Session 673-2/28/05

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find that there are so many different hot spots in your world. Not only to mention the natural hot spots of earthquakes and avalanches and mud slides and what you have experienced recently is the big waves. But also the changing of your climates and the different governments having conflict with one another — not having the right means to come to a civilized agreement and cooperation to work out differences. This is a very big conflict of ideas and dealings with different opinions that each nation has to undergo. We find that the Middle East looking like it is solidifying and becoming stronger in its own Israeli and Palestinian movements, but that it is really heightened in its already conflicts, between one another. We also see that of Syria instigating much problems, containing that they are not involved, but have infiltrated different areas, creating bombings in Iraq and different conflicts in Israel. Not to mention Syria having its own agenda itself. We find that Russia in its own development still clings onto its past and says democracy is their way. But in reality democracy is just a cover so they can try to continue the old form of government secretly. We see China going through tremendous inner growth and growth pains. And its biggest problem that it will have to deal with is that of feeding itself in its millions and millions of people. We find that if they do not learn how to feed themselves that this would be a catastrophe to the whole world. Not being able to feed its generations to come would mean that it would create havoc within the nations and nations throughout the world. No one would be safe in itself. Therefore the great challenge that is set before China is that it feeds itself and its people that are to come. We also find that there are still signals of strange mass concerns that still have to be developed and understood. And that of the extraterrestrial or UFO question is beginning to be bridged as far as its existence. But of course the major question is how much is the government involved with UFOs and their appearance. You know now that if you see the existence of a UFO, chances are — a large percentage of them are government operated. You do have others that do exist, but these are hand in hand with the governments. SO there are a great deal of movement within these secret entities and services that move in and through UFO activity. But of course even though extraterrestrials might be on board, they are also on board with government officials and teams that have specifically developed to be around these sightings and these ships. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. I’ll start with [EH] says to say thank you for this week — what she went through to find the people to help her mother. And she needs one more person for the night or evening or something. She’s grateful for everything else and she’s saying thank you.

_Forces_: Of course.

IS: The other thing. [Personal question] King Solomon, what did he look like? Can you tell us how old he was when he passed away?

_Forces_: Well he was just as, almost as tall as Sal, King Sal.

IS: Really.

_Forces_: And we find him six foot one to two. He was not as what would be considered statue wise built big, but he was a tall statute in itself. Long flowing hair in its own direction. And of course he had a tremendous amount of strength in his eyes. But always searching for truth in people and things around him. And he was basically always questioning and pulling apart things only to put them back together again.

IS: What color hair and eyes?

_Forces_: Some say it was auburn, some say it matched a red color. Auburn to red. It depends upon the sun. And others say that blond would show itself. So you have three different colors that show itself.

IS: And the color of his eyes?

_Forces_: Again some say they were of a brown color, others say they look green — of a bluish color. But again, they all keep changing in their color structure according to the mood and set of the son.

IS: But how can that be, they are either blue, green or brown.

_Forces_: In his particular case, he had specs around the eyes of brown and interiorly blue and green together. Strange sort of eyes in the making. But this is what he was noted for. The ability to have hazel eyes, but then according to the sun structure to brown. But then there was this green/blue component. Maybe that is why they considered him a very wise individual. Because his eyes spoke of something that was of more or less a magician.

IS: King David was very short, wasn’t he?

_Forces_: We find King David shorter than the average bear, sure.

IS: So how did Solomon come out?

_Forces_: Solomon came out pretty strong in his strength. King David measured to the height of 5 feet 8 to 5 feet 9 in his structure. King Solomon found himself 2 to 3 inches higher than his father.

IS: Thank you. Was he an alien?

_Forces_: Which one?

IS: Solomon.

_Forces_: He had components of such, yes. That’s why he was able to do lots of magic and fly during certain scenes in his life.

IS: Fly?

_Forces_: Yes. He was during his most extensive down moments; he was confronting these elements and did have flight.

IS: Flight of himself the body, or flight with an instrument, with some kind of mechanical?

_Forces_: He was able to use the body to move.

IS: Did he love his father, King David?

_Forces_: There was a certain tolerance, but he felt he could always do things better.

IS: That is the feeling I have been getting. Always the feeling was like he felt like he was way above all of them.

_Forces_: And of course he was in himself.

IS: Did he have compassion?

_Forces_: There is an aspect of compassion he did have, yes.

IS: More than his father?

_Forces_: He had compassion mixed with wisdom, which made it more than his father.

IS: Thank you. [Personal question]

IS: Thank you. Why can’t China feed themselves? They have restaurants for the rest of the world, why can’t they feed themselves?

