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Forces-Greetings to all here now present we are in this area. We find many different places changing in complex racial features. The biggest excitement to happen is the changing of age old wrinkles by simply such as the use of DNA cream it is very interesting to say that they will develop a cream that you can give of yourself the age of 20, 21, 22 and freeze it and at the age of 50 and 55 dab this DNA cream on your wrinkles and replace your skin tone back to the age of 22, 24. Of course you must contribute to the bank at the age of 22, 21, 22, 23. So it does not work in transfer, it does not work as far as contributing to others except the DNA link of twins. So, we convince the […] on that. We also find China to be very upset with the encounters it is receiving from this country’s accusations. Neither side will give in to side to whatever side is give in to what is said. It is known that we had been 65 miles as they say in your country from the perimeter of China not 12 miles as we saw from our own satellite company digital remote view from 65 miles. We were in the 20 miles radius of course, even 20 miles is what is international waters. Unbeknownst to our seer in your country, 20 miles radius is flight, that is […] flight in which pursuit and flight we would interact with the ship knocking it down of course, but watch it and note that you are aware of its persons. We have a 20 miles radius. China has 20 mi not but 12 international waters. The edge of this particular ship was 60 miles out from the island it had landed on. We did see as indicated by the press that this particular Chinese pilot, rammed into it after the third pass under, okay, cutting off the nose column and hitting the fellow. Of course, unfortunately, the plane was severed in half and the pilot was put to pieces. There is no way that you would ever find the pilot in his own true form unless you’re looking for, well, we wouldn’t be joking here. It is a sad occurrence but, Chinese food for the fish. Now what we would understand is that it is a sad occurrence no matter what side, either side could have went down. It is only an instigation of a nature that could have been rectified in words of tolerance and put away and put aside by the Bush’s team. But he did not want to put this away or put this aside if one can tinker with it and pronounce it higher and higher in its delayed reaction. This is very dangerous as far as political campaigning and also for you. As we have watched the other countries around the world everyone is keeping silent except for Australia and of course for France. France has not backed the United States for much it is actually supporting it, denying, and it is up to our […] as we watch your countries and reactions to such thing. But we need to say that this needs to be put at rest. And of course with the Bush team, the Bush will be the bush, we consider their name ‘bush-wackers’. And of course we don’t particularly support this team or this presidency as is known and has fulfilled everything we have said that would happen since this particular person grabbed the office. Now comes the unspoken work the encounters with China. We are also concerned with that of Iraq and its own craziness and Iran and its own internal conflicts. We are also witnessing to Israel and its own progress and what would be called dangerous situations granting the fear martyrdom on Palestines and their aggressive behavior in their own right, is not going to create peace. And granted that it is an unconcealed effort to see people die and to see them buried fast that you are dealing with emotions that are far from ideal and if you die for the interest of the thousands they consider them to be martyrs. But all in all we have to say that we are watching this area of Israel and will now intercede and interrupt the anger and the aggravation and the death that has been distilled upon beneath. Israel does not demand or does not respeculate when it has to for its own sacred it safety, it must purport strength. Unfortunately, both sides are dying and we do not purport this. We in itself find great sadness and shame that such a peaceful country of a physical nature has seen such emotional uproot and explosions of missiles and war and catastrophes in a civilized area. Unfortunately, Israel has always perceived itself to be in temper piece and not to be in a peaceful state. It has alas been at war. Unfortunately it is true for the rest of the conditions. We will try to and of course we will not try to, we will intercede and create other countries to mother them to their peaceful coexistence to create this to happen. It is something that has to be put at a standstill of course at a certain point so that peace negotiations can continue. We find that there are many changes in Israel and this too can be for the better. We also find America to be going though its own identification into the new age. There are too many geographic and political and what would be called managerial problems with the cities. As the years progress, the be cities will be, be less and less desirable to men and many, many will start moving out of the big cities to migrate and populate the areas of small populations. We also find then the North Dakota and the South Dakota that the Red River of the North Dakota has seen a great deal of turbulence. Red being the Reptilians in it own name as the Indians have called the Red river as that of from Mars and also the underground area of the bases causing material explosions and flooding in its own right. It will be of what we consider changes in the banking, and of course there are many, many people in the stock market that have been locked out of millions and millions of dollars causing a great deal to question in their own emotional state let alone their own financial state. We also find what a new would be called […] discovery that will be taking place in the near future which will offset the balance in the world. It is also a find that will benefit the United States and Canada. We also find new medical terminologies and changes coming out in a great long time we will find Osteoporosis to have a curing agent, by simply taking a pill a day. You will find to be to have its own ending of its prognosis of its long listing of deaths and injuries. You will also find the ability to bring health into a child we have spoken about the breathing of oxygen, but now the ability for a child to be born in which the ability of this child to have its own lungs in that was reversed to be reversed back into full growth. That means the child that has been immature and what would be called premature of course its immature, but premature it is the growth of the lungs that are most important in its development. They will be able to create what would be considered a self forming gel or substance in which […] and locate the lining of the lungs producing growth of the lungs and the development of these lungs through this job. We find ourselves to be very much concerned with South Africa and we find ourselves very much concerned on the slaves deportations of different what would be called continued or concerned of kidnapping of children of 14-22,000 a year, we have seen over 30-400,000 not listed. But the children going through different stages of kidnapping, several never to be seen again, and this is a […] issue that will actually rip apart South Africa. We find that there is great revering and strength in South America. But at the same time dangerously courting and courting of the far East of China. And we also see them courting and dangerously courting the Arab countries. Some South American countries will stand up to others, causing a great deal of conflict in its own internal. Not to mention the earthquakes that will take place along the South American border, but also into California, once again, on into Washington. There are many different changes that would be happening and it will also be many different products on the market that will be new and developed to make it easier to do that which is the moving […] and also the cleaning of clothes laundry and making of houses. We are now taking your questions.

