Session 672-1/31/05

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and would try to explain or say the experiences of people looking or observing the extraterrestrial UFO ships — as you call them — in the skies. There are more and more sightings being seen. And triple and quadruple conditions will exist in the next year of many different sightings. And we find that these sightings, as they have appeared in Mexico City, by tremendous amounts of people observing them was never recorded in the papers in the United States as a convenient cover-up to squash information that was rightfully the people’s information in America. But in Mexico City they did see and observe these flying objects and ships. And to the dismay to the officials, have no explanations till today, and as of today. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Are those alien ships — are they aliens or are they human?

_Forces_: They are, what would be considered, joint ships. Those with extraterrestrial creatures on board along with humans of the United States government and also the Chinese government and Russian. So you have a set of several governments on board the ships with the extraterrestrials.

IS: But they are not you.

_Forces_: No, they are not us.

IS: What was the purpose then of showing themselves in Mexico rather than in the United States?

_Forces_: Well they knew that it would get across, their appearance, but there is also a great deal of research data and programming going on in that area of Mexico City. So it was more or less a collective information gathering and also a way of showing the experience of extraterrestrial UFO ships to a vast amount of members of a community and civilization. It was more or less a planned event to get to be covered in a wide different spectrum of people observing them.

IS: Why not in the United States? Why not descend? Why do they not descend in the United States; like cover a city where not even stay so high in the sky, but just come in and cover a city?

_Forces_: Well they do and it is done almost fairly in its own ever pattern way. But it’s never to make your papers. But it does happen. In practicality you have at least 5 to 15 sightings a day throughout the world.

IS: Thank you. Now you said there are government, US Government and Russia and Chinese government on board. Who are these people?

_Forces_: They are the ones who are involved with research and data collection and different programs involved with the extraterrestrial forces.

IS: Where do they land when they pick up these people?

_Forces_: They don’t actually land in their bases throughout the world in which these same serving people reside.

IS: So they beam them up?

_Forces_: No they are in bases in which they do become part and parcel of the whole program.

IS: But you said they were aboard the ships?

_Forces_: Yes.

IS: How did they get into the ships?

_Forces_: They are in their own particular areas or what would be called bases, they board at that time.

IS: So these spaceships land, they land somewhere in these bases?

_Forces_: In different bases throughout the world, yes.

IS: Wow. They are conscious and aware; these people? The Americans and the humans?

_Forces_: Oh, yes. They are of a different breed, and a different training — a security training — and of course a different lifestyle completely.

IS: What kind of lifestyle?

_Forces_: Not the average lifestyle. More or less like a soldier, 24 hours a day.

IS: So they are ready to die. That kind of a thing.

_Forces_: Oh yes.

IS: So they are not like officials, they are just soldiers?

_Forces_: Trained security program, yes.

IS: Thank you. Is there something that can help me with my voice?

_Forces_: Well again, a teaspoon or two of the ‘aura fella’ in the morning. And also if you try to take a spoonful of honey for your voice, but it should be warm. And do that in the morning and of course in the afternoon and in the evening. And also a little bit of the tea with lemon and honey of course, in it, after such of the teaspoon to coat the area of the trachea.

IS: Is that the acid reflux?

_Forces_: Well you have a combination of many different things going on. But of course this will help the situation.

IS: Isn’t there something I can take that will help the acid reflux that will stop this? Because [PO] is not coming up with the right combination at this point. Does he has it in him to come up with the right combination?

_Forces_: Well the basic thing is that you have to keep trying to come up with the right. We would suggest also a tan bark root and pepper slippery elm. Also root beer, sounds interesting, but root beer root. And also peppermint and sassafras and also a bit of ginger and what would be considered, slippery elm — I think we mentioned that — along with sassafras. You make a tea of that and that should help you too.

IS: Thank you.

_Forces_: Of course you take a smidge or handful of each item. We call it the Witches Breast. They always used to take handfuls of it.

IS: [Personal Question] In the Bible they talk about genealogy, so they talk about the men, the male genealogy. And then they will incidentally mention ‘and they had a daughter’. Now, does that mean that they just had that one daughter or does it mean that one was particular special daughter but they had many daughters that they’re not even mentioning.

_Forces_: We agree with what you just said, they had one particular daughter that stood out.

IS: But they had extra daughters?

_Forces_: They were kind the normal type. Question.

NN: Why is the government cover-up so important in this country with the extraterrestrials?

_Forces_: They don’t want to have panic or fear. But also they want control. If they control the media, that’s how they control it.

NN: But what is the main thing they are controlling or hiding, what is the main thing that…

_Forces_: The truth.

NN: Which is what, exchanging…

_Forces_: That extraterrestrials do exist and there are very extensive programs that do go on.

NN: Thank you.

EH: When the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles, was it a change in their DNA or nuclear structure or were they just visited by another being that stayed with them for a while?

_Forces_: Both, we would say both for that.

EH: So that experience changed them forever? At least for that lifetime?

_Forces_: Yes.

EH: Thank you very much.

_Forces_: Yes.

DD: On the amino acids, do they go along; there’s three amino acids that are called basic, would they go along with the three mother letters?

_Forces_: We would say yes to that.

DD: And there are eight that don’t like water, what letters would they go in?

_Forces_: Well of course the ones that do not like water, as far as what would you be looking at? Are you speaking of the alphabet?

DD: Yes, the Hebrew alphabet.

_Forces_: Well you could always associate them with the Aleph and the Gimmel and the Pi.

DD: They don’t like water?

_Forces_: Those are the elements, yes.

DD: Could you give 1 letter that goes with a certain amino acid? You gave Al a name before but I didn’t understand what letter you were talking about.

