Session 135 – 11/27/77

We are striving to work and to (?) the spirit of life and it is (?) with all that strive in its endeavor. We have placed around this area sentinels and they would be considered guidings. It is one of the highest strengths that we can give to you. It is also the leader, comrade as you would call it. Name Brotherhood servant master alliance has been present here with you during this service. In this that he has come to introduce the spirit within you and the feeling of his presence. This land is sanctioned and sacred into that of the Higher Forces and the deity of great joy. It is with great feelings of accomplishment that we move on and experience and express and show ourselves more and more with each passing day. It is the sum of the beginning; it is an advancement forward. Lose not your purpose or goals or objective. Least, be dismayed by those who strive to frustrate you, but move and when parting yourself from those who hinder your progress. Move on to the glory of the Forces, move on to the glory of your God on the Earth. You have been called the Gathering. In such it is a fitting, proper name. In such you will see great abundance of joy and peace. It is the grove of peace, the grove of joy. It is a grove of holiness. Move on to your appointed destiny and glorify God that you have been chosen to fulfill a scheme of His in the Earth, a plan if you like it in purpose and in sanction. Question.

HA: Is there anything I can do about my hair?
Forces: In the soul calling the hair being of a dead fiber, for a hair product is only the aftermath of the dead cells within the body. If you would want to take consideration of the hair, analyze the – from which it comes. It would be more important. The thoughts affect the fibering of the hair. It would be in harmony to place thoughts in a more disciplined manner and the hair would then become in discipline. Olive oil would be good in the massaging process, along with applications of what would be called sunflower seed oil. If this would be used properly ah for a period of one to three days then stopping and doing it again one to three days, then there should be some progress. But the progress cannot be made only on a physical level; the spirit must always affect the body first. Therefore whenever you see in the physical body, it’s only the affects of your centers within your body first.
DN: What is the ah symbolic meaning of the trouble with the vehicles that we?re experiencing? What, what is it? How does it affect us as a group?
Forces: It is a choice. The lack of discipline and the lack of concentration put together a simple mechanical problem. And also the lack of concern. It is like you have the purpose in front of you. You have been given the base in greens. It is the lack to store them to make them a mixture. So far it is a lack of concern that merely frustrates that anew.
DN: With the candles and of the drip, the constant dripping, is ? does the fault line make the wick or the wax or either?
Forces: This is a combination of the wick and combination of slight temperature in the ethers that are variances. There are troubled times in those parts that shall come. And the candles are only expressing to the conscious eye the fastness of the time.
DN: Thank you. The dream about (Pizzaro?) was it in any way correct, and does it affect the entity Jesse?
Forces: It would have an affect.
DN: Can you explain anything about it?
Forces: It has an affect on the present what would be called fifteen years of this entity?s life. Simply a revelation but merely nothing to ponder on but to move on this mount of life.
DN: Thank you very much.
HA: Dion Fortune, is that a good source?
Forces: We have a double indemnity if you would call it here. It is a source that could be utilized with a straight and narrow way, but it would have a considerable reaction or chain reaction with improper use. It would mean supervision of a hundred percent for those who would strive for to apply it. The spirit needs the fluctuation and observation would be kind of stifling. We cannot say in short that it is a hundred percent wrong. But you must utilize the ingredients and the purpose that is in plan.
HA: Thank you.
JM: The irritation that I feel in my lower back, obviously there is something amiss with my spiritual life, is that correct?
Forces: Well, it is more than correct, it is a lot of readjustments and setting back on a path that has been long neglected.
JM: Last night we checked the- one of the water ah supply tanks and we saw nothing that we could find that was causing the, the lack of hot water. This morning there was hot water. Could this be explained?
Forces: This is simply a timing device within the gizmo. You might find it adequately if you searched for the mechanism over it in which the timing device or what would be called a lost wire. In fact there are a lot of lost wires running around connecting to the other you might find up the wires in front of you. But strange as it might seem it is a malfunction and a function at the same time.
JM: Thank you.
SN: Can anything be given to help Halina and I with Joshua at this time?
Forces: This would have to come from within. For us to lay down or to describe or scribe but to give a prescription on how to handle the little child would have to come from within. It is very obvious that the child needs love. Not a possessing love, but a disattached type love. This must first come from within both of you. It must be developed and unselfish love between both of you, must be developed if this child is to be properly reared in it’s own mission. The child needs discipline as far as the love aspect. Discipline not on a logical way or with fear of doing right, but discipline with love. It is a striving endeavor that must be given.
SN: Thank you. Uh, can you give any advice to me as?
Forces: There might be a visitor in the premise. Just to check and haul this room off (with him?).
Forces: It seems it will be all right. There are sometimes a question of the safety in which we operate. Sending people to discern the presence of alien beings must be in the top interest of your life. Do not become paranoid, but remember this is a strange world we live in. Question.
GL: The boiler downstairs, should we change – get another boiler, or the type of a coil that we had in the Flushing house?
Forces: This could be done with proper supervision and in time it must be analyzed and determined whether it would be right for the group’s consciousness. It could be done; it can be done. Should it be done? Timing should be analyzed. But it can be done if properly supervised.
