Session 676-6/2/05

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find that the strange facts of your first amendment rights are being challenged. Freedom of Speech. Freedom to read and write and the freedom to express your ideas. It is through this Patriot Act that is so diabolical and destructive. It is the worst creation that has ever been formed for the excuse of terrorism to take away the rights of the people, in this Constitution that you have. We find that in this country had strived to be an ideal that all countries should follow. But sorry to say, it is not a country to follow as it is now. It is with greed and of course with that of controlling other countries resources. It’s not a pretty picture. We speak about it openly to you tonight for we see the wearing away and the chipping away of your Constitution freedoms. Where your fore-fathers had given up your very systems in order to create a very good — not perfect — but a good governmental body. We stress this tonight because this Patriot Act has allowed your Secret Services and FBI to utilize it to invade people’s privacies. And to do it blatantly and openly. It is to a point where they strive to get information on all those who read a particular book that might be a incrimination of terrorism. But in reality, the book of Bin Laden, is not that of terrorism, but that of a person who believed in terrorism against the United States. It is the little librarian, it is the little person, the spirited idealist, who will stand up to this monster and will defeat it. As the little librarian in the state of Washington stood her ground against the pilferaging and the taking away of human rights and of speech. Therefore whatever excuse the security of the Mother Land — sounds like a germanic expression of Hitler’s regime — it is time for the individuals in your country, the idealist people to stand their ground. And no more be pushed around by these who want to take away the rights of the individual. We are not involved with your political schemes or with your government. But we are involved with the dignity of mankind and with the rights that everyone must be respected. Or else it’s anarchy in the galaxies. We are completing this message. Questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. So this has already started? The rebuff of the — you talked about the little librarian — so is that something that is already happened? That she fought back? Refusing to give up the book? She tried to take the book?

[Telephone rings.]

_Forces_: We’ll let you answer that. In particular to your question, yes it had happened a year ago today, more or less. That a young librarian stood her ground against the agencies of the FBI wanting the names of people who had taken this particular book out of the library. Freedom of Information is it called by that of the Patriot Act. But yet it is right there that this particular librarian realized that if it was to be given into then it is the beginning of an encroachment and more rights. And this was the test to see if they could get those names of all sixties to seventies to a hundred people, everyone who had taken this book out. But the right to privacy of the individual came first and foremost in her mind. And the right not to divulge this information was foremost on her mind. If it was to be proven that it was for the security of the country that would have meant something else. But because it was a violation of the individual’s privacy to read whatever he or she deems fit. This is why the test to see. It is always a test to see what they can get away with. And just like the Social Security — another test to see how stupid the American people will be and can be — by the president to force his will once again on the country. It has to stop. It must stop. It can’t go on that the rights, the freedoms, those individual qualities, the rights of the individual to be free is now why they are trying to sabotage this country and take away and imprison the rights of the individual. In order for them to succeed in their mission, this country must be put on it’s knees, and it’s rights and freedoms. If we loose our freedoms, for whatever reason… There’s always been terrorism, McCarthyism, of the Communist coming through the walls. Now we have terrorism going from Orange to Yellow to Green… and they escalate it to the different various natures to make people known and crazy with the whole sight. It has to stop. The chipping away of this Constitution. It is sacred and must not be defamed. For your fore-fathers has worked hard to put on paper, through the American Indians that were here, with their Constitution. To all those societies of spirit of thought to at least form a government that the individual will grow free. And no terrorism can destroy a great country. It is of course through tyranny and through the device and manipulation that the old individuals try again and again to see what they can get away with. Unfortunately it has to end, and it has to end abruptly. Question.

IS: What can we do to help? I think about that little librarian. And I wonder would I have the courage, in the face of FBI agents coming at me.

_Forces_: Well, fortunately she refused to give the information out. Which they then, the FBI, took that particular library and librarian to court. And in the court they tried to persuade to get the information. But because of a little known fact, that it wasn’t something that was inscribed in the book by an individual terrorist, that ‘they would plight the course and sabotage American, for it is God’s Will’, but it was Bin Laden who wrote those very words. And in so doing it wasn’t a terrorist who wrote the words for they have already been said by that particular individual. As he too has been set up as the evil man. Everyone uses everything. It always has to be a bad guy. So that it would provoke fear in society. Same as McCarthyism. And they banished and black-balled people because they fought against it. This country must wake up to see that their freedom’s must stand by themselves and not by the religious right or left, but by the ideal of what makes those strong. Just like the different colleges are being taken over by the religious right to indoctrinate the students. That it is Jesus’ protection that they will be made safe. Not that we are saying that it is not true. But it is not true the individual churches to take control of the individual. Question.

