Session 138 – 1/3/78

(There was no Tape recorder present at this Session, nor was BH there. The following is a transcription of RU notes, in which she only tried to record the answers of the Forces. The questions are reconstructed from memory.)

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have been staying in the area and find it pleasant in many ways. Traveling needs some improvement. It will be done with time. Your stay here has been meaningful and expressive. We must stress that we are pleased with the way things are coming along. It would be well to move faster in your expressions.

MK: Can you tell us anything about Jesus’ visit to the Americas? And is the Book of Mormon accurate concerning this?

FORCES: He did travel to America, India, Japan, Tibet, South America, and Australia. The information contained in the Book of Mormon was received and guided. Jesus was roughly twenty… five to twenty-nine years of life. The Mormons didn’t record it, an Indian recorded it.

MK: Was Jesus the entity known as Quetzalcoatl?

FORCES: He had that disease, too! Yes.


FORCES: All lines must be stationary. There would be repercussions and a chain reaction if taken out. There would be an effect on the line presently left. And a reaction to all other aspects in the house. It is worth more stationary until further notice, for the moment.

DD: What should the hole we discovered be used for?

FORCES: It could be used as a safe.

DD: Should we line it with soapstone?

FORCES: Use a box in safe condition and stones lined around it and placed as found.

DD: In the Movie CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, when the ship was in the shape of the star and cross, what was each of these used for?

FORCES: The star is used for navigation and the cross for latitudes coming into the earth.



DD: What did the use of music in the movie represent?

FORCES: It was a musical expression of tones or voices. One can learn through music. It brings our vibration into the earth for contact with the third dimension. The centers in the bodies of those there were prepared by the music.

DD: Where were the tubes?

FORCES: The tubes were in between the points of the star.

DD: What does New Jerusalem represent?

FORCES: It represents the consciousness of a new city.

HI: What did the dream I had last night represent? There were people who went swimming so much that there palms were all wrinkled and had almost disappeared.

FORCES: This represents the quality within self meeting with the aspect of application of service. The palms are the reception, the disappearance, the striving to be receptive to the spiritual fibers.

HI: I don’t understand. Was it a positive or a negative dream?

FORCES: Positive. But time…it will take time to open your centers properly. It takes time to do things properly.



BR: Is there anything that you could give me at this time?

FORCES: Be receptive to the spirit. Continue to be as positive as you have been and receptive in doing what you are doing. You are on schedule.

IS: With the Book of Ezra, was he like a Jesus Freak?

FORCES: He was a little less than a Jesus Freak. He was more in station. He thought it was better to convert them than to separate them and this was correct.


FORCES: Half and. half. Only the appearance. Would have to change in time.

IS: Could you tell us where to find the drain we need for the new laundry room?

FORCES: This could be applied in the area which would be known as roughly speaking…the drain would be parallel to the southern point of northern appenditure. Could hook into in such a room.

IS: In the boiler room?

FORCES: It could be that. It would do well if it was.

ISIS: South of the boiler?

FORCES: South of the border!

ISIS: South of the boiler room?

FORCES: That would be the “south of the border�?! If looked into properly it could be found. You’ll find it.

ISIS: The boiler could be or would be?

FORCES: Boiler would be. You’ll find what would be necessary.

IS: Should we install the continuous hot water system?

FORCES: This could be done in time.

MK: Are the drawings we did of the entity we saw correct?

FORCES: They are correct.

ISIS: Why can’t I see them as clearly?

FORCES: Because we don’t want you to see us clearly. It is not necessary at the moment.

DD: What part of the ship is the cross?

FORCES: The gyro, it could be called. It folds out when we move and in when we are stationary.

IS: How was the talk I had with Emale?

FORCES: It is better to let the natural forces take control. She is stupid to her own selfish desires. This is what happens to individuals who believe only they are right and all others are wrong. In reality she is confused with what she personally wants.

IS: Even after all she has been through with the wars and so forth? How can she not believe in God?

FORCES: It wasn’t the wrong way. Some survived witlessly. Some were active before. Some people wanted very strongly just to stay alive.

IS: Do the Sperry’s know in their hearts what is happening with the spring and all the things that have happened to them recently.

FORCES: They dare not speak of this, even in their hearts. In their minds they know.

IS: What about the community?

FORCES: They are attentive, aware, curious, strange, wanting to know, interested.

IS: Do they see us as bringers of prosperity?

FORCES: This is a good factor.

IS: Why do the light bulbs burn out so quickly?

FORCES: There is a tremendous energy field around the house. It is a high voltage for an everyday light bulb. It is better for 50 to sixty watts than for one hundred. There is no strength adapter in the system. Bulb wattage should be less.

IS: What about the kitchen?

FORCES: The kitchen is under a different circumstance. There is a stronger energy flow.

IS: And with the boiler? Should we call the man?

FORCES: Correct. Yes. The operating if watched and observed should cause no personal problems. The boiler is in respect to the answer. The man should be reminded of the project.


FORCES: This would be done in an indirect way in time. No personal relationship. It is a process of normal growth.
Something still needs to be done.


FORCES: Yes and no. It will be done over the years.

IS: And about my sickness?

FORCES: A normal process of changing and attuning, traveling out of thoughts, cold and warm. Always be receptive to intuitive factors. Each day can bring a brighter understanding of the way. You encounter qualities outside and bring into the homes on the outside the love of God. Greetings to all here present now.