Session 631-12/02/00

…you do not respond. There is no need for being not on time. Now, what we are saying is that we have accomplished and finished the task. Reason for not being here for so long is because in different places in this empire we were needed. In so doing we are now in the area and back. We notice that your government is in pieces. We notice that the empire, that which is America. is being tested. We also notice that there are other countries of your globe that are being turned and changed around. It is not easy to do that which is hard. It is not easy to do that which has to be accomplished. We do see the task before and understand the presidents for your country still hasn’t been chosen. But it is not up to the ballots that can choose. It is up to your dignitaries that will choose. Unfortunately, this particular election of yours shows the corruption of many different parts, openly, boldly and to your face. As you pride yourself as a nation of freedom it is not so and not true. It is a nation of corruption, a nation of deals, a nation of poor taste. In so choosing this, it is again the best nation in the earth. Unfortunately, Americans are being summoned to have a better system of their elections. As it is now, it’s the worst. How can you decide other countries to follow democracy when yours is not worth following. In such we say this. If you are going to show people that they should follow Democracy, then above all your ballots must be right. It is true that one ballot, one vote each person is worth that same. But if it is smelled or dealt with that the voting ballot is insignificant, then only the mob rules. What good is your country, what good is your state, what good is the land that you are on. So we challenge this country of yours to come together with a better voting system if you are to be continued the best in the world. It is of that vote, of that conscience, of that responsibility that makes a country great. It is not the greatness that makes a country. It is the smallness, the insignificant, minute the unreliable, the individual. This is what makes a country great. It is the worker, the task orientated person, the one who does regardless of what others do, they still do. This is the one that is great. This is the way-shower. This is the inspired task. It is not what others do that should matter, it is what you do that makes the difference.


We are to tell you of the war and conflicts in many different galaxies and in of your own. This mess that you have in front of you would be explained. As Jesus said many hundreds of years ago, so above so below, so below so above. Your conflict is only a mini scale of what is going on in the heavens. You deal with it on a minute level, we deal with it on a greater level. We are finished. The tide has changed. It will be accomplished. There are many things that we can intercede and we shall do, but the tide has changed. We now understand that in the course of evolution man must be revisited in order that he might and she might evolve. Do not be satisfied with the little things you do. Excel and push yourselves to greater things. Do not be accomplished and mundane in a task of yesterday, but look for the tasks and challenges of tomorrow. Leave the ego at the door. Sir ego’s have destroyed many a day. Work together. Join together as a une (unit?). Be a force, not a victim. In so doing, we are all challenged tonight. We do what our conscious tells us to do what is right. What is that that would benefit the mass. if the individual does in his or her heart what has to be done without ego then it will be right in the mass. The masses are only affected by the individual; and the word is sacrifice. You sacrifice and give up what is yours only for the greater good. Abundance more would be added on. No one lives a life unto themselves. If so, they are very lonely. Life must be shared and given to others in the path of brotherhood. If you would have to a future, be a future to others. Do not look for own self-aggrandizement and satisfaction. Look to help others, not to be helped by others. Look to lead not to be led. Look for vision not to be a visionary without a vision. Look for speech, the speech of words of wisdom, not the words of gratification. No the words of selfishness and fulfillment of self. We have given you these words before. We have extended them to you for many years. You have got to do your work. You’ve got to be responsible, no matter how tired you are. The mass depends upon it. If we are to have a future, they, the mass, the mob, must see the vision. If they can only taste the vision, they would be led. But they must see the vision, they must see the victory count. Or else the nation is lost without a vision. It is dead without the cup of victory. If you are to lead, do it right. Lead, do not pass the buck to others. But lead with valor and lead with strength. But lead that those who follow you can believe in you. A leader that passes the responsibilities to others is not a leader, It is a group, a mob. It is not easy to be a way-shower. It is also the task to do that which is right. In so doing this we come back tonight to speak to you all, to rekindle in you your vision. Some have maintained it, some have put it aside, some have been distracted, misguided. But we say tonight rekindle your own vision, each and every one of you. Not that you should take the vision from the other. But you give to the common good and the common source … of the source of the flame that is called then the torch. It is not that the statue of liberty of yours holds a torch, lights the way. That torch is the freedom of the vision. Everyone who has a vision leads the way for others. And it is in such doing that this vision denotes success and a future that can be only unspoke-able that which would be the words that cannot be heard. A vision cannot be explained, it is felt. A vision cannot be written down on paper, it is done. A vision cannot be expressed to one another, it is felt.

