Session 136 – 12/18/77

[Recorder malfunction. Transcription made from notes.]

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. As you can see, we have been summoned and have been above our place. It is a most convenient site for communications and developments. [(DN) is struggling with tape recorder and microphone, trying to make them work.] Sit here and wait. We will continue. It is your problem tape is not working. This time it must be explained as this strength and light and power of the Higher Forces. Nothing must stop or even prevent the elements and items that need to be produced here, under which we stand the strength of the group. All must supplicate their own personal desires and opinions in order that the Higher Forces will be manifest. It is a short, little request to be made. For the information to be given from this point on would be difficult to understand or comprehend with logical mind. All things must be done and accomplished in order that force-field of material taking up residence of this land. Certain spots in harmony with our operation. Be not surprised when glowing lights appear. We are there. Preparing place over period of time along with other sections of this country and nation. We must stress the fact that work must be done and accomplished and plans put into practice. Looking back on a job and not accomplishing not a successful undertaking. All things must be accomplished as fast and creative as possible. Stress thought patterns of group, each in harmony with such as move through space. Do not give need to small worries or desires. Concentrate on inner self and cooperation.

LK: Jody asked me if she could get a medical reading about the pain on her left side.

_Forces_: This is a combination of factors involved with her life. Proper sitting postures and proper food intake in which alkaline is balanced. Stress factor that positive thoughts would be congenial and desires in a disciplined manner. Certain desires in body create pains throughout body. Could lead to certain internal dysfunction dealing with ‘Palentic’ or better known as Canal of Lingus. Certain drinks of water, certain positive thoughts, loose clothes worn around center and prayer force should be started.

HI: Is there any way I could help Lorraine?

_Forces_: The way is open to her and open to him. The way to help as time progresses to understand the spiritual operation around them. They are half committed and half not. Best way spiritual meditation and prayer attend for their own service and progress. Help from the outside would hinder what they are striving for.

HI: Thank you.

SN: Could you give us some guidance to help us in our move?

_Forces_: To help both individuals we stress the factor of dedicating self to the Higher Forces, to God without question. Disciplining desires and self. Cannot give you any excuse for that path. The path is there; start walking on it. No matter how you try, that is your path; your progress must be made. Discipline desires. Joshua was a child of the Forces, and you have made him a child of the earth. Discipline needed with love, not with logical mind of how to take care of, but with love. The child is spoiled not for itself, but for the parents and friends. If the child is to develop, he must be told in a most discerning manner with that of “No” without any remorse or judgment on your part. This is your test. One must not please against the other, set against each other. One against the other, rather than together. In service of child not God concept in which child created. In such a forcefield you must remember God first, then wife/husband. Not child, then God, then wife/husband. Child last. Misapplication of responsibilities and attention placed. First, place them towards God, then place them towards the one you love. If child first, marriage void.

SN: Thank you.

_Forces_: Harmony in the home only a reflection of your spiritual self, beauty of positive thoughts and creativity done together.

SN: Thank you.

RU: Can you give me some help to do what I am supposed to do?

_Forces_: We here can only stress discipline of your mind. Do not judge individuals. It is not your prerogative to judge others around. Strive to do the will of God. Let us judge. If you do judge, then the self-righteous attitude comes in and leads you astray. Then the uncommunicative feeling, then the gorging of food, pity of self, abuse of children. Whole ritual. Discipline self, ask the Higher Forces and God to enter into your life. If this is accomplished, mellow approach. Seek not to judge others but self in thy service to God.

BR: Could you tell us what Jesus’ tear stains mean?

_Forces_: This is the true manifestation of the original transfiguration and consecration of blood that comes to all who participate in spirit.

BR: Thank you. Could you tell us what is happening with the fireplaces?

_Forces_: This is the center of life source of the creative forces coming down into the house. All energy does go in fireplace. They are the backbone of the house, nervous system of house, inspirational force in which Higher Forces send thoughts to be received in subconscious mind and conscious mind. Elementals that come in and reveal for those to see the future, past, and present. Certain items placed in the fireplace reveal certain aspects.

BR: What items placed in the fireplace?