IS: Thank you very much for coming in. The missing children in South Africa, are they black are they white and?

_Forces_: When we say South Africa, we speak not of the country South Africa but we speak of the western coast of Africa to the South and we also speak of the mid part of the country of Africa in fact we speak of all the southern parts of Africa causing the break to left of human relationship

IS: So are these black children or white children and who’s taking them?

_Forces_: It is from the underground market as they call it, the majority of them are black children being taken for slaves sexual aggrandizement and fulfillment and actually slave indentured servants.

IS: Where are they taken to as slaves?

_Forces_: Migrate them all throughout the Far East, Africa, too and back and forth into Singapore into Thailand and into some parts of the southern peninsula of China.

IS: Thank you, is there anything we can do to alert or say or something?

_Forces_: Well just the very attention that we breathe, breathing it and giving the attention allows it to be manifest.

IS: Thank you very much. What is wrong with me, could you give me a physical reading, I mean my throat my ears, my breasts the rest of the body.

_Forces_: Those are the particular aches and pains of ‘seital’ changes you also have a sinus condition that is like a slight infection in the sinus nodes you also have what would be considered the dripping of the throat and the coughing which can be alleviated by cough syrup, but at the same time it is a sinus peculiar to itself, infection causing a slight irritation throughout the canal systems.

IS: Is any of it connected with the drops, it seems that since I’ve been taking the drops on and off, I seem to be so much weaker and open to all of these sinuses and sicknesses.

_Forces_: what we would suggest is that you alleviate yourself from taking the drops at the moment for the next new full moon. It is also the new moon that is affecting the drop ratio and the moon is becoming stronger in its own strength, so in the solar flares it is affecting your particular drop ratios. It is best next to the next period of full moon that you can start taking the drops again but we tried to take the drops down to 1, hoping that this would alleviate any ___ but according to the solar flares and the moon interaction it is what would be called catapult the energy level of the droplets to a different frequency particular for you.

IS: When I start taking the drops at the full moon again, how and for how long each?

_Forces_: Again start it for one drop/day and build it up at the end of the week and then 2 drops at the next week and then 3 at the end of that week. Build it up as drops per week rather than per day.

IS: And for how long, how many weeks? Up to 12 or…

_Forces_: We would have up to 12 and by that time another review would be in order.

IS: So do I need to see a Doctor at this point for all my stuff?

_Forces_: Well it is at this point what we would call canal irritations, you could if you want to, but again the irritations are just a minor irritation that will eventually give way. But we see that the sinus irritation is what is causing these particular ailments.

IS: Including my ear pains?

_Forces_: The ear pains are part of the sinus irritation into the canal but again it is more of a cold nature that start up in the canal and frequency of the different dropping of temperatures from hot to cold, cold to hot.

IS: Should I, if I get to see a Dr. or something should I stay with Penicillin?

_Forces_: This would not hurt you if you wanted to.

IS: And should I…

_Forces_: No need to.

IS: Thank you, so how come, what is the thing that the cotton stopped the pain?

_Forces_: It kind of stops the ear current that hits the outer part of the canal also taking some lemon juice with fizz water would help out a lot

IS: the way I’ve been doing the fizz water with the lemon is that all right?

_Forces_: We would add a little bit more lemon.

IS: Also with my teeth is there anything that can be said at this point, I’m going to see dr. Kelly.

_Forces_: I think how we had handled it and looked at it in the other period of times we found it to be the way we described it and we see it not to have changed much.

IS: So my right side will not need a root canal?

_Forces_: It is a question that has been dealt on that; yes we do not see that as a possibility.

IS: And my left side?

_Forces_: well, we had talked about that too.

IS: The last tooth will it need a root canal can it be saved?

_Forces_: There is a possibility that it might be but there is also a possibility of just removing it.

IS: Okay, just removing the tooth? So basically no root canals anywhere?

_Forces_: We don’t see that at the moment, but there is a question of one to the left side.

IS: Thank you, sorry about all my ailments and stuff, and the rest of my body, what’s wrong? The pains that I have, my breasts…

_Forces_: This is a continuation of what we considered the sinus drip and muscle aches, but not to be upon.

IS: I had the dream, you know which one I’m talking about?

_Forces_: Yes and we wouldn’t be alarmed about that.

IS: Okay, thank you. And how are the drops working for the entity Tom?

_Forces_: They’re finding themselves to be good.

IS: So, thank you very much.

_Forces_: If you have concerns about your breasts you can always have them checked again.

IS: A mammogram you mean?

_Forces_: When was the last time?

IS: A year and a half ago or two years or something like that.

_Forces_: And the reason of not checking it again is because they had suggested not so many?

IS: Right because of the radiation.

_Forces_: We don’t particularly see anything so, it is up to your own security, if you want to its up to you.