_Forces_: Well the most extensive element with China is that they have cattle or sheep or their meat products need extensive amount of grain. And in order to have grain they have to produce it. And to produce it they need the land and to have the land they need the water. So one thing is added to the other. But in its own refining moments they definitely need the grain to feed the sheep and the cattle. And this grain is one of the biggest tasks that they have. For they do not have the land nor the option to create such elements as they are today. But there is an element of research that they are beginning to understand that they can put vitamins and chemicals into shavings of wood, which would supply the cattle and sheep with the necessary vitamins and substance/food without growing it. And therefore feed the millions of people that are necessary in China. And this is the way they should do it and on a larger scale. Therefore they won’t need the amount of land or hours of tilling to produce for the people of China.

IS: So the animals can live on wood shavings?

_Forces_: Yes, they can eat such things if soaked with vitamins and a mineral substance that is absorbed within it. Therefore this gives the essence to the animals for food in its own growth.

IS: Thank you. The UFOs, which governments are the ones that are involved with what at this point is earthly UFOs?

_Forces_: Well of course you have the United States, and China, and you have England, France, Brazil, and you have different areas of Russia and Italy and France. Not to mention India getting involved in it.

IS: All of these governments have created UFO machines?

_Forces_: Or jointly operated, or come together as teams to work together.

IS: And what are they getting for it? Who is in charge?

_Forces_: Technology for their government and information.

IS: So, who’s in charge? Are the extraterrestrials in charge, or are the governments here in charge?

_Forces_: Well again that takes form in different states. But of course the governments are in charge and getting the people to do what is needed and right is what’s interesting for this government is training and getting others to understand the ability of its own resources.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Are there some of the extraterrestrials that work with all of the governments?

_Forces_: Yes of course.

NN: And so, what the governments are getting is the technology and the extraterrestrials are getting what — the ones that are abducted?

_Forces_: Well that had been going on, but remember the extraterrestrials trying — there are many different components. But the ones that are here are trying to understand the emotional basis of man. Not all of you understand the emotional aspects of man, nor do they understand the qualities that man is involved in. His own sexuality. And also the energy of man, not to mention of course when we say man it’s woman too. The tremendous energy that goes around in its development and skills of the spirit. And the development of dreams. They do not have the component to dream. So therefore the extraterrestrials are trying to understand how to gain their dream life back. But most of all, how to understand humor and how to understand the aspect of laughter. These are all many different things. And the largest element they have a very difficult time in understanding the creation of art. It is mind boggling to them that the humans can take canvasses and paint. Or take paper and write music. They can’t understand this faculty and by what and where the source comes from. Knowing one moment nothing is there, and the next moment it is created. So there are lots of things that the extraterrestrials are searching to learn.

NN: Thank you.

CN: My understanding of the extraterrestrial abduction agenda from the two doctors — two professors — that researched it, is that they are trying to do some hybrid agenda. And eventually create a new shell for the extraterrestrials to exist in.

_Forces_: Well let us say this. This is another component that we did not speak about. The component that their birth canal, of the head of the aliens have become too large. Therefore they become obsolete in giving birth. They now have to depend upon the humans to give their birth. And this is what you speak about.

CN: Yeah we’ve heard so many different things about that. But, where are they at with that because we are still getting disinformation from the different governments and the media. This latest show [Peter Jennings — Are UFOs Real?]. Are we seeing… if you listen to the researchers there is like a real flux of new cases and lots and lots and lots of people being taken. So is it like coming to a head, or are we seeing a race or is there a sense of urgency — like they are getting close or running out of time?

_Forces_: There is a sense of urgency and also a sense of violating the contract or the agreement that they would only take a certain about of humans. Now we will not give you the amount, for fear that it would create such stress. But they are in thousands and thousands a day, in taking the humans from the earth. And therefore these are children — and we won’t go into this, but the tsunami was another aspect of removing souls from the earth for their need.

IS: Did they remove them dead?

_Forces_: They removed them with machines of their liking while they were in the water and raised them out of it. It is a very strange concept. And chances are the people who are into these elements will finally surface with this information that hundreds of thousands were removed for this aspect.

CN: Were they re-animated?

_Forces_: Some are being brought back, yes. Others are being brought to other aspects. Again, the reason why we don’t give too much information because it would create a tremendous amount of emotional stress upon the humans, even though you are under stress as it is. The stress is unbelievable to be told. But yes, they are re-animated and brought back into the earth.

CN: Yeah, there was this new article that [TC] just wrote about. Thank you.

IS: Are they eating us? Are we cattle for them?