_Forces_: And what is this in reference to?

DD: A Hebrew letter or Alenine. You gave something like Gimel, I thought.

_Forces_: Gimel is also applied in this phase.

DD: Would it be that Amino Acid?

_Forces_: It can be applied here, yes.

DD: Which Amino Acid would it be like. For instance, Triptiphane.

_Forces_: The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

DD: Which letter would be Triptophane?

_Forces_: You would use your last alphabet letter in Hebrew.

DD: Tav? Thank you very much. A couple more questions.

_Forces_: Well, we’re not complaining.

DD: The Golden Horse that they have in this book that they have in the end of time, that they can’t go beyond. Did I figure that right? That every ten thousand years, you mentioned before, is the limit that they can go. So we started 3,000 BC and end 6,000 some-odd…

_Forces_: There is an energy field yes. Totally correct.

DD: So the last time it ended was somewhere around 3,000 BC.

_Forces_: Yes.

DD: What was the marking point then?

_Forces_: Well you would have the beast in the desert. What has been known…

DD: The Golden Calf?

_Forces_: The Golden Calf.

DD: That was a marker then? The end-time marker. Thank you. And then, am I right about the 24 rules of this projected geometry going along with the 24 rays or is that just arbitrary?

_Forces_: You know you can apply them very well.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The thing that I’m really concerned and I’m sort of beginning to freak out a little bit about that is this Bush Regime. I’m watching slowing how not only are the freedoms being corroded, but that panic of those countries that East European countries. I remember that you had to be careful what you said or else you were thrown in the middle of the night, somebody took you out without anybody even knowing and put you in Siberia or some jail and nobody even know that it happened. And they would wake up the next morning and say, ‘somebody just moved’ and this was a reality that I sort of remember — to be careful what you say. Because the walls have ears. And I’m picking up that same kind of beginning, that same kind of deterioration.

_Forces_: Well hopefully the American people, and the Constitution and also those in Congress and the Senate will be able to speak out to such atrocities. Of course, Kennedy has spoken out tremendously and of course this women called Boxer is also a tremendous light-shower. As long as you have candidates and spirits and souls like that, they will stop this president in his tracks. We have unfortunately to say he should not touch your Social Security and he should not meddle in it, for this is only trouble in the making. We also should say that we should follow the Roosevelt plan as set by Roosevelt. It would be Franklin D. Roosevelt and his plans for the people. This is were Social Security was established and it needs to go back to be established in the same form. There are many different forms he could take his millions and millions of dollars, but it’s because he’s spending so much money and siphoning so much money off the Social Security that he has to cover it up. We are totally against this Regime, it is a fascist Regime and it is not a presidential Regime. It is a dictatorship in its making. And we hope for your concern that the people of America will start waking up and begin to realize that this particular president is the most arrogant president that has ever lived or ever existed in this America’s country. We are outstandingly appalled with the diabolic reaction of his arrogance and his ability to not care of all these people being killed in Iraq. Of course the tidal wave that was created was to show that thousands and thousands were lost in one day compared to a thousand-so that were lost in Iraq. Don’t be fooled by this adventure. Life is a life, and death is death. But we cannot count it very lightly. Just as Johnson had his own nightmares with what happened in Vietnam, it is the same situation. No matter what happens, we have to be accountable for a Regime that goes into a country and tries to change it. Now you have the election and he feels exonerated and cleared. But remember it’s still not over and of course the human people — the American People — have a certain gulableness in that they just want to exist. The bills have to be paid; let someone else take care of the situation. But you do have strong individuals who speak out, as Kennedy and this women Boxer. And you will have more, like that of the West Virginia senator. We only say, it is greatest hour for the individual to speak out. And we also find a very good candidate, LaRouche. Even though he is completely to the right or completely to his own akin, he does aspound on ideas that have common sense and common ground and common borders. He is an enlightened individual. Of course, it is through these individuals that will lead our country. Unfortunately, there are those who will try to make it hard for these individuals and take away their right to their election and their right to being elected and their right to speak. But nonetheless it is darkest time for America.

IS: So, what I’m feeling, it’s not paranoia. Because I see people that speak out, disappear. Somehow they loose their job, somehow they, something happens to them that is unhealthy for them. And I see, the other thing I am very concerned about. It’s like at first I said 4 years, we’ll get through the 4 years and then that’s it. I think they are grooming other people in their family to be the next president, or something like that. Or putting somebody else from the family in position.

_Forces_: Well, we won’t go any further than that, but only say what is going on at this moment. It is a most troubled time, a most troubled time. And for the atomic bomb to hit into the United States is the most critical time in 2006. It is a sad, sad time for America, and we do hope that strong individuals like Kennedy, like Boxer, like those of the Senator from West Virginia, will only keep speaking out and speaking out to that which is true. We have a very strange situation going on. One, we’re talking politics. And we are involved with Galactical situations. We do not know how in or on Earth, this tourch that is supposed to stand for freedom has been so tainted. But again, we are not to be involved. We only say what we see. Eventually, it will all have to be worked out through history. And history itself will have to be the speaker of all things. At this point we will be leaving. But we would also stress another thing. This is the time in which while you do your budget and dealing with money, the next few days are not auspicious to deal or touch or create your money. Reciepts or bills. The time that you should do your money for your budget here will be the Sabbath, Friday and Saturday. That will be the most offering of a blessing, which will start the next remaining months of the year. It deals with the moon and it deals with certain planets in an alignment that money situation should not be touched again, like a few months ago. We find ourselves in the same year situation and just advice that do your situation of budget on the Sabbath, which is Friday and Saturday. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…