Session 147 2/11/78

Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching and observing many different situations that you will find throughout your country and find the tests to all those who are upon the land to be of vital importance to raise once more the spirit of togetherness and cooperation. The more they separate themselves from one another in their laws and regulations and legal documents, the more we will afflict them with the weather. It is in such condition now that each and every particular soul on the earth should strive to unify himself and herself to the purpose at hand. It is what would be considered the marked moment. It is the appointed time. The hour does tick away, and what we have been speaking to all of you over the past seven years will now become into fruition and manifest in fulfillment in every aspect in a given time. This is the year of grace. This is the year in which all must be prepared. The year to come, 1979, would be the year of the marked date. There is not time to relax. There is not time to fool. There is not time for personal problems, nor is there time for personal comfort. I give you a warning tonight that it is the time of serious business, of harmony and brotherly love and cooperation and to burn up the desires within you that destroys your physical body and stops you from expressing in the earth what must be done. Work is the factor. Work is the answer. If it is to succeed, I say tonight to all of you that every moment, every second must be encountered in work. Sleep your hours of that of six or seven, even that is too much, but encourage within your position and in your behavior not one wasteful or idle time. We are preparing. We will send many signs to many major cities, as we have done this past two weeks. We will not stop, or will we be pleased by their mournings. We must continue and saturate them on every level in a natural, factorous way that their conscious mind will begin to realize surely there is something amiss. We will then communicate with major industrial cities in factors of lightening and rain and storms and hail and snow and quakes and floods and earth-shattering devices. The moment is at hand, people. Your moment that you have all been waiting for is coming nearer. If you only knew the tremendous repercussions you shall have upon all those that meet you. Gear your life accordingly, for men shall look upon you for answers, and your life must be in order, in order that these answers must be plain and given. To seek after personal luxuries and personal aggrandizement of the physical body is contrary to our plan. You have been put here to manifest the spirit of life of light of brotherlyhood, of brotherhood and cooperation of the spirit throughout the galaxies, throughout the universe. You are truly a man but also woman. You are men and women together. You are the spirit of creation in the earth. You must glorify your position. The physical body is a mere trap to prevent the glorifying essence that is within you. Discipline your body, discipline your mind. Control them. They are just as animals of the earths They are not your friend. They are just a weight to tie you down. Move on from them. They do not exist, no matter what your size, no matter what your structure, no matter what your being of hair color or eyes or nose. This is the answer. All these things are superficial. All these things pass away. It is your spirit that shines through whatever body that is the Christ Godhead. Whatever name you give it, whatever name you want it to be, stand the reflected light and be the shining light. Stand the dream of that of the dreams of creation. Stand and measure thy own statutes. As you walked before in the past in the earth of darkness, in the earth of sadness. Now prepare for the shining moment of the earth of light that shall vibrate throughout the universe and the galaxies. Remember the sayings that we say: Fear not, for lo we are with you even unto this moment. All when said and done will glorify the spirit of creation, and you shall reap the harvest and bring it home to where we belong. We’ve worked with you over the period of years. We’ve been with you. We walked with you. We talked with you. We ate with you. We slept with you. We dreamed with you. Now let us dream the biggest dream that is for mankind to see: that he is no longer chained to the physical body, that he is a spirit, and the spirit testifies to the truth, and the truth shall make you free of the earth. Leave the earth. It is not your home. it is a moment, a time and space that you have created. You are all sons of God. You are all creators You are all magicians. You are all magical sparks of creation. Move forward into this path that has been set for you. We have prepared the way. Walk only on it. Every Monday shall be your fast day. Every Thursday shall be your partial fast day. Do this for this time in preparation for the beams that are to be sent. Give on Fridays Give on that Friday one session to one member of your personal selves. Give and spread now the messages that have been given to you. One Choose a person and work with one person, each and every one. One person only and spread this out, one person only each. Do the best moment. Be that which would be given to you, give to those who seek wisdom. Walk the path. Prepare ye this house. Do your best within it, that you will make it a meeting place for us so that we can speak and give you what is rightfully yours and that it would be a manifestation of a clear tunnel from this world to the beyond. Question.
DN: The entity Joe Laguna and a close friend of his has asked for guidance from you. Would there be anything that I might bring to them?
FORCES: Both of them should take on their responsibilities at this time. Both should meet within themselves what their conscience has told them. Both should listen to it and do it without second thought. Disciplines of every nature should be set up, that they can move forward. They must control themselves or they shall be controlled. Question.