_Forces_: There is an aspect to some extraterrestrials. Of course, that is apart of another dealing of information. But we do not want to focus unfortunately on this side of the extraterrestrials. Even though it does exist. It’s very, very stressful to understand the war and conflict of this war that the earthlings are involved with. And it is something that is mind boggling to you, even to touch the tip of the iceberg with all these things that are underway. We are being careful not to disclose, at this moment, too much. Because it is at a point where allot is about ready to break. And people will begin to see for themselves and make their own judgments of what’s before them.

IS: Is there anything that can break the hypnotic spell that they put on us? On the humans? At the moment when they come to abduct people?

_Forces_: Well again, the mantras and the statements that you can make. “Be gone. I do not will to be taken.” Is itself sufficient for the freedom.

IS: Really. They have to respect that, they actually have to…

_Forces_: Of course.

IS: Thank you.

CN: Is there anything you can call upon the positive forces?

_Forces_: We have to stress the fact that the Star of David was given many thousands of years ago to protect the people of Israel. But now the Star of David with the Cross in it is the molecular structure that resonate the universal cord of ethics and rights in the universal rights of mankind. It is the human quality that creates such a symbol. That when worn or when displayed, creates a conscious raising or protection. Therefore the element of the symbol of the Star of David and the Cross in the middle is the perfect element to defer and desist the extraterrestrial vampireing of the people of the earth.

CN: Thank you.

DD: On the ah, the Ward Cube which I been, read about along time ago, kept some information on it, how does that ah, how does the Ward Cube work, the philosophy of that, you have eight cubes and they go with the Angels and place them in different configurations and, is that a real thing?

_Forces_: It has a aspect of authority, it is considered to be real yes.

DD: And the Culdee who made these what was the history of them, where did they get the information…

_Forces_: This comes long before the time of Atlantis.

DD: And what, what civilization was that?

_Forces_: This is the beginning of Pre-Lemure and that of the pre-existence of etheric forms of the earth.

DD: Could you explain anything of the details of how the, how the Ward Cubes work or…

_Forces_: They vibrated above the ethers and were door locks to the world that is beyond the future or time travel.

DD: Can I ask another question, I had this idea of reading this book, I think it might relate to the cubes but, I sort of got this idea where all energy comes, you know like from the galaxy, from the solar system another and from the earth another and there like lines of force, I don’t know if it represents like the triangle since its three different forces, but it comes in infinite lines, infinite configurations and when you do magic it like locks into one geometrical configuration because there infinite numbers everywhere in the, on Earth. I don’t know if that’s the right idea but is that’s some concept of, that’s my understanding of that’s what they call quantum-?

_Forces_: Well it stands to be true, yes.

IS: All my life that I can remember, I’ve always drawn the symbol of the Star and the Cross. Was that memory, was that preparation, was that because of who I am — am I different — can you tell me about it?

_Forces_: All of these things. It configures with the mission, the purpose, the memory, the existence of past lives, that of Egypt, that of being around Moses, and the futurist plans of the now. Yes.

IS: Thank you. Solomon doesn’t come across as compassionate. And that’s why I’m asking these questions, because…

_Forces_: Well he doesn’t have the compassion of a street person. He doesn’t have compassion of a family person. But his responsibility made him more rigid in his compassion. But yet nonetheless his compassion reflected that of the authority of keeping the system together.

IS: He did, he was a task-oriented person. He kept accomplishing things. One after another. It’s like he always had this…

_Forces_: He always had the challenge of trying to keep it all in its own focus.

IS: That’s why I’m saying; did he have any sort of special feelings towards anyone? Because his sons also — his future generations — they all seem to be lacking wisdom, lacking anything.

_Forces_: The sons were cursed in themselves, enigmas.

IS: Why?

_Forces_: It was kind of a leveled sentence upon King Solomon for abusing the fact that he used his wisdom to enmesh all the nations of the world. What he did was not wrong. He tried to utilize the fact of his energy of his body to incorporate that of the many different viewpoints and interests of the different nations. In this so doing, the God of Moses and of course Abraham, said to him ‘you went too far. You cannot and will not merge all countries together.’ Even though he did do this, he was successful, the question again remains: Was he right? And we find him not to be wrong. But for the extent in which he did it, that in vulnerable. So the curse fell not on him, for what he did was not wrong. But the curse then went to his children. So the children that he brought into the world were devowed or disconnected from this wisdom part of the brain. And there was a blind slate that was put over them.