IS: No I’d rather not do radiation, and why is my throat going flat, it’s as if though a sheet of metal is there with everything bouncing off, it’s like sliding through, nothing is catching, my voice dies out, because of that, is that still the drops?

_Forces_: Well the drops cause not all that interaction, but we do say that you have been using your voice a lot and there are times when you need to take a break with the voice. There are times when you can go for hours and hours you’ve got to remember that straining the vocal chords is what’s happening. Therefore castor oil around the neck will not hurt along with some aloe juice and drinking of the aloe juice to settle the vocal chords. It’s straining the vocal chords that is causing the irritation all around.

IS: But it didn’t happen like that before the drops, that’s why I am connecting it to the drops.

_Forces_: Well, the drops have caused a certain other reaction but not as negative as straining your vocal chords. What we are saying are there are times when you speak so much and so long you need to give the voice a rest.

IS: Thank you.

_Forces_: And there is also the coca-cola syrup, just the syrup along with two teaspoons in the evening to soothe the throat is just as medicinal.

IS: Two teaspoons?

_Forces_: Yes.

IS: How about the mints that I am taking?

_Forces_: The mints are okay, but remember when you have workshops so long this is a way to end it by taking these teaspoons to soothe the vocal chords.

IS: Thank you, thank you very much.

_Forces_: And of course we will work around your body in that area.

IS: Thank you, thank you very much, maybe my whole body.

_Forces_: Maybe your whole body.

IS: I really appreciate it, I’m a mess, I feel like I’m chopping up into pieces or something.

_Forces_: You’re doing okay.

IS: Thank you, and while I’m talking about that, I shouldn’t ask for more clients, should I?

_Forces_: Clients will be given, it’s the period of the holiday that it stopped.

IS: And also my voice is that part of the…

_Forces_: Yes you need to relax the voice.

IS: Thank you and for Susan and LF is there any news for them?

_Forces_: This is kind of a waiting game of watching and waiting for the different changes to happen.

IS: Is Mark Warner still going to go forward than?

_Forces_: For apparent reasons he’s striving to go forward, there a lot of variants he’s jumping over that has been placed before him to try to slow or stop him, but his determination is so great to move forward in what he wants, there are those other elements, that of course we are unable to mention here that we’ll be watching.

IS: And is there a reason that this last year or so that the information to Susan has been sort of iffy?

_Forces_: It is better here to be said and guarded. Because there is a lot in it that affects the whole nation and there are many different elements, that are what would be called eavesdropping and also aware and therefore there are many different ways we have to deliver the message with a counter balance of the effect.

IS: Is there a reason why when I asked for her if LF is going to be governor, it said no, but when I asked if Susan would be first lady of Virginia, it said yes, is there a reason?

_Forces_: Maybe, yes, because we had seen and expressed the changing of time maybe what we are trying to say is that moment no, but in the future, yes.

IS: Thank you so much. Is there anything that for A can be given?

_Forces_: There are many different changes in what would be called adrenal and hormonal gland increases and also a different reception and receptors of seen and receiving information that’s coming around, basically to be patient and relax and wait to what is given.

IS: Thank you, the pest control person making a contract with, is that the right person?

_Forces_: We find, unfortunately, when the pests outnumber the humans they could be you handicap in that not all of us would particularly like. This is the most friendly, user-friendly way to rid of the insects that would cause damage to the out and the exterior parts of the house. So therefore we find it to be something that is deemed necessary, very for the rodents and the small animals around the house, but also for all the irritable conditions despite this. Black widows, […] and what we call flying ants and carpenter ants along with roaches and rats and mice do we need to go on.

IS: Are these people the appropriate people are they the best?

_Forces_: We feel that they could do you a good job for the area.

IS: And the price that I could find?

_Forces_: The price could even be higher in other areas, the price itself is adequate, you are looking for a long time coverage and we find unfortunately we do no wish to destroy the creatures, but contain them is what you’re doing and not destroying, moving them onto other places, is what will be happening.

IS: Now the builders, the construction people, the person named DM, is he the appropriate person for us?

_Forces_: He will prove himself adequate for the job in many different areas yes.

IS: Is there somebody better?

_Forces_: You can always find somebody better, that’s the way of the world, but at the moment in which you found out, it’s the best.

IS: Thank you so much, the Rabbi, is he feeling more comfortable with me, or what is he perceiving?

_Forces_: It is more like him and akin to trying to learn information and knowledge.

IS: Akeen you said?

_Forces_: Akin, like a partnership.

IS: So that’s pretty good for him.

_Forces_: We would say it’s a good start, yes, unfortunately a lot of men think that women don’t know what they’re talking about.

IS: He doesn’t think that anymore correct?

_Forces_: Well that’s already passé.

IS: Well, thank you very much and thank you for helping me to do that.

EH: Thank you very much for helping my mom through so many things, the little girl.

_Forces_: The little bell.

EH: Pardon me?

_Forces_: The little bell.

EH: When she needs assistance, thank you very much, the little baby named Daisy who’s sister we had in the unit who had died, who looked the same way she did, I would assume that they were both half-bred from an alien generation.

_Forces_: It all depends what area of the state they were from.

EH: They were from Mexico.

_Forces_: Therefore they weren’t from this state, chance of that to happen down there is about 72%. There is a lot of UFO activity in Mexico its just not advertised up in the Americas were they feel it might be discredited as lunatics.

