Session 602-6/11/94

FORCES: Greetings all here present now. We are in the area and have succeeded in the transitional phases with the area of the Soviet Union We now are moving different realms of dealing with the evolution of governments and spiritual creativities. The spiritual questions are found to be numerous and involved with many different fronts. We see the North Korea in a aggressive rebel-rousing move, hiding (diversely?) the atomic weapons it has stockpiled. We find China trying to protect but at the same time seeing complicit avenues of reparations throughout the China. China moves forward in a tremendous assault of city and inter-reform destructing complications and problems and sito, situ, situations that has never been, be, be, before like this. To start on the west and work over to the south. From the south to the east and the east back to the west. This will be a complicated situation control of the old guard versus new forms and new freedoms. The hour for China’s evolution and revolution, an attack is beginning in the month of July and it will be around the fourteenth of July. We see the progress of China becoming stronger in world politics, but then it all has to fade with it’s own internal problems. We find that these qualities of evolution and sowing of great national trouble in that of India and that of Pakistan that have in it’s effect, we find different safe cities, countries and positions in Africa to make tremendous revolutions again. And we find tremendous difficulties between Libya and Israel. We find both a tremendous problems between Ireland and England, and we find tremendous problems setting itself an agenda between different Australia, uniting the countries, that is Australia, Australian countries, and also that net force con, cognecins to take backward seats in many different districts. We find they’re also political with many different variables in drinking and in semi-private restaurants and gas stations. You’ll find tremendous savage time within structure of it’s own gasoline galloping save-age prices and also warring between different companies. We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Thank you for coming in. Did you say bad water in gas stations and some restaurants?
FORCES: We find this a very serious condition within a different ah, tendencies.
IS: So would you advise for all of us when we go into restaurants not to drink the water?
FORCES: Oh we would be taking our own bottle of water with you if you’re going to restaurants or gasoline stations.
IS: Any restaurant?
FORCES: Well we would say those of the dive in and dive out restaurants. Sloppy Joes, sizzling sticks… they’re as bad as (?) happy go-lucky, jack in the box and uh, McDonald, that Donald, chicken-chicks and Lieutenant Sanders and all that.
GROUP: (laughs)
IS: Are they aware that this is going on?
FORCES: Well let’s say this is going to be a manifestation in near prophecy. Personal perceptivity columns in a few days like (?).
IS: Thank you. Is there anything that could be given for the group as a whole at this point in time?
FORCES: A donut
IS: As advice, as how we’re doing, uh…
FORCES: Well we will only say the moving forward in endeavors and the working of these endeavors, and manifestation of that of keeping on, keeping on, is ah what is important.
IS: Thank you for the sale of the Massanutten and do you know how much money we’re going to be taxed on the personal taxes for Tom because of that? Uh …
FORCES: Well we’re not really interested at this problem. Ah we don’t think it’s a problem to begin with, so ah we don’t perceive it as a problem, no.
IS: Okay. But did I do the right it would, you helped me to sell it, right? It wasn’t just me.
FORCES: Well of course the entity had focused the energy to get on with it and of course it fell into spots.
IS: Thank you. Should …
FORCES: But basically you did your job, yes.
IS: Thank you. Should I keep the … should we keep the last one?
FORCES: Yeah, you could keep that. Question.
IS: Thank you.
JE: There are people or men on the earth, or humans on the earth, are there any you could have—-us, we never thought was in—?
FORCES: (?) but this is all robots walking here.
JE: Are there men anywhere else in the universe, I mean, similar or the same?
FORCES: Yes, yes.
JE: Where about?
FORCES: On their planet moon or on the Mars and on the moon and also parts of a moon on Jupiter.
IS: Are you speaking of earthlings that have traveled there and are there now?
IS: I see, so it’s not a separate race from the (Taran?) race.
FORCES: Well if you want to, but that’s not, it’s your race.
IS: So it’s people that have a conscious memory of earth?
IS: Thank you.
JE: And outside our universe?
FORCES: We see it out there too.
JE: How’d they get out there?
FORCES: There’s a Galaxy called LHR1 and this is a galaxy that they are sent to.
JE: So is it some of ours, the same evolution, or…
FORCES: Well of course you’re not the only beehive in the , in the, in the Bonnet.
IS: Is there in the other galaxies a third dimension where flesh as we know it now, here?