We commend you all for at least holding the line as that is said. But again, the work still must continue. It continues in the arts, in the music that you hear, in the poetry and the stories that you read. If you open a book and read it right, the tales of the civilization past that many a great kingdom upon this earth. before the taste of the empires of the west and the east, there was that of the spirit world, the empire of the spirit, a land that was right, that lived right, that did the deed that is to be called right. Why is right, right and wrong, wrong? Why don’t we call the word wrong to be right? And right to be wrong? Why are the words the way they are, and the sounds the way they sound? Why cannot be good, bad and bad, good and light, darkness and darkness, light? Why cannot we not call that which is not the knowing of all and the knowing of all the not knowing? Why is work, work and play, play. Why is dead, dead and life, life. Why is joy, joy and sorrow, sorrow? Why is there good, why is there evil. Why is good, good and evil, evil? What is in a name that every other name – it still smells the same? It is because it is. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you so much for coming in. And thank you for the things that have been said. You called that you came because you had to deal with the empire and other situations and also you called, I think, America, the empire. And you sort of correlated it in some way. Could you explain a little bitty about that?

FORCES: It reflects that battle in the galaxies, short and simple.

IS: So would it be interpreted as there is some sort of election Type situation going on?

FORCES: In the galaxies? Yes.

IS: Yes.

FORCES: If you would see it each state represents a constellation, a galaxy in your united states. it is called the united galaxies. Each state unbeknownst to you, is a reflection of that galaxy. It is why all must strive for the common good.

IS: Thank you, but is it larger? It’s a galaxy, and what does that mean, each state is a galaxy? Does it mean like people, ideas? What is it we are reflecting?

FORCES: We would consider a consciousness of galaxies which is inbred and inmeshed and enobled the spirit of such in all of the people of that particular galaxy.

IS: Thank you. Is there a reason why the whole household has been sort of going through the sick phase?

FORCES: Because the vibrational level has changed. Therefore your vibrational level has to change to become absorbent into the new vibrational level that is to be.

IS: What is this new vibrational level?

FORCES: It’s called a receptivity of doing and receiving and applying. Be sensitive to that moment and be aware of the changes ever so slight.

IS: Is it gonna manifest something for the household or for the country or focus on how will it manifest for the household?

FORCES: It will all the above.

IS: Could we know a little bitty about what to anticipate, what kind of changes here in the house?

FORCES: It is what you would consider the evolutional level of higher vibrations that you are meeting and mastering.

IS: Thank you. On a personal level, do I continue working on the lines or…?

FORCES: You can do it as a service, it is not necessary. Only as a service.

IS: So what I, what I did is it? It’s I don’t have to anymore? I mean because before you

FORCES: It is considered a service from this point on.

IS: Oh, from this point on.

FORCES: It is a service if you need or want to do it.

IS: But I don’t have to have the two hours a month anymore?

FORCES: Again, it is considered a service.

IS: Thank you, yeah, but it is all of a sudden after all that time it sort of like, it terrifies me almost.

FORCES: It is considered a service, no longer necessary.

IS: Thank you. And my other clients and things… was somebody supposed to come in October or how am I doing?

FORCES: Your clients will increase. You are doing very well.

IS: Thank you so much for that, and…ah, if the one… so there will be more and the ones that I have will any of them that I had will come ah come back or…

FORCES: There will be a few that will go and not come back, and there will be a few that will stay.

IS: Those that will not come back would it be any kind of my fault?

FORCES: We are not looking for fault. Everyone has an evolution.

IS: What I mean is, is it because I have not been able to satisfy them?

FORCES: Again, that is not the right perspective. You did what you had to do.

IS: If 100% would be the best psychic, what am I?


IS: What? Thank you.

FORCES: You receive, but remember, the gift is from us.

IS: Yeah.

FORCES: We know you know that! But yet, the psychic ability must be used in a perfect way. Not in discovering things because that will set you amuck. But receive it to help and you will receive right.

