Session 598 2/13/94

FORCES: Greetings all here present now. We are in the area and watching the different stones come by, and how interesting they are placed around different the events. We find that there are many changes coming and changes are always there. We see the different Soviet Blocks still fracturing and warring together and also trying to uncreate and create at the same time. We see smaller companies in the United States coming about with great courage and keeping on. And we also see that there will be a display of competition between the ice skating champions in this Olympics. Disinterestingly the idea of the Olympics should bring forth some strange encounters. We also find that Japan is gone through some readjustings, and allowing itself to be marketed like it never has before. We find that adding the understanding and notes of the different conflicts between northerner and southerner, that these qualities of different types of thinking could be matched with those who would like to go to one particular area: north, south or to the west. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you very much for coming in. And, uh, thank you for ah helping me with driving, typing and am ah I making progress, I mean, with all the snow and everything…

FORCES: Yeah, it should be called a Try It then Drive School. (And not ever type.?)

Group: (laughs)

IS: Um, will I become proficient in both these things? The driving I never did …

FORCES: You’ll do adequate in both of them.

IS: Adequate. Uh, is there a point in time that I will actually be able to go out and work, and get a job?

FORCES: Down the road but not at the moment.

IS: Thank you. How is ah my health doing?


IS: Is the Epstein-Barr finished or finishing?

FORCES: More or less.

IS: What is it? Is it syndrome fatigue (fatigue syndrome) goes into Epstein-barr, or is it two separate things?

FORCES: Two separate things.

IS: I see. But they said, somebody said, that anybody that has Epstein-barr has fatigue syndrome. But not everybody that has fatigue syndrome has Epstein-barr. Is that correct?


IS: So I may be cleared out of the Epstein-barr and still have fatigue syndrome or am I going to be completely cleared out?

FORCES: Well, you will eventually clear yourself out.

IS: Um. With my health thing, will I regain energy the way I really …

FORCES: Oh, yes.

IS: And is there a time on that?

FORCES: No your energy will always be there.

IS: It will always be there? But, like it – like it is now, you mean?

FORCES: Well you won’t think you have energy now, but you have much more than you had a few years ago.

IS: Right. Right, But, but I was able to move around.

FORCES: Question.

IS: Okay. Um, for the entity Tom, the meds that we found, thank you very much. Are they doing the job or do I need something else, like the third one, do we need that ginseng thing back? That third –

FORCES: Oh, we suggest that yes.

IS: Yes. I see. Is that the thing that sort of, uh, downing on him a little?

FORCES: Balance is the route.

IS: I see. Okay. So other than that, anything else?


IS: Okay. Um, and with uh, is there a time-date on my energy thing, or …

FORCES: That always will be there for you.

IS: That’s… when will it come forth?

FORCES: Well it is there now.

IS: So why am I still…

FORCES: Well, you have occasional moments, but it’s there.

IS: Uh, will I gain completely where I don’t have to lay back down and stuff like that?


IS: Will I feel the energy enough that I can sing?

FORCES: Well, a little sleep would tighten over. And singing will eventually be done.

IS: Um, well, uh I would like to be, if possible, to be able to, uh, with uh Jehu’s father I think all in all everything was done very well. And including the traumatic, um, trip for Jehu, uh, everything was, uh, somehow he managed to get through including the Sabbath, but that was all and I’m sure he’s very appreciative of that. Is there anything that you would like to say for him or for his father or his mother?

FORCES: He is resting and getting ready to calm and relax on the other side.

IS: So I am seeing correctly?


IS: And um, uh, well, thank you for this for the moment.

TV: Thank you. Um, could you give me some guidance, uh, something I, for my mother either through physical or prayers, something for
her to help her through this thing?

FORCES: She needs to pray and in meditate and center on this with the Blue light around her and meditate at least three times a day to help shrink down and to fruits and vegetables should be increased in her diet, along with the juicing and lots of water with lemon and sometimes a good and warm hot towel around the head to calm her down; cloth around her eyes. But uh, praying and meditating a day will help a lot, along with the basics of right eating and right living. But uh,uh it seems like these prayers and force of meditation she had gone through this ah period
will be lifted or shortened, but at the same time it is also stressful too.

TV: Thank you.

IS: Is that cancerous?

FORCES: Well, we see some what would be considered clear cells, we don’t see per say a cancer. Well, no at this moment no.

Q: Thank you.

NN: With the candles …

FORCES: We would suggest that the ah chance of other type of growth ah being of the nature of it.

TV: Thank you.

NN: With the candles, um, is uric acid something that would be needed to keep them from ah dripping and could we just use something like ammonia or do we need to get stearic acid?

FORCES: Ah Stearic acid for health care. And ah—need some to prophesy a certain amount of receiving, and uh keeping that nature of candle making pretty purpose.

NN: Thank you.

ES: Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for my mother and showing her things that she’s opening up to. Um, is there a … can you explain, um, what is meant by the contraction in the books that
speak of the Sephiroth and how they deal with the first, uh, I’m not sure, but I think it’s how they deal with the first nine Sephiroth?