FORCES: Yes, of course, and fourth dimension, fifth, sixth, seventh, and dimensions go on even after death. Unfortunately there is a sign waiting at the doorpost, after death, life’s a bitch.
GROUP: (laughs)
FORCES: We don’t mean the word that you think we mean, we mean the beech tree.
GROUP: (laughs)
FORCES: But it is true, after death your life continues. It does not end but it is a season of sacredness and the gift and the magic and the power and the gifts that is given to you through earth that you can utilize on the spiritual side. Or the other side. We happen to call it the spiritual side, but that’s from the earth looking out, okay. So it’s not really a spiritual side. There are things have a habit of saying spiritual this and that, ooooh, but the idea is that the earth continues life continues, death happens, the end—–. Dead is dead, right. —–you know. A dead dog doesn’t hunt, and that’s what we heard tonight, and it’s existence of it’s own—- (?) Ah, that’s it. You move on, you don’t die, you move on, more jobs, like 101 jobs, 101 that needs to be —— so therefore it doesn’t end, it continues. A punch in and punch clock I’ll bet you they have on the other side, too.
JE: Is that is reincan – is reincarnation … if you’re here, are you limited to here the earth, and this galaxy or when you reincarnate can you go either places, other places, then have to come back, or switch it …
FORCES: What was your question? Be specific, in order to answer your questions, and it would be the, uh, go ahead.
JE: Well that your lifetimes are they limited in reincarnation to this galaxy or you can go different places, or you’re sent different places? Are you limited to one at a time, or how does that work?
FORCES: What’s your question? What was your question?
JE: Well, can reincarnation, is it just you’re limited to this galaxy alone, or are you sent different places?
FORCES: Reincarnation could be in any galaxy, but in this particular dimension you find yourself to be here.
IS: The other question that JE wouldn’t finish is there was other galaxies that a third dimension and humans like our evolution, separate from us, but still a third dimensional body, physical?
IS: But they have nothing to do with our evolution?
FORCES: Well that is very, yes – not well – yes it can have everything to do with everything from evolution that happens on a daily …it could have, yes, but the point is (?) like reincarnation (?) for that experience. Thank you Lord for throwing us back into the earth. Okay, then you have the end of time in which one particular (?), one particular lifetime and one in which you have different entities (?), and can be pro-circled or pro-unit of the same unit of the same entity but extensional to the unit. Do you understand what I’m saying? Yes, of course you do. Now we’ll move on.
IS: Thank you.
ME: Thank you. With the restructuring of the managerial position within the hospital …
FORCES: We’ll be so excited about that.
ME: What will be expected as far as job duties for the entity himself and for me in our unit.
FORCES: Of course it will vary and grow because you have a lot to think about the structuring of job duties. It’s why you’re there in the spiritual nature of the soul. It’s symbolic. But of course the structure and the different changes of nature, it’s, it’ll be, that will be handled with what you have to handle it in time.
ME: Thank you.
DD: On the, ah George Boole, that book, Laws of Thought is that, is that pretty accurate?
FORCES: It holds to some consist, consistency, yes.
DD: Is it well to study it and—?
FORCES: Well to study, ah you could read it, I would not want (to) study it.
DD: Read it with the idea of the one, zero from the Kabbalah?
FORCES: Well it is a sort of a foundation to the Kabbalah, yes. Question.
DD: So the uh, I’ll bet they’re in ah Newton when he wrote about his fluxions, is that the right way to go and…
FORCES: Well it can be applied this way, but there are many different ways of applying it, yes.
DD: Is that, was that the right way to go instead of the other way they went.
FORCES: We would say it’s agreeable to it’s own course, yes. Question.
DD: Thank you.
JU: The red spot on Jupiter, what is the nature of the cause of it?
FORCES: Well some think it’s the dirt in which they didn’t sift right, you know what I mean?
GROUP: (laughs)
FORCES: Others think it’s the dump part of you-know-what up there, and then you have other different chemical imbalances within the spot, created by a tremendous force of wind blowing this stuff all around, and then you have also a chemical-electrical, what would be considered electro-magnetic field in the same spot which creates optical illusion so whats really not there.
JU: Thank you. The winds of the (Schumacher-Levy?) comet, what’s in that, and what’s, what effect is that gonna have, the one that’s gonna hit it?
