Session 678-8/28/05

FORCES: Greetings all here present now. We are in the area and also see the ah tremendous energy and storm that just hit this area, Florida. Of course its kind the name suits it as it is, but it might be weakened by that which is our resources Ivan the terrible would be it’s name but it would be interesting if it holds up to their name. We see that there are many different changes coming about as far as the way things are perceived and looked at. They’re also all changes positive in it’s own self, but there will be a element of change. We find also that certain conditions of the hours would, would want a certain amount of time. Some are, as it is, pulling out like in Italy, but has a certain amount of time if it only for that concept. We are almost here and ready for you questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. I’m sorry to ask you these questions, but I don’t know where else to turn. What is wrong with me physically that I have no energy. It’s just I wake up and I can’t even get out of bed unless it’s dragging myself to it?

FORCES: Well of course you’re putting up lots of energy in your particular reasons, but you also have gone to bed awfully late. And in so doing it makes you sleepy in the morning. It’s best for you to get to bed for yourself before eleven thirty and not to stay up watching TV, just get to bed so that rejuvenates you more. Then you have been rejuvenated. And try this for a week, and then come back and we’ll talk some more.

IS: I’ve tried like yesterday I went to bed around twelve.

FORCES: That was about eleven thirty. So you have to try and make it eleven, eleven thirty.

IS: How many treatments a day should I do?

FORCES: Well how many do you do now?

IS: Well I try to do two …

FORCES: I only see one you do.

IS: What?

FORCES: You only do one, one and a half.

IS: I don’t. The last couple days I tried to do three.

FORCES: Yes. Well you do only need to do one and a half.

IS: What?

FORCES: But, well half of a treatment. But what we’re trying to say is these three treatments a day are enough of that. Two is enough. Or even one or two. We’ll give you the two. But that should do you. But now you don’t have to do it every day, do two treatments every other day. And see at the end of the week how it comes and do bring it back
up to us again, we don’t mind.

IS: Uh, thank you, and uh I have been doing two or one actually.

FORCES: Well anxiety is what’s provoking some of those items of course. After all these are going to be responsible in that of what you focus on in trying to do. So in all reality you can go up to this (?) as you call it. In fact it is very interesting to note that our coming today is very proper and it is good, but there are not so many hours in a day for people to send cards. But that’s neither here nor there and do not ask what we’re trying to say, because.

IS: I didn’t understand.

FORCES: Yeah, yeah of course.

Group: (laughs)

FORCES: But what we’re trying to say is just do your treatments as best as you can. And try to get to bed by eleven thirty.

IS: So …

FORCES: And not too much eating before you go to bed, either.

IS: So one to two treatments every day?

FORCES: Yeah as it is every other day, you could do one and see how that all tails out.

IS: That’s what’s been happening.

FORCES: Yes, of course, we know that. That’s what we said, but we just covered it. Now let’s move on.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: Uh huh.

IS: And as far as, is there anything, so there’s nothing wrong with my body? I mean nothing?

FORCES: Well, you have been proven to be healthy in many of your lives, no?

IS: (?)

FORCES: Yeah the blood, yes of course.

IS: Well I haven’t done one for (years) (?)

FORCES: Well then do one.

IS: And uh, is there anything we can know about ah the entity Susan? Is she, does she not want to be involved with us at this point, or should I not, should I not even should I not, should I leave her alone?

FORCES: And the reason for asking this interesting question?

IS: It is because that, uh, because I called a couple times and she sometimes she’s gone. She’s very nice when she speaks to me, but she didn’t call me back. For the fourth of July she went there Saturday she didn’t call me.

FORCES: Well, that’s quite interesting. And if the handwriting on the wall, so just leave it alone.

NN: Of the composers is there any one composer that’s more outstanding in terms of reflecting the music of the Spirit in his arrangements?

FORCES: Well of course Beethoven does it nicely, and so does Handel.

NN: What about Bach?

FORCES: Of course is always there. He’s definitely part of that vibration, uh huh.

NN: Is he as high as Beethoven?

FORCES: Oh, yes, yes.

NN: Thank you.

FORCES: Yes of course.

ES: Thank you again for helping my Mother.

FORCES. Sure every week it’s Salvation Army.

Group: (laughs)

FORCES: In a good way, we mean it.

ES: Could you tell me if going to (?) Mallory, Doctor Mallory if it would be helpful to me for my sinuses and for everything else?

FORCES: Well, It will smack of some interest of health, yes. He might have some whoope magic he wants to work on you, but remember, stick to general meds and of course don’t forget your Paul, or Chinese gentleman who would help you too.

ES: Should I be taking the ginseng (?) that Paul O. had me on a long time ago?

FORCES: Yes of course.

ES: Should I increase what I used to do, I used to take like just a teaspoon.

FORCES: Just do the same.

ES: Thank you very much.

FORCES: Yes, of course.