FORCES: They all interact with one another but only through the pattern of awareness. The certain gifts reveal themselves to you.

ES: Thank you very much. Was the contraction, um, it mentioned that it happened of course before Adam, that Adam’s sin made it worse…

FORCES: This is true, but its (?)

ES: Thank you very much.

IS: Should we continue asking questions?


DD: What’s the … what’s the uh heavy smoke smell in the Persian room? I was wondering what that was. I think it’s coming from that chimney but is it leaking through?

FORCES: Sometimes. Sometimes the people who were there that smoked heavily.

DD: No this smelled like wood smoke in the closet.

FORCES: Well we see a slight leak coming through, more like a down draft.

DD: Around the chimney?


DD: I didn’t seal it before when I put tar in and painted it. That didn’t seal it?

FORCES: Well there are times over the years it needs to be redone.

DD: There’s a question about this, uh, could you explain what theah Thummin was. I had it as having some diagrams on it or lines maybe. Did it have something on it or…

FORCES: It is the equal to the opposite of the symbol itself.

DD: What symbol is that?

FORCES: More of the Pyramid shaped with the three at the points.

DD: Am I correct about the ogam being in the, uh, in the —- for the high priest to use with the Urim to—-?


DD: And that, the Breast Plate is in ah or the Urim, is that in Ireland like I think it is?


DD: Would it be in the county Kork?

FORCES: It could be, yes.

DD: Thank you.

MH: Thank you for, um, allowing me to start learning to do the candles through your creative force. It seems to be working. Um, after death,
at what point does one come to? Do they enter a certain age, do they come into the other side being what they are? Or is there a total transformation? Or taken to something that …

FORCES: Something is a variances of all the others above. It is a change and taken on their youthful etheric body after twenty. Twenty more or less. And more or less more energy at that time than at the moment.

Q: Is there any guidance for me during this period?

FORCES: Well the prayers and meditation and noticing that your dedication must always be in front of you, not to be upset or swayed by anything that might be around you, but to keep your own focus on that path along with the challenges of the future.

Q: Thank you.

Q: Are there any of the structures or were there any of the structures around the sphinx that either no longer exist, or that are there that are buried now?

FORCES: Of course, there is plenty.

Q: Can you say what’s still there or what was there that’s missing and what was it’s function?

FORCES: Different. This (Ar-Vis-Can) ports, boats and ships and buildings and tombs, yes.

Q: Are they still there?

FORCES: Yes. Plenty more.

IS: Will they be found?


IS: This century I mean?

FORCES: Well as time goes on, yes.

Q: Thank you.

IS: Uh, you talked about changes that are coming. What kind of changes were you speaking of? Were you speaking of the changes that are for the groups also and if so what would be those changes?

FORCES: Well, we’re speaking more on a worldly level of different economic and jobs of the world. Different companies changing their approach and
focusing in different ways of different races trying to do that job that’s before them. And along with it, that the reigns of Europe versus that of the U. S./Soviet blocks that ah have just broken away. But they are wanting responsibility and the focus.

IS: How about changes here in the house?

FORCES: We will be trying to get all the houses of prayer as an organization and skills. That is an on-going thing that gradually gets itself organized. But are basically the moving forward of the same plan is, is in operation.

IS: So moving forward how with what?

FORCES: Please, we’re not being particular. We’re just saying that the group is still working and supporting and doing the things that they have to do. Question.

IS: Thank you. Um, will I be able to work can I already start eating non-organic food and if so when?

FORCES: You could gradually do that. But it is good that you are … do what have to do with what you’re doing.

IS: They, it’s the thing that they scared me there so much that they talked about the three years if I don’t do if I don’t continue following ah, you know within three years, within three years, and it’s uh, scary to me and…

FORCES: Well that, that should be. You diet for two years and —-. It shouldn’t be as scary.

IS: How long? Well, what’s scary is that if I have to continue, I mean …

FORCES: Well, once again, (?)

IS: But not at this moment?

FORCES: Well, it’s up to you again. It’s best that you just keep on the path at the moment.

IS: I see. So even like the frozen fishes, I shouldn’t do that?

FORCES: We have no problem with it, no.

IS: From time to time, you mean?

FORCES: We have no problem with it.

IS: Period?

FORCES: We have no problem with that.

IS: Thank you. Uh, will I be able to go to Atlanta with the entity?

FORCES: Well we’ll see what happens but there should be no reason why you can’t.

IS: Will I be able to travel and ah, the Massanuttan will we be able to somehow …

FORCES: Eventually sell it, we know your mind is on that a lot, but it will always be work itself.

IS: That place that called, that was a rip-off, right?

FORCES: Well …

IS: The one from …

FORCES: They’re only interested in our money.

IS: So they weren’t going to do anything?

FORCES: Oh they put, put it there out. But it’s not their responsibility once they put it out. Question.

IS: Okay. So will we be able to get it out …

FORCES: (—–), lets go to another question.

IS: Okay. Now, um, my hair is falling out like crazy. And I’m not …

FORCES: It is a cycle, a cyclical thing. Temporary, it will eventually come in stronger.