IS: If to find out things, like if a client asks questions,I, I try to deter them from going into directions that I feel would be a little bitty more destructive or negative, but I answer what I can. Am I doing that right? Or am I need some..?

FORCES: We find that to be correctly associated with that thought, yes.

IS: They have that commercial thing. Should I get involved with that?

FORCES: It could be a choice.

IS: Thank you so much.

JE: Putting up the lights again this year, is it going to upset like the balance of like the little people?

FORCES: Did you do what you were supposed to do.

JE: I haven’t seen anything.

FORCES: If you would have attended the workshop of little people that the entity had given, you would have known what you should have done. Now, we would suggest you to ask those who had attended that workshop on little people and elementals what the entity had said you need to do to please them. Ask the question and you will get your reply and will know what to do in order to enlist their help in your endeavors.

Someone whispered Farina

JE: Okay.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Is the Armenicum in Armenia. is that a cure as they say it is?

FORCES: You must forgive us, we are from another planet, but we truly think you are too. Now what did you say?

FORCES: The, it’s called Armenicum I believe,it’s from a it’s a substance from Armenia they say can cure many diseases. Is that ah, is that correct?

FORCES: If gotten the right substance, it is.

DD: What is it made out of?

FORCES: It is an element from out of this galaxy that has landed there.

DD: And also I wanted to ask you about the enneagram, how it goes over the pyramids, how I can orient it to the pyramids?

FORCES: And your question is?

DD: I guess how the circle and the triangle in the middle, how I would I, I know it fits over it but I haven’t figured out a way to orient it. I am asking you to give me a starting point.

FORCES: You will start with the smallest of pyramids first. And fit the first quadrant on that. The rest will follow.

DD: That will be the center?

FORCES: That will be your center.

DD: Thank you very much.

JW: Thank you. Graham Newton, is he the gentleman that will help us best on
the recording’? The one in Canada?

FORCES: He could be of assistance, yes.

JW: The other two, the one in Jersey or Florida, are they better?


JW: Thank you.

IS: In regards to that, is there anywhere where the somewhere the original tape that is not scratched?

FORCES: If it is, it’s now changed. Not to the same. Record is the best at the moment.

IS: Aw, thank you.

NN: Is it possible to develop the mental mind without going against the spirit?

FORCES: Repeat?

NN: Is it possible to develop the mental mind without going against the spirit? Or what is the best way to acquire more knowledge or have the mental capabilities and yet still not conflict with the development of the spirit and not go against the soul?

FORCES: So you want a taste of the world and still keep your foot in God’s kingdom?

NN: I didn’t think that is what I was asking, but it is just that sometimes at work I just feel like inadequate … that’s what I feel.

FORCES: Maybe that inadequacy has saved you.

NN: Okay, I understand. Thank you.

ES: Urn. I forgot my first question. Thank you for helping me at work so many, many, many times. Were the dreams last night a cleansing with the little girl?

FORCES: Are you asking did the dream occur?

ES: Um, I don’t know? It seemed like it occurred.

FORCES: Well, let us say that that little girl is your spirit that is scratching to come alive in you again. And it saved you. We would suggest to turn the spirit back on again rather than the defenses of your mental mind. The little girl is the spirit that is crying out to protect you. And the person that was behind you to attack you and do harm was your mental mind.

ES: Thank you very much.

JU: You said talking about how it mirrors what’s in the galaxies and last year when you were talking about the possibility of L.F. running for Governor, you were talking about Virginia being pivotal, does it represent something that is pivotal in the galaxies?

FORCES: It is the direct pivotal point. That is why this house is on the place that it’s on.

JU: Is that why we are in Virginia?

FORCES: Let us say that is why WE are in Virginia.

JU: Earlier in the session, you talked about the tide has now turned. Can you explain that or how. .what that means for us? Turning what way?

FORCES: We would suggest that it has turned back to the spirit and as we would suggest to you, turn back to the spirit.

JU: Thank you. The, I asked earlier, earlier sessions about anxiety things and it seems like that situation is getting what, I think it’s getting better. I feel like a different feeling about certain things, less anxiety. Could you help me with that to get past this point with all of that?

FORCES: The more you enter into meditation and prayer, the less you will have anxiety.

JU: Thank you very much.

