Session 675-5/22/05

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find many different elements kind of interesting and at the same time very disturbing. It is not that this particular country — America — had lost its way, it’s just the leaders have lost their ability to lead. They are fragmented and of course there is too much disillusionment within the whole structure of the system of government. One needs to live according to that which is right and righteous. But unfortunately there is such a tremendous schism between the West and the East and between the West and the Middle East. We hope that a path could be found to bridge the differences between the Arabs and the Western world. But what is happening is America is alienating the Arabs more and more. And creating such a difficult flow of consciousness between one and the other. But there has to be some sort of agreement with the working out. But I feel and fear that this will be many years in the coming. We see much hurricanes to assault the areas. And of course the wandering minstrel of that of Greece and Italy combined. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Could you give Tom a physical checkup?

_Forces_: We see that he is doing as best as he can and each day would be better and better.

IS: Can you check his blood work?

_Forces_: We find no problems there.

IS: When you say, ‘as best as he can’ what does that mean?

_Forces_: That the work still has to be done.

IS: Physically I mean, what’s his physical condition?

_Forces_: We find no problems. What we are saying is he will be okay.

IS: Thank you. I feel somehow, whether it’s because Rosie — the dog — has left, has passed on, but I always feel when there is that kind of thing there is also a big change, something different coming into the air. And I can feel that there is a difference. Is that so and if so could you give us some insight with what we are looking at and what’s to come in the near or fall future.

_Forces_: Well, of course, Rosie has been your dog for so many years. And a sweet dog it was. But at least the chapter in that particular life has ended. And new chapters are about to begin. Yes, this is correct. A new experience — a new horizon is about ready to materialize. Question.

IS: Could you give us some of the new things? What they would be or what they are; what’s coming?

_Forces_: Well there is new insights, new activity, new energy materializing with each passing day. And it is scopes and visions to be applied. Tremendous amount of application of the activity is being done.

IS: Thank you for the return of those that you said would return, with my work. And I think I saw that and I don’t know how that works. Do dogs incarnate like humans, I have no idea particularly, but I saw — or what I think I saw — Rosie becoming a deer. Is that correct.

_Forces_: There is a very good chance of that to happen, yes.

IS: Is that how it works?

_Forces_: Not particularly. Dogs usually elevate to other types of dogs. But in this particular case there is the question of elevating it to a different species so it could learn some other quality learning.

IS: So in the animal world only an animal of the same species can become the same — can incarnate into the same…

_Forces_: Not necessarily true. Animals can incarnate into whatever form their next evolution is to be.

IS: Which would be?

_Forces_: It varies. Dog, cat, elephant — everyone has a different incarnation. And it can change and alter.

IS: Do they ever become human?

_Forces_: No we do not see that.

IS: I didn’t think so.but I wanted it on record. Thank you.

NN: In Exodus when it talks about Moses and Aaron going up to the Mount and they see God, did everybody perceive it the same way or were their different visions? Did everyone perceive it the same way? Did it appear physically the same to each person?

_Forces_: Well, let us say that God was different for each person.

NN: Thank you.

_Forces_: They did not express to one another what they saw, but they all thought what they saw is what everyone else had seen.

NN: Is there anyway to describe what at least one of the visions how it appeared?

_Forces_: Well, if we were to tell you that then you would see God.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Well could we? What would we have to do to elevate ourselves to see God? Or is it possible for us?

_Forces_: Yes it’s all possible for everyone. But as a moment of chance not to be. And of course, timing. So seeing God is something very personally — it just can’t be turned on like a TV.

IS+NN: Thank you.

EH: Thank you. Could you tell me if the granules from Paul O. are going to be helpful? They seem to be helpful for the vertigo that I was having.

_Forces_: We find them to be the right ones to help you, yes.

EH: Thank you very much. And who was the ‘minstrel’ from Greece and Italy that you speak of?

_Forces_: That’s the arts we speak about. The arts and creation from reason.

EH: Are the Masters from those time periods returning now?

_Forces_: There will be a tremendous explosion of creativity in the arts from Italy and Greece.

EH: Thank you.

MW: In one of my past lives was I alive during the 1960s?

_Forces_: No. That’s too close to the time period of you coming back in.

MW: Thank.

_Forces_: I see you more in the area of the 1890s.

IS: Was she a boy?

_Forces_: In the 1890s, the Civil War of 1863 in what would be considered today, Petersburg.

Q: Petersburg?

_Forces_: Petersburg Virginia.

IS: Did she ever have a lifetime as a male with one arm? Sort of shrunk sort of?

_Forces_: This was in France in 1790, 1780-1790 in Paris.

MW: Thank you.

CN: Why do people that get heart transplants take on characteristics of the donor?

_Forces_: Because the soul of the donor is still alive in the person.

CN: Is the heart the Magnetic Center?