IS: And the weight, I’m not, it’s like I’m looking at all my clothes in the closet and it hurts me. Uh, it’s like I … I don’t know. Will I be able to really lose that?

FORCES: Well, there is no reason why you can’t.

IS: What do I do?

FORCES: What do you do?

IS: To lose it, yeah.

FORCES: Well, stop eating.

Group: (laughs)

IS: Okay. Is there any plan in that, or is it just stop eating?

FORCES: Occasionally stop it, eating as much. Your weight will come down.

IS: So, okay. Eating what, what are the things that I need? The potato?

FORCES: Well, sometimes it’s good to have a half and then
eventually it all will come down.

IS: I mean I am most of the time eating like half a potato. Well total probably potato. So eating less than that?

FORCES: Well the …

IS: Fruits? Am I eating too much fruit? Am I …

FORCES: Again, just lessen the amount of intakes would help.

IS: Well, I’ll try. Now, each person, uh, they get what they can take to learn a lesson from it. Is that correct?

FORCES: Sometimes. Sometimes they don’t.

GROUP: (laughs)

IS: Well, all right. I’m gonna ask that I was thinking, I mean, if I had the energy and stuff to start again like a dream group, and stuff like that, I don’t have the energy to do that now.

FORCES: Not yet the moment.

IS: But would that be a good thing to do, or…

FORCES: It could be done.

IS: How about the bringing in people here on weekends? Dream interpretation for twenty-five dollars per person?

FORCES: That has to be, that’s the way it has to be.

IS: Yeah? Is that a good idea?

FORCES: It can work, it can … can work.

IS: I mean, where people come here instead of me, you know, uh, bringing in people here for uh …

FORCES: It can, it can work.

IS: You know, just for a few hours, like from ten to three.

FORCES: It can, it can work.

IS: As soon as the weather breaks, will you give me …

FORCES: Well you won’t have people down here at your door at this moment.

IS: No. (laughs) But when should I start that? When would be …

FORCES: It’s up to you.

IS: To me. Uh, if I do it will the people come and…

FORCES: Well then if they don’t, they don’t. You can do the dream interpretation for your cats and dogs.

IS: (laughs) Well I don’t know, but, so, and I don’t know, yea? Nay? It doesn’t matter?

FORCES: It can be done.

IS: But I need the energy for that too.

FORCES: It will happen.

IS: Okay. And when I do get a job, uh, what kind of …

FORCES: Well let us not talk about a job right now.

IS: Okay. (laughs)

FORCES: Can someone else ask a question?

IS: Okay.

Q: Can you tell us, um, who there’s a, I was reading that the person responsible or like the leader of that revolution in Mexico, is like very well educated and seemingly more like a white person as opposed to a native Indian. Who is behind this revolution and … and where what’s it, what’s it behind that, I mean is, are the Indians just going to do us in the end? What’s gonna be the outcome?

FORCES: Actually the papers and concept, program other people to say that it’s the natives, rising up. But it is basically, basically a skirmish between Guatemala and that area because feels that area
belongs to them. And so you not only have the Mexican issues that the people in that land belong to them taken away by the government, but now that you have a second issue, the uniform, swallowing people, government feels that that land is theirs, taken away by Mexico. So basically it’s an uprising on a cause but really on another cause to create a sort of a nuts-ville, so that they will be able to come in and take over the land.

Q: Will it escalate to a full fledged war between the two countries?

FORCES: It can, yes.

Q: Thank you.

NN: Will there ever come a time that the Jewish religion would officially embrace Jesus and Mary?

FORCES: Um…well, whether they like it or not, these two people came from their religion. So it really doesn’t matter if they embrace it or not, the question is if they acknowledge their own heritage ah happened. So it’s a problem that was created not by the Jewish religion, but by the Jewish ah patriarchs; ah spiritual leaders choosing what they wanted to believe versus what they didn’t want to believe. It’s kind an embarrassing son, more or less, but it is from the Jewish tree and religion this Messiah came from. We didn’t create it. Unfortunately they need to recognize that it’s their heritage and just acknowledge that this Messiah complex or whatever that they want to accept it as happened so that they can embrace it in their own heritage.

NN: Will that ever happen?

FORCES: Well, we understand that was your question, and it has happened as far as recognizing that they were Jewish. Now for those who powers to be, to acknowledge it, I don’t think they’ll come right
out to acknowledge it openly because that would kind of discount two thousand years of avoiding it. So they’ll acknowledge it in an indirect way saying that they did come from this tribe or that tribe.

NN: Are those same people in power today? I mean…

FORCES: The souls, you know.

NN: The souls are the same ones?

FORCES: There’s a certain way of doing that.

NN: Thank you.

ES: Can you help us understand what the Ephod, did for the high priest?


ES: What was the purpose of the Ephod and how they worked it?

FORCES: Project the future and the course of events. And it was projected to a crystal reflecting the, uh, colors and the amber, the reflections of the globe of the light, giving them what was really happening. At this point we will be leaving. There is a lot to talk on, but there is a scheme to assassinate this president in May or April. But that should be interesting. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father who art in the heavens…