EH: It seems like these little girls and boys they come in, the problems they have after the breathing is their stomachs they can’t digest, what would be something to help them?

_Forces_: Well, their stomachs are not developed so therefore the digestion cannot possible take place, overlooking the ability for the stomach to digest is a big error. The stomach is not in its right function anymore to digest, sometimes giving enzymes that are compatible to the stomach to activate it even an hour before the food is brought down might be an assistance to the child.

EH: So they seem to get bowel infections a lot.

_Forces_: Well, of course, you bring anything into the stomach that cannot be digested and therefore it’s passed to the bowel, the bowels not even developed yet and therefore the infection begins.

EH: Will their bowels ever be developed? It seems like a lot of them die.

_Forces_: the question of developing the bowels is not giving them the food that causes the obstruction in the first place, therefore be thinking of what type of food you give a child like this is very important.

EH: Is there anything we have that they could digest?

_Forces_: Well if you look at the foods what do you give them?

EH: Pretty concentrated formula.

_Forces_: and there’s where your problems lies. Concentrated formulas should be diluted times 10 or even more so it will not be so concentrated. This is your biggest problem with the bowel obstructions. Therefore if you give food to the child a tube feeding, how long is the tube feeding for? 4 hours, 2 hours, 1 hour, with the concentrated tube feeding?

EH: Sometimes quickly.

_Forces_: How quick?

EH: Like gravity, as fast as it goes in.

_Forces_: Did you say you like gravity? There’s your problem, you’re force feeding the child, it has to be stopped and slowed down, even if its put through a tube feeding device for an hour or two, feeding the child quickly, what does that do?

Esther, It puts the stomach in shock.

_Forces_: There you go, so slow it down, we know that you want to get it over with, but you’re jeopardizing the child’s health.

EH: Thank you very much.

IS: Will she be able to incorporate these new things?

EH: If someone really wants to listen to these new things. So she has to do that slowly

IS: And the digestive systems, is it for all babies or more specifically for the hybrids.

_Forces_: Well, the children that she has been speaking about?

IS: And it is because they are not used to eating at all?

_Forces_: They eat a different type of food

IS/E: Thank you.

_Forces_: How they eat is basically. Unfortunately, I don’t think that people will understand this is what we call green juice can literally be spread on the child’s skin, because they are so fine it is absorbed through the capillary systems. So therefore feeding the child through the stomach, just because we do that, doesn’t mean they do that.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Have they succeeded in breeding a hybrid?

_Forces_: Oh yes, there is thousands of them, they don’t talk about it a few of them do get through the loop into regular hospitals, everything is clocked and watched and watched and clocked and video taped and tracked, watched, watched, and beep a beep a people wherever they go, so I mean there are those that do get through the cycle.

JE: Do they mature?

_Forces_: Some might, very few do.

JE: And the ones that do, do they reproduce and what do they look like and what’s the point?

_Forces_: The point is that they will gradually develop better and better and infiltrate into the species of the earth, so right now they’re very pronounced because there are so many weak spots in the system but as far as nature is concerned and the element of the body, the more its done the more they’ll have responses to come up with the correct, so they lose 20,000 children, 200,000, and they’re losing one grape, and you have the rest of the generations to come.

JE: What about souls?

_Forces_: This is an interesting topic to speak about, remember a hybrid is half a mom and half an alien so therefore it has the essence of a soul but it also has the essence of the alien component that has lost the knowing of its origin or soul, so you have half of it an extraterrestrial and the other half a human, so you have harsher consciousness going on.

IS: So is it like a partial soul, not a completed soul?

_Forces_: Well yes, you speak so real, so candidly about the soul, and we take it for granted that this is a thing that everyone has, but the aliens have lost their quality of soul, and therefore they’ve come back to reinstate themselves to the emotions of humans and the soul, their emotions connect you to the soul, you’re soul are your emotions, we hope to keep always our emotions in check, but it is when we don’t check our emotions, it is the element of a soul, but it is a soul that is unchecked. But they don’t even have that, they don’t even have that quality of soul checking because they lost it. They lost their emotional reasons along with their soul, so they’re trying to regain that soul back.

IS: So they know that they have lost something vital for them, how do they interpret what they’ve lost?

_Forces_: They interpret what they lost when they see humans do things they can’t: laugh, cry, joy, sorrow, reasoning, compassion, forgiveness; all these are things they can’t do. Or basically feel.

IS: If there is, what is the benefit of these hybrids to humanity?

_Forces_: Well in the long run, hopefully these hybrids will have an intelligent strand 3 times the capacity of what is on the earth today, it could be considered another evolutionary strand a development in the earth in the next century to come. We see that the computer today, have completely changed your society, from the society in the 40’s and 50’s, so we talk about a new type of civilization of consciousness of people that have a different reasoning and make up and background of doing things, that we did not do in the 90’s in the year 2030. So the fact is that your evolution that you know it, is changing by leaps and bounds every day.

IS: Thank you, and they have developed all of their intelligence because they have given up their emotions?

_Forces_: Well, that would be your key that they trained on the mental aspects of all along to become better and more efficient, better and better, better and better and more developed in the knowledge skills. Anyone who is developing their mental capacities, will eventually drown out their emotional and about their own soul-heart. When you have someone who is before you mentally reasoning of things you very seldom see them reason with their heart.