FORCES: Oh everyone will have a new pair of shoes, baby.
GROUP: (laughs)
FORCES: We would only understand that in this type of culmination that calling an assault upon a comet, I really don’t think it will be, according to our calculation and our table plans, we don’t see anything smashing the hell out of this planet in a couple of weeks.
GROUP: (laughs)
JU: The ulcer treatment that I started at the beginning of the month, would that help? Is there anything else I should do with it?
FORCES: Repeat.
JU: The ulcer treatment that I began at the beginning of this month, uh, Tom had said it might be a good thing for me to do, it was uh …
FORCES: Yeah, blame it on him.
JU: It, well, is there any, would it be helpful, anything I should do with it?
FORCES: Oh, we have no problems with it, being that we don’t have ulcers, so there. (?) problem but this is what’s helping you, ah we suggest your high power-tech food that you eat your pizza bars—, hope you don’t have ulcers, but that’s okay, (?) junky food we call it. But that’s all right. Now it should no problem if you want to take aloe, aloe juice is good for you, it doesn’t taste good, but, like—– juice you know, but the idea that you take it is fine, it will be okay, no we have no problems. Question.
JU: Thank you.
JH: Thank you for allowing me to be here.
FORCES: Yeah you should have taken a ticket and you would be in an enterprise price.
JH: Thank you.
JH: What, what does a blue circle inside a green square mean?
FORCES: It means you just came out of the psychiatrist office?
GROUP: (laughs)
JH: A blue circle within a green … what color?
JH: Green square.
FORCES: You’re a leaf.
GROUP: (laughs)
FORCES: When you picture this, is this a picture that you have seen?

JH: Yes.
FORCES: Is it something that is projected within your, something in your eyes?
JH: Yes.
FORCES: See how good we are. What is really happening is that as a projection of symbolisms that is being delivered to you by you-know-who, and this particular condition you are been given a,ah, ah information to design and direct in the tel, telepathic focus of receiving ah information from the entity in which he feels indeed to know, to do and receive of the work but we have to do of course we all know it’s always us. So ah, it is the, a focal field of the ah picture of this TV apparatus.
JH: Thank you.
FORCES: Mmm hmm.
JW: The Gemstone Guardiaan book that I am reading, is it accurate?
FORCES: We find it the entity gave it to the to read, is , is yes, yes.
JW: Okay, and the dream that I had with the light from the hands, does that go along with that, and …
FORCES: Well this would help you, yes. It tells you the spiritual side is coming through in the helping of this.
JW: Thank you.
FORCES: Uh, huh, yeah, anytime.
ES: Was … thank you very much …
ES: – for the help for this weekend.
FORCES: For what?
ES: Thank you for the … the help for this weekend, yesterday and today at work.
FORCES: Of ourse. You talk too much, —–.
ES: (laughs) Was the white egg a space ship?
FORCES: Yes, yes.
ES: Could I do that again?
FORCES: You want to ask another question or wanna lay an egg?
GROUP: (laughs)
ES: The dreams I’m having with a lot of the nurses at work, are they nurses that I should single out or just people that are opening up to something, or?
FORCES: Well of course there’s a lot of evolution going on in this very demanding, changing time. And a lot of spiritual well we won’t say spiritual … a lot of —,we don’t want to say, but a lot of happenings in what would relate manifest spiritual is happening. And uh, it is a manifestation, and it can cause a great deal of trouble to call it the way it is, because you know the nice church doesn’t like this and we have, well sometimes it’s good to be careful in regards to understanding the chicken in the earth yes.
ES: Um, is Mary Beth and her husband doing as well as they could on the therapy?

FORCES: Ummm, ah yes, it could be better and, and learning more improvement, but theeeeh, yes, yes.
ES: Thank you very much.
FORCES: Mmm hmm.
NN: Ah the amino acids DLP and L- tyrosine …
FORCES: Yes, sweetie, we love them very much.
NN: Is the …
FORCES: First things we have in the morning.
GROUP: (laughs)
NN: Is there a downside?
FORCES: Yeah, it’s called depression. The downside… not much to speak about, no.
NN: So they’re okay and they’re good?
FORCES: Well we’re not going to say they’re good, we don’t have a kosher standard for that, but we would say that it’s okay.
NN: Okay, thank you.