RU: Is there any help you could give me with developing the fear of God?
FORCES: You do not want to be helped on that. That must come from within. If you would like us to help you on it, then prepare yourself. Question.
RU: Thank you.
RU: I just want to ask the Forces if you would help me………..?
FORCES: You must help yourself. We have given you everything possible. We have set you up and you continue to fight yourself in a way into that state of chaos. We have set every condition. We have set every principle in front of you to help you, but you fought it and against it because of your own personal belief of you. We have set you up, and yet you, like an animal in a cage, have fought what we have set up for you. You must then sincerely do what you have to do. We cannot continue to help you if you do not help yourselves. Help yourselves by looking deep within and analyzing why you do what you do. We have set you up, but you have fought every move. Help yourself at the next set-up point. Then you might break away from the cage that you have built around yourself. Question.
DD: Is there an angel called pineal…………..?
FORCES: There would be one called that. Question.
DD: What would be the symbol for that angel?
FORCES: A small light. Question.
DD: Like a little lamp… like an oil lamp?
FORCES: It could. Question.
DD: What, What part of ah Revelation are we at now, this moment?
FORCES: We’re in the middle, smack dab in the center, in the beginning and the end. Question.
DD: What chapter would that be?
FORCES: The first to the last. Question.
DD: Thank you.
Q: To be able to forgive oneself in the past does that depend on how strong one’s commitment and sincerity is in the present?
FORCES: That would be true. Question.
IS: The house the way it’s going today, is that correct?
FORCES: The house has to be the way it is going. Restrictions here and there can be brought into measure. We would actually encourage all members to restrict themselves that this might become a manifestation of their dreams. Yes, the house the way it is going is on schedule but remember each and every one must be called upon -For a certain percentage of sacrifice in order that you might move on. Question.
IS: What is the——-of the, yeah
FORCES: Restrictions of their thoughts of disciplining them, of praying, of meditating. Restrictions on a physical level, that they do not waste what has been given to them in any form/way, that they do not waste the materials that have been placed be-fore theme physically, mentally, and spiritually, that they respect everything that they have in front of them, For if they do not respect it, they break it, because they do not respect the Christ spirit within themselves. Yes, everything that is outside is a part of you inside so love it and respect it and appreciate it, and then we can move on to the bigger matter at hand. Question.
IS: Now ah is it—— possible to go to New York this, ah week?
FORCES: It would be according to plan.
IS: Thank you. Is there something specific for the entity Tom?
FORCES: It would be given to him what to do.
IS: About TWA?
FORCES: Under no circumstances is he to return to the working -Force. Visiting and planting the seeds is his job now, but not to work again there.
IS: For Johnny’s salary or something, could you help me on that?
FORCES: Repeat.
IS: For Johnny’s ——– of the electrical work in the house, could you help me on that? What would be the right thing?
FORCES: What would be the right amount? That would be up to the -fella. It is up to him to establish a price. We would say no less than $150 for three visits, no more than $500.
IS:—– Okay. Thank you. Have you given me ——–?
FORCES: Repeat.
IS: Is that a margin that you have given?
FORCES: You will have it as a scale.
IS: Thank you. Now with the -Financial thing, are things going the way they should be?
FORCES: No. Everyone is responsible -For bringing in a harmony and bringing in that harmony for bringing creations, and the creations will bring in the money. It is well taken care of, but be at peace. But then again, each one is responsible to do his part to respect what is in front of him and to conserve the energy, -For it has just begun. Question.
IS: For my part, am I doing all right?
FORCES: You could have not done any better.
IS: Thank you. Also, with the sensation of the skin, is that something that’s just developed?
FORCES: That was just a minor irritation that passes away.
IS: Thank you.
JB: Could you give me any guidance at this time?
FORCES Center your thoughts here, Jacob, and produce a glorious work here. Find your job here, where you belong, and then a spark o+ creativity that you have never, known before will manifest in such a glorious manner. Question.
HI: Is there pray, a prayer that you could give me to use, this new deck of cards?
FORCES: The prayer is ever around you:
Q: When God spoke to Job in a Whirlwind, was that a similar experience as like receiving the ——?
FORCES: Correct.
Q: Is Melchizadek an archangel, or is he one of the Forces?
FORCES: The Forces.
Q: Was it Melchizadek who took over the body of Jesus to become the Christ?