_Forces_: Congenial force for that of the revelation granted.

BR: Thank you.

JD: Could you tell me what it meant in the tarot card reading that dark forces would be at work in my dealings this coming week?

_Forces_: Don’t put thoughts on this aspect. Make positive, affirmative actions to do thy work diligently and with spirit rather than with personal objective thoughts and judging others. Do the service of God to glorify your God.

RH: Can any guidance be given me at this time?

_Forces_: Strengthen you by progressive work. Remember programming received when young still within thee for protection of physical body and should be sacrificed on the altar of God. Give all you have. Do not allow your logical mind to state you need rest.

RH: Could you explain the dream t had?

_Forces_: The outcome will be decided by your actions.

MK: Could you tell us who it was David and I saw?

_Forces_: It is what would be called someone better known as the force of ship or that of the spiral dome or that of the personal attendant.

MK: Thank you.

DD: What does Jacob wrestling with the angel represent?

_Forces_: Jacob wrestling with the angel.

DD: What angel was it?

_Forces_: Called the guide.

DD: Who is the guide?

_Forces_: The angel everyone must get control of in his life.

DD: Thank you.

_Forces_: Weakness of the logical mind.

DD: Can you tell me how to listen better?

_Forces_: Listen better. Not with your logical mind or to prove what you know, but be receptive and produce. Keep busy with work, and the plan will be revealed in such a manner.

HA: Can you give me any guidance with Joshua? It seems too much for me to handle.

_Forces_: Give up the child or do it. It is only your desires that it is too much for you. It is a comfortability not to do. Your dream not fulfilled. It is not that difficult to do. It is in your stride to do, not an escapism. It is a discipline through the child. It is not too much for you to do. It is just enough.

HA: How can I discipline my desires?

_Forces_: Imagination must be put into control. If you do not do this, no one in this world can do it for you.

JE: Why was this particular site and house selected?

_Forces_: Because we selected it.

BH: With my creative energies right now, should I concentrate on one thing or continue doing what I’ve been doing?

_Forces_: That is a very general question. It calls for a very general answer. Yes. Continue doing what you’ve been doing and concentrate on one thing, too.

NN: What does folding the arms do?

_Forces_: It brings warmth around the body.

NN: Could you explain the dream I had?

_Forces_: The meeting of self. You have 5,452 things in front of you before you do one constructive thing. Get out there and look as a fool. Be positive and constructive and be disciplined within what you do know. Nor be in fear of physical comfortability. You appear active and this leads to contradiction of life. Be productive and a hard doer in your decisions.

NN: What does Zicon mean?

_Forces_: Force of stars. Communicator or that which tells or that which reveals.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Do we have enough funds or should we direct them in a different manner?

_Forces_: This decision must come within self. Little things must be done and progressive things also. Balance needed. You have many days ahead. As you plan for things that need to be done, plan for items that have to be done. All things shall be done, but in being done, it will not be finished.

IS: It will not be finished because of funds or our lack of interest?

_Forces_: All things represent future responsibilities. All things will be accomplished if sharing continues.

IS: Thank you. Now with (RH)’s mother, again she retreats all the way back, or…

_Forces_: It is a step into the fantasy. Advise a certain amount of silence. She has become too secure thinking we depend on her decisions. She has become snobbish and must be dealt with and left to her own personal life. No one should come with an attitude they are better or they should tell the group what to do. Even if things need to be corrected, it must be done in a different way, not in a way of judgment, but in love. Individual not in harmony nor in disharmony, just in her own personal life. Allow her to live her own personal life.

DN: Why do we have two dogs now?

_Forces_: Because we had nothing better to do. They represent a certain force that needs to be in control. If you do not control these forces, we will give you a monkey, an elephant, a camel, a lion, a bear, a rhinoceros, a gorilla, a tiger. Do not get lost in them. Do not use them for getting lost into something. They are not your friends; they are servants of the Forces. Leave them to themselves and be about your own work.

IS: With the work on the house, are we doing what we are supposed to be doing?

_Forces_: On schedule. The particular house coming to an end. Move on together and a lot more shall be accomplished.

