Session 132 – 10/12/77

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have been very busy in the past month. In seeing how each individual is progressing, we would stress that movement forward is necessary in creating and reflecting the spirits of Light, Entering into a new approach, we see much controversy in Israel and in the African countries. This would be a continent of unrest, a continent of uneasiness, and bloodshed. Many moments of those days to come shall quake throughout that continent. Much destruction in many fatal manmade items. Also we have centered on the country of France and their internal strife, causing some difficulty throughout Europe. We also would watch and concentrate on Switzerland and their upsetting some of the biggest investors in the world. We have much of a change to follow throughout the areas of America and much internal visitations and export of that of the raw materials. The country is sending too much out in order to survive. This would be a big factor. We are demanding too much from the outside and producing very little. It is a very strange affect. At this moment the country does not feel it, but in time it shall feel the pinch of the laziness of the people, the lack of productivity, and the rights of these people. Rights! When you all have perceptions of rights it is a self-taught Item. You must understand that when you start to begin to determine your rights on what sounds good or what sounds bad, and what is nice and what is not nice, these rights is part of Satan working within you. When you start formulizing rights, you are formulizing your own coffin, for this restricts movement. And if one must carry or follow by the book of the rights1 then we will follow the book of the dead into a coffin. By all means, do not dictate rights nor say what is right nor go by the path of saying this only should be said. For the spirit of God says everything, good or bad, regardless, for the highest purpose and the ultimate end of good. Remember, it is not also sweet to do hard work, hut for the ultimate gain and the ultimate goal of self…glorification towards God. That is, a reflection of your own soul within you finally breaking forth and shining out, reflecting the glory of God. Which would you want to be? A “grumbling”? A person who is trolling into the dirt and refuses to leave the dirt because they refuse to discipline themselves? Or would you want to be a soul that has refined his body? That has worked with it. And is moving forward. These two individuals must be looked upon. Do not become envious or jealous of other people’s progress on the spirit and physical levels. But remember, we must move forward and progress and call upon that spirit of God to help you and you will be productive in expressing the creative energies within you. We have now acknowledged the fact that we are now going through an age and time change. You have now entered into a new cycle. This new cycle is called the year of simplicity. The year of simplicity is the creation of strength and harmony and peace of many great status. That is, you must remind yourself of this harmony and peace and strength that must always come from you. You must ask upon the help of God to sincerely commit yourself to him. Remember, it is something that cannot be faked. You must put into the bank account on the spiritual level. Remember you must put into the spiritual account. You must put into it the spiritual money. You must take time and energy to put into your spiritual bank account the food for your future days to come.
Whatever you put upon into that spiritual bank account, guarantees you the month ahead to be in such a condition that it will be working for you, not against you. The more you put in for it, for that first month, the more you will receive the next month. It’s as simple as that. The more you put in, the more you will receive. The less you put in, the less you shall receive. It is the divine law of the universe. The more you express love the more you will receive the benefits of it. The less you express of love, the less you will have of it. Questions.
DN: The situation at the hospital, can it be helped? And is it my fault? And what may I be doing wrong? How can I…what shall I do?
FORCES: Remember, if you can understand this, this is a family in which you had in another lifetime. They all represent a group of children, wives and brothers and sisters that were attached and connected to you in another particular life. We would find this life to be in Venice, Italy. It is up to you in this particular life to make in harmony, in progress in order for your karmetic ties to be finished. That is the purpose of this particular job: that you put into harmony and perspective your family. How does it look to have family and not even know you had family. It is an interesting aspect. Develop it and ask upon God to give you the strength and he will. Sincerely discipline yourself. Sincerely concentrate and put your mind into the work and you will be used and will be given the answers. And your strength shall increase twofold and the cells of aging shall stop, Remember, aging is a process that only happens with the imagination going wild, Everyone in this particular group has aged less than that of the outside world. But those who age more are those whose progression is still connected to the outside world… (The telephone rings and DD goes to answer it.)…
DD: Hello? He’ll have to call you back, Mr. Mawyer. He’s in the middle of something right now.
FORCES: For aging is a process to the body that only comes when the body is against the system. Aging is not really necessary, but does take over when the body is against the system. How fine it is for the body to be with the system of life! To be with the system of light takes time. Remember, everyone must discipline and develop themselves in that of the musical spheres of life, of harmony. Everyone has their own instruments of sounds for their own accord or vibration in which they must practice everyday to put into harmony so at the end of their lives they can play in a big orchestra of symphonic music in creation beyond belief. It is beyond the understanding what is to follow after this life, it is as simple as that. You can correct the situation in the hospital by doing little things. By bringing the morale upon far as what is needed, by praying, by giving tracts of light, by reading certain aspects, by creating, by giving. The more you love, the more you shall receive in this. But by giving you are helping yourself and developing your own talents.
