Session 119 – 6/18/77

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We have been with you and will consider to call this the month of green, the vibration of hope and healing. It is wondrous to be here with the force field of “Nymphthâ€? and “Nathsethâ€?, in which this is the example that has been set to hover over your physical body. In the understanding and cycles of the world, we have watched the chaotic and backwash of the plagues and the torn things of life. We still have our eyes on Canada. We still have our eyes on Tennessee, on North Dakota, and on the coast of San Francisco in California, as you would call it. In the understanding of the vastness of life and all things around, the microcosmic plan of creation and the beneficial understanding realms in which man shall follow into his conquest shall be developed more and more. Remember, thou art the son of God in which the evolution of tomorrow grows stronger and stronger. With each passing day, remain not idle. Look around and about you and see this idleness and decay and the situation of housing. It is deplorable. As you see where the souls are living, you are also seeing that they have tentatively sat down and stopped producing. They are contented with bricks that are falling down. They are contented with walls. It is very interesting to see the deplorable condition of housing and also this particular house. It is not a nicety, but it is a strength. Remember, the energy field that is around the house makes the house look so strong and weak at the same time. These situations do baffle the eye, but the strength that is emanating and the aura and the light and the vibration for the past three years, or four years has been generated throughout this neighborhood, in which has effected the people on a conscious and sub-conscious level. In such is the plans of life. Remember, we stress this over and over again that we must effect people on a positive level, but strongly. We must be firm in our beliefs, but we must be soft in carrying that of communication and understanding of the principles to those who do not understand all that you are striving to understand. We have major changes coming about in several countries of the world. We have a minor incident that would be considered personal. We would have a change of policy in the Soviet Union to counteract that of the United States. We would have a total skirmish of many incidences in the capital of your country. It is a strange part in which in which personalities and souls gather together to live. But if they only see that the things that are obvious around them, the sadness and cheapness in which individuals live. Remember, you all here are worth your weight in rubies and gold. Therefore, do not determine your self to be unworthy. You have a lot to hold thy head up with pride in God, not in self. But in the radiance of God. Consider this pride as a self-constructive, creative endeavor. You must have this pride or else all things will falter. We stimulate and heartily strengthen this pride. We must also have our apparel and dress situated to a new consciousness and a new order of behavior. It is not that we are saying that your dress is inoperative, but we are saying that there should be more in a harmonious and more of a congenial apparel in which the clothes are fairly decent and neatly pressed in congenial atmosphere of the expression that your ideal represents. Slothfulness has a tendency to relax in the interpretation of the apparel that dons the physical body. But the physical body is in a shell and the soul is within that. We must choose the right combination and colors to exemplify the spirit that is within man. We also would advise that chocolate, as you know it, should be discontinued in every form for the next two years. The reason being, there seems to be a tendency for a chemical to be added to the process that would cause, as you favorably know, your beloved and most wonderful disease, cancer. We also would have a tendency to ask that as you evolve, that you do not forget the spiritual aspects and evolution of your destiny. That is, take on the responsibility around you to reflect the spiritual harmony of the heavenly home. This must be taken into consideration that just as the home needs to be repaired, so do our… so does our consciousness need to be repaired and refinished. We have seen several derelicts in the group in which they have not progressed as fast as they should. The reason why they are restraining themselves is because of their own personal fears and their own desires of the present. They’ve had a ambition to seek a certain plateau of comfort. This is not the meaning to life. Do not seek for a plateau of comfort. Do not be satisfied with anything around you that is accomplished. Keep on creating and keep on producing. The more you shall produce, the more you shall develop your inner talents. Keep this in mind. Do not be slothful. Idle hands would only produce the devil. So do not become idle. The more you produce, the more you shall grow. And the more you shall grow, the more enlightened you shall understand things around you. Find the mysteries of the universe in working with your hands, in wood, in glass, in colors, in many aspects. Keep on moving and you shall be directed. Remember, do not be dismayed by the outside world. They have been led astray. They are personally lost. But do not take thyself into their custody. But remember the laws and the sacred commandments and strive to be kept that in which your whole existence of life must be maintained in a disciplinary action. Discipline in which you have set up certain times and rhythms in which your physical body must meet in order to maintain discipline. As far as your children are concerned, they are very much excitable and energetic. They are filled with the energy of creativity. It is a shame that this power is not being utilized properly because of the slothfulness and the plateau-ish aspect of the parenthood that has been guiding them. Remember, the children need to be taught, but the children cannot be taught if the parent does not wish to teach. It is also a discipline upon the parent. They asked for a child. They asked for a soul. They must strive to teach and guide it without attachment, but with giving, in the true sense of the word of giving and not the false misconception of possessiveness. You shall possess the child not only with his physical body, but with your physical mind. Remember, children are highly sensitive and intuitive to their natural and native mother. It is in this respect there is a imaginary chain linked up between mother and son and daughter and mother. In this magical linkup it is the possibility for the mother to transport a spiritual knowledge to the child that will refine it. That was the proper use of a chain from the beginning of time. But the improper use of the chain is the fears, the phobias, the misconceptions of possessiveness that is automatically and systematically sealed within the chain and projected to the child. In return the child gives substance and well-being to the mother, be it on a spiritual level where the mother shall be proud of the inheritance that God has given her, or on a physical level where the child only reflects the images and the patterns of thoughts that the mother so happily projected out in her own personal imaginations. Remember, mothers of this group, that you must develop upward. You must move. As you move, you shall be the impetus for your children to learn and develop and grow. We shall also advise that they become involved with music, rhythm, and teaching of instruments at an early age now. This shall help them tremendously as the time goes on. Jody, as you shall know her, could help tremendously in this aspect in linking you up with the proper sources to teach these children child-like disciplines in a musical atmosphere. We also shall advise that as you move, the diet should also implement that of prune juice. It has already been used by the entity with an established amount and factor of readiness by the bowels and the understanding of the upper parts. The reason why we stress prune juice for the coming weeks is that the prune juice is “prunierâ€? than the others during the seasons. So it is at the peak moment for the prunes to do their pruniest bit. We have also looked after and observed the house in Virginia. It shall be a stronghold to a spiritual fortress. But this fortress is worthless if it is not implemented and made strong in your individual lives. God is a personal deity. He is not something that you will receive on a physical level by looking at or by attending a service. He is a personal relationship between the individual’s sacrificing and giving that time in which God can filter through. In such existences, God proves himself remarkably by the existence and the make-up and the contribution of the spiritual energies within man reflecting back to him in his inventions, in his comfortable ways. Remember, all things that are created in your society is only the aftermath of a spiritual discipline and spiritual harmony. This spiritual harmony produces a physical change which would produce a certain comfortable relationship in your growth. We are now ready for your wonderful questions.