IS: The sessions, should they be brought to the general public for payment’? Is that what you want? Because I paid, up to this point, I paid Tom not to have it, so I am not sure what I am doing.

FORCES: We have noticed that there are individuals that seek to hear us. We have no objection to that as long as it is confined and in a space not open totally to the public. But only those individuals that know what they are asking. They must know first that they are going to be in the presence of something that they have never seen or witnessed before. And that they must come before us with an open heart and a willingness to hear. That’s the only prerequisite we would ask. Those who come before us with doubts and questions of practicality best not to show.
When you say practicality you mean? Of the mental mind.

IS: So if they come, lets say looking for what kind of job, or things like that is that okay? Or is that

FORCES: We are not talking about the mundane job. We are talking about first the faith. They must come with faith. They must believe first. Or otherwise, it’s best they do not come at all.

IS: What would you suggest would be the appropriate price because we know that people really will not appreciate things unless it is paid for. I mean I have seen it, I mean this is—

FORCES: Those who make anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000 should pay 1% or 10%- $200.
For those who make20,000 to 30,000, 20,000 to 25,000 – $200.
Those who make anything from 30,000 to 40,000 they should pay $300.
Those who make 40,000 to 50,000 should pay $400.
Those who make50,000 to 60,000 – $500.
Those who make 60,000 up to 80,000 should pay$700.
Those who make 80,000 up to 130,000 should pay 900. Those who make anywhere above that – $1,000.

IS: Thank you. And will we find these people?

FORCES: They are a dime a dozen. As sands numbered, they are everywhere.

IS: How do I, how do we get, for that matter, how do I get more clients and how does, how do I get to these people for the session?

FORCES: The session, they will come of themselves. You will —– and will not advertise the sessions. They will always be word of mouth.

IS: And ok, ok people don’t tend to tell the truth about how much they make.

IS: Then they do not need to come.

IS: Right.

FORCES: If they start off telling a lie, then it continues.

IS: And how about for myself, should I advertise somewhere?

FORCES: You can do that. You must remember, you are different. Your gift is different. Our gift cannot be put into the same category, nor can it be advertised.

IS: That is makes totally makes perfect as it should be. Because I deal just with the emotional stuff. And is my price correct at this point – $100 an hour?

FORCES: It is okay.

IS: Did I go up too high or something?

FORCES: We find it to be okay.

IS: Thank you. So is there anything else that I need to know for with the job, with the work that I am doing?

FORCES: No, just remember, do it to help. Not to find out information.

IS: Am I so far doing it to help?

FORCES: Let your conscience guide you.

IS: Find out information? Do I follow what people want from me?

FORCES: You do. And again, in reference to the payment of a session, you do not ask them how much they make. They will give what they make by what they make.

IS: So I just write out that this is the scale?

FORCES: You will never ask a person what they make. They will give by what they make.

IS: How will I?

FORCES: You will give the scale, they will make the decision. What we are trying to say if they make 30 000 and use the scale for 20 000 … that is okay But if they make 40,000 and use the scale for 20,000 then they come before us with that…

IS: So it is going to be like Peter and those and those and that couple?

FORCES: We … yes!

IS: Thank you so much. Is there a reason why AC cannot get a boyfriend.

FORCES: We will help her secure that. Tell her to relax and not to be so upset and uptight. It will be accomplished.

IS: Thank you so much, but I want her to know it is coming from you.

FORCES: Well …. Whatever.

IS: And should she be a lawyer or should she go toward something else?

FORCES: She would make a very good lawyer.

IS: Okay very good thank you.. What is wrong with Joshua?

FORCES: Hormones. Growing up, wanting his independence. Trying to fare for himself what he is. He needs the space. Sometimes ego and attitude is his Achilles heal. He cannot see the one who is right before him who has tried to lift him up to a different consciousness from selfishness.

IS: Yeah, and ah, thank you so much, and ah is there, is there am I doing things okay with the money’s, everywhere I mean, my monies, the house, toms, everywhere. Am I doing okay?

FORCES: If you were not, we will tell you.

IS: Thank you because I’m sort of like, whatever I make sort of goes.. for the house.

FORCES: Nothing goes without us observing. And we will let you know if it is done wrong.

IS: Thank you. Will I continue making the same amounts or?