TV: Thank you. Can you tell us, um, with the early American missionaries that were killed by the Indians, what … why was it that they, I mean, what did they …
FORCES: Why did the priest get killed by the Indian?
TV: Yeah, did they …
FORCES: Or why did the Indians kill the priest, what do you like, what do you like?
TV: Did the missionaries, I mean did the priest do something that had made the Indians, you know, kill ’em?
FORCES: Yes, of course, they’re obnoxious. Unfortunately they like to tell the priests how wonderful they are, blessed art thou and all that. But there for you’ve got to understand the Indians had their folk lores and they had their gods and an, an, an, an, and sacred grounds which was desecrated by some of these priests deliberately and their waterfalls and the rocks and the sacred spirits, so of course there was a lot of a, a, a, a, a, a, ah, aw …anger between the priests and the Indians and it was a power struggle and the priests of the Indians fought against the priest of the priest. So well yes they did, there was a lot ah, ah, a, a, of nasty one-on-one power struggles going yes.
TV: Would, would they have to keep living those out in different lifetimes until they resolve it?
FORCES: Oh definitely. It will have to be resolved. I mean it still goes on even today, Mmm, hmm.
TV: Thank you.
FORCES: Yes, of course.
IS: Now, ah, the (?) something that Charlotte sent me ah for the Epstein-barr or whatever, will that help me?
FORCES: Of course it has some good force in it, yeah.
IS: And to use it just for the …
FORCES: (?), yes right.
IS: Just seven days?
FORCES: Yes, if you want to.
IS: Well that’s what it says, so I don’t know.
FORCES: Well seven days is good.
IS: Is there something else that can help the Epstein-barr?
FORCES: Yes, this could help, we find it.
IS: The thing that Charlotte … I don’t feel any difference yet.
FORCES: Well we would find out that Epstein-barr can be centered with energy and filtered with energy and flooded with energy, so Epstein-barr can be ah focused on to remove too.
IS: How?
FORCES: Focus your energy, just say that your body … that your body will remove the Epstein-barr with out your cells—-. Yeah, mm hmm.
IS: Thank you. Will you help me with …
FORCES: Well sure, that’s why we’re here tonight.
IS: Thank you.
IS: And uh –
FORCES: Yes, uh huh?
IS: And ah while I’m still on the body.
FORCES: Same subject, yes.
IS: All the physical pains and the swellings, the physical pains, the increase of them, its – it feels like every bone …
FORCES: Wa, wa ,wa wa, wait, wait , wait, wait,back up, back up, back up! You may have initial tax, taxings coming out of your body, but you know sometimes your getting it from food that is, is supposed to eat but that is strict for you because—– but sometimes when you do creams and sauces and all sorts of other things you’re body’s going to have a ting a ling little sensation come on back.
IS: Do you mean, but, okay, yesterday I had a little—.
FORCES: You have a reaction from those chemicals that you’re not used to eating.
IS: But I’ve been having these pains for …
FORCES: Oh then you have little deviat, diviats we call them. But then there’s also—-, there is a carotid body that ah, also weather and climate weather that ump.
IS: But I have more pains now here every day than I had even before I started the therapy, and I don’t know why I should have now more than when I …
FORCES: You got to understand—– the situations that might cause a little more energy to be used up than normal.
IS: Is the food that I’m eating then not right? Should I not have fish once a week, or …
FORCES: No well sometimes cut down on the beans. You don’t need beans for a while.
IS: So how often do I eat …
FORCES: Once a month you could have beans but don’t do that right now.
IS: Once a month?
IS: Yes. Beans once a month? And fish I can have once a week?
FORCES: (?) We didn”t say anything about fish, you can just forget it altogether, we might take that away too you know But beans once a month at the most. That could be your problem. Too much beans, you know, a lot of what do you call it gas, and you know (?) blow up like a balloon like a balloon——-.
GROUP: (laughs)
IS: When I stopped eating beans the last time it … it’s when I gained another seven pounds.
FORCES: Well you know everything i not bad, we have a understanding of the situation, but beans can go to your (?) um, hum.
GROUP: (laughs)
IS: So, uh, the fish then I should be eating again?
FORCES: Notice we didn’t say anything about the fish yet. If I was you I would just go to the window and pay my bill and go home.
IS: Uh…
FORCES: You can have the fish, we don’t see anything wrong with the fish.
