Session 142 – 1/21/78

(No tape for this session. Following from BH shorthand notes)

Greetings to all here present now. We have been observing and noting the progress and find it on schedule. There are certain ins and outs that need to be worked with in a more fuller detail, but in reference to the general prospects involved, it seems to be doing fine. We have been observing the Middle East situation and find some parts to be trying but in reality, on schedule there, too. It should be interesting to see our outcome in this area. Remember, we are operating on levels that have to be done, and therefore, we are taking a most active part in this area, regardless of both parties involved. We have a watching note to your climate and find it interesting for the Fall of the Winter and the Summer. New York City will begin to ask questions about what is happening as far as the weather is concerned. It should strike them interestingly enough to know that a force of protection has left, and all sorts of crazy items will be happening to this area, not to destroy the area, but to test people to see faith, but in reality, things will go according to plan. Great sign of changes to come into the country, things country has not expected that will change certain political heads in this country. Change in South in Virginia and also what would be called Tennessee. These are the two (2) most active states with revolutionary ideas that would have an impact. We have trouble in the West Coast, what would be Alaska, Canada, and through North Dakota and Nevada. Stress month of February to be month of strange encounters. This month will set pace for the year to come with strange encounters in areas of small and large, great distance of oceans. This should be Trinidad, what would be called Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba and middle South America. Strange encounters in Mexico down through. They should strive to become careful during the month of March. This is a critical moment for them. Political unrest in the city of New York that would cause a confrontation with law enforcements in order to carry out normal day of activities. Surrounding areas and infiltrating when we can in order to communicate thought forms and messages in your area. In this area we will be strongly felt, and new discoveries will be made to the area around.

IS: What do you mean by discoveries?

FORCES: It will be interesting to find discoveries of many sorts in the section. Mineral deposits and also discoveries as far as inner earth concepts.

IS: Where in the South or the whole area of Virginia?

FORCES: Let us say near.

IS: Job speaks about a place where you go to rest. Is he talking about Nirvana or the hospital you go after you die?

FORCES:This is a place that is like before you. It is a place of peace.

BH: In the Bible when it says “my horn will be exalted, what does that mean?

FORCES: It is the center above your forehead that projects up like a unicorn that shall receive messages from on high.

BH:Thank you.

IS:The dream Tom had?

FORCES: It represents the amount of work of precious ointment in material that will flow in.

IS: Thank you. How long ago did unicorns become extinct?

FORCES: They exist in another dimension. Used to exist in this dimension until man began eating meat.

IS: The second dimension better than the third dimension?

FORCES: It is not better, it is only a retreat.

IS: So since man de-evolved the unicorn went into the second dimension, and when man evolves again, he will appear in the third dimension?

FORCES: Correct.

BR: The word Amen, what does it mean and where did it come from?

FORCES: It is all around you. That is where it has come from.

IS: Like Ah-re-Om?

FORCES: It is in space and time of sound, light, smell, hearing. It is the sense of intuition. It is the beginning and opening of the doors.

MK:The music from Close Encounters, is that a universal sound?

FORCES: Correct.

DD:Is that what I heard here?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: The hot water heaters we are planning to put in, are they correct? How much can we put in the house? Can they all be in the boiler room?

FORCES: Fifty (50) and one hundred and fifty (150) to one hundred seventy-five (175) would be adequate. All with a little space be placed in one room. Little more protection and neatness could be devised.

IS: In the boiler room?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: For the heaters or the boiler?

FORCES: We have mentioned heating unit for the house. Boiler separate function all together.

IS: How would we place it to be neat?

FORCES: Electrically neat, physically neat and efficiency neat. Temporary moment to moment basis.

IS: Until we get the sun heat?

FORCES: This is in the future.

IS: Things that are going on with the dogs. Is everything all right there?

FORCES: Things within human beings that are being put in order. Going according to plan. Also a keynote to many signs and a passport of protection.

JH: Awhile back sitting on the beach, I saw a large lightening bolt come out of the water. What was it?

FORCES: How many times had you seen this item from the waters?

JH: A half hour and doing it a long time.

FORCES: Let us say two (2) items to you. First item: A naval base in the area has submarines that like to shoot things up in the sky. Two: We also have a base that likes to shoot things up into the sky.

JH: Thank you.

BH: What is the best way to pray for a specific request at a certain moment? Keep repeating the request over in your head or put it in the form of a rosary?

FORCES: If one has a request, it would be well to just mention it once before the Ark or Throne and leave it on the Altar and sincerely do your best in being

FORCES: Correct.

IS: What did the shock treatments do?

FORCES: More harm than good. We must leave but will speak to you again tomorrow evening. Remain in a positive aspect, and know we are ever near and working out all that has to be worked out. Move with strength but with caution. Move with faith. We will hover above where the moon will be at 2 (two). Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…