LK: In a previous session, you explained to us how to discover in the horoscope the planet we’ve just come from in our most recent previous existence. Could you tell us the significance of that planet?

_Forces_: Which part of planet soul came from. That planet in a positive aspect in development in this particular lifetime. That soul had learned lessons on that particular planet before this. If it continues to learn and do, it will return to that planet.

LK: Does that hold true for everyone’s chart?

_Forces_: True for everyone.

IS: Now with the cars and the way they are both in disrepair.

_Forces_: Testing Forces and doubting own commitment to the Higher Forces. Coming to grips of it.

JD: Could you tell me if my mother and father are alive and if so, where they are?

_Forces_: They are still alive. They are within you. Seek after the Heavenly Kingdom and all things will be given to you. Seek not earthly matters.

IS: What does plumbing represent in the physical body?

_Forces_: They are the pipes, the kidney glands and stones. You have a kidney stone, it is more painful than bearing children. Represents cleansing of spirit in body. Then body can receive from spiritual Heavens.

IS: Pipe clogged meant for previous owner?

_Forces_: Correct. Spirit of God to manifest, light of God. As long as you do your part, we shall do our part.

IS: Thank you very much.

_Forces_: We now have the entity Joe and ask for his name to be given. Does the entity want it now or rather wait?

JD: Yes, now.

_Forces_: Receive the book… 67… We have your book here and in harmony with names of other lives taking from that of Russia to Poland, South America, Aztecs, Atlantis. Garguy or better known as Guygrease, Gaga, Grageous. Also have your name as Grimel, Gregious. This represents a lot of problems. Strong in that of cutting stones. Your name shall be called Gregory. Middle name called Philip. Better yet, middle name called Nathaniel. Are you satisfied with your name heritage?

JD: Yes.

_Forces_: Any more questions?

JD: No, thank you.

IS: For the entity Tom, everyday living here…

_Forces_: Advise as the weekend comes, things progress. When the entity is here, will set pattern for disciplines. Harmony and cooperation must be given to this entity so that laws can come through. Remember, a lot is to be manifested. Give faith a chance to materialize. Harmony creates energy. Reveal through studies of Bible revelations of book. Inspirational laws entity shall receive. Progress given. As far as up to now, we are guiding. Spiritual progress must be done in different way until entity comes.

IS: Thank you. The picture of Jesus crying tears, when did it start?

_Forces_: You placed it in a certain energy spot in which brings water into existence from spiritual world. Started before building existed.

IS: At what time does it cry?

_Forces_: According to movements of spiritual energy. When tears manifest, it is a spiritual high.

IS: So it’s not when somebody is in a bad mood or something?

_Forces_: Revelation of closeness of spirit to come. Not bad moods. Sadness of the world today. A lot of work must be done in order to be rectified.

IS: That painting where did it come from?

_Forces_: We had a certain way of manifesting painting.

IS: What about Alex?

_Forces_: He needs financial help. Things not right nor ever were right. Need spiritual commitment. Things are together as far as they want them to be. This should be not our concern.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Is there any guidance for (GL) at this time?

_Forces_: Work and disciplines still to continue and attitudes of progressive thinking as far as creative work should be accomplished for the energies of the spirit around to manifest in the earth. Security comes from God and not profession. Profession from God and not man.

DD: Could you give us a formula for a stripper for wood?

_Forces_: We have a formula that can strip wood very beautifully. Lots of elbow grease.

DD: What is the best stripper on the physical level?

_Forces_: Your hand.

DD: There is no stripper that is best then?

_Forces_: You still have to use your hand. Hard work and elbow grease.

DD: Thank you.

JD: What is the best way to use apple cider vinegar?

_Forces_: Nice quality Apple Cider Vinegar or just plain vinegar apple cider warmed at a temperature and placed with three (3) teaspoons of olive oil.

HA: Do you have any instructions for us for our new house?

_Forces_: The house is a reflection of your thoughts.

HA: Thank you.

SN: Could you give us any guidance concerning (EE) and where she should stay?

_Forces_: She must find her own level. Greetings to all here present now. We will be about and around. Greetings to all.

THE GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…