FORCES: You will.

IS: Or better?

FORCES: And better.

IS: Why is the Epstein-Barr coming back?

FORCES: It’s not.

IS: It’s not?

FORCES: It’s not.

IS: So what do I need to do for that thing then?

FORCES: Just go on prescribed tinctures that you have taken.

IS: Should I go back to the tinctures that I .. how many drops?

FORCES: Three drops is enough.

IS: So I omitted today … That is what I’ve been doing, I lifted myself up to three drops. So that I omitted today, I have to start again with one drop again, right?


IS: Thank you so much. I am sorry I am taking the time, but.

FORCES: So then let’s move on.

IS: What can we do to have more sessions?

FORCES: Let’s move on.

JE: At the time of the Titanic, and if it was built for time travel, that’s what they’re working on, what else were they working on at the same time?

FORCES: The Philadelphia Experiment as they would call it. The moving of ships from one place to the other. Remember, it was done by the ocean and the salt and the seas. This is the best place for time travel.

JE: Who in this group was involved in that?

FORCES: You had several. One by the name of Jones, one by the name of Hamilton and three at least strong, strong individuals on this ship. The gentleman who owned Macy’ s department store was the leader.

IS: That was why he felt responsible and didn’t get off the boat.

FORCES: This is right.

IS: So he felt that he was responsible for whatever they were doing that sunk the boat.

FORCES: Correct.

JE: Any of us here were there? Besides me?

FORCES: There was one other person in this particular group that was there full, fully.

IS: Was it me?

FORCES: Well, let us say there was two that was fully there.

JE: What do you mean by fully?

FORCES: There was a aspect of not being there but being there and there is a aspect of fully being there because physically they were there.

JE: Could you explain that?

FORCES: In time travel, there are those who could be there but not in a body. But be present while the action is taking place. The same concept happened during the Cruxification. There were those who were there but not in body and there were those who were there and were in body.

IS: Those who were not in the body, were they from the past or the future.

FORCES: Remember, that all that which is and if those who were not in the body were part of the past and projected to the future because of a lifetime being together with them that were there in the body.

IS: And yet they were fully conscious.

FORCES: What we are trying to say to all of you is those that you meet here on the earth, it is not perchance that you meet. Everything is connected to another life and another presence or an outer body presence and also futuristic presence. Therefore, there are those things that do happen because of that tie and relationship.

JE: Can you say who the other person was here or who they were?

FORCES: The one that was not in body was Esther. The one that was in body was Isis.

IS: I knew it, I can’t stand that movie. I never saw it the second time.

JE: Thank you.

IS: And who was I on that boat?

FORCES: What would be considered a woman in the first class section.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Thank you for helping me with my things that I went through, which are hopefully in the past and did ah, can you help me with the Board, the Tarot Board, how many squares is there, like 12×12, 9×9?

FORCES: You would have better fortune if it was 9×9

(Tape turned over)

DD: And the ah, is that the same thing the enneagram the same thing they used in the healing temple when they danced?


DD: Thank you very much.

JW: The information that you started the session with was like a prayer and an opening force. Can I have your permission to use it on the cover, the outer cover of the booklet?

FORCES: Anytime our words can get out to help others you have our permission.

JAMES: Thank you.

FORCES: Just give us 10%.

JW: You can have it all.

FORCES: Don’t need it!

IS: And there’s is the Lord and the fullness thereof. Right? It’s already yours, Thank you.

NN: When did the New World Order come into existence.

FORCES: When did this what?

NN: How long is the new world order? When was it formed? Or is it something that started right from, as soon as–

FORCES: The World Order was started during Greece.

NN: Thank you.

IS: So is that connected with the Olympics?

FORCES: It’s connected to the concept that started in Greece and moved on from that point.

IS: And is it in, is there a family that carries it?

FORCES: There are Key families, yes, that carry it.

IS: Thank you.

ES: Can you help me see what I should if there is anything I can tell my mother about timing when she should try to leave her house or when it would be good for her to leave her house and move into another residence.

FORCES: The first thing is that you can never tell your mother anything. She will tell you. Just wait and when the time is to happen, she will let you know.

ES: Thank you very much.

JU: Can you tell me if there a, either an affirmation or something to do where I can work on my problems with focusing or concentrating on things at a time?