[End of Side A]

_Forces_: Again we don’t think we are but we are therefore we have to teach as Jesus did, love your enemy, do good unto those that persecute you, this is who he is talking about, those extraterrestrials that come and become very, very disturbing. Why us teaching them compassion and forgiveness and love.

Q: [Inaudible]

_Forces_: At the very beginning where you left off, you must start each new day as though it never happened, and to redo and rethink and recommit and reevaluate yourself so that your job and your work and your reasoning, becomes more and more evolved and developed in the process, we learn from our mistakes, we don’t learn from doing things right, because we already know what we are doing, so what is there to find if we do it right. You learn only from your mistakes, but then when you refuse to learn from your mistakes, then it is painful.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Are there male and female aliens?

_Forces_: Well if you ever want the sexual preference of an alien when you meet them, I hate to tell you this, they can go crazy, there is an ability for them to become male and female at their own wish, so yes there are male and female, but there are those that are not coned and not locked into the species of male and female. But that is that they can move from one species to the next depending on what turns them on. Now don’t you earthlings wish you could do that?

IS: Well, some earthlings are doing that by being, what you would call, transvestites?

_Forces_: If you are going through a physical operation that causes many, many years of growing and medication and learning and it also causes an electrical disturbance and imbalance, basically a lot of them are vibrating at the vibratory rate they turn into, but at the same time, their emotional levels are not catching up to their vibratory levels causing a great deal of confusion in many different aspects, what we are talking about is the true sex of turning male into female is when you develop into the divine ratio of that of the sexual world where the person or the alien can migrate into the species they need to be in. This can only be done by divine love and therefore those species that can ratio back and forth usually do not want sex or have sex because they are of a different nature and they are switching back and forth to that level of one sex to the other is because of a spiritual reason and also an elemental magnetic reason of vibrational force you do have some aliens that can go male and female and have reproductions that way, but because they operate on a mental level, they cannot feel the emotional level of sex. So I don’t know if the chicken is first or the egg is, but the fact is when you as earthlings ask if a person or an alien can change or what sex or whatever of male female or what type, you’ve got to understand the component that the extraterrestrials a lot of them or some of them, do not have emotions now you tell me what a good intercourse would be when someone really does not give a…

IS: Thank you.

_Forces_: If you want to take a drink of water we’ll wait.

IS: Me.

_Forces_: No one else but you.

IS: I’ll just bring my drink.

_Forces_: Okay good idea, we’ve decided to drop in since you called us, so therefore you’ve got us tonight, we are the babysitters. We can take questions while she moves around.

DD: On the parasite, how’s that working out?

_Forces_: We find it to be very well.

DD: Should I take anything more?

_Forces_: Well how many drops are you up to?

DD: Twenty.

_Forces_: That should be sufficient.

DD: And the pill are seven.

_Forces_: Up to eight with that would be enough.

DD: Is there anything else I should do?

_Forces_: We find it to be sufficient, and count from this day 20 days of taking of it. Then start dropping down.

DD: Thank you. In Isis’ bathroom there’s a place where the tile is sinking in, rotting underneath, where is that water coming from?

_Forces_: We find it dripping along the edges of the bathtub.

DD: At the back?

_Forces_: At the back and also near the radiator

DD: Near the radiator too?

_Forces_: Dripping into the radiator crevice under the floor.

DD: How do we need to, do we need to take the tile up and redo it?

_Forces_: We strongly suggest taking the tile up and redoing it, this will help you relay the wall.

DD: Cement flooring?

_Forces_: This can also be done, but starting from the beginning and looking to the area of ‘leakatures’ the proper way.

DD: Upstairs on the third floor where it leaks down on the molding, do we need to take out the walls and put that cement board in there?

_Forces_: Of course this happens after the wall is saturated with water. And after that happens at a certain point when that happen and the seething starts.

DD: So we need to take out the 3 walls or the back wall or the sidewall or the front wall where the showers comes out?

_Forces_: We see what would be considered the sidewall to be interestingly to be looked at and removed.

DD: What about that little alcove-take it out?

_Forces_: That is too where the leakage can happen with water going at a certain rate and coming into the walls, yes.

DD: so one other question, this is metaphysical, I saw in a kabala book about the universe of the colored dots, slashes and lines, that’s the same as the one we call point line plane?

_Forces_: What was the last part?

DD: Is that the same as the one we call point line plane?

_Forces_: Yes, you could interpret it that way, yes.

DD: What was the usefulness of talking about that universe?

_Forces_: What did you say?

DD: Why were they talking about that particular universe, or how would that help them, kick the rabbis that were…

_Forces_: Because of the origin of its own species and creation of life in that, more like the DNA structure.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: While we’re talking about the construction, what are the first jobs that the construction person should do, is that what the entity said?

_Forces_: The first job should be the floor that’s got caving, falling in, and of the course the bathroom that is done second will be done upstairs in that area.

IS: Thank you and then probably air conditioner and the closet and such.

_Forces_: We’ll get to that.

IS: The only question I’ve got about my throat is that, when I worked for months on the lines and I worked sometimes 8, 9 hours a day and I didn’t get this.

_Forces_: Well, we have to let you understand this has been a build up of the using of your vocal chords also it is a, the body can do so much, but you’ve got to also rest that part, taking aloe juice is something that will help you too with the chords.

