Session 657-10/17/03 to 11/13/03

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find that the different changes with the war that you have in Iraq and now the President is asking for assistance from the U.N., Germany, Russia, and France; not to mention China. It is interesting turn-around, but as all situations it could be well with Iraq if the U.N. forces do enter within the country. It is a item that cannot be resurrecting the whole country from the bomb shells and putting a whole country back on it’s feet — this will take many years to do. But, like the United States doing it for Germany, putting it back on it’s feet, this particular time the United States does not have the resources to do it. It will take a group of nations to invest into the rebuilding of Iraq. It is interesting again, that the reconstruction of the Pentagon went to the very company with no open bids, who now is connected as the CEO of this company — your vice President. It is also interesting that it just recently tried to stop such actions in your different heads of state only to find out that a lot have come to support such actions along with drafting. Also the democrats as you call them into their field of alignment to pass the concept of saying no to such a endeavor of happening again. It is of such a sad state of affairs that bids should be open to many people not to the select choice — especially not to the one who’s your Vice President. There is something wrong with this scenario and it doesn’t take one going to business school to see it. It is a blatant corruption, out and out, full-blown, to your face, blight to your very existence as a nation; corruption. And the sad thing about it is no one is saying what it is. No one is calling the spade a spade. So we will take this opportunity from beyond your planet to say that the United States is corrupted with its choice and decision processes. How can you hold a banner and a torch for other countries when your own government is corrupt? This is a blight. It’s not bad politics or dirty politics in the Senate; it is open dialogue of truth. But you know, they had the same fight in the Senate in the Roman times. Do you hold the torch of truth up high for all those to see it? Well, we could always say that every country wants to follow truth and be honorable, but you know you fall short of this idealism of truth. Truth is relative — it has no face, has no features, has no friends; truth has no friend. But, we are taking this moment tonight to speak to you. It has to change. The ball it rolling off the mountain, down the mountain into your streets. Someone has to blow the whistle. Someone has to stand. Even if it is the poor man from New Jersey who speaks out and says this is corrupt — then we honor that person and support that person. In order to change things around, the voice must cry out in the wilderness. [Telephone rings.] So we have this voice crying out in the buildings. Whoever is on the phone you could answer it and if they have a question, take it down. [Message machine picks up, caller hangs up.] They took it down; rather than to leave a message. Usually when a phone rings during a Session, sometimes we allow you to answer it to take their question down.

IS: They missed out.

_Forces_: Well, so does this country miss out. When they become blatantly arrogant. It is interesting again, if these things were done during the Clinton times, how fast they would attack the man. We have this gentleman, Schwarzenegger, who’s done no different from Clinton and yet is raised to the Governor of California. Interesting how the tables have changed. Strange bedfellows they make now don’t they. Ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in.

_Forces_: For the record… you’re welcome. For the record, we’ve known that you’re lost our sayings about Mexico on the tape, so for the record we say this again. Mexico city is in a very precarious and dangerous situation. In the year 2004, their Volcano in Mexico City will become from dormancy to active and will kill two and a half million people [2,500,000]. And they will injure over a million and a half and over two million and a half will enter illegally through the borders of America. What a wonderful time. Unfortunately, it is as they say, the best of times and the worst of times. We pray that this disaster does not happen, but we give a warning that those in Mexico City — besides flooding throughout South America — will now be careful and cautious in Mexico City and literally start preparing for this cataclysmic event. Hopefully, if they prepare now through technology resource and different evacuation schemes, the two and half million that are slated to parish might be saved. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you. Why is it that the country really hates the democrats and is behind this blatant destruction? Why? Is it the John Wayne phenomenon?

_Forces_: Well, it is not that the country dislikes the democrats, it is that the democrats have watered themselves down. And even in your last election, if they had candidates of one instead of many different wing candidates, then their changes of winning would have been better and greater.

IS: Thank you.