FORCES: He is a Force that is surrounded in all occult and metaphysical and the spiritual laws. He is the tester.
Q: Thank you.
FORCES: Question.
BR: In the last session you said that California was —– and then the East Coast. What cities would be hit on the East Coast?
FORCES: Pick you choice.
Q: All of them?
FORCES: You could have every one of them from North Carolina to Florida to Georgia to Washington to Maine to New Hampshire to Boston, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island New York, any one of them. We ah, ump, ummm—– good sport. Everything is set. You are being tested. Prepare yourselves in every respect to be strong, that you can bring the fruits in. It is not a time for comfortability. It is a time for work. One year to do the things, and then another year to manifest the fruits. Question.
JU: Are the Psalms that I have been using and the way I have been using them, is that correct, or can you offer me any help on that?
FORCES: You must discipline your energies. Yes, they are corrects but focal that force, focus the force that is within you. You cannot run scattering around hither and there. You are like a butterfly that has no purpose. Running just for the sake of running. Focus the force. Focus the force, that it might be creative or not… Question.
JU: Did you drive the car in front of us at—- one point?
FORCES: We are of that point in nature to take over anything at any time. What is a car to us? Question.
MK: Can you guide me at this time?
FORCES The door is this way, the window is that. If you look up you will see a skylight. Over, here are the candles. Inside is the answer.
IS: How can I, how can` we help the waste of materials and things?
FORCES: By cleanliness by order, by harmony. You cannot be creative in a wasteful and sloppy environment. You cannot be creative in an environment that gives to a pigsty. Remember, the elemental force takes over when you relax. Discipline theme too put them in order and in harmony. Then when you have that field conquered then you can move on into the spiritual realms. You cannot create in a pigsty, nor will you ever be happy in one but the body seems to gravitate to create one all the time. Put that in order, and waste will be no more. Question.
IS: Halina and Simon? Is there anything that can be given for them?
FORCES: Time. Question.
DN: The device …am I perceiving it correctly? Is it worthwhile?
FORCES: It could be worthwhile.
DN: So I should go ahead and try to work with it?
FORCES: Work within self first. Certain point of time giving to others and then it shall manifest.
FORCES: Question.
DD: What part of the body does Judah represent?
FORCES: Repeat.
DD: What part of the body does Judah represent?
FORCES: Judah can represent the dome. Question.
IS: Should I ah are is my thoughts, ah correct about the second floor upstairs, ah the, ah hallway?
FORCES: You could do it but with measurement of improvement. It would have been better rather than the dome, but then again, it can be done perfectly. Correct. Question.
IS: Is that part of what should be?
FORCES: It can be. Question.
HI: When you said that we should give a session to, ah someone ———- were you specifically speaking about an entity that has to be physically present or could we just take someone in our mind and work with them——–o?
FORCES: This can be done. Question… Question.
DD: Is there any way we can correct the knocking in the sink in the master bedroom?
FORCES: Repeat.
DD: Bathroom… bath room.
FORCES: Repeat.
DD: How can we correct the, ah knocking noise when you turn the sink on?
FORCES: Kick it.
IS: Can all the noises of those fixtures be nullified in some way?
FORCES: Repeat.
IS: Could the fixtures, the noise of all the plumbing -Fixtures, be nullified in some manner?
FORCES: Yes, you can nullify them. Put a cap on them. Knock them out. Cut them off. Bury them. That would nullify them. There is no process in which you can stop the knocking unless you change the tubing or unless you hold a match to the pipe and heat it. Question.
IS: Should we bring in Miriam or is she all right?
FORCES: You could bring the little person in.
IS: When you said about, ah the going out and, come, ah the flow … the going out flow is automatically the coming in flow. Could I have more information about that——-?
FORCES: Simply means if one does not extend himself in his environment in preserving, there is not a coming in. Question.
DN: Were we correct in interpreting the, ah session about Jesus whenever we thought it meant that James took over the physical functions of Jesus’ body while he was out after the death on the cross? James, his brother?
FORCES: This could be correct.
Q: Thank you.
FORCES: Question. Seeing that all of you have questions we will have to postpone and talk to you at a later date. We will be with you during these weeks to come. We will guide you. We will hold your hand. We will appear and show ourselves to you. We will walk with you. We will strengthen the beam more. You will hear us. You will see us. You will feel us. You will experience us in people. You will see that which is yours to have. Work so that this will be a glorious place to manifest the spirit. All Peace to you all. Greetings to all here present now.
GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…