IS: Thank you and why am I so swollen?

_Forces_: There is a retention in water in certain spots, but again with the humidity and temperature changes, this creates a different cycle in the lymphatic lines to change over to the summer aspects of the biological body this change of course causes a great deal of swelling, sometimes drinking lots of water can decrease it, other times and apple fast or a grape fast for 3 days can bring it down.

IS: I would love to do an apple fast, but I can’t tolerate the apples and I love them.

_Forces_: Change it to a grape fast.

IS: And grapes do the same thing to me.

_Forces_: Then change it to a melon fast.

IS: Okay, I don’t remember I can try, thank you.

_Forces_: Or if you want you can change it to yogurt and melon, or yogurt, melon and grapes and apples.

IS: And oil, the flax seed oil?

_Forces_: Yes, and let that be your base carrier.

IS: Thank you, thank you very much, very good, thank you very much.

JU: The bridge they put in my mouth is there any problem with that or does it need to be adjusted or anything or is that okay?

_Forces_: There is an irritation that needs to be filed down, I would have it looked at.

JU: And the stock market, the forces are really moving the stock market with what is going through in the last few months, what is really causing that? Is it being manipulated or something else at work?

_Forces_: Who do you think is causing it?

JU: Same thing is, I think its being manipulated, but also I think the forces that you said it’s the consciousness of the people involved the pessimism or optimism or can either raise it up or lower it down.

_Forces_: It is one of the curses we have given you.

JU: That is when it first started to happen, so it should continue right, at this point?

_Forces_: Well we find it to be at a place where we made an impression, we might change things around but we haven’t decided yet, but there are still other things to come. It is interesting when a nation chooses a president they must be aware of the responsibilities of their choice, because the one they choose is the spokesperson for the majority of people living there. Unfortunately, this causes a great deal of disturbance

JU: That’s the same principle, that the ruler or king of a country represents the consciousness of the, that sort of a law?

_Forces_: It is a law, I think its sort of a law, it is the law.

JU: Is my uncle about to pass over?

_Forces_: We have watched this particular man, and the quality of his life is getting lower and lower and lower. It is also that he misses his wife and that joy that he had with her. So in all reality, he could be kept a little longer, but we think it is only a question of time.

JU: Thank you.

NN: Is there anything wrong with the transmission on the green van, or is it okay for the moment?

_Forces_: What do you see wrong with the transmission?

NN: Nothing, there’s just a hint of a pulling, I really don’t know cars at all.

_Forces_: So do we not know cars, we just see tightening up of valves and different alternators, rechecking certain things.

NN: So maybe if I just have the belts checked under the hood.

_Forces_: Tell them to fix it.

NN: Okay, thank you.

_Forces_: Act like the dumb blonde you are.

NN: Okay thanks, with what they’re calling mad cow disease, how much of a threat is that in this country and about contamination.

_Forces_: Well, it will not do the beef business too much damage, but it will in the long run cause a lot of people in your country are not wanting to eat beef, we would say that it would cause a significant disturbance. But there’s more to the story than just mad cow disease. There’s also extraterrestrial involved.

JU: What is their purpose?

_Forces_: Well, mad cow disease did not just come from the pig or from the infected pig, or the pig rinds, but it came from the abductions of the beef or the cattle, which got the other cattle’s infected from the rays. In your particular country there is lots of cattle that have been […] and dissected and programmed to prospect inspection by these extraterrestrial butchers along with your own country involved with it too.

NN: So the government is actually involved with it?

_Forces_: Do not doubt that the government is behind a lot of things, it says its not. Its information, misinformation there are a lot of times that the government itself doesn’t know half the stuff it started, so they are just as stupid as the next one, so they can say, oh we didn’t know that.

IS: Basically it’s the story of the island people being infected by the visit of the Europeans.

_Forces_: Something like that yes.

JSW: Thank you, I would like to know if I need to worry about the building being condemned, or if I should just forget about it and move on.

_Forces_: When you say forget about it and move on, that means to move on with what your life is and to just focus on what is in front of you?

JSW: Yes.

_Forces_: this should stand to be true, remember there are many different ways coming from all over the place. And this particular building in its own right is what would be considered, a building that can be what would be considered a upgrade, and the upgrade can be, but in their own right they try to save money, they’re not touching the building for many, many years, and they have had many notices placed to them, of the things they needed to get done. This is a kind of pushing or prodding to become more responsible for their building upkeep. And I would suggest that you do not get involved with whether the building is up or down, condemned or blessed. What you need to do and focus on is just the job that is in front of you and developing your skills at the moment. Other things will take care of themselves or you can come back and knock at our door.

JSW: And I would also like to thank the master Jesus, this weekend its been very contemplative, and I just have a final question, in the final days it seemed that everyone was against him yet he maintained a single focus and a love for the people that were doing this to him. I know you spoke earlier about forgiving that, but how did he do that really?