_Forces_: Yes it is, totally Magnetic.

CN: Thank you.

_Forces_: It is a gyro of energy — constantly moving.

CN: How does one Heart connect to another?

_Forces_: Frequencies are the same and the vibrations are the same in its spirit and in its sync and of course this is important for the spirit to be of accords — of one spirit. It is what unifies most countries and unions and civilizations — when they have one accord.

CN: What can we do to facilitate the union or that connection between one heart and another?

_Forces_: Just generally the same vibration. Through meditation and prayers, music and art, food and song and of course through the right focus of thinking and conversation and through that of creativity. You have this as a mercator map to create this harmony and connection from one soul to many souls and to basically to majority of audiences that are listening to a song, at one time the song unifies the people at a spirit and octave of the song.

CN: Would the sound of your voice, listened to by thousands of people at one time or at a moment really amplify some sort of unification?

_Forces_: Yes, of course. Because it allows them to be one in accord to the voice of reception. And those who listen to it, listen to that same spirit and that voice within that connects to it. And therefore there’s an assembly and harmony to the spirit of the accord.

CN: Thank you.

DD: On the information you gave me in the last session, the serods and the cupola and the unetis, did I, the way I deciphered it was a window for viewing data stored in units. And the catapult, Tom said, was catapulting it into the fourth dimension or into the future. Is that correct?

_Forces_: Yes.

DD: What what kind of units are the, you said they wouldn’t, that would be hard to find and?

_Forces_: What kind of what?

DD: You said the unetis was some kind of units, could you tell what they are now?

_Forces_: The measurement of the Aura in the planet Earth and the measurement of the energy of Time around that of a given object.

DD: So the Aura of the Earth, does it connect back to the Heart, the Heart?

_Forces_: Yes, of course.

DD: And the Heart gives energy to the field of the Earth?

_Forces_: Yes, gotcha, yes, totally right.

DD: And also the eight ah, the eight cubes that surround the earth, are moreso like eight rectangles that would be giving the fourth-dimensional figure, their intertwined?

_Forces_: Of course, yes, it brings that into harmony and focus.

DD: And these would go along, am I correct, with the Rosslyn cubes, their not really cubes their more rectangular, like coming out of the fourth dimension into a third?

_Forces_: Yes it is making the manifestation of this in the third dimension.

DD: What sort of services did they do there? They had time travel, or how did they, how did they, lets see how do you activate these eight. Was there sort of a song, is there a certain psalm, a certain tuning that you activate it?

_Forces_: Well there is a tuning, it’s that sign in with your name and therefore that particular page you think you are on to be deleted or, or, or to other areas. There is a connection on the psalm on the level of the vibration that makes all things connected.

DD: You have to find your own psalm or is there a key psalm?

_Forces_: Yes there is a key psalm to what your searching for.

DD: Could that be given?

_Forces_: The particular thing that your searching for is a psalm that will be given and then you name the item you are looking for and the psalm then reveals itself. In your particular case Psalm 82 is a Psalm that you are working on now.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: When you are talking about the Aura of the Earth, are you talking about the Aura emanating from the Earth as it, let’s say, seen from outer space? Or is that something else? And are we the creatures what’s holding us, is that radiation?

_Forces_: Well it’s an element of radiation. If it was totally radiation you wouldn’t exist. But there are creatures from outside the earth that definitely see the Auras of the energy of the Earth or the different lines, yes.

IS: And is that radiation too? Is the Aura…

_Forces_: It’s a different type of vibration. It wouldn’t be structured on the radiation chart, but it would be above the chart itself.

IS: So it’s not radiation, it’s something other? I mean the energy…

_Forces_: Yes, it is totally something other.

IS: What is it?

Forces. It’s called the internal molecular structure, vibration and syncopy of that which is the nervous neurons and the physical body in its substance and the neurons are always created when the beginning application liquid is added, but not until the mixture of this particular menu. But in all reality each one comes with a different vibration and each one comes with a different lesson to learn and also to receive and to give.

IS: So you are saying that the energy that creates our aura is really a personal experience that is created and it’s almost like for one person it would be milk and for another person it would be coffee?

_Forces_: Well we see that to be true, each vibration will be different for each person, so you have an element of truth in that, yes.

IS: But the Earth as a cohesive thing, does it have a cohesive thing or is it emanating from the human energy or is it a mixture of some kind?

_Forces_: We see it, Etheric energy from the humans from below, we also see the Woman from above sends down spiritual sustenance.

IS: A woman from above?

_Forces_: Yes.

IS: Which woman?

_Forces_: This is called the Divine Spirit or the Spirit of Divinity, that guides all the pre or the first students ever to come at this time in their lives.

IS: The first what?

_Forces_: The first time that they apply themselves or come in this is the time that they are focused and worked upon.

