Session 674-4/9/05

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find it very explosive with the transition of the Pope and his great service to mankind. We at times do comment on your spiritual leaders of the Earth — and of course the struggling and objective of the service of kindness and brotherly love, and the service of giving. Never has a spirit of such strength walked the earth as before you since the time of Moses and Elijah, and of course the one called Jesus. Would be equal to that of Gandhi. The lineage of this particular Pope has touched many a heart and mind and many a country. His service to strive to bring that spirit of love was of a great mission. And we find that he had succeeded in the, the mission — despite all odds and all challenges. Yet the passing of his spirit the whole world felt and was touched by such a passing. We too had observed his funeral right and passing and respect the dignity of the evolution of the spirit called man and woman. We had noticed the whole world was in reflection and he touched everyone’s minds and hearts — either good or just being — and of course the changing of governments. At a particular time the handshake of peace at their service was administrated and expressed by your president to the president of Syria and Iraq. This might be a foreboding mystery or sign that peace can be accomplished in these two areas. There is as it says, hope springs eternal. We would strive once again to mention that peace must come from service. Do not approach things with a “can’t do” attitude. Surely if you approach things with all its negativities and all its impossibilities then you cut off the Holy Spirit of creation. It is a challenge to keep your mind checked and not look for the drugs and negative that might stop you. But part of the challenge is to go above such challenges. We did not come in tonight to say to you things are impossible — things cannot be done. Whatever your dreams are — forget it. You’re to live only to die. And in the mince of the interim, there is no expression of spirit or excitement or change. Have you changed the world today? Have you extended yourself? Put yourself out? Have you done something without charge or payback? The world needs to know. The souls on the earth need to understand. You can the world. Not the world changes you. You’re not the victim of the world. Seize the opportunity of the day. Take the stand at hand. We fail to realize you are the creators of tomorrow. Not tomorrow the creators of you. You change the world for what you see. Don’t look at yourself as being the victim — being used. Don’t feel sorry that you’ve been called upon for a mission or a task to do. It’s an opportunity of growth. It’s an opportunity for you to expand. It’s an opportunity to challenge those qualities within you that you haven’t tapped onto. Everyday is a new day. And with every new day comes a new experience. Things you never saw before; things you never felt. Challenge yourself. You do the ho-hum thing of all that which you always do. Why not all get into the van tonight and go to a movie. Challenge yourself. Go to the 1 o’clock movie of the “Deep Lagoon” — “Creatures of the Underworld”. We bring the world to you for the last 30 years. We changed the face of the continent by your very existence. You think you haven’t changed the world. But every single time we appear, things change. Now we can say, “Now don’t they”. Things can’t change if you don’t change, things can change if you do change. The candle can only burn as bright as the wax it’s made of. But it’s the wick that makes the flame grow bright. Without the wick you have no candle, or the wax it’s made of. It’s the substance that you are. Is your wick, wickable? To show such a flame? Don’t cut your wick low that it blurs the vision. Let your wick be long, let the light illuminate the darkness. Darkness, as they say, cannot comprehend it. Challenge yourself don’t challenge one another. Challenge yourselves. That’d be a good bumper sticker. Challenge yourselves. Don’t challenge one another. Competition is good for self, not for others. You extend the things you need to do, more and more. The more you do the more you do. The more you get done the more you do. The more you do the more they do. Da-da Da-da Da-da Da-da. Give a task to a busy person; they’ll get it done. Don’t give a task to a person that’s not busy. They always find reasons why not to do it. Give a task to a busy person; they always get it done. Don’t look for comfortability or to light your wick somewhere else. Don’t look for that which will preserve your body, your bodies gonna fall out anyhow, no matter how much you preserve it. The more you push the more you go. The more you go the more you cover. We speak of these things tonight not for one another to challenge one another. You challenge yourself. Look at the areas you are not producing. It doesn’t mean that we have to be a productive group or person, but be productive in the spirit of your soul. Everything has a chain reaction. Everything has its place. Everything has its purpose. We’ve come in tonight to witness to the changing of the beat of the drum. Changing of the guard. Your next Pope will be filled with challenges. Some might say the people love pomp and ceremony — as with the funeral of this Pope. It would be true. What really is true is how one person has affected so many lives. It’s a testimony to that person. But it’s also a testimony to that spirit. It’s also a testimony to the faith. Your next Pope will not be as strong as the Pope that has left. Because it has taken time for that Pope to be all that he could be. Next Pope will find it very difficult to fill the shoes of this Saint Peter. But that is what the challenge is all about. Look back on the years, be it three, and see all the things you wish you could have achieved and now look and see that they’ve achieved. Many people look on and say to this group and say, “oh, don’t get involved, you might change”. Keep what you have; nobody wants it. If you hoard onto the things that you keep the very fact of keeping it makes it dead. Life becomes livable when live it. Life becomes livable when you live it. Another bumper sticker. We can see the cabs of Charlottesville running around with these sayings. Don’t look at me — I don’t know where I’m going. Don’t follow me — because I’m just driving around. Or, follow me — you’re bound to get lost. Or, follow me — and we’ll both go to where we have to be. I once had heard the voices of humans saying, what is our future, what is our goal? Where and what will we attain and aspire to? No one ever aspires the mountain unless they climb it. No one ever sees a Yeti, unless they get out to look for it. We speak to you of all these abominable snow men, the apparitions of our fears, our anguish, our desires, and our inability to communicate with one another. Yet tonight we talk to you in length about being human, having the frailties of the body, the fear and anguish of survival, the ability to live one more day. The ability to look beautiful. Did you know that you dress your body up and work many different make-up coverings and get many course makeovers and you could have the most irresistible form a person would want, but will that make you satisfied? You know, creatures of the light, you could have the most beautiful body, the most strongest muscles of all, the most voluptuous bosoms, but if you do not have the spirit of life, the giving of self in service to God, the creation of the creator, the expression of beauty and art, than all that you have is for not. And if you cannot carry on with that wrappings or ornaments, and inside is distraught, melancholy, forboden. Forboden is the loss of the soul not being one with the body and spirit and mind. It is the soul that cries out for its expression. Look upon yourself as flying the Maltese bird, soaring the skies with his ever-piercing eye. And swimming like a dot to its victim, hundreds and hundreds of feet below the water surface. And plunging ever so strongly at a dot of fiery whispers of arrows, piercing the silence of the ripple stream. To catch the fish in the falcon claw. Such is the soul that soars so high. And Descends into the earth to become one with it. And on bonding together and meshing, the talons and talon of the claw of the falcon to fish below and soars above the pinnacle of the zenith or the sun. Bird and fish become one. Spirit and flight of angel’s wings unite. The wisps of silence. Long years passing. Such is the embrace to ignite itself to the spirit of One. So tonight we speak to you on these things of passing. Where do you stand? What do you reach for? What are your mind blocks? What do you soar for? Where are your windows? Where is your sun? Is the flowers in your inbox? Is your home the spirit of temples, made decades beyond the horizon-sun? We speak of these words to challenge you tonight. That you look at yourselves and continue to fight. Don’t give up. No crybabies will do. The bus is waiting to take you. So on our lyrics and poems of the night, you are the travelers of eternal light. So take this mission serious, and to your heart. That when you least expect it, the room grows bright. And when doubts of gloom and fears of the world, and money is short, and nowhere to go, consider the wine you already have. And enjoy of its sustenance and bless the divine. We are ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in and speaking to us. It has been a long time. When you say that the Pope is like Moses and Jesus; is that what you are saying that he is equal to these souls?