_Forces_: It is unfair to criticize either party — be it republican or democrat or liberal, far right or far left. What’s important is not the name of the party it is because we do not want to appear as democrats. It would be interesting to have a donkey flying in the sky. But if we become involved with your political situations then we kind of gotten entrapped into your earth or into your scheme of things. We are not democrats or republicans, Muslims, Arabs, Hindu, Islam, Chinese, India, whites or blacks, Catholics or Jew, protestant. All these things are things of terminology of emotions and feelings. We hope we transcend these feelings. And as the entity had said tonight, ‘Transcend your emotions and be adults.’ Try to be a big person. Put your petty feelings beside yourself. The stakes are too high to become caught up in emotional dialogue. It is better to have clear, crisp conversation to get things accurately done. Whether we do this or do that, it is for the purpose of the house that we do and not for our personal petty selves. If you have the ideal and the vision for the total picture of the house, which is the mother ship, which is our ship, then you will always make the right decision. Now, it is not that they’re against democrats. It is unfortunately the problems they make the same. Whatever the democrats have made in err, so have the republicans. But this is what it is. The name of the game: Them against Us, up or down, north/south. You know, it’s all irrelevant. They all make good fellows. They know how to get along and they know how to put their feet down and they know how to work together when they want something. So, let us move on with your questions.

IS: Thank you. But is there the war, etc. that has been so hardily proved and has been still approved of. When I said the John Wayne I meant is that because they felt that for so long that they’ve been sort of not as strong in the world and they want again to be powerful in the world? That’s what I meant about macho attitude?

_Forces_: Well, again, we would have to agree with the general concept. It could elaborate into different areas but the foundational concept is correct.

IS: So, why are they forgiving Schwarzenegger what they wouldn’t forgive Clinton?

_Forces_: It’s the best of times; and worst of times. You’re dealing with the devil you know versus the devil you don’t know. There are times you look the other way — in this particular case you look the other way. And it’s a political thing that in that time for the Clinton, this is what they wanted to do politically. Unfortunately, the French had it right; leave President Clinton alone, every man has a right to a mistress.

IS: That’s the French, that’s not what we think. Sort of.

_Forces_: Well, who’s ‘we’? America? Who is we? Is it ‘we’ French? Let us put it this way. Man has set up rules and regulations. They are not followed, not by a long shot. But the spiritual rules and regulations, they’re good to follow, they feel good and they always lead you in the right way. Yes, we could go into this very, very much; if, indeed, people want to hear this. But, we’ve come here to a fire-side chat tonight — people don’t want to hear this. They have enough problems with their lives. Do you think for one minute they want to hear stories of morality? No. God, no. And of course we say ‘God no’. What we need to do is understand this. We have all fallen and come short of the glory of God. But, we’re trying to pick ourselves up. Can you imagine, for one minute, how powerful this house would be if you just follow that spirit and pick yourselves up? It’d be very contagious. I think this is the word that we’re trying to figure out. The Mormons came here to make you contagious to their beliefs and what had happened is a boomerang. They left here contagious to the power that is in this house. Don’t think for one minute they didn’t leave here scratching their heads saying to themselves on the way back, ‘isn’t it strange we come to that house and to those people to preach our Gospel of the Mormons’. And it reminds me of this great epoch. Christopher Columbus came to South America to the Aztecs, to the Incas, to the Mayan Empire. They already had the prophecy of the messiah on the walls. It is the same with the great church of the Mormons. They came to speak to us about their philosophy and yet we were speaking to them about their philosophy in living proof. And then in their own respect, it was strange as he was speaking and talking with zeal, which was very commendable, and very beautiful at the same time, for it is always refreshing to see a youth praise and give thanks to God. But at the same time he realized as he was giving his testimony of his belief, which was refreshing, he saw the many books of Mormon all around the shelves. He also saw the tapes of Mormon. So then he began to realize he was preaching to the choir. The belief and respect of the household encompasses all religions and all faiths, they were kind of touched by the fact that they were loved the minute they walked into the house and felt the love of the house which radiated all around them. And this is what the mother ship is all about. It encompasses humanity and simply loves them.

IS: Thank you. On a personal note for me, with SH have I given her correct information about the house and things?

_Forces_: Was the conversation heated?

