes and, and this is right, but what we are also speaking about, etheric, spiritual, spirit and physical for it to finally manifest takes a completion of many thousands of years again, do, do this is understood.

IS: Does it mean that in thousands of years that we will actually be able to take our bodies with us, into the (–)?

FORCES: Well sometimes people might not want to take their bodies anywhere.

IS: But Jesus basically, that’s what Jesus did?


IS: He actually transported every molecule.

FORCES: And moved it yes.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Is it like when you time travel though if you go in the past like Jesus I understood went to the past, was Melchizedek, so he did change something, but when you change something in the past, its already done everything?

FORCES: Already done before you change it.

DD: It already moves at once so, cause all three, all three past, present, and future move at the same time and nobody ever notices any change.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Well he was one person and e had a lot of jobs to do, so I guess he had to be simultaneously in different places at the same time, correct.


DD: He could be in the past and in the future and in (—)?

FORCES: Correct.

JU: Each time we try to understand ah how many years ago ah everything from Moses to Adam and Eve to whatever else, Noah’s Flood took place. It seems we come up with different sets of years or, is that because we need a different concept for looking at it?

FORCES: For example.

JU: How many years ago in years as we understand them physically was Moses?

FORCES: Well it was not 10,000 for sure. But what we were saying or implying the beginning of the Door to the time travel field in Egypt is now beginning to happen. It might take another down the road to meet up with the 10,000.

IS: Was that when the Entity, when we were in Egypt that the door opened up?

FORCES: There was such a service, yes.

FORCES: At this point (–).

IS: Just one more question for the entity ah Susan, why do her biological parents not want to be known and why in spite of that have they or the father at least been around the whole time watching (—)?

FORCES: It’s very simply said, it’s their wish, but there’s more to be said about that in another session. Greeting to all here present now. Our Father.