_Forces_: Let us begin with the lineage in which the spirit of Moses, spirit of Elijah, spirit of Christ. For he is like the Pope in spirit and essence. But most of all it is the vibration of such a spirit. Gandhi is of the same as the Pope. And it is more so in yours the lifetime given, messed with great spirit from the past.

IS: When you say meshed — do you mean they stood by and helped? Or is it of the same?

_Forces_: No person carries the spiritual laws. In the flames of the light, ever to do it by themselves.

IS: I see, so there was something else when you were speaking about the Pope that gave me the impression that he’s an incarnation of somebody specific of some of these people that you mention. Is that so and if so, who’s that person?

_Forces_: Again, it’s of the same tree of energy. We won’t seek for an incarnation but rather the spirit of the same tree that touched the earth.

IS: Thank you. Now what does it mean for the world at large? Because as he left, the world is in uproar, it’s at war. Everywhere there’s nothing but bad news. Every which direction. It’s almost like he checked out or was taken out. What does that mean? If he’s the soul of that magnitude, what does it mean now for the world with the increase of wars or is it going to be an increase in something else? We know there’s going to be more bad stuff coming, because we know the predictions. But I don’t know how to ask the question. I mean the fabric itself of the world, is the fabric, has he done anything for the fabric of the world? Meaning, the world is being ripping…

_Forces_: Let us say this. In a few weeks there’s an opportunity to change the whole course to come. The next three weeks will be the changing of events. Whether the complete confrontation with the dark side in 2006 or the beginning of a new order of spirit that comes down to change the world order’s agenda and world governments to take over. So, in three weeks time, we will see if we march on to the same sound of the drum or if we see a new consciousness of humanity.

IS: So, I think I’m clarifying a little bit more with what you are saying my question, is he held the dark force back? Or did he have any impact in that direction?

_Forces_: He had given the life to change the evolution of mankind.

IS: So he held the dark force back?

_Forces_: Can you be a little more explicit in what you are saying?