IS: Excuse me?

_Forces_: Was the conversation with the individual heated?

IS: At the end I guess.

_Forces_: I do not understand why you doubt yourself. You gave accurate information.

IS: I told her basically that she’s not going to make the kind of money, speculating on it, that she thought she would. Just very little, nothing to pay off her debts.

_Forces_: Unfortunately, this is the way things will work out. She will make a certain amount, but there is always other unforeseeable circumstances.

IS: Meaning?

_Forces_: Sometimes the house that you have might need other things done to it after it’s found, so others who will buy will demand it to be done. Question.

IS: So, is she going to be okay with me, or…

_Forces_: Of course. Question.

IS: Also, it seems like a lot of my clients — I work with them and they move to other states or something.

_Forces_: They will soon be in touch with you.

IS: And with the new space that I’m going to have, like this next Saturday I sort of don’t even know who to call or what to call or how to do this for people to contact me but I… do you foresee me being busy on that day?

_Forces_: Of course, things will all fall into place.

IS: I also had a dream with Body, Mind and Spirit, can you explain to me what I saw there?

_Forces_: Well, a lot of disruption and conflict in itself.

IS: Between?

_Forces_: Between even the owners?

IS: That’s what I saw. Did LE find out about his other-curricular activities?

_Forces_: Let’s just say this was brought to the lime-light.

IS: That’s what I saw in the dream?

_Forces_: You can’t do professional work and charge money for it and then deviate to your own physical wants. Question.

IS: Thank you. The dream work that I’m working on for the speech for Lynchburg, the speaking engagement that they want me to do, that I started working on, that I started writing out, is that in the right direction?

_Forces_: Yes, we see as such.

IS: No, something wrong?

_Forces_: No, we were just reflecting on your last question. We do not ever want anyone who is raising the banner for spiritual pursuits to be hurt and to be undermined. Nor do we want to undermine anything. But there will be certain things that challenge those individuals who raise the spiritual banner — be it through yoga or meditation. It’s not an easy thing to deploy such spiritual principles and keep your head above the water. We do only wish the best for all individuals who follow such pursuits to bring this to the public. Question.

IS: Thank you.

NN: In the Psalms, Psalm 135 in the opening line, there’s a distinction made, ‘I have chosen Jacob’ — making a distinction between the name Jacob and Israel. Jacob for myself, ‘I’ve chosen Jacob for myself, and Israel for my peculiar treasure. Why is that distinction made or what is being said there actually with that distinction?

_Forces_: One deals with the realistic approach of the application of the same. One’s dealing with one aspect, the other’s dealing with the other aspect.

NN: And is Israel the application or is that the idealism?

_Forces_: Yes, we would say so.

IS: Is Jacob also the man/person while Israel is the mission or the higher self or…

_Forces_: You could identify it like this, too.

IS: And the peculiar treasure, is that not specifically where a promise is implied there to the nation of Israel or to the Israel that they are going to be a peculiar treasure, is that…

_Forces_: It’s seeded in that, yes.

NN: Thank you.

EH: In the Gospels, Jesus heals a blind man and he, the man, I think someone asks him, what does he see and he says, ‘I see men as trees walking.’ And Jesus had to put more clay on his eyes to take that vision away and make his vision normal. What was he seeing and why did Jesus take that away?

_Forces_: Well, he was seeing the etheric level and not the physical level. It is difficult to walk around what you really see on an etheric level because it would be very frightening.

EH: Were those entities, what were those entities I guess then?

_Forces_: What it deals with is that the spirit of the healing had to bring him down into the level where everyone else was at in order just to compete and just to grow and just to be. So, what you’re seeing is yes the vision was real vision but then he had to be brought down a couple of notches to the true vision.

EH: So that everyone would believe that Jesus healed him?

_Forces_: More or less, yes.

IS: Was it not just like an adjustment, like he was able to make him see but he was sort of not seeing, adjustment… so he sort of adjusted the vision.

_Forces_: Yes, corrected the vision, this is right.

EH: Was Mary Magdalene at the Last Supper?