IS: It’s just that uh, when I see at this point I have more pains than I had when I supposedly had cancer, it’s like, uh…
FORCES: We just think its toxins coming out more now.
IS: So there is no cancer anymore?
FORCES: No but this week and this month no not at this time, at the moment no. Do you think that means anything?
IS: This week, this month?
FORCES: There you go, you got it.
IS: Oh, god.
FORCES: We don’t find anything in you in that condition. You shouldn’t be worried about that. Healthy questions.
IS: Thank you.
FORCES: (?) the visions? Did you want–
IS: The dream …
FORCES: The dream…
IS: Excuse me?
FORCES: Go on, we’re just repeating what you’re saying. (?)
IS: The dream that I had a couple months ago with Linda Donovan, was that a worry to me or is it something I didn’t quite understand?
FORCES: We wouldn’t say that you didn’t understand it, no.
IS: Should I repeat cards on it?
FORCES: Oh, no.
IS: Could you …
FORCES: No we don’t want to hear it —,see it that way. (?) no, no, no, (?) not necessary.
IS: Should I then ask a related question
FORCES: Oh you can relate all the questions you (?) relative to it
IS: Umm, what should our relationship be, then, with the Donovans?
FORCES: Well, that’s up to you how you want to do it. I mean, if you … we … you actually asked this question… how? Well, um… um, always, always be kind and nice and polite and proper in everything you do. How’s that, is that good?
GROUP: (laughs)
IS: I think that we did that, right? As it’s …
FORCES: Oh, you’re doing fine.
IS: Up to now we’ve done that.
FORCES: Everything’s fine.
IS: So not to change anything?
FORCES: (?) Question? Change no, no, just do that for the moment.
IS: Uh, okay, then the fund raiser yesterday … what did it accomplish? Besides the, I don’t know…
FORCES: It accomplished much. It is solidify a course of people to come together under one tent and ah pay their bills. And uh, its …
IS: That’s for us? For the group?
FORCES: (?) But you allow the force of people to come from dealing together, and you become more organized as a family and you look upon one another as endurance and doers and doers and don’ts, doers, so it will have a ripple effect. It will continue to affect down the road differently just as, and you all had a good time too.
IS: Yes.
FORCES: Question?
IS: And uh, did we accomplish with the Paine’s what needed?
FORCES: Yes, yes, yes. Definitely. Yes. Question.
IS: Thank you very much. Steven King, the books that he’s writing…
FORCES: He is coming to a spiritual evolution. He challenges himself. He’s change, He’s coming to challenge himself, challenges.
IS: So …
FORCES: He’s coming out of himself.
IS: Yeah. So that, so in that case it’s right that I see what he’s writing is …
FORCES: Yeah, sometimes it’s right, yeah.
IS: – is part of purgatory or something.
FORCES: Yes, yes, we’ve seen that too.
IS: Is it his own lifetimes or is it something that he’s seeing?
FORCES: No, it’s what he sees. Yeah, mm hmm.
IS: So he’s getting …
FORCES: Question.
IS: Oh, thank you very much.
JE: The people on other planets, who are they? And what were they doing?
FORCES: Well you answered your question. They’re people on the other planets. Who are they? They’re people. (?) answer to your question.
GROUP: (laughs)
JE: And what are they doing?
FORCES: Well right now there sleeping—–. Well my thought is simple. (?)
IS: So the evolution is very much like the earth evolution?
FORCES: Oh yeah, they’re just (?). Mmm hmm.
IS: Did they have a fall like we did?
FORCES: Yeah they have summer/spring, too.
GROUP: (laughs)
IS: How about the Fall from grace?
FORCES: Yes, they did have that, yes.
IS: So did they have their own evolution … does every evolution anywhere in the galaxies, universes, do they all have the same pattern?
FORCES: Well they change, they’d like to change. They don’t want things the same.
IS: Okay, so it doesn’t mean there’s always the perfection, the falling away from perfection and the driving back towards perfection?
FORCES: Oh, no, no, no, sometimes they have to do finger exercises. Question.
IS: Thank you.
ME: The movie The Stand, how close is his depiction of what’s going to happen?
FORCES: Well, it’s not too close, but not too far away. Not too far back, too far away.
IS: How about …
ME: As far as, as far the virus you mean? Is he close …
FORCES: Well you got already the virus everywhere around you, you know, I mean, viruses are everywhere. You know, it’s … that’s (what he is —tecting from it’s not from milky ways.