IS: Is that what we call the Sheckinah?

_Forces_: We find it as such, yes.

IS: So the Sheckinah is the one that’s sort of putting in a blanket of energy, that is being, let’s say, somehow cooked up and we send something back?

_Forces_: We see it to work that way, yes.

IS: Okay, on a smaller note, should I go back to physical therapy?

_Forces_: You can do this, yes. But do it slowly.

IS: With that same guy that worked on me before? Would that be the right thing?

_Forces_: Well did he work well with you?

IS: It seemed — he did cranial work.

_Forces_: Then you need to find out if it’s possible to go back to him. You want to continue the same amount of process.

IS: Well the thing he did was the cranial work. Wasn’t…

_Forces_: Well it’s a beginning. And you want to go to find those who can work on the back at the same time.

IS: I see. Will that woman [A] be able to help me?

_Forces_: She will contribute, we see he able to help, yes.

IS: Do you see any improvement in my leg, in my feet?

_Forces_: There are slight improvements that are going on. We feel that you are aware of them too.

IS: Will I ever be able to go back to a place where I can walk?

_Forces_: Yes, you will be able to?

IS: Like walk, let’s say, like I walked in Greece and Israel?

_Forces_: Well of course you have to be careful. You can’t walk as fast or as much as you want to. But it can be done in moderation, of course.

IS: But not like in Israel?

_Forces_: Well you can walk in Israel, but we also specify a sit down rest for at least five minutes to give that body the chance to acclimate, yes.

IS: Is tonight, 12 o’clock, are we getting a wish?

_Forces_: Yes, of course, as it is every year.

IS: Will my wish come true?

_Forces_: Every wish may willing be coming true, yes.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Is the water from our tap perfectly safe to drink?

_Forces_: Well they say it is but sometimes it isn’t. But a filter would help you out. There’s no harm in getting a filter for your tap water.

IS: I did get a filter, but DD said he can’t put it in, so I returned it.

_Forces_: Well maybe you can revisit that again.

NN: Is that also what the oatmeal does, if you put it in water…

_Forces_: Yes, of course.

EH: When you meditate on the Burning Bush it seems to gravitate towards the Heart, is the Burning Bush the, not the focal point, but the tool for the planet Earth and it’s people?

_Forces_: The Burning Bush is the top of the Heart. It has always been the center of energy from the Heart and it is the Soul of the Heart. Yes, of course, it is the Living Soul of God within man — of course, and woman.

EH: Thank you.

MW: From what source are the Harry Potter books channelled to JK Rowling?

_Forces_: Well, we could say that she is given the information through automatic hand-writing or channelling. And through a very ancient scribe of England. A wizard of England in the 14th century. Well, basically it’s the 11th or 12th century.

Group: Is that Merlin?

_Forces_: Well some say that’s who he is.

IS: Is she aware of that — that something’s coming through her that’s supernatural?

_Forces_: Well I don’t think she’s going to talk about it openly. But for being the richest woman in England, she would just want to keep that to herself.

MW: Thank you.

CN: Tomorrow’s a full moon. Can you tell us what this cycle represents — from May 20, 21, 22, 23 — considering that today is the number 5, 22, and 2005 is number 5. A 22 in between two 5s. What’s this big cycle?

_Forces_: It deals with the blossom of fulfillment and the creation coming down into the Earth. It’s a new cycle of rejuvenating the spirit. And re-instituting the spirit in those who are searching.

CN: Is America going to reconnect with it’s own Heart?

_Forces_: Well it is already connected, it’s just the leaders that need to be asked that.

CN: The magnetic field of the heart is supposedly very, very strong vibration and frequency. And they are measuring it now to be so strong that if you added all of them up for all the humans, it would actually be greater than the magnetic field of the earth itself.

_Forces_: Well one plays to the other. But of course, the human heart is a generator or battery of electrical fields of the Earth. But at the same time the spirit world and etheric world. So of course we are constantly filtering the spirit world through the heart and getting more and more information of the etheric world in the material. So one affects the other. But what you just said was totally right.

CN: When you say information, is the heart — how does the heart process information? Or does it? And how does it?

_Forces_: The heart only processes positive information. Good reactions and good thoughts. It cannot store negative thoughts. The negative thoughts are stored in the mind.

CN: So, the heart is also a processor. That’s a big deal for a whole race that’s focused on the brain being the center of all thought and process. Where is the memory stored?

_Forces_: Above the heart.

CN: And how does the blood interrelate with this?

_Forces_: The blood is a conduit of energy. It is activated through the longs to receive the breath of God in this explosion of life. And one gets the energy force through that cycle of pumping. It is not the pumping that gives the rejuvenation to the heart, but the energy of the heart that gives rejuvenation to the pumping.

CN: And how does the information that you are saying the heart processes, how does that relate with the blood?