IS: But if he wasn’t wrong…

_Forces_: He was not. But the extent in which he did it, found him wanting. It is not wrong to get people in harmony or to be enlist to get the work done. This is a quality that is from the beginning of time. And one who can master this and make this work is, of course, a true wizard. But at the same time, the extent at which he proposed these qualities or these attributes went beyond a safe point. He was quite capable of enlisting many nations — at least seventeen we count — that were working with him and for him.

IS: What should he have done? Not married all these women? Politically not seek to have all those countries under him…

_Forces_: We do not find him wrong or wanting in using his sexual energy in marrying these particular individuals of different nations. What had happened was he was mis-guided in accumulating their wisdom or knowledge and not putting or restraining himself from absorbing their wisdom and knowledge. It is a caldron of many different deeds. But where it went wrong that his children received the inability to have wisdom because their father had so much that he had created a stoppage in the portal. For he did do time travel and in so doing when he came back it devoid his DNA structure of the gene of wisdom. So when he procreated, the children was devoid of wisdom.

IS: Did he know that?

_Forces_: He grew to know that after seeing his children. In fact, very stupidly.

IS: So he should have not done time travel?

_Forces_: Well, again… yes.

IS: When he did time travel, was it to the future or to the past?

_Forces_: He always went into the future.

IS: Into the future. How far into the future?

_Forces_: 3,336.

IS: Years?

_Forces_: Yes. No one can go any further.

IS: This is still before our time, right?

_Forces_: Certainly, sure, 2,500.

IS: We are what?

_Forces_: Your time frame to reach is 2,500. At that point there will be a molecular change.

IS: So, if he went 3,300 — so he went even further than us today?

_Forces_: He went further than those capable of going today too, yes.

IS: What I mean is he went almost a thousand years further into the future than where we are now today?

_Forces_: Yes.

IS: So now the next question is, in that case has he done and actually lived lives? Meaning is he here now today?

_Forces_: Oh yes, yes.

IS: Could we know who he is?

_Forces_: Well again, he could be Mister Joe Black, in a fish market. Unfortunately he might not be the person that you want him to be. But because he isn’t Mr. Joe Black, but he happens to be a very prominent figure in the World Order of politics — to your liking, to the world’s liking. We have to protect a certain evolutionary right so that he can fulfill what he has to do this lifetime.

IS: So is he going to be here a whole lifetime, or is it just a short time and then he moves on in his traveling?

_Forces_: He’ll be here a whole lifetime.

IS: A whole lifetime?

_Forces_: What we are speaking about, a normal life period.

IS: Is he aware that he is time traveling and that he’s going back to King Solomon?

_Forces_: No, he has an inkling of it, but is not totally aware it.

IS: So, while he’s traveling, he’s devoid of that knowledge?

_Forces_: Yes, so he can continue the process.

IS: How old was he when he died?

_Forces_: Who?

IS: King Solomon.

_Forces_: Of course, this varies in its own history. Some say he as seventies. And because of his time traveling component, some say he reached even to the point of a hundred. But in reality we do find him in this existence to be what we consider this time, 82 to 84.

IS: Thank you.

NN: A previous Session it was said healing takes place at the base of all life forms. Is that something to be taken literally?

_Forces_: It could be quite literally, yes.

NN: And it would vary from like life form to life form depending on…

_Forces_: Yes, of course.

NN: So for humans does that mean that the foot is the base? Or is that taken on just a pure physical level?

_Forces_: The base is the accord of the child. The umbilical cord is the base.

NN: Thank you.

CN: In December, mid-December, there was a huge Gamma Ray burst that swept over the Galaxy — the Milky Way. There was the most giant explosion of energy in at least 400 years — since we’ve been observing the sky. I was wondering if this period if that like has some sort of relevance for the period of awakening and the transition — as you’ve said in past sessions — to 4th density from the earth.

_Forces_: The Gamma Burst is the trigger. Which is sporadic and calculated. There shall be many more. For this is an evolutionary conscious raising throughout the Galaxy of the Milky Way.

CN: It’s really blowing the minds of all the researchers who are observing or looking at…

_Forces_: Yes.

CN: There’s an amazing amount of microwaves that followed it. So if it was closer to us, they say it would have fried us.

_Forces_: It not only would have done that, but it would have changed us who we are.

CN: So my theory about this, and I’d like to know if it’s anywhere close, is that it’s — well it’s what you just said — it’s a consciousness raising whereas God the Body or the Whole One Union goes about accelerating the growth of the cells, almost like an organ.