_Forces_: Well, it is quite easy, he just popped a chicklet in his mouth and chewed and chewed and chewed, no, it’s not that easy. In to give you the answer, it is the same as the entity that we speak through. He knows the deviations of human nature and he knows all their course in the strands they take, he knows the future of their prospects and the limits of their take of endurance, he knows their ups and downs, he also knows their inner thoughts. He knows the thoughts that they keep secret so he cannot see, so did Jesus see the secrets of Judas Iscariot, the more you keep something secret, the more it becomes plain as the nose of your face to him, but then, what it is, knowing that true love and divine love is the one that wins out regardless in the end, it might take 5 years or 10 years or 20 or 30. This particular entity has endured the whole course. He’s proven that in itself if you could last 10 years then you can last times 2, if you can last 20 years, then you can last times 2, well, this particular entity has lasted 3 lifetimes living with this group. Therefore whatever you can bring or pull in front of him, it is the same that has been pulled in front of Christ, what is it that Jesus had in the last days of walking in the earth? When you know your destiny and your mission is to accomplish, when you stand and the sun does fall on your face, and when you see your shadow pass before you, and when you know that your name has been called by the wind, and when you see the cross is there for you and you pick it up, and when you know that this mission is no other but that and to be done it is what you would say the inevitable, its like looking at something you do not want to touch or get into, but you know you have to. The more you get into it, the less you have to be in it. And the more your in it, the more your out of it. The more you tackle it, the more it becomes fearless, the more you do not tackle it, the more it controls and becomes fearful. So with Jesus, in his divine love, he understands human nature and their reactions, there are many times disappointment set in. But then, how about the times that those apostles had endured and ran to the Upper Room and waited, that’s by faith. They could have run to all parts of the country and dispersed, they could have disappeared, but there was something inside them that said no, this is all we know, this is what we are, this is who we’ve become, this is what we’ll wait for. We all want either live or die, we all remain here together in this upper room and wait as was instructed to Mary Magdalene as he rose from the dead. Now Jesus, if he had any insight, could have said, they will go to the Upper Room, which they did. But his spiritual insight realized that these apostles were also scared and frightened, but they were also believers of what they have seen. Once you see something which has been realized in front of you, regardless of how much doubt you might have, or how much opinions of your logical mind and your desire of security, that action that has materialized in front of you is your anchor the spiritual world. And it is something you cannot explain to anyone, but meshes you together with that action that has not only catapulted you into our awareness of time and space, but it catapulted you into truly who you are. Spiritual evolution is not something you find in a book, spiritual evolution of divine love, is not something that is taken or applied by just action alone for one day, spiritual evolution is that something that sit like a green juice, or veggie juices from a mixer. Spiritual evolution is a composite of many different associations of right actions and wrong actions, right behalf’s and wrong behalf’s, right reactions to words people say and the right reactions to negative comments as were said to Jesus near the end of his days was simply what he kept saying in his mind until he finally materialized the mind on the cross, Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing. We get lost in relay of our own reasoning and thinking of how things should be on the earth, no matter what you think is right and wrong, no matter what you feel is the right action there is a spiritual law over that and even though you would like to have a utopia on earth, striving for the simple day to day actions of getting people elevated or helping them lift themselves up in the knowledge of doing and the knowledge of forgiveness and the knowledge of sharing and the knowledge of love. No one said it wasn’t going to be easy, no one said you own it and handed it to you on a silver platter, but mind you every barrier you have to meet, meet it with patience and meet it with a certain amount of knowing in a compassionate you, what’s the worst thing that could possibly happen, you die. And what then? You find out when you die. So with Jesus he simply had divine compassion, knowing the human frailty to jump to that which is safe and secure and that unfortunately the easy road or the lazy road out. These are the qualities of darkness that is upon the face of the deep. These are the qualities of man, just as you had read in your upper room last night and that we have said that Moses was told, these people will go back to their ways, and will go back to their evil ways its not easy to say to man that you are spirit and God, but at the very base level you are very, very raw and also base and not God. It is only when we came down into the earth and created day God created the light and the evening and the morning was the first day. Now as it was pointed out by one of you earlier today, in your own insight, evening is darkness, so within man and woman is darkness first, the light is that of your illumination of your soul of your spirit, Jesus sees the darkness of your soul, Jesus sees the capabilities of how far you can go in your own darkness, but he also sees the brightness of your soul, he also sees your light, also sees the God quality within you, that of patience, that of forgiveness, that of love, that of suffering, that of understanding, remember wisdom comes from all of this, its so difficult to get wisdom, you have to go through all the others, so in so doing, the entity has seen the broad and the scope of your limitations but he also is aware of your capabilities and your availability and your capability of coming to your decision and the right decision at the end and coming with the right approach and seeing the light out of the darkness of the tunnel. He allows you to go through the whole spectrum, only unfortunately you have to go through your darkness, he’s waiting at the end of the tunnel with a cup of tea or a glass of water and says, is it fixed already? So, remember the question is an applicable question. Jesus is waiting for you at the end of your dark tunnel and when you come out with patience and love and understanding and need forgiveness and not looking for the easy way out, but take the difficult road, you know its best to do the most difficult thing first, then everything else from that point on is a piece of cake. Now we say this to you, if during the walk of darkness you find yourself against the wall, don’t fret be patient, calm down, deep breathe, relax its not over yet, don’t throw up in the air screaming and yelling for the hills, its not over, and don’t blame others, or come up with answers its not your fault, were not looking for fault, what were looking for is accomplishment, and understanding and wisdom. As you go through this tunnel of darkness, in the tunnel of darkness there are many straps to hold onto, no matter what you reach, that strap will appear that’s the spiritual law, you reach, we will appear. The problem comes in when you are in this darkness this tunnel appear and doubt. That you don’t reach out by faith, knowing that God will simply be there to pull you out you think you can do it all by yourself and all on your own, but that’s the test of the tunnel of darkness. That’s the only test to prove that you need God to pull you out. We put you in the tunnel of darkness in your own fears only because of your arrogance of your mental mind that you are going to do it all by yourself that’s why we get you to depend upon us, that you know that you can’t do it alone and that you need God all that other visitors are those that care of you to move you up out of your base level, no one says it was going to be easy, Jesus knew this from the beginning. He is simply just going to a daily days work, he had to get the work done, he knew where it was going, he knew his course, he knew the end product that’s why he was so confident and compassionate and able to forgive, because he knew at that time, if you fail, it’s okay you learn by your mistakes now don’t we.