_Forces_: Well it does a simile — osmosis of creating what would be considered harmony in the body and also spirituality in the earth. So it creates many different things. Of course the mind creates a great deal of disease and discomfort in the body so one against and fights against the other. But if you say the Psalms constantly, or the prayers of the Bible, this filters into the heart and makes the heart stronger and stronger with each chant.

CN: Thank you.

_Forces_: It’s elementary, dear Watson.

DD: In the last session I had trouble asking you about the Stargate related to the Sepher Yetzirah, I’m trying to find the ah, there is a diagram in the Sepher Yetzirah that shows these letters, Hebrew Letters in a circle and one represents yes and one of them rotates seems like inside each other. I’m not sure, it’s just like the Stargate Program where you dial it, you use seven, there’s seven symbols. How does that relate, is there a way of dialing, or is there a device there was already was in Egypt where you dial all the Hebrew letters and astral travel to different locations in the Universe?

_Forces_: Well the dialing of the letters is basically symbols, the symbols are given the vibration of the place you are headed for. And in each symbol comes what would be considered the regulation of the Universe. So the Symbols that you dial into is simply reflecting the Universe you want to go to.

DD: So there was a device, physical device or etheric device which they could…

_Forces_: It is more of a natural device that was created thousands and thousands of years ago, what has been lost in transition, but is still existing in a very simple form, that can be considered very complicated at the same time.

DD: What simple form does it exist in?

_Forces_: It’s a form of building and construction and regulation of air flow and conduits and energy byproducts of such wind elements.

DD: I’m not sure, can you build it like it’s depicted on the Stargate Program is it possible to build it that way? Or that doesn’t function anymore?

_Forces_: It’s depicted on the same lay level of understanding, but there is also a projection of energy in front of it.

DD: Thank you, I just don’t understand enough yet. Thank you very much.

IS: In the vain of the Harry Potter books, was there such a thing as a school of wizard?

_Forces_: Yes, of course.

IS: Is something like this still in existence?

_Forces_: We would have to say yes, of course.

IS: Yes of course. So is it like in the form it’s shown or is it like what we are doing?

_Forces_: Wizardry is even in the work or the places of work and they have these.

IS: But is there an actual school as depicted?

_Forces_: We find there is, yes. Any place where two or three people are gathered together.

IS: So that’s what I was asking; are we considered one of those places?

_Forces_: Oh yes, definitely.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything else I can do, my acid reflux, how is it, I think it’s not so good. But can you check me out?

_Forces_: Well you do have that problem. But we suggest sometimes eating the food slower, and sitting straight while you eat. Not leaning into your food, but sitting straight while you eat will help you with that problem.

IS: Do you see it ever going away?

_Forces_: Well, sometimes it does disappear. But it’s very long in the making. Everyone has this aspect happen to them one way or the other. It’s just that eating the food slowly and working on it for digestion and drinking the liquids has a habit of helping this tasting reduction.

IS: It’s the homeopathy that caused it for me. Is there something homeopathic that can take it away?

_Forces_: Well sometimes the tinctures of homeopathy medicine and hitting it of precessions is 44 times, so that will work out for your benefit. And of course they have homeopathy medicine for this indigestion. Simply use that and that will get you to health.

IS: Why did homeopathy cause it?

_Forces_: It was always there, it didn’t cause it. It just made it more prevalent to the viewer. The question is, it would have come up anyway, you just brought it into manifestation.

IS: Is there anything that can help [A]?

_Forces_: Well she has to continue creating her prayer life. A new, what would be considered meditation processes. In so doing, this will help her.

IS: It’s almost like I think she’s, I’m concerned that she will not be able to take care of herself in her life because she’s never worked really, here and there, but, she’s not looking at this point for a job. It’s like she’s been damaged because she’s been taught that she’s very important so she cannot take a menial job, but it’s only a menial job that is going to get a human being to something greater. What can be done to cross it? It’s like this entitlement feeling. It’s very destructive because they feel they have to be extremely important. And yet, that’s very destructive to them. It makes them very weak and paralyzed them.

_Forces_: Well, maybe if she does volunteering work with children, this will help her to work on that aspect.

IS: With children?

_Forces_: Yes.

IS: How about the law? Is she going to make that?

_Forces_: She can. But she needs to focus more on studying. She has sometimes her head in the wind.

IS: Yeah.

_Forces_: At this point we will have to leave.

IS: Is there…

_Forces_: Yes.

IS: Is there anything you give me for this new cycle, personally?

_Forces_: Well, again, chanting of the Psalms and prayers and just focusing on the vision of service. This will give you the answers to many things as you do meditate and focus on service. In so doing it opens up the windows to receive the fresh air of service and understanding. So the next cycle will be, sometimes being patient and waiting and not speak first. Just wait and see what happens. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our father, who art in the Heavens…