IS: The thing that’s going around now about the Kabbalah and the new Kabbalist or whatever, is there something to the idea that they are going to just read it in Aramaic, it doesn’t mean that it actually has some kind of a …

(phone rings)

FORCES: We’ll hold on while you answer this. It should be interesting.

FORCES: Yes, so the question is?

IS: So these Kabbalists like the new Kabbalists, they’re calling it the Kabbalah of Madonna. But I don’t know. Does it really have the components that they are talking about? Or what components does it have? Does it make a difference if you read the Kabbalah in Aramaic or in
Hebrew or in English? I mean…

FORCES: Well Aramaic is the question as saying protects the interest of the Kabbalah. It’s okay but we don’t adhere to it either, either.

IS: So it’s not doing any–?

FORCES: Well I mean there’s some merit to some of it but not all of it. Of course not. I mean, you know, the point is you think God can only hear one language?

Group: (laughs)

IS: Okay.

FORCES: Actually you really don’t have to speak. God already knows your heart.

IS: And so I just thought to myself when the room is finished, to get a set of the Kabbalah …

FORCES: Oh yes, that would be very nice.

IS: Which one should I get? I mean…

FORCES: Aramaic of course.

IS: Um, okay, thank you. Okay. And um…

FORCES: You’d do well with that, right?

IS: Well I used to but at this point I’m not quite sure how …

FORCES: Well do both, Aramaic and Hebrew. Or do three.

IS: Aramaic, Hebrew and English.


IS: Well the idea, why I wanted to …

FORCES: All you have to do is get one page Aramaic and one page Hebrew and the other page English.

IS: Uh, the reason – that’s why I want Aramaic, because I want to start reading it again so I can really come again and learn –

FORCES: Yes, of course. Yes.

IS: And, uh …

FORCES: Yes, we’re moving on with these questions right away.

IS: Okay! (laughs) Thank you. So all this new Kabbalah thing, I mean what do they think is real?

FORCES: Well I guess they feel like they’re changing the world with it. And that’s okay, because they are.

IS: They really are? Because they’re just praying this.

FORCES: Well nothing ever goes without an answer. So of course if that’s what they’re doing, then more … more spirit to them. Yes, of course. As Jesus said, leave them alone. If they be of God they’ll prove itself out.

NN: The badger skins that we use for covering the ark, was that because there was a lot of badgers at the time or was there a particular reason for that particular…

FORCES: No its, uh, they did not want you to badger them. That’s all. So they put the badger skin on it. Well there is all kidding aside, a vibration of great protection of a badger because of it’s nature and it’s ability to work.

NN: Thank you.

FORCES: Yes, of course.

ES: In the virtual reality subject again the question from the last session that didn’t get taped ah I had asked was virtual reality a method for people from now to start learning how to live in the astral, since they live in a virtual physical reality?

FORCES: This is totally right. That concept and opinion and
proposition is exactly right.

ES: So people that are practicing that even thinking that they’re just playing games or going …

FORCES: Oh yes, oh yes. Even though you might think, everything has its purpose. Yeah, of course. Yes, yes, yes.

ES: Thank you.

FORCES: Yes, of course.

IS: E. H., um, said he’s going to use my idea about that Twilight Zone that I gave him to add on at the end, that it was a reincarnation thing. Should I do that?

FORCES: Yes you will. Uh huh.

IS: And that’s the correct thing to do?

FORCES: If he does it, then it is.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom that he needs to know in light of what happened with his work?

FORCES: Well, he’s doing what he has to do and we’ll keep it at that.

IS: Is there a (?)

FORCES: We would not ask that question right now. He is working on it, but we won’t proposition it with that type of response, because, um, the walls have ears and everyone will see it.

IS: Is there a reason why L.F. didn’t win his election to the board, to the (?) Hospital?

FORCES: We’ll again, you saw your question a few minutes ago and as you drift away then everything else falls apart.

IS: Why did she drift away, because I don’t have time? Cause I (?)

FORCES: Well, why don’t you make the proposition of time, designate a day or an afternoon to have luncheon with her, that’s it. Do that for a month and see what happens, again.

IS: Um, is there anything that I need to know when I work with her? Am I definite enough or what do I need to do, or…

FORCES: Well we see that you’re doing good, but sometimes wear a blue linen cloth around your midsection. That will help you.

IS: Thank you.


IS: Um is there any special (reason I would need this?)

FORCES: Oh of course you would want to protect yourself from some of the emotions. And of course you are, by all chance you are. But then this is just added protection.

IS: Um, it doesn’t seem like they – none of them are helping me with my ankle stuff, my ankle, right ankle. Is there a do you see anything … and of course it’s not helping that I keep not losing weight … and, uh, I just want to know what to do.

FORCES: Well try to elevate the ankle, of course, and caster oil packs, most necessary. But if you keep your foot elevated for at least a half an hour to forty minutes a day that will begin to start in the right direction.

IS: Oh.


IS: Now is there anything you can suggest for me to be better with ah, with my clients or how to get new clients? I mean, (I’m afraid of the winter) for some reason. I just –
cause I don’t know it? Because I don’t feel I have control …

FORCES: Well, no, no, no, no, just put your advertisement in that spiritual paper or whatever.