DN: Thank you.
FORCES: It is not such a difficult job. It appears to be difficult now. But once you dive in it will disperse and no longer be difficult. The illusions what you have created of it. We make our illusions. We say the task is too big and too much and too high. But once we get into it, it is brought back to size. Question.
MK: As the…as we work in wood and wax and those things, could you tell us maybe what the apostles did…some of the apostles to use their energies?
FORCES: The apostles: a lot of them had to deal and work awfully hard at that time. They did not have the comfortabilities you have today. But the comfortabilities that you have today is your test, so you have to work even harder. But remember, people in that point in time worked from five in the morning to eight, nine at night. Time to eat, pray, and then to bed, so in all reality there wasn’t time for the creative abilities within them. For they still had to work out the heaviness of themselves. It is only now that you have find the creative essence of the spirit, which is a reflection of your evolution. The more you create, the higher you shall evolve. But remember, it is a reflection of a spiritual development. At one time in life, this reflection was dim…because of the heaviness and the lack of spiritual understanding, and, in fact, the wanting of the spiritual development. God must be a twenty-four…hour…a…day deal. He cannot be put aside one moment and be taken up the next. Question.
MK: Thank you.
JE: Can you tell me what kind of power runs your ship?
FORCES: Bubble gum! The power is in the bubble gum. It is a vacuum, or a cylinder, or a balloon of force, which creates an exertion one way or the reverse. The amount this force is let out the ship does move. It is a force also of energy. The energy is not of the world, but of what would be called the cosmos. It is radiating into the machine and through it. It is also a force that is not known on the earth. So it is difficult to explain it. Question.
NN: Was the entity Thomas Tallis?
FORCES: This isn’t really necessary to know.
NN: Could you tell me…
FORCES: But——?
NN: Could you tell me—-?
FORCES: Remember—-
NN: Sorry.
FORCES: …the entity’s lives in the past is in the past. And the present is what has to be done now. But what has been going in the past is a regression. Being around that of the entity we would consider, if we would understand it, being around that of Joshua, being around that of Elias, being around that of Melchizedck, being around the force of life. We must move on to bring down into the earth the patterns and the plans that are waiting up here to manifest. Question.
NN: Thank you.
RU: When Ezekiel went into the valley of the dried bones, isn’t that…was that like a miracle? Or was God…did…was…did a force work through Ezekiel or was God showing him something?
FORCES: Remember, the force works through all of us like unto that, if only we tune into it sincerely.
RU: So it was like another f on of raising the dead? Raising the dead and buried?
FORCES: This happens in such a way that you cannot understand it. But if one is truly with a contract between him and God, then it will manifest many miracles.
RU: Thank you.
FORCES: Question.
BH: Can you tell me why…the spiritual reason for the bronchitis I’m having right now?
FORCES: This happens, what would be considered, as self… depression. It is called self…pity. The lack of progressing and moving forward, the lack of the spirit of life and oxygen to move through you freely. The lack of expressing the spirit at times, the lack of bundling up as you go out, the lack of preparation and developing of your talents. Also, the imagination must be disciplined as far as progression. There also has to be a refining of the work, that working for that of work and put into harmony the part of the back. Question.
LK: In the Book of Revelation when it talks of Jesus coming again in the clouds and the Book of Acts…
FORCES: As we see the words.
LK: …does this mean…
FORCES: …one straight line, two dots, the straight line being horizontal, three, four dots, one fish, eighteen lines, wave line four…eighteen…three. All this is the answer. Question.
RH: Last night in the meditation room when the entity Torn was standing during the healing, what was it that I saw on the entity’s forehead that was a white light? What was that?
FORCES: Let us understand that the force of energy was coming directly through the ark into thy presence. This could be that power coming down in order to enter within.
RH: Was I correct in my feelings on that the entity Jesus was in the…in the room?
FORCES: Let us understand that there was a powerful master and great avatar in relationship to our own progress and moving forward.
RH: Okay, thank you.
DD: Could you tell me what kind of a seal I should put on the scarab?
FORCES: That seal should be a design of four staffs, two coffins, three phoenix birds, a stork, five bushes of wheat. Question
DD: Thank you.
GL: Is there any guidance for the children at this time?
FORCES: The guidance: we would advise for Elijah that he would be surrounded by Gregorian chants during the course of the day, one day on, one day off. That the colors of blue and violet be near him. That reading to him of the Psalms would remind him of a new life. The other children should be taught how and what to read and spell and they should also sing. Question.
IS: In Revelation when it describes a woman fleeing from a, ah from Satan and hiding and bringing forth a child, is this the story of Mary and Jesus?
FORCES: You would find this to be the story of the spirit of light coming into the earth, the truggle, the struggle in which the light of spirit comes into the earth. Also it would represent the struggle of the entity of Mary with her own birth.