FORCES: Lord, let me center on the now and not wander. Lord, let me see the task that is before me and keep to the task until accomplished. Let not me be a busy-body in knowing everything, but let me be busy in knowing one thing
… that the job will be finished and accomplished.

JU: Thank you.

FORCES: See, your problem is you are so worried about missing something so you have to be everywhere just in case you miss something.

IS: What can, what can we do to have more sessions?

FORCES: That is something that you earn by your behavior and by your giving. The more you give, the more we will give. The less you give, the less we give. As it is in the Heavens so it is on the earth. If you want us to hang around, you hang around. if you want us to be here, you be there. You want to hear more of us, then act it. And we will be more and more here with you.

IS: Thank you. Have I given AC correct information about the other boy or whatever.

FORCES: We see it to be so.

IS: Does she feel that I have not been there for her?

FORCES: Sometimes it happens like that.

IS: Could I be more?

FORCES: You are.

IS: I’m trying, sort of. What about the parties this Christmas? At this point, we decided no parties except little groupings, does it stay.
Forces- Maybe that is the best way to go. You do not have to have a big one, but there is that focus. You will have a fairly presentable party on the 16th of the month as the energy will come down on that day, so…

IS: So is that when Virgil will be here?

FORCES: Well, he could make it on that day if he wanted to, yes.

IS: I’m sort of caught between all of these political factions now. New Years Day, are we doing anything? Or a few people at this point?

FORCES: They will get back to you on that.

IS: Thank you, because people are clamoring for that and I don’t know.

FORCES: Well, you tell us who is clamoring and we’ll put their names on a list.

IS: I think Susan, I think McMoneagle. I think Foreman and ah Palombi. I’m not sure because I don’t know if Joe can…

FORCES: You do your homework, find out who wants and then come back to us.

IS: You mean I should just straight out ask them?

FORCES: You must remember that particular day was set up by us. That particular day is called ‘The Ambassador’s Day�?. It is when the embassy of the Higher Forces come down. It is the only day that we will come down to be with the people you bring in here. So therefore, it is not something that is done by you, this is done by us. What we are saying is that there will be Ambassadors and there will be Embassies, but the greatest Ambassadors are you, all of you. But when the force has need of the dinner, it is not the dinner that you eat, it is the food WE give. There will be four Ambassador dinners held in the house in this coming year and we will tell you the other three.

IS: So therefore the first is a go, but the entity, I cancelled it because the entity told me to cancel it.

FORCES: This is true and he was right, now lets see the need of the reaction. Isn’t it kind of funny how the entity wanted to see the reaction of the need. It is that they themselves realized that they needed to be here on that day. What we are saying is that the entity said no only to see the belief factor come alive.

IS: So I can still organize it or do people already, is…

FORCES: Our task to you is to find the source and the need and come before us and we will then tell you. When you have your answers, we will give you ours.

IS: Okay, I can only go and say it is on again and start collecting the people.

FORCES: We will say, you will bring their names before us. We will tell you.

IS: Um, I don’t, okay, maybe I don’t understand how to do it. The only way I know how to do is if I invite them and if they say yes, it’s a yes, and if it’s…

FORCES: Why don’t you discuss it with the members here. They will tell you what they hear.

IS: Okay, because if I invite, I cannot afterwards dis-invite again.

FORCES: Again, discuss it with the members who hear my words. They will tell you what to do.

IS: Thank you. Even Virgil was asking about the party, but I can’t invite him for the New Years day now, because I can’t have the conflict. So I am stuck. Now thank you very much, now for the psychic..?

FORCES: Was it the New Day or was it the open house?

IS: Maybe lie was talking about the open house.

FORCES: Let us move on.

IS: Yes, it was just strange to me that he actually remembered and asked about it.

FORCES: Let’s move on.

IS: Thank you. Now with the psychic commercial, now there is this Haitian woman on TV from the lines, am I as good as her?


IS: But can I do… she has a whole different set of the way she does the cards and everything. But ah…

FORCES: Everyone has it done differently.

IS: Yes, but am I as good as that?


IS:But am I as experienced as that?


IS: How about the woman Sylvia Brown?

FORCES: You can do just as well. Question?

IS: Thank you very much.