ME: Thank you.
FORCES: (?) you know it’s put into things, you know, systems. Air conditioning, Montezuma’s Revenge, god, you know, all that. You have more stuff down here than (?). You know, (? Disc?).
GROUP: (laughs)
IS: What about those viruses that are, they talked about that escaped from somewhere that was in England?
FORCES: Stamp them out, you know. Get rid of them. Stamp them out, you know?
IS: How, how do…what’s going on with … those are new ones.
FORCES: Oh yeah, they’re nasty, nasty ones.
IS: How does one protect themselves?
FORCES: We, well we have a plan, you know. Put a mask over your face, you know, and, and, and, and, breath through this mask and never take it off again, you know? I mean cause there’s no way, uh, we with a positive attitude approach and, you know, keep in the focus and, and, and, and, and, and, and, projection, all this for health. This is what’s gonna be good. Yeah, this is good. It’s not bad. Yes. How’s that?
IS: Thank you.
DD: Would it be possible for me to learn Calculus like with the curves and strings, like…
FORCES: We’ll never get you. You could if you want to, there’s no question. You could do it slow, you know we don’t want the Eiffel tower built again.
DD: Is it ah, lean toward Korzybski a little bit?
FORCES: Yes, this is true.
DD: Also about the Benjamin … Benjamin Betts, was he a tending what you were doing?
DD: Very much so, it seems like.
FORCES: Yes. Question.
DD: Thank you.
JU: Uh, could you explain what neuro-peptides are and what they do? How they affect the body?
FORCES: Well, they’re hookers. And we don’t mean hookers.
GROUP: (laughs)
FORCES: But they’re hookers. They hook in the and they and, and, and elevate the body to a wonderful feeling, you know, like, you know, like, they can elevate any situation, you know, take this situation and if we had peptides here we would be (?) just sailing.
JU: Is there a way that the body itself can control the flow of them?
FORCES: Well, yeah, you can and plead and suggest that they you know tune down a little bit and focus on a long-term arrangement, you know. Does that help you any?
JU: If it works.
FORCES: Well we just wouldn’t tell you if it didn’t work. (?) Imean this—- We’ll give you your money back if you’re not happy.
JU: Thank you very much.
FORCES: Mmm hmm.
IS: With the Epstein-barr do I concentrate my thoughts on the spinal cord or where?
FORCES: All over. It’s everywhere. The whole body. You know?
IS: How did I get it?
FORCES: Well it must have been a Coca-Cola product you drank from the other night. Epstein-barr virus unfortunately can be found in a lot of people. They just don’t analyze or pick it up. It’s something … do you know the Jewish people have all these hereditary diseases that they carry on them. I don’t know I have to find some explanation. I’m trying to get up the (enigma?)
GROUP: (laughs)
FORCES: But this is a lot of things, you know. It’s not fair you know. But Epstein-barr virus is around. It’s everywhere and it happens, you know. And that’s that. It happens. Yes.
IS: Thank you.
FORCES: Yes, of course.
JU: Thank you. The story I heard about Chinese rhubarb ah working in eradicating rabies and influenza in culture, in tissue cultures, can that be applied in living humans?
FORCES: Ah.Yes, it can.
HR: Is there sort of a substitute for Chinese rhubarb?
FORCES: Well the American rhubarb does not have the chemical substance in it that the Chinese rhubarb has. This is a trace of the rhubarb. So in this particular case there might be ah a new substance that can do it. Make that the mark of this tree but that doesn’t come close to what can be … there are substitutes but it will have to be found in the area which this rhubarb (grounds.)
HR: Uh, if I went looking for Chinese rhubarb will I eventually find it somewhere.
FORCES: Oh yeah, definitely.
HR: Can I ask you a question about work?
HR: The problems that I’m having with this neonatal tolerant stuff in T cells, will I be eventually be able to get it done in fourteen days as opposed to twenty-four?
FORCES: In fact you can get it even further down to fourteen days.
HR: So I’m not seeing what I’m doing something wrong? I’m not seeing it?
FORCES: You can get it done for fourteen days, yes.
HR: Thank you. Thank you for your help.
FORCES: You can get it down to ten days at the most.
HR: Thank you.
FORCES: ——–yes.