_Forces_: Yes, she was.

EH: Is she the person or the entire idea referred to as the Holy Grail?

_Forces_: Well, the Holy Grail is the DNA structure.

IS: So, yes, the answer is yes then.

_Forces_: The answer is, ‘yes then’.

EH: Were they referring to…

_Forces_: Did we do right, on that? [Laughter]

IS: I’m sorry.

EH: The DNA structure meaning not just Jesus’ DNA structure but the DNA structure of the heir born of Mary Magdalene?

_Forces_: Or go backwards.

IS: Or the DNA structure of Jesus himself, that included you?

_Forces_: More or less.

EH: So, but Mary Magdalene was around the Apostles more than they say in the Gospels?

_Forces_: Oh, yes, it’s like dust to a mop.

EH: And Peter was a little jealous?

_Forces_: Well, so was John, so was Thomas, Andrew, Philip, David…

EH: I see. Nobody mentions her in the Gospels as really being around except the instance/moments when she anointed Jesus feet and did things like that.

_Forces_: Repeat.

EH: Why didn’t any of the Gospels mention her more?

_Forces_: Because she was a woman, duh! [Laughter] Remember one thing, a woman is just as powerful as the man, more so. And in Jesus’ time, he did hold a lot of woman positions around him. He was what you would call, advanced. [Laughter] He also gave the authority to a woman to allow her to speak to him at the table where it is customary that a woman does not address a man at the table. He always said, allow her to bath my hands and wash my hair. This very statement, a lot of the entities of life here, you people; do not understand what was being said. Jesus was recognizing the woman’s position and power of authority at the table. This was a big, as you would say, no, no. And also a disgrace and aggression against the social norms of the time. A woman was to be seen and not heard. In Jesus’ case, in all his missionary work, in all his, what would be called, Christdom work; in all his degree of operation, a woman was heard and not seen. Not seen and not heard. He brought the woman who was not seen in his time to be heard. What we are trying to say is the woman’s position and power as equal to man — even more. He, Jesus, realizing the authority of a woman. Now you look at the church today, Catholic, one denomination, invisible by all, universal, and the woman is not given her proper place in the church. Of course, this has changed in the Episcopal church. But the Catholic church has to give that recognition the same as Jesus did to the woman. The woman must be allowed to say Mass. The woman must be allowed to be a priest-ess. And the woman must be allowed to also have the right to be part of the functioning church equal to the priest. Jesus had done it with Mary Magdalene, Jesus had done it with Martha, Jesus had done it with Mary, Jesus had done it with the woman at the well — we are not meaning to have sex by the way — Jesus had done it with the woman who reached out to touch him. He constantly gave the right of the woman the authority in which the woman should have — and the place. Also, will the man have his place, equal to the woman. Man is not anything unless he gives the woman the right to her place. And so, if we are to have any development or growth, it’s always through the mercy of the woman that she does protect the innocent and the beaten down and the thwarted. This was the time in which the Queen of heaven has given the heir to the throne of God. It is through the salvation of the woman that peace can reign once more on the earth. It is also understanding what the home is for and about. More so than ever. To have a home — a creation of sanctuary — is something in your troubled world that is very, very hard to have and a difficult thing to acquire. So much, that when a home is built it is built first and foremost because a woman abides there. And from such a home can come peace in society and for the social norms and standards that man becomes who he is only through the grace of a woman.

EH: Thank you very much.

JU: In the Session that we had in August…

_Forces_: But remember one thing, a man also gives the right to the woman, but without the man there cannot be any connection to that eternal energy spark or fire or the force of the divinity. So one is also an action of the other. But at the same time, there is a lot of work in both fields to be done.

IS: How accurate is that book, “The Da Vinci Code”?

_Forces_: Well, have we not mentioned to you all these things before?

Group: Yes.

_Forces_: Have we not spoken to you about the history of the lineage of the blood?

Group: Yes.

_Forces_: Have we not also spoke to you about the societies secret. The Huguenots, Templars?

Group: Yes.

_Forces_: Have we not talked about the Squires?