IS: Yes. I do believe there are certain people that are capable of holding the dark forces from exploding and taking over.

_Forces_: Then if that’s your question, we have to say you are correct. This is the pinnacle in which the scales all things are held in the balance.

IS: Thank you. Some years back when he got shot, I correlated, I mean I had done a Bible class in which I predicted that in Revelation the Pope is going to get shot and live. And then at that point in time there’s going to be a certain change of garb between the white and dark forces. Can you give us a little information about what really happened at that point in time? On a physical level we know he got shot and lived. But on a spiritual level, what happened at that point?

_Forces_: That a miracle of the spirit of human dignity and life prevails. Miracles happen. It is up to the individual to see the miracle. And not explain it away with logic. We will move on with the questions.

MW: Could you tell me please what areas of my life I should be working on now?

_Forces_: It’s easy.

MW: That’s good.

_Forces_: S stands for sincere, E for evolution, L for liking it, F for plain frankness.

MW: Thank you.

_Forces_: Did you get it?

MW: Another good bumper sticker. (Laughter)

_Forces_: Yes. We have to really understanding the simple facts of evolution, of life, of the earth. It’s “keep it simple”. The answer is always in front of you. Don’t complicate it. Keep it simple. And then you add the word stupid. Knowing one thing. Don’t act like you know the answers. Don’t walk around like you got it all figured out. Get rid of the chip on your sholder. Be humble. It’s not beneath you. It doesn’t lower you. It only opens up the vistas — of availability, of attainment. When one is humble, it opens up an area of opportunity. We begin to see things that your arrogant eyes refuse to let you see. Remove the scales from your eyes. Put your hands in my side and be a believer. We become non-believers when we become too logical, too analytical. Free yourselves. You are in your own prisons. No one put you there. You put yourself there. If you put yourself there, then it stands to reason — what? You take yourself out. Question.

EH: Is the zinc coffin that the Pope — or at least that this Pope — is put into, is that a tool to amplify communication with them later, or their communication with others in the physical plane?

_Forces_: Why hasn’t anyone asked, “why do these use these particular elements?” This would be a good question to ask the show and tell.

EH: Why do they do that?

_Forces_: Go show it and tell it.

EH: Is that so they can go show the Pope?

_Forces_: Well, what we’re trying to say, is this symbolism in back of it is there. Is the church doing these elements for symbolism? Changes are everything in their spiritual ritual of service has symbolism in back of it. Then why bury the Pope in these three elements? There must be a reason.

EH: Could you tell us what they are?

_Forces_: No, no, no, no, no. Not that simple. Ask the church why, and see what they say.

EH: Oh. I think my major question was — there might be some symbolism — but are they doing something… I think I’m saying is the world order behind the vatican doing something to the astral body of the Pope so they can utilize it later on?

_Forces_: Those listening to your answer or more or less your answer, as we know it’s not your answer, might think you are screwed from the center of the page. But, there might be an ansewr to that question, it’s just that we don’t have it.

IS: Well, in all reality, the World Order cannot go beyond death. It cannot, it will die itself, each and every one of them. No matter how…

_Forces_: Well, let us put it this way: They always screw up. And in their screw-ups, they have to hustle to what? Cover up. And that’s what you’re seeing now. 9-11 was a screw up. They didn’t do it right! You think, if they would have done it right, it wouldn’t be a screw up. People of the common world, are now asking knowledge that is logical, realistic knowledge, not spiritual mind you. Anyone in their right minds, when they saw the buildings of the towers fall down, 1 and 2 — it fell down like it was imploded, straight. Not to the left, not to the right. Not 10 blocks away, but down. Straight down. There is no, there is no percentage, calculation or accident that a building falls straight down. Unless, unless it was directed to fall straight down. A building does not fall straight down unless it’s helped. Therefore the World Order, the agenda, screwed up. They screwed up when they took out the other building where there was the top security to be posted. It was taken down by the people who had the power to bring it down. That’s your smoking gun people. That building was taken down the same way as building 1 and 2 was taken down. Everything was in place to take the building down. How did they get everything in place to take building number as it is, 7, down? If everything was in place to take building number 7 down, then everything was in place to take building 1 and 2 down. Stands to reason. That’s your smoking gun. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. The facts speak for themselves. You don’t have to go any further than looking at the facts. And that’s why the World Order has screwed up in their delivery of this particular catastrophe. Now it is a wake up call to the American people. That they stand up against the powers that be and cry out. So that your freedoms and rights will not be taken away from you. They consider you weak, and they consider you stupid. Weak because you don’t know any better. And stupid because you fear the fact you might stand alone in the cry. So was our forefathers weak and stupid against England. Nothing has changed. And the American people are not stupid. They might be gullible. But they’re not stupid. They don’t need us to tell them what is happening. They feel it in their hearts. Will it have any effect? If people turn to their God, and their spirit, they will have their own power. You will not have power by your government. It is so powerful it’s giving the few too much. We hope that helped your answer.