_Forces_: Let us say this, that the amount of evolution that the humans have done since the 50s is not the same amount as they did in the 60s and so on — 70s, 80s, and 90s. There is a tremendous amount of evolution to be done and had. It is just very to get everyone on the same page of its strength. Short bursts of sounds in meditation is what’s needed now, not long meditations. Meditations that last 5 minutes is sufficient for its evolutionary charge. There was a time in the 1800s, 1700s, 1600s, in the monasteries in the twelfth century when meditation would be attempted for an hour, for seven hours, twelve hours, 24 hours. All this is relevant to its own change. This particular session is to inform you that when you group together — as example your First Fridays — and get people to chant or Psalm, that one chant is enough to evoke an evolutionary change. Everyone, whether they like it or not, is inspiring to the evolutionary cycle of the next ladder. It catapults them to the next level. Every First Friday means it… those who do come are guaranteed to be accomplished for that month to come. Not only on a spiritual level but also on an etheric level as a composite. It is now drawn that these souls are necessary. Now you have souls who go to services every Sunday. And going to the services every Sunday happens to make their evolution get to a point of what would be called stalled or staled. It’s not that going to services on Sundays is something that is a negative. But it comes to a point in which they have to get to an evolution of a private sector that they can catapult to something etheric and molecular in structure. The services themselves have its own component and is necessary. And even on top of those services, individuals need to form themselves in groups of meditations or chanting or prayer so that they can move on in different consciousness raising.

CN: One last question. In the last session we talked about the retreat and how to bring people to come to The Gathering. And here it is First Friday’s again. Should we plan on having people come to a few days before First Fridays, culminating then… Whereas people that come from all over would, spend a few days here, of course pay money, and then would culminate in First Friday’s were everyone would come together and join in the whole group?

_Forces_: Those who do come here to stay should come on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Thursday, Friday the First Friday, and Saturday and Sunday the end. Each one should spend for this food, lodging, $450. And this would be that payment for food, and lodging, water and electricity and prayer and service. And the best time to have it started is talking on it and focusing on your May section of service. It could also be as quick as April, but then remember. Review it carefully and make sure it is analyzed, as far as critiquing and done to the liking of those in their development. But it is quite capable of being accomplished, yes.

CN: And should we mark that one Session will be given guaranteed for these people?

_Forces_: The Sessions could be guaranteed every day while they are here. This would be the culmination of the retreat.

CN: Occur everyday. Thank you.

DD: More questions about the cubes. You said they went along with the Pre-Lemuria. Would that be like the White Island? Or the Hyperboria?

_Forces_: White Island, of course.

DD: And then those eight points that you gave me. I just remember a long time ago that you gave in the Session; do those go along with those surrounding the Earth?

_Forces_: Exactly.

DD: And how did they configure, or how would you today — it was different then. How would you configure them to connect to the eight cubes surrounding the Earth? You’d have 4; I want to use 4 red cubes and 4 black cubes.

_Forces_: It is done with the 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. It is very simple and very basic.

DD: This person that wrote about it, she had the wrong directions, am I right?

_Forces_: Well, of course, that’s why they never figured to be right.

DD: She did it on purpose?

_Forces_: Well more of a safeguard.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Now, King Solomon, since you call it time travel, is it time travel or is it reincarnation? Because time travel would indicate he was not born.

_Forces_: Well, let us say this that it was a reincarnation, but at the time of King Solomon it was time travel. That is how he created the gold and the finances. He knew the wisdom of when to handle — as we had spoken to you several months ago of handling money. King Solomon was very particular at handling the coins or the gold. And when not to. Because there are auspicious times that drain the value of the vault when handling money. Again, at this particular time, we give you an example. When we had given you not to do your particular budget until the Sabbath. When you adhere to that the vault of resources are open to you.

IS: How about this month?

_Forces_: Well again the auspiciousness of this month should… the handling of the resources, of the reservoir should not be done until the Sabbath coming up. And that would be your Friday or Saturday coming up. That would be the most positive time to again double your resources. So of course as we’re talking about King Solomon and his ability to accumulate his resources and wisdom, he understood the time frame of when to and when not to. And this goes with any financial agencies within the world. They must know when to dabble and when not to. So we would advice you not to until the Sabbath reaches your door.

IS: Yesterday, what happened at the Temple; am I correct that that is what happened here in the group?

_Forces_: Unfortunately, yes. And of course there is no stopping it. The quality — is it right or wrong — let us say it has to happen. So growth can continue. And is it a wrong thing that it happens? No. It happens so growth can continue. Is it painful? Of course, it is painful. The Synagogue did go through a very painful moment there. But I think also to say this to you; it was a historical moment for the Synagogue. Because the Synagogue has to become more human and also more spiritual in its searching for their God. At this point we are ready to leave. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…