Group: Yes.

_Forces_: The land of the underlings? In the beginning of these all forces of energy comes those of the workers and the templates of the underlings. For as they build in the middle ages the great cathedrals, you would have as we spoke to you in the past, a sector of stained-glass workers in glass, a sector of wood, a sector of stone and stone-mason and carvers; bell-ringers and bell-makers and pewters and brass. It is through the cathedral that man raised up a society and civilization and craftsmanship in the cities. And it through the building of the cathedrals of focusing of something greater than themselves was this plan of the Knights of the Templars, was this not the plan of the Masons-free? All these things were part of the plan so the book stands to be true.

IS: Wow! Thank you. So how did DaVinci reconcile DaVinci and a few others that were not exactly — they were Grand Masters, but they were, which would have had to participate in a ceremony, but they weren’t exactly normally participants and such.

_Forces_: Well, unfortunately or fortunately you have to have acceptance. Remember, your destiny is made by your choices. Either your choices lead you to heaven, or your choices lead you to hell. The Bible puts it so greatly. In adamant words of strength, ‘Choose you, choose you, choose ye this day who you will serve — God or man’.

IS: Thank you.

JU: In the Session we had in August, two important points I wanted to ask about. One was, you were talking about how everybody reacted to the black out and the loss of energy and it was more in a spiritual form and cooperating, etc. And then you said, of course there were those interested in this to know that the tremendous amount of energy focus had been left in the room through the many moments of prayer and services. And you’ve been talking about the Northeast and the New York area. What room are you referring to? The room in New York, in Flushing? Or something else that affected the room where these people were?

_Forces_: Repeat your question.

JU: In talking about the way people handled the black out, as opposed to panicking and thinking it was a terror attack, people…

_Forces_: First point in question, people will know there’s no terrorism. They know the boogie man is not a rock in the corner. They know that there’s a certain amount of game in this word terrorism, that they just tolerate. Go ahead.

JU: Okay. Thank you. And then you said, ‘of course there will be those interested in this to know that a tremendous amount of energy focus had been left in the room through the many different moments of prayer and services.’ So, I’m asking they’ve been left in which room is this referring to? My first reaction was that I thought it was, had something to do with the upper room in Flushing house were a force had been built up for years. But, I don’t know that maybe it affected it from there.

_Forces_: Because of the black out being/taking place in New York. There is an aspect of truth in that with the ceiling of the house by the entity in Jesse, where the ceiling was to prepare for that day of days. And this is exactly what the entity did. So you did stand correct.

JU: So the force from our meditation room in Flushing that you sealed helped keep this tide of what happened under control and helped bring about this more spiritual reaction of the people?

_Forces_: It is the energy in which the entity has put into the room. Remember, the children that were there, well, they did not have that force as would be needed. They were being raised up into a different consciousness. The entity had imbued that room with many different days of services to prepare that particular room for this moment just as he’s prepared this particular house for the moment regardless of where it was at. It was that of your Twin Towers and the attack into that of the Sacred City and also for here the living heartbeat and pulsating life of that torch that still is alive. Yes, the torch was started in that area, but strangely as it is, it is that area that was to be attacked as the entity knew and how and why he had to leave to prepare for the torch to continue.

JU: Thank you. And another item referred to in that same session, you talked about the DNA and the tone A and therefore the DNA structure is not found resonating in the body but is found in the etheric form, the aura that is surrounding the person. The question I am asking is because I am trying to look at the relationship of music — certain music affects you a certain way. Somebody writes a piece that it lifts you up and gives you energy that’s unexplainable when you could be totally exhausted the music can generate this energy. And is there a format, so that if a Mozart or a Beethoven writes a piece, there is at some level they are actually doing something that, that’s building or creating or affecting the DNA and that’s how the energy could come into somebody through music or why music can be so powerful?

_Forces_: They’ve already found that out to be true in the scientific world.

JU: So in what way can we use music or is there a way we can tap into it? Because I see that it makes a tremendous amount of difference in people’s energy if certain music is played as opposed to others.