IS: Now…so that is something that is already happened?
FORCES: It is a part that is already happened and is always happenings.
IS: Could you tell us about EE’s boyfriend and what she should do about him?
FORCES: We would emphatically say to her, Tune Out!” In force, leave well…enough alone. Gradually slip aside. It is not in. harmony to her vibrations to get involved with this particular gentleman. She will understand that and become in accordance with it as time goes on,
IS: Is her destiny to remain here in New York, then?
FORCES: This is a point that could he taken, but she could also have a change of heart in the later part of December and January
IS: Yeah, but in reality I guess I don’t want her to come along.
FORCES. It isn’t the biggest situation that we have to deal with. In short, she would be very pliable to other areas of movement.
IS: Thank you.
BR: The seal that you gave DD, what…what does this seal me an?
FORCES: This only represents that of life and the eternal life coming into abundant source.

BR: Thank you. Is there any special garments or robes that… that should be made for Tom?
FORCES: Being of the year of simplicity it will be the year for the garments to be simple. That is, the garments that have already been made is enough. It is a progression. There should not be one or many, but the source of expression has been said, it has been created. Now the power must come in and manifest.
BR: Thank you.
DN: Is the diagnosis of kidney stones for the entity Cookie is correct? And can anything be done other than surgery to relieve it?
FORCES: Kidney stones is a very strange ailment. It is a complication of many other items within her body that possess the untruthfulness, the materiality, the wantings. These must be corrected first. Also the understanding of it, of the desires for the material things. To change: castor oil, packs would be the best for this entity with plenty of water to be taken with want water with olive oil mixed within it. Question.
JU: That area of peace on the…on the way home from the subway as we were walking and several of us noticed it…what causes that feeling on that block? Who set that up?
FORCES: It is simply an electrical vibration going directly to that of the East.
JU: Is it a man-made vibration?
FORCES: It is a magnetic field. It has nothing to do with man. Question.

RU: The entity was near the entity Elijah or Elisha? That you referred to earlier in this Session.
FORCES: It would be found out as you review it. Question.
BH: It was given that the scarab helps to stop the blob from working. Would it help us eventually all to wear a scarab?
FORCES: This particular scarab has power in it. question.
BH: The entity mentioned that mushrooms have a magical quality. Could you tell us…
FORCES: Mushrooms is what would be called intuition. To eat mushrooms would only create intuitions and thoughts of creation to come upon you. Question.
IS: It is said that Shakespeare didn’t write anything, that somebody else wrote it. That is correct?
FORCES: This is accurate.
IS: The other things then that that young man is talking about…is that correct?
FORCES: This would be accurate also.
IS: Race consciousness, is…what is it? Is there such a thing and what is it?
FORCES: This represents the souls element. Each particular race has come into the earth to express a certain expression of the soul. This is very well to be taken that each particular race has its own development and progress and setbacks and withdrawals and creative powers. In the end they must all come together to create the harmony that was made in the beginning of time.
IS: So if I’m born this time Jewish, I’m taking on this lifetime all the memory of Jewish people all through the times?
FORCES: This would he an understanding. You would be taking upon a great endeavor to bring into consciousness the height of the expression.
IS: But if I was last lifetime something else, let’s say, then that lifetime I took on that other race?
FORCES: This also is true.
IS: So race consciousness is correct, then?
FORCES: This could follow the pattern and the plan that is designated.
IS: And race memory?
FORCES: This could he a bank in which has been stored up the expressions.
IS: Thank you.
DD: Could you tell me if this diagram I have of the Thummin with the stones on the corner, is that correct?
FORCES: You would find them to be accurate.
DD: And the Urim is in the center?
FORCES: That is correct.
DD: Facing down as it is here?
FORCES: Correct.
DD: Thank you. How do you put the stone hanging in the center? Where does that go?
FORCES: You would place it three…quarters on the part facing the north, or more so, the center of the platform.
DD: And the other is like flat and this is above it all?
FORCES: This would be considered hovering three-quarters.
DD: How is that? You mean it’s hanging…
FORCES: Would “in tact” it with a crown, Question.
DD: Thank you very much,
GL: Are our memories located not only in the brain, but throughout the whole body, in the muscles and so forth?
FORCES: Correct. You could take one cell of your body and have the history of the universe within it, Question.
GL: In the “people books” they speak about remembering as …as a group. Would this go along also with the race consciousness? And is it possible for us to remember what has happened to…well, throughout generations before us?
FORCES: Correct. Question.
GL: Could you tell us more about the People?
FORCES: They are a set of groups of consciousness within the earth that have infiltrated down into the earth. They do exist. Question.
GL: Thank you.
BR: The painting that Tom just painted, the one of the spaceship, what…could you tell us more about the painting
FORCES: It is an energy field again that only expresses movement and destination to be accomplished in the months to come. Question.