JW: Chinese rhubarb, would that be known as anything ah that we would be able to find in a, in a herbal store? Or is it something we’re gonna have to …
FORCES: Well of course you could find that kind of tea if you want, yes.
JW: And would it be known as Chinese rhubarb tea?
FORCES: Oh of course the Chinese change the words and terminologies of, of, of, of rhubarb. For then they would call it the fire walker or more so the red hat. And they do things like that. They put words on the element in which the plant can do what.
JW: Thank you.
ES: The people at work that are starting to get sick … this one girl has Epstein-barr and mono … what would be the first thing to start talking with them about as in nutrition or something to help them with …
FORCES: Well they have to get fresh cuts in their meats and salts. And raising their B12, you know, raising their, uh, with potatoes and some garlic and ah healthy food eating.
ES: Thank you very much.
NN: The piece of music the Crystal Suite, how would you rate that as far as having a positive or what kind of ?
FORCES: We would say at 8, 1 out of 10, 10 being the best.
NN: An 8?
FORCES: 8 and a half.
NN: (laughs) Okay, thank you.
TV: Could you tell me ah a little more about what the dream I had about Zikon meant, I mean I think he, he was so shiny …?
FORCES: He is your soul-self coming back in a spiritual focus in which the dog represents your soul.
TV: And the one before?
FORCES: And the wounded—–?
TV: And the bandage fell off?
FORCES: Of course this is a reminder of the pain and bandage of course the ah wounds of that spirit that is still under the work in trying to develop it in a …the, the ah resurrected in the spiritual light.
TV: Thank you.
IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom?
FORCES: One day at a time. Yes. Question?
IS: The party for the 25th as it stands?
FORCES: Yeah. (?)
IS: Thank you.
JE: The people in our galaxy that are on other planets like Mars and the moon –
FORCES: And Jupiter.
JE: And Jupiter.
FORCES: Oh, not Jupiter, one other planet, the moon’s of Jupiter.
JE: Who are they? And what are they doing?
FORCES: Oh, they’re people! We just went through this before. Who are the people. Who are the people?
JE: Yes.
FORCES: People who are highly developed and developing a program. How is that, is that good?
JE: Which program?
FORCES: Which program? The program to develop future programs. How’s that?
JE: How did all of this come about?
FORCES: How did what come about?
JE: These future programs and programs they’re working on.
FORCES: Oh. Well this is something that came about in the 40’s but even further back to get ready for the next century.
JE: Thanks.
FORCES: It is so much —trying to get you all ready for (things you all won’t say this time around?). Question.
JE: Thank you.
FORCES: So you know, what you have here is a, a, a, ah, a, a,—–straps…you got schnapps— you got substance you got and people don’t have that anymore. That’s being taken away from them. See, but when you go away from one of these sessions, you go away with (large spots?). (?)ah spotus or something like that. (?) goes away, you go away with, you’ve been here for the last (45?) and that’s (?)What you were sitting there, but you’re not sitting there, still you might have been you know? But your mind is here, my place your place (?). Next question.
ME: May I…
ME: May I have an affirmation that will strengthen the inner self, I can use to strengthen my inner self?
FORCES: Let each passing day be a development of the inner man that the outer man may understand. Question.
ME: Thank you.
DD: I uh …
FORCES: Yes, we agree.
DD: About that calculus, the world took one method which was invented by the Germans, and the other method was invented by Newton at the same time.
DD: Now, the one Newton invented seemed to me the more harmonious one.
DD: Am I correct?
FORCES: Yes, we agree.
DD: Also, what they were talking about before, people being on the moons of Jupiter, it seems like you were saying the governments of the earth, somebody on earth had people there before the 30s, before the 40s?
DD: That’s before even this we came into contact with the … what we know as the aliens, isn’t it?
FORCES: No, no, no, no, no.
DD: So what time did we really come in contact with the aliens? Must have been earlier than the 30s then. What year was it?
FORCES: Should we be precise in the year? 1761.
DD: So they were working with our scientists since 1761?
FORCES: No, prior to that.
DD: How about did they have space travel in the 1800s?
DD: Working with our people on earth?
FORCES: All the time.
DD: I thought that before and I didn’t know…
IS: (whispers something)
DD: Yeah I know.
FORCES: At this time we will have be leaving and we will speak to you again. Greetings to all here present now.
GROUP: Our Father who art in the heavens