Session 131 Part 2 – 9/22/77

Forces-We are back again because we had to go. Now to speak to you on progress in the group. Movement is ever so good and so wonderful. When you move it is very good and when you move it is very wonderful. As far as the, what would be called visits or trips to certain parts of the United States, we would ask you to look into with interesting perspective, with a visit to what would be called… we wouldn’t say Nehi, Alaska because it’s too, too far away and it might… might be too cold for you there. But we would ask you to look into Atlantic City, Don’t ask me why. And also we would say into the area… now we are trying to understand… it might not come through right, but look into the area… well, at this moment it isn’t ready for us to give you because it’s simply not ready. We would also advise that you try to start somehow with the oatmeal water just for a while, once a day would be enough. Cod liver oil for you occasionally and for the children everyday, half a teaspoon. And each day you cut half of that down and then you won’t have anymore, but half a teaspoon will do. For this year coming up we would advise lots of vegetables and soups. Gravitate to Jerusalem artichokes would be great for some people here. You would have to go to Jerusalem to get your artichoke. And make sure you go and he chokes it just tight. Now about your coughs: ridiculous. You do not need to cough. Enough of this. You take turnips and you make from the turnips a juice and a bottle of honey or honey to make enough cough syrup. Six teaspoons of the turnip juice with some honey, and this should help you pronto. Now also, those who have coughs, think about it. You don’t need it. It is not healthy. It’s not productive, it takes time. It takes away from enjoying. It’s unsocial, unhealthy, unethical, pollution-giving, disturbing, annoying, downright rotten, disgusting, stupid, aggravating, ridiculous, nonsense, idiotic, habit, boogadoo. All these things that for a lousy cough baby thyself, pamper thyself to the point that you have to let every know that you are there… [coughs] So remember: sunflower seeds, raisins, lemon juice, honey. Take this and it will do partially. Then you take the other side of the throat and you put into it what would be called… wait chicory… wait… onions, garlic, pepper, vinegar, and that should do you in. Proper prevention: wear your sweaters and blankets or teepees when you go out. Don’t just walk out thinking that you are God’s gift to nature… [Someone coughs] oop! Did you see that pollution? But remember, people, you are not doing me a favor by coughing. Visitors, visitors are nice, they bring gifts with them. They bring happiness and joy. They bring new clothes and new adventures. Visitors are nice, visitors are nice to have because they give you aggida. And to think of visitors, think thee well, for it should be time for (DN)’s mother and father to come around and Thanksgiving and we could cut the table and start all from the beginning, in fact, maybe by this Thanksgiving we won’t have any furniture in the house to eat on and we will have to take the damn door down to eat on it. But, in short, it is all in jest. Visitors are nice, now. Aren’t they? That’s right. Now, think thee well on a retreat for the weekend to go to the… well, let’s say just go to the mountains. And stay there and have a retreat on the Bible, a Bible course, discussions on the Bible. And this would help you out for many things to come your way. Now you might say that this is a Session; it could be. I would say it was a brief encounter without the in-stagnation of silence. See, if we answer that mysterious question to you, then it’s… well, let’s say we can’t. Now, it is good to make pecans, chopped pecans, pecan loaf, pecan bread, butter pecan chocolate… no, chocolate you cannot have, now can you? That’s right. We would also say, try to eat some raisins, people. Get some raisins in the diet. Also, the food of cheese and raisin and pineapple and coconut that the entity has made is a perfect nutritious value diet for all concerned. Any questions?

RU: What is the meaning of the fact that I am having so much trouble recovering my Bible from Sarah?

Forces- It is this. Never give they Bible to another person and leave you without one.

RU:Thank you.

Forces- Keep your Bible and give them a Bible of their own. Never give the Bible that you have to another person, it is your book, your book of life. Question.

GL:The dream that I had this morning about those ships…

Forces- Correct.

GL- What’s the meaning of that dream?

Forces- It means about the ships.

GL- What was the meaning that Tom went over and spoke to Joshua and there was another man there, “Meshima”, or something like that?

Forces- Exactly what happened.

GL-So then it was… it took place like that?

Forces- Took place, my friend. Question.

IS- When did it take place?

Forces- Last night. Question.

GL-Where were we going on that trip?

Forces- You were going… you were going to a place that if I would have proceeded any further I would have blown the whole thing.

IS- I’m correct, though, about what you can and cannot do. That much can you say?

DD- What did Jesus and the apostles do in Japan?

Forces- They didn’t dye their hair. They kept it blonde naturally. They were busy in taking care of fish.

DD- What kind of fish?

Forces- Humans.


Forces- You would find in Japan certain relics left there by Jesus.

DD- What kind of relics?

Forces- You… well, you would find there manuscripts. In fact, you would find the original manuscript that Jesus himself wrote, on transmutation in a monastery in Sinai.