IS: I want to ask a private question.

[question removed]

IS: Is there anything we can do to help out the Social Security situation or anything else on the political arena?

_Forces_: Basically just to allow individuals to join together in the spirit of keeping their rights intact. That simple. Nothing complicated. Question.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Who’s at the core of the “they” — besides Bush — that are taking away…

_Forces_: It is those who would like to control the world. And those that have a plan that has been implemented many years back. And when these plans are implemented, just like Pearl Harbor was used to draw the American people into war. Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Similarities with the World Trade Center and the Oklahoma bombing is to bring the people to different octaves, and at the pitch go higher and higher. Until everyone wants to be in a uniform to go to war. It is to motivate the masses in their emotional centers, not in their realistic/wisdom center.

IS: But Second World War, that was a good thing because otherwise Hitler would have taken over.

_Forces_: Unfortunately, America can always be depended upon to do the right decision. Only after it has exhausted all the other decisions. Question.

NN: Should that be topic for tomorrow night. For First Friday’s?

_Forces_: It could be. This could be a very good topic. Question.

EH: The books that the entity has been giving us by Tony Rigerio, how accurate has he portrayed the United Council for Developing Worlds?

_Forces_: He’s put it pretty accurately.

EH: And the vampire team that the government put together?

_Forces_: Well it is only to allude to the extraterrestrial aliens who are vampires.

EH: Thank you.

_Forces_: Question.

DD: My last session talked about the Psalms and it was very interesting. You had to be on a particular page or connection on the Psalm — on the level of the vibration of the Psalm. Makes all things connected. Is there a… is Psalm 119 the one that would be connected with the Roslyn Temple?

_Forces_: Yes.

DD: And is that Psalm what they call the hymn of Saint John the Baptist?

_Forces_: It is also that and also the Crescent of the Rock. Question.

DD: The Crescent of the Rock, is that a Psalm?

_Forces_: Repeat?

DD: Is the Crescent of the Rock a particular Psalm?

_Forces_: The Crescent of the Rock is that that leads into 120. Question.

IS: Can I just go and turn on the lights?

_Forces_: No we are at a Session. We cannot turn things on and off at this moment, for we are only here for a second.

IS: Okay.

DD: So the Rock is Psalm 120?

_Forces_: It is the Crescent of the Rock. Question.

DD: And what Psalms come after that?

_Forces_: Let us leave it at that. Question.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: The Psalms in the Bible, were they all just Psalms or were there allot of prophecies there?

_Forces_: Prophecies, chanting, and what would be called pronouncement of magic of the spirit world. Question.

IS: King David, in one of the Psalms — were all the Psalms King David?

_Forces_: No. Not all of them. There were others who did the writings too. Question.

IS: At the time of David or was it Solomon?

_Forces_: Not all them were David’s. There are others who were back of the area, and also at different times. Question.

IS: I see. So there is a Psalm there that is talking about the dedication of the house of the king, but it’s talking about ‘you saved me from dying, I was sick’ or whatever, is that referring to Kind David himself?

_Forces_: It is referring to his life cycle. This is correct.

IS: So he was very ill and recovered?

_Forces_: He was very demented in certain aspects and brought to different levels but then came back to its centering part, yes. Question.

IS: Schizophrenia, is that something that’s…

_Forces_: It’s a term that they legitimately use to put into every aspect of unexplained behavior and lump-sum it in that phraseology. Anything they have no understanding of they give it that terminology. Anything they have no understanding of they give it that terminology.

IS: Some of a schizophrenia that I think I’ve seen, it’s almost like a mesh in front of them and the signals aren’t coming through properly.

_Forces_: Well there is a blockage, this is correct. Question.

IS: Is there anything that can be given to me at this point? To help me out? I mean also with [RB] — is she not aware that the psychologist is not helping her?

_Forces_: Unfortunately she is more anxious and dependent on wanting solutions that do not work. So the answer would be that her anxiety factor is pretty high. For you, we would definitely suggest that you would create your own website in your psychic ability and have it worked out in such a fantastic way that you can do most and many things and bring the whole world to your in that behavior. Which will be very successful.

IS: For myself, not part of the Forces, the Higher Forces?

_Forces_: Well, yes of course, but at the same time to have your own website too. And you can also produce it on that particular website that’s already up, but at the same time we would highly suggest to do both and to incorporate your own particular website.

IS: But I don’t think I know how to use a computer.

_Forces_: It does not matter, it’s very, very simple in it’s own behavior. But to develop it is something you need to do. At this point we will be leaving. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father who art in the Heavens…