EH: Thank you very much.

NN: In the last session it was mentioned — when I asked about what the aliens — what they got from abduction people, and it was mentioned about dreams, how they had forgotten to dream. And I was wondering what had happened with the aliens that they have forgotten.

_Forces_: They became two scientific. Too mental. They’re brains became too big. They invested into the knowledge and they became so involved with the signs of scientific law that they lost their reasoning power of the spirit of rejoicing or the spirit of laughing. When you see a person laugh or have a spirited outburst — rejoice. For that person hasn’t lost its identity. Question.

NN: Thank you.

CN: When you talk about aliens, the grey aliens that you talk about, they don’t have souls, they never did, right?

_Forces_: Grey aliens are servants. Programmed. By creatures of the auk. You have a higher grey alien that are above the servants of the greys; but the answer to your question is yes.

CN: And did the reptilians conceive of the grey aliens?

_Forces_: Question?

CN: Did the reptilians — are the reptilians like the creators of the grey alien? I mean the Cassiopaean’s said that the greys are just like cyber-genetic drones.

_Forces_: We have to say, yes.

CN: And you’re saying that there’s a greater grey race that’s like tall or something?

_Forces_: A little taller than the little greys, yes.

CN: And are they souled?

_Forces_: Slightly. No, yes, no, no, no, no. They have a little bit more of, they have a little bit more of intellect, a little bit more of reasoning. No not even reasoning — intellect. Reason, when you use the word ‘to reason’; it’s meshed with wisdom. They don’t have wisdom. They don’t have reason, no, no. They have a little more intellect.

CN: So a little bit more autonomous. And is there like 3 or 4 — the Cassiopaean’s said there was 4 species of greys. And then there’s a bunch of reptilian species.

_Forces_: But remember, the 4 species of greys, each one has a servant loopage or tentacle or tributary from that, from them. So each grey has a servant grey protruding from them. So you have 4, but it is 8.

CN: And that’s, those aren’t the reptilian’s though that are controlling them? Cause like when the greys abduct people, when they do their experiments, apparently the reptilians are the ones that are controlling and feeding off the experience, etherically.

_Forces_: Well they watch from the sidelines. They get involved when they have to. Which is not necessary. Because the greys are very automaton. They have been programmed one after the other after the other. And then those who are watching of this particular attributes do affect the equilibrium and the pulsation of force energy that they absorb. And this is right.

CN: So, you are saying they have to be present though, because there’s allot of claims that there’s no reptilian present. Some people think that they are just projecting themselves and they can like, you know, kind of control the experience from a distance — almost like you are using a virtual reality…

_Forces_: Both of those elements are true. But they always have 1 or 2 overseeing the operation.

CN: A reptilian in 4th density physical?

_Forces_: Materialized, yes.

CN: Thanks.

DD: On the idea I had with the Bible code from that game Stargate, like from the Stargate movie, would you be able to dial in the Hebrew letters?

_Forces_: Yes.

DD: And would you go to a location?

_Forces_: You do that even without the dial. Even telepathically do it.

DD: So the Sefer Yetzirah, is the whole Stargate?

_Forces_: That is how the Earth, Universe, the existence of the — the explosion of the stars happen, yes.

DD: How do you, so when you dial the Bible code, like with the program, when you are going to, how can I see it differently to come up with an answer? I haven’t quite got there yet.

_Forces_: You haven’t gotten to formulate your question.

DD: I want to ask another question about the bundles of sticks. Is that the same as Noah’s Ark, the same as the Druids used? They had them all separated, but when you put them together…

_Forces_: They are called, serods.

DD: Rods?

_Forces_: Serods combined with sticks form the catapult. The catapult forms the capola. The capola forms the uhn-net-is. The uhn-net-us. The unetus is what you’re looking for. And we’re not telling.

DD: That sounds like Omphalos the navel of the world. Does that relate to that? Can I ask another question?

_Forces_: Maybe, not.

DD: No?

_Forces_: Maybe, not.

DD: Can I ask maybe?

_Forces_: Maybe.

DD: I was receiving the other day, before I went to bed I was receiving I think good things. In the Isaac Luria which I’m reading now, called Gilgulim [Hagilgulim], I was reading his works and then I read it in parallel with the Cosmic Fire and they seem to go together — like they could be the same thing. And I was getting Taroh cards like from the previous sessions, and all these things were coming together. Is that correct, the ideas that I had?

_Forces_: They stand correct.

DD: So the one from Mars would be the emperor, and the emptress would be the empress card?

_Forces_: The empress star over the crescent moon. At this point we will leave. We will be back again. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our father, who art in the heavens…