IS: Which painting should we put into the, the art show?
FORCES: This is at your own discretion. There is no really great endeavor. But as far as communicating an expression, this is the greater endeavor, This will be given to you and guided. The two most important paintings could and should be entered is that of the “Phoenix” or “The Eternal Life” and that of the “Planning for the Power or the Light Center of Atlantis”, giving people the idea of what to build and how to build it. For there shall be individuals to see this painting that will reveal to them and they will see at firsthand what they have to do.
IS: Those People that are on the earth, where are they?
FORCES: You will find them scattered throughout the areas. You would find them in Montana, you would find the essence and the vibrations of them in New Mexico. The best place is a place that you would find them through the air and space and smell. That is the reason why, part of it, you will be traveling to it just to pick Up the vibrations, It is a strong vibration. It would behoove you two at this period of time to go by yourselves and not with any prospective company. This is the moment in which you can be alone so that we can work with you and give you the work and the progress ahead, that is to come. It is not to separate, but only to give the more power to the creation for the days to come. Question.
IS: Do they actually “lift” physically the way the books describe it?
FORCES: You would find that to be true.
IS: Have they given that woman information? Has she met them?
FORCES: You would find that to be true.
IS: But yet they remain secret?
FORCES: You would also find that to be true.
IS: Are they very spiritual?
FORCES: You will find that to be true in itself. As far as simplicity is concerned, you are now ready to take the upper room and put it into a form that will be of the most expression. First of all, you should remove the candles and replace them with white candles. Second, there should be blue on the left and red on the white. In short, there should be three on the left and three on the right and one white candle in the middle. This would be the altar and the consciousness your next year for the colors to be. Also, archangel Michael as the statue has expressed and absorbed a lot of vibrations. This must be removed and given in power to a group or to a station to be lent, sent, or borrowed. Not to be given permanently. Question.
DN: In the house it doesn’t appear that we have a great deal of success with herbal medicine. Could you give a reason or reasons why that is true?
FORCES: We would find you in this expression to be impatient. Herbal medicine deals with a progression of stick… to…it…ive-ness. It also represents that there are certain herbs that counteract one another. That if smoking and coffee is collided together they react to certain herbs. Then if you have soda, then if you have certain starches, then if’ you have coffee or tea this also counteracts the herbal medicine. Then if you have medicines themselves that counteracts it. Most of all, herbal medicine works entirely in the bloodstream. The bloodstream is effected by the thoughts. Herbal medicine works more speedily and rapidly as the individual receives it, receives it in prayer. Not just the substance. For remember you’re taking a life energy in a liquid form. So before the substance is taken for it to properly work one must first understand what he is doing and receive the benefits of it through prayer. And through prayer allow this medicine to circulate through the body and then taking part in healing it. But healing it does take a long time we would advise sassafras tea, as you might call it, or you would say peppermint tea. This should be the tea for the house for it is a calming aspect and it is also a cleansing aspect. We would also said valerian tea would be good. All these teas must be consistent so that you can build up and progress forward. They cannot help you if you just take one one day or two, two days or three days. It is over a period of time that it can progress and help the individual body.
DN: Thank you.
IS: How are the Sperry’s doing? Are they moving physically out?
FORCES: Their progress is slow, they are moving nonetheless.
IS: They’ll be ready by when they have to move out. There won’t be any delays, right?
FORCES: here should be questions on this. But the biggest item that they have to look upon is that they have to move.
IS: With ah, Mawyer, ah the entity Tom is the one that will speak to him and he’s already knows what to tell him? Or what can we do about him?
FORCES: It will be worked out. It is not in your hands. The future and the life and the existence is in our hands.
IS: Thank you.
RU: Is there any information pertaining to my sister Mary Pat that can be given at this moment? And do I understand what aspect of myself that has to be worked with there?
FORCES: To understand what you have to work with there will take time…about a year and a half. She will be coming in and there will be work to be done. But there also be a re…programming and re…teaching. It will be an interesting event, interesting insights, too. Question.
RU: Thank you.
LK: Could you tell me what the effect of music played in the key of B…flat major is?
FORCES: Like a flat tire. It is on a lower level, forming that of the flatness of life or what would be considered no higher than the solar plexus.
FORCES: People, we here can only stress to you that you move forward and progress. Be receptive to the intuition and the powers that is around you. Be calm. And he aware of the things that must be done. And have that peace and that harmony, but most of all, the dedication to your God that he will guide you and protect you and give you what is best for thee in development and the incarnation of the spirits of life. Gather together in this field and you shall be in the right path. Be with understanding and be with reception of that understanding. Work together and develop together. Work hard and by working you shall receive your reward. Greetings to all here present now.
THE GROUP: Our Father, who art in the heavens.