IS: Called Echo?

FORCES: Resounding, yes. Yeah. Mmm hmm.

IS: So I should put an advertisement in?

FORCES: Yes, of course. Question.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: Take a half a page out, it won’t hurt you. Question. Yes.

NN: Would it eventually, would it be possible for IS to have some kind of a listing on the search engines or something?

FORCES: Well eventually. We’re working on that right now to deal with that. Yes, of course. Yes.

NN: Like (?) like Google?

FORCES: Yeah, of course, yeah.

NN: Thank you.

FORCES: Mmm hmm.

ES: Can you tell us who was majorly responsible for the London bombing?

FORCES: Hmm. You really want us to answer that now don’t you. Well, you know, one dot connects to the other dot to the other dot. All the dots lead to a mysterious group. And because of the poles of you-know-who is falling ah and not really becoming more secure, you knew something was planned to happen I mean it was dollar to donuts that something would be orchestrated like this. Now of course we’re not saying, but it would be interesting to see what the investigation comes up with. But then again they can screw or strew the investigation to whatever way they want to. Strew it. So. But then you have the underground people that
will start saying who did what, when and where. And wait for that to come out. So at this moment we reserve comment and wait for the others to do their commenting.

IS: What’s gonna happen here in Schuyler when E H. comes?

FORCES: Well of course it’s going to be complete pandemonium because you know that the particular museum won’t do their thing, and of course and so right. It’s very interesting, this might be a good way for the entity to move into the circles to bring peace among both of them and of course if E. H. would only be receptive to the hard work of the entity and his spiritual mission it might give it a certain political and spiritual positioning for the entity that would be for the now but also for everyone in the future. But again, if anything it would be to recognize his brother on a particular holiday every year, be it their birthday, and to have something every year for his birthday and all,and J. H. who is a member of the board. Of course they need to recognize he was a member of the original board and that he stayed with it for so long. That is a must that the museum must recognize. In so doing it will alleviate some of the pain that is in this particular heart of E. H.. But it also will progress things to move forward in a
rapid succession.

IS: The reason … one of the reasons that E. H. does not want to do anything anymore is because ah he feels that twice he came back and so it makes him look petulant he said, so he doesn’t want to deal with it, but in reality what he – I said to him maybe he could look into it, or a lawyer looking into it, where he could take it over completely like
valuable, and uh, valuables going on the Griffin, um the Griffin we all have these places where they are the ones that are making the money. Here, the only place where E. H. just gave it away to this town. You know, so, he … those are his concerns, you know, and so he gave it away for nothing.
And gave them ten thousand dollars to boot, and this is what they turned around and did to him, and he feels that at this point he would look like this petulant person, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

FORCES: Well of course he has a point in that perspective. Maybe it would be interesting to see what avenues still lies open for him.

IS: Well I … I told him to try and see what can be done to make it his. Take it back completely, make it his own like the Hamnerwood, Hamnerville, you know,something like that. So anyhow, so that was the reason – that was his reason why he can’t ever again talk to those people.

FORCES: Yes, of course.

IS: But um, does Mrs. R., remember what I told her? How does she feel about it?

FORCES: Well she does secretly but she will not let anyone know. Nor will she give credence to feel any which way on it.

IS: Because I told her, this is what’s going to happen in our Living Room. She stood there and said “Well then so be it.” I said Schuyler will lose everything. She said “So be it.” Does she remember that one?

FORCES: Of course she does, but her arrogance would still refuse her to see it.

IS: What do you have to do for people to see things? Is it … is it like (the first child is dead?)

FORCES: Maybe you have to die.

IS: We’ll I’m not going to die for her.

FORCES: Oh, no we’re not saying you, but maybe sometimes for someone to see it, it takes someone to give up their life for it.

IS: You’re talking about Jesus Christ?

FORCES: Well He did do that, of course. Let’s hear your questions.

IS: Thank you.


NN: Is there something in the atmosphere right now, particularly the summer that’s making everybody a little bit more tired? It seems like the air is thicker or something.

FORCES: Well the air is saturated with pollen so of course that’s what’s happening.

NN: And why is it …

FORCES: Yeah, it’s up about 80% in some areas. In some other areas doubled about 50%.

NN: And what’s causing it?

FORCES: Well people don’t have any spiritual focus anymore. The way that, we don’t … mean anymore, but when the atmosphere does get affected it’s that reason, because of the spiritual attributes are gone. Or lacking,
or not focused on.

NN: So it’s actually manifesting where people’s thoughts are?

FORCES: Yes, of course. Yes. Everything has a reception and a passive. Every action, everything. No matter what you do … and like the ones who asked the questions today. Its … the answer is how do we get something new in order to do something? But that’s neither here nor there, What’s important is that I’m taking the steps to bring some sort of
unity into disharmony. At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again soon. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father who art in heaven…