IS- Santa Catarina?

Forces- Yes.

RU-So it’s not in Japan?

Forces- What’s that?

RU-The manuscript.

Forces- Oh, there is a manuscript in Japan, my dear.

IS- Do the monks in Santa Catarina know that they have a manuscript that was written by Jesus himself?

Forces- Well, let’s say yes… and some say no.

IS- That old man that I met…

Forces- Oh, he would say yes.

IS-Why did he pull me aside? And what was he showing me?

Forces- He was showing you a depiction of the walking of Jesus with his disciples in the field.

IS- Why did he pull me out of those people?

Forces- Because he knew about us.

IS- He did?

Forces- Yeah, he did. And he knew your particular role with us was going to be.

IS- Consciously?

Forces- There’s no… “There’s no business like show business!” I’m being liberal with you tonight so be nice and understand that the time is right for you to move on and start producing and don’t stop. Keep on producing. Create. Create. Create. And create again. Question.

BR-In… in… tonight during the service Tom was giving a blessing and he called on an archangel. Which archangel was that?

Forces-If you would review the Session of past…

BR- Okay.

Forces- Tonight.

BR-Is it the angel…

Forces … we would find that that angel is the same.

BR-You mean the angel of death is an archangel?

Forces-You can’t have everything! Correct.

IS-Why was the angel of death, though, summoned? Because of Yom Kippur?

Forces- Well, let’s say the angel of death is the one that removes sins.

IS- Oh.

DD-Is that Metatron?

IS- You mean to say actually that death really doesn’t exist even on a physical? But rather that the sin accumulated. And when the angel of purification or sin touches the person, if the sin is such that the person cannot change then death occurs. Could that be?

Forces-This is perfectly put. I couldn’t have put it better. A person calls death upon himself by the action of his thoughts and his deeds. You are only given a certain amount of time and it is up to you either to rejuvenate the time or to spend it.

IS-But then a man without sin would never die.

Forces-This would be true, but then you have the course of transition. Some men come into the earth and do not sin and move on because they have another body to take on.

NN-Does the aspect — does the aspect of mercy have to do with sharing and caring that you were talking about?

Forces- Yes.

NN-Would you tell me more about the aspect of mercy?

Forces- The aspect of mercy is like the cornerstone of the earth. From it comes all foundation, all creativeness, all aspects of love. Question.

NN: Thank you.

DN-Those spirits that die before their time are called the wandering spirits or whatever… these die before their time because of the sin that they’ve accumulated, correct?

Forces-Sometimes, yes.

IS-It’s like an overload… overloaded circuit?


DN-Why would you die before your time, otherwise?

Forces-Freak accidents do happen. Question.

IS-Can I come get rid of that over there? [Refers to insect that crawls onto sofa]

Forces Correct. [(DN) reaches across Tom’s body and slaps it.]

DN- Sorry.

Forces- Nasty critter!

IS- Does he…

Forces-Very few times are you allowed to go over the body.


Forces-In this particular case you warned me. Therefore I had to cut off the sphere that moves up. But as a reminder, if that should happen again, do not go over the body without warning me that you are going to do it or else it would be a very dangerous proposition for this entity. Question.

BH-Does the angel of death when he comes, does he cut the silver cord?


BH-Does Psalm Twenty-two have to do with the aspect of faith?

Forces-My dear, Psalm Twenty-two has to deal with the aspect of faith.

BH-Thank you.

RU: Should I communicate with my mother?

Forces- It is nice for you to communicate with your mother.

RU: I… like I used to write her, but I don’t do that anymore except when she sends something, But I’d rather not even write her then.

Force- It would be not bad to start a relationship. Maybe she has learned something through the silence.

HI-If we would not have met our committment tonight, would we have died on the spot?

Forces-It is a strange question. Sometimes you would, yes.

HI-And then I have another question. Always when services like this are happening and the spirits are summoned I’m often thinking about that one that I used to know, a friend of Johnny that passed away. And I’m wondering why did I feel personally so guilty about his passing?

Forces-This would be that responsibility that you had a chance to talk to him and try to guide him from his path.

HI-Does that mean that… [Someone sneezes] that chance will be given…

Forces- God bless you.

HI … to me in another lifetime?

Forces- It might be if you keep thinking of him.

HI-Thank you.


DD-Could you tell me what the language of nature is?

Forces-Silence, stillness. Everything is still. Do you know that a lot of souls when they are coming into the earth come from the planet of… [Someone sneezes] — excuse me — come from the planet of Jupiter and one of the moon’s of Jupiter is a sending station of souls into the earth. Question.

IS-You mean souls come into Jupiter that are going to be transported to the earth?


DD-How does that relate with the silence?

Forces-That is where some souls pick up the direct influence of nature through silence.

DD-So those souls will be able to interpret nature?


DD-And read the language?