IS: Thank you, I have a saying that I say to people when they say where is God that God is not the one that wants to fix us or fix the earth, he wants us to fix it, is that correct then or not correct?

_Forces_: Maybe the fact is that the fixing of the earth starts with the fixing of self.

IS: That’s what I mean.

_Forces_: And in fixing of self, you can fix the earth.

IS: So the fixing of self, is that correct, well, but when people say, God allowed a Hitler, or God allowed all of these things to happen how…

_Forces_: Hitler only came upon the scene because the energy of the people demanded enlightenment. Hitler was leading the people to a certain amount of unification of Europe and that enlightenment what got astray is the will and the control and the fear in not depending upon God and what he was doing. In all reality, we all want a better world. We do it in America, we eat the right foods, we send our children to the right schools, we dress them, we have the right literature, the right work, if you really look at America and look at Hitler or Germany there’s no difference, from what Germany was in the 1920’s and the 1919’s from what America is going through. They have the control of the world. But remember, the difference with us, is we have checks and balances; hopefully our checks will never bounce our balances.

IS: Thank you.

_Forces_: We’ll always balance out.

IS: But Hitler was already a very incarnation of Bonaparte, which was already a dark soul.

_Forces_: It was a nobility for Bonaparte to unify Europe, so did Hitler get another chance in doing it. It is when we turn our back on the divine or spiritual aspect of love and forgiveness and look to control and conquer then the devil comes full-blown in force.

IS: I had at one time a dream, a vision where I saw the third incarnation of Hitler, I saw him as Bonaparte, Hitler, and I saw a third incarnation. I’m not sure which country but it might have been middle eastern or something, or dark complexion, then is that correct?

_Forces_: You will find him in the Island of Crete.

IS: Is he already here?

_Forces_: We must always understand the antichrist is here in all of us, every single time we do the wrong act, or aggressively attack our brothers or assault with words or deeds, that is why we need to bring up the spirit octaves of life to see the materialization of the antichrist is only after the people of the word have manifest so much energy and thought bombs around the globe of the antichrist, the antichrist appears. Now take the same, only when everyone in their own minds and thoughts have vibrated the Christ spirit then the Christ spirit will materialize in the earth as the Christ incarnated.

IS: Thank you.

_Forces_: Many hear and many see, there has been much work, how much work does a person have to produce in order for people to believe. Sad isn’t it. They believe maybe after the artist is gone that maybe he was a master.

DD: The book about the EMT, it seemed like I was guided through that, is that accurate, are the insights I’m getting out of it accurate?

_Forces_: We have it to have substance and corresponds to the things we said.

DD: So it’s like the chariot?

_Forces_: We find it to have substance and corresponds to the things we said.

IS: Where is the Ark today, the original Ark?

_Forces_: It’s in every man’s heart.

IS: And the physical Ark?

_Forces_: It is buried.

IS: Which country?

_Forces_: Some say it was taken.

IS: Taken by the Higher Forces, do you have it?

_Forces_: Remain quiet.

IS: Yes, should I continue?

_Forces_: Remain quiet.

IS: Okay.

_Forces_: Some say the Ark was taken into Egypt to be buried and one of the temples, others say the Ark has been buried under the temple mount under the dome of the Ark.

IS: Under the dome of the ark, are we talking about in Israel?

DD: Dome of the rock?

IS: Under the dome of the rock of Abraham?

_Forces_: Yes.


_Forces_: In the tunnel, yes.

IS: The power that was in the Ark at that time, is it still functioning?

_Forces_: It is no different than the atomic power that you had in the atomic bomb, but much different and it is more like the containing of the sun inside of it. It is basically the reflector mode of the anti-reflector of the sun’s energy. The sun is in a physical mode. In the Ark is what would be called the anti-matter mode.

IS: did anyone know or use any of this power?

_Forces_: No never. The Israeli’s know exactly where it is at. At this point we will be leaving, we do wish you a very blessed day of rebirth according to this holiday but at the same time, it was a pleasant chat with you, we would say there are things we could do to make life easier, but we know you’re not into easy. There are things we gain by the struggles, we gain the knowledge of our soul by our struggling and by that struggle, we find out who we are. And what we will become, when you are in the tunnel of darkness and your back against the wall, and things look rough and trouble and travail around, smile you’re in the best place, you know you are the victor you will not be there if it was not so, grab a hold of the scrap, lift your hand high and let us pick you up and enjoy the ride. Greetings to all here present.

Group: Our Father is said by Group…