JE: On the Titanic, was I there like physically in person or like Esther from somewhere else.

FORCES: You were as real as the olive in the Martini.

JE: Where was Esther from?

FORCES: Sometimes we wonder that.

JE: Was she from before, or she was from after?

FORCES: She is both. Before and after.

JE: But from what time did she come there?

FORCES: Three oclock.

IS: So that means…

FORCES: The third century.

IS: Ah the third century.

FORCES: And the 13th and the 23.

JE: Why would they pick from the third century and all those centuries that particular time?

FORCES: For that when this was formed. This experiment to be done then.

ES: From the 3rd century?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: They were thinking of it in a different way then, then the mechanics were different, correct?


IS: Now you said something also at the beginning of the session where you said that its not good not to be revisited. That mankind needs to be revisited or else they don’t move. You were referring to Human evolution and yourself as coming down and mingling with Humanity and teaching the next stage and the next stage and the next stage, is that correct?


IS: So when is the next time you coming in?

FORCES: Well, if you look around you might have perceived the past 30 years that we were here!

IS: Is that the kind of revisiting you are talking or are you talking about the revisiting the way it is described in visitations of where they were, it has become common knowledge?

FORCES: Well, why don’t you think about it, and then get back to us.

IS: Can you cure me quickly of my stuff? This is so…?

FORCES: We will try.

IS: Thank you, and will I somehow be able to get to a place and point where I can either stop eating, loose the weight, something?

FORCES: Just say after 11:30-12:00 no more food. That’s it. Now we can see 5 or 6 trays coming in here at 11:32. Question.

DD: In the time travel last session, it talked about you had formulated in the great pyramid and then you would be projected to Mars. Did you formulate where you would go and then you’d automatically go to Mars and then be sent to that place’?

FORCES: Right.

DD: Now, I have always had, when you talk about Titanic, I felt I know, I knew a lot about it, but I guess I wasn’t there. How did I know all this stuff about it?

FORCES: Formation of the experiment was started in the pyramids.

DD: The formation of the one that culminated in the Titanic?

FORCES: We would say yes. Remember, the pyramid is solid. The titanic represents the floater.

DD: Like the Ark. Noah’s ark


DD: Could you help me with the, is there anything to help me with to get back to the connection I had with the meditation, prayer or..?

FORCES: Just do it! Nike!

DD: I have been trying…

FORCES: What we don’t understand is the doing. We think we have to struggle in doing. Just do it.

DD: Yes, I have been much more so struggling…

FORCES: When did this all begin?

DD: One more question about the tarot card; the Hierophant? Which psalm would that be?


DD: I thought you gave another one for that.

FORCES: 14 is it.

IS: Archangel Michael is also a Hierophant.

DD: That is a lot of struggle in the 14 right?

FORCES: Life is a lot of struggle.

DD: Thank you very much

JW: At work, there just seems to be, there is a frustration level that I get. Can you, can you help me to relieve that so I should be doing the right things at work?

FORCES: Just remember you can only do what you can do. No more, no less. You should have a sign up. Just do it, it will get done. And then the Jamaican sign, Don’t worry be happy.

JW: Thank you very much.

IS: Is that what there gonna look at what I have accomplished this the first and they are going to say what happened to me?

FORCES: Don’t worry, be happy.

IS: Thank you

NN: Is the learning of Hebrew a good thing for me to stay focused on right now?

FORCES: Repeat?

NN: Learning Hebrew right now, is that a good thing for me to continue on pursuing?

FORCES: You can do that, yes.

NN: Thank you.

ES: The time travel experiments then, was I a helpful force was it a, in the beginnings, at the first..?

FORCES: You are always helpful, even when you aren’t helpful!

ES: Alice, can I ask a question about for Alice? Is staying, is staying in the hospital the way Julia explained the best thing for Alice right now?

FORCES: Well, you can always say this. If Alice promises to eat and no more games, then she can leave the hospital by the authority’ of US. But once the games start again, she must be put back in.

IS: Why is she doing it now, why is Alice doing this?

FORCES: She wants the attention of her mother.

IS: And should Julia quit work?

FORCES: Well, that will be an impracticality. It is not in the cards. At this point we will be leaving. Greetings to all her present now.

(The Our Father)