DD-It’s an actual alphabet?

Forces-It’s a natural harmony. Question.

IS-That means that those souls will be apt to be good in meditation and maybe that means what’s happening that there’s a lot of things into meditation at this point on the earth and maybe it’s like a whole shipment that came in.

Forces-This is accurate.

IS-So when that stage is needed they just come in.


IS-Could I understand those feelings that that I had? Or shouldn’t I ask about it?

Forces-There’s no problem in asking.

IS-As far as a rituals, services, things like that, how do I…

Forces-There is a definite meaning to them. But they are at a base nature for they are to develop as time goes on into other beautiful items. But remember it is only on the earth that you see it. But there are things going on in the heavens that are symbolic of the earth. Keep it timed and you will perceive the quest.

IS-Now once I think I was told that in four years I’ll be able to see auras, or something like that. Is that still true?

Forces- It is a beginning. You are seeing them. You are feeling them. You are being affected by them. But you are not recognizing that you are seeing them, because it comes so naturally.

IS-I see. Thank you. And one more concern — the entity Tom said something about me having this cocoon of self-protection or something and that’s why I can’t lose weight.

Forces-This is a protection that has been placed there, but has been removed at times, it is partially true.

IS-So that means I could lose weight now?

Forces-It is possible.

IS-Is it probable also?

Forces-It can he.

GL-What should I do about that which I lost?

Forces-Find it.

GL-Is it possible?

Forces-Everything is possible under the star.

GL-Could you give me any guidance? Do I understand why it happened correctly.

Forces-Yes. Negligence.

GL-Thank you.

IS-For the entity Tom and the entity Rosemary, what’s… what’s happening there? And what can be given?

Forces-It is a firework excitement, a deep-moving game of advancement. It’s interesting, but not to be concerned about.

IS-Is there anything that could be given to the entity for… for his benefit?

Forces-Just to keep on working and do his job.

IS-Are they responding, those who received card-readings?


IS-Rosemary knew the whole time what the card-reading was saying, didn’t she?


IS-And is that why she’s now… had…


IS-Thank you.

RU-In the Session when we came back from Newfoundland it was given that certain of us had lifetimes there, The way it was stated it was almost as if two people were in one lifetime. You said the entity (DN) and (JU), the entity (RU) and (BR), the entity (MK) and (RH) instead of like saying like each one separately. Were we like associated like together like those… in those groups or something? In that…

Forces-Not particular. Each one was in a separate area.

RU-Were there in the same time?

Forces-Not particularly.

RU-Were any of us part of those Indians that were the last Atlanteans?


RU-Can you tell us which ones?

Forces-Not particularly.

RU-Thank you very much.

NN-Is it all right for me to spend some time on like working with the printing like with Hebrew letters?

Forces-Oh, this is fantastic. It will develop your eyesight.

NN-Thank you.

DD-Can you tell me what a mandrake means?

Forces-That is something you order in a Chinese restaurant, it is the Chinese duck mandrake.

DD-Not Mandarin.

Forces-Excuse me.

DD-The mandrake.

Forces-The mandrake is a powerful instrument.

DD-Is it like a link between plant world and animal world?

Forces-It is a powerful instrument that is a binding force.

DD-What was it used for? Like it’s mentioned in the Bible many places.

Forces-It was used for-that point of bringing large gaps into smaller areas.

DD-large what?



RU-It was also used… was it also used for fertility?

Forces-This could go right up that avenue.

DD-Is it like a living… a little person?

Forces-I cannot answer this question or questions on this subject because we don’t want to.

DD-Thank you.


MK-The teachings of Don Juan, can you tell us about their nature and origin?

Forces-Go to the library, Look up Don Juan. Read it and look up the author. Go to the author, read his version and then put it back three thousand years.

MK-Three thousand years? Was that a particular group of Indians? The Aztecs or the Mayas or…

Forces-You would find it more so in the Aztec version.

MK-Thank you.

HI-When we went to Holland, could you tell us, please, if something was eliminated, or finished there?

Forces-Personal contact as far as jealousy with your sister is being worked out.

HI-Okay, thank you. Can you also give some information about the identity of the statue that we brought back?

Forces-This statue was relatively old and yet new. It would represent that in a home moreso like a hospital, a religious hospital. Question.

HI-Thank you.

BH-When saying the rosary, is it best to have one Intercession in the beginning?

Forces-Yes, it is.

BH-Also with the music that has come through (IS), the spiritual healing that it does, is one of the things that it does to loosen the tentacles of the blob?


BH-Could Psalms and chants be used that way, too?


BH-Thank you.

IS-Will we ever with the music really…

Forces-Finish it? That can be done if it’s done every day. One day is like not meditating. One day not meditating is as solid as that table is dead, Greetings to all of you here present now.

THE GROUP: Our Father, which art in the heavens…