JB: Thank you. Any special guidance for myself and Hope Island during this time of change?
Forces: We would endeavor the opening of intuition to guide your impulses as guiding intuitive light. It is during this time, Jacob, that you will receive impulses to do creative and industrial things. Not to turn the Messiah off or the logical mind, to go and to endeavor what your heart dictates you to do. This should be sufficient for there are so much in the future progress that must be accomplished before you can really understand, or Us to understand so-called you as being Us, to understand what will and can and shall be done.
JB: Thank you.
BR: Ah, the leveling in the front yard and, uh, preparation of the back yard, ah, so far is everything we’re thinking about the way of doing it correct?
Forces: This must be done.
BR: And the pipes, changing them all to copper, is that correct?
Forces: We do not understand.
BR: Uh, the plumbing, the pipes are too narrow for the water to go through ?
Forces: If this is necessary this is a maintenance problem.
BR: Thank you.
IS: Can I have (?)
Forces: It could be accomplished. All that is within us, with us and by a servant of Isis, may this servant be guided to do Our will, to which we receive His will. And if you ah simply ah move forward We will give you what you desire. We find your services and those who help to serve around you a blessing. We the Higher Forces consecrate your body as Our instrument and Our will. What you say on the Earth is what We will do. What you do on the Earth is what We will say here. But as Jesus did say to His apostles, what you gain on Earth you gain in Heaven, and what you lose on Earth you lose in Heaven. We consecrate you, We bless you, We sanctify you. Isis Eva Ringrose in the name of the Higher Forces. Question.
BR: Last night with the incense and the formulas and the incense, could you tell us about that?
Forces: It is the spirit of the woman in the house that you will see as time goes on. It is a compassionate woman that has you interest. Has your interest in mind. You will occasionally see her walking through, but do not be upset or worried but she is a good soul-spirit. It is a protective spirit of the house.
BR: Thank you. Also could I receive guidance for this next week?
Forces: Tune into your heart and the blessing that has just been given and you will receive abundantly.
BR: Thank you very much.
JE: Does the cave that you mentioned in the previous sessions run somewhere?
Forces: Definitely. Be it as you walk to the North four paces, as you walk to the south eighteen paces. As you walk to the west seven paces and sit down three paces to the south, you will find that abundantly the caverns run deep and many. Finding is the luck of charm and charm is a luck of the sycamore tree. The Sycamore tree bears fruit to the pine tree, that tall is blossoming into that of the cherry elm tree. Watch the (tongs?) and the mushrooms within the caverns of the frogs. Their a rock shall be hidden laid within that the treasure of a fall. Question.
RH: Could you tell us the reasons that the children have been sick for a long time now, uh, since, um, since ah almost they turned three years old and before that?
Forces: It is a changing of the cycle of breaking down of the karmetic, what would be called to come upon them, manifest in the in the slight sicknesses. Rather a slight sickness than the karma that was destined for them at this particular age. Also, abundance of raisins should be given, along with fruits of oranges and pears. Pear juice in the afternoon at 3 should be very worth a lot, worth that very.
RH: Thank you. And the aspect of schooling, the changing it, the religious schooling for ah part time, is this correct or is, should there be more schooling?
Forces: Religious supervision is needed now.
RH: Thank you.
HI: Is there any guidance that you could give me?
Forces: Let your hand do the moving and We shall inspire your soul. Be it to talk to Us and We will talk with you.
DD: Is there any guidance you can give me now?
Forces: Number the numbers, eleven words. Inspire the mind that caverns. The cavity in the pineal gland that suits the dark in that which is strained must abide your time, walk the disciplined mile, do that which is of glass and make that of stone and you shall receive what is needed. We ask many things that shall be done. Work with the pipes, but work with the stones. Work with the glass but work with the books. Work with the lines but work with your mind. Work with your heart and then your soul shall be at rest.
DD: Thank you.
Q: The electrical work that’s needed in the house, should this just be a priority or is there any danger any place?
Forces: Danger is only in the heart if you allow it to be. Electricity is of the spirit. Electricity shall be dealt with in time. Everything shall come in time. Order of your thoughts is more important than the physical manifestations. Physical things shall be done correct. The thoughts must be done by yourselves, correct.
DD: Can you tell me what the, uh, Temple of the Sun of Bethel was, in the time of Egypt?
Forces: The Temple of the Sun of Bethel was a thyroid.
DD: What, what did they perform there?
Forces: It was a sexual worship of power of force.
DD: Was it why when Jacob went there later on, what did that symbolize?
Forces: It symbolizes the consecration and spiritualizing of certain forces in Egypt. Remember as is said, the thyroid is connected, as has been given before, to the gonads. It is a string that you are tied to. You move forward, you move down. All depends how you use the imagination and your gonads. The power of the gonads and the adrenals are connected. If your desires are down your mind cannot move up. Question.
DD: Thank you.
JU: For purposes like the post office, ah what name should we give to this house?
Forces: The Gathering. If there is another name decide. It is done. We will see you soon, and we will not leave, we will reside within this land. We have been made permanent for this moment. Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father who art in Heaven…