_Forces_: The entity has told you many years ago in the seventies: Classical music opens up the centers. Simply use it.

JU: Thank you very much.

CN: Thank you for coming in. Can you tell me or tell us what the connection between the pentagon is and I mean that symbolically and the shape — the symobology of the pentagon — how that relates with the planet Mars. And if the secret societies have any sort of symbolic understanding of it.

_Forces_: The pentagon is a pentagon. The pentagon deals with Mars. War. The God of War. It is the lion head of the power of the earth. It was built to reflect the Temple of Pentagorius in Mars. It was the King of Mars, Pentagonius coming down to Greece. It was the hell fire and brimstone of the war on Mars. It was the connection between the pyramids and all powers of the Earth who go to battle with this symbol of warriors in the form of the pentagon was the Roman Empire strong and undefeatable. All structures in the Earth, when they form this structure has the strongest force in the Earth.

CN: Thank you. And my other question now, you were saying about choice, I’m struggling to understand, come to terms with the connection between Free Will and causality, which is like, causality is like A causes B causes C, Free Will is like you have some sort of choice, some sort of free choice and it’s not just going to C if you’re at B, you have a choice. So, how are those connected and how do we go about waking people up to their Free Will, if they have it?

_Forces_: Free Will is used. But, fortunately, or unfortunately, you have a minimum amount of Free Will. The rest is kind of a destined, proclaimed from many, many generations back. But Free Will alters, ever so slightly, the directions in which it will be applied. So even though Free Will is used, ever so slightly, it does change the outcome. But, this could be a topic for many hours and we strongly advise you bringing it up again.

CN: Thank you.

DD: The wing-disc: Is that the symbol for the speed of light in the Egyptian?

_Forces_: Yes.

DD: Also, does it have to do with the Powers of Three?

_Forces_: Yes.

DD: And the Obelisk, that represents the laws of gravitation?

_Forces_: And altering gravitation, yes.

DD: And the pyramid?

_Forces_: Where you have an Obelisk, the force-field at the very base is empty of the laws of Gravity.

CN: You mean there is no gravity at that point?

_Forces_: It alters the law of gravity at that point. It has gravity but it is altered gravity. Healing takes place at the base of all life forms. Many forms of diseases can be changed.

IS: By walking into it, around it?

_Forces_: Being at the base.

CN: They said to build one in the Session in ’77.

DD: I also have a question about the Obelisk in the Bible Code. They said that the Dead Sea, was that during the time of Sodom and Gomorrah they had the, they had it there and they misused it?

_Forces_: Yes.

DD: Was it one Obelisk or two?

_Forces_: Three.

DD: What form were they in, in a line or in a triangular shape?

_Forces_: Triangle.

DD: Could anything more be said about them?

_Forces_: Not that we care to.

DD: Could I have one more question?

_Forces_: We didn’t stop you.

DD: The number six supposed to be the key to the prime numbers. How does that work?

_Forces_: Understand the beast and you’ll be free of it.

DD: Free of the prime numbers?

_Forces_: Free to unlock the prime numbers.

DD: The number of the beast? Thank you very much.

IS: The six stands for the ‘VAV’, which is the nail, which is the thing that can either be the combiner or the separator. Is that what you are referring to.

_Forces_: Exactly.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Joseph Smith, the Mormon guy, can you tell us who he was either past lifetimes and what really happened, I mean what is the real story of the Mormons. I know the version they told us, but what really happened?

_Forces_: You really want us to tell you this?

JE: Yes.

_Forces_: He basically was abducted. And in his abduction, the blue light came down and took him up. And he saw things of great rapture and great strength and great power, which was great strength and great power and was given the books or the templates of wisdom and knowledge of past generations of the Aztecs, of the civilizations of the Incas and of, what would be considered, the city or the lost city of Manchu Pichu. So it’s a continuation of helping this particular society or country as the time comes to the dark hours. But basically, one abduction case could be considered and applied here.

IS: Was he abducted by… who?

_Forces_: Let’s just say, those who wanted to help humankind. At this point we will leave. Greetings to all those here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…