NN: The dream that the girl at work had about me about a week ago, did that have to do with my mother?

Forces-Let us say it deals with the position of moving from your personal plateau. Remember, my child, that in order for you to move any further you must come beyond yourself and take on responsibilities beyond your realm of tiptic.

NN-Beyond my realm of what?

Forces-Beyond your sphere of influence. In short, you’ve got to kick your “tuppinsâ€? and move forward. Take on and keep on with the insight of, “What more can I do?â€?

NN-Thank you. With Psalms One-Twelve… One Eleven, One-Twelve, and One-Thirteen… is that a formula for what I think it is? Of the way I’ve bee…

Forces-It is a formula of creativity and for the heart center.

NN-How do you mean for the heart center?

Forces-It goes through one cylinder and out the other.

NN-Through one cylinder in the thymus? Is…

Forces-It represents the cylinder of awareness of life and the presence of the physical changeable atoms within the body. For remember, I give you information that all the cells within the body, before they manifest within the body, are manifested first within the heart.

NN-All of the cells that are within the body first begin with the heart? They’re all…

Forces-All the cells within the body manifest within the heart and then is projected throughout the body. Therefore, the species as they become what they think and what they think is what their heart says and in their face is the story of their lives, that their love center is a reflection of their body, and their body is the reflection of their love center.

NN-Thank you very much.

BH-Will reading Psalm One-Nineteen help me with becoming more sincere?

Forces-Sincerity cannot be accomplished by reading. Sincerity means a firm commitment to your God in which you say daily with your words and actions the personal relationship and natural comradeship with your God. In such you will find a natural relationship of harmony in your existence when you finally take on that responsibility in which spiritual corners and understandings and what would be called the structural foundations be permanently in your mind.

BH-Thank you. Would it be helpful to record the names of the Essenes in the Dead Sea Scrolls book and the Story of Jesus?

Forces-If you so desired.

BH-Thank you.

JB-In reading the Bible from cover to cover, is there something I should pay particular attention, a particular chapters in it that I should particularly…

Forces-Yes. Pay particular attention to all the chapters. For you especially, we would say Judges.

JB-Thank you.

JE-Can you tell us of the three new statues that we have, where they were made, and the year…

Forces-Which one do we like the best?

JE-Which one do I like best in particular?

Forces-All right.

JE-I think I like the, the one of baby Jesus.

Forces-That’s nice.

JE-Can you tell us where each one was made?

Forces-Each one was made in the earth. You would like to know the origin of such?


Forces-Dirt. You will find the statues known near to the areas ‘Climanti’ or that near Pompeii or better still that called Foggian, Italy [Foggia, Italy]. There you shall find the origins of some of these works. Then you shall also find in Spain other aspects of these works. You will find it in the stories Santo Paulus or Saint Paul or better known as the Harbor of Stella.

JE-Can you tell us in what years these were made?

Forces-We would say with the carbon-two-ninety-eight-KY and the uranium kickback of four-four-seven-six-two and all the geometric signatures of the Cyclonius Pontius or better yet are the accredited “hedemicâ€? style detecting the ages, we would roughly give you the age Fourteen-Fifty-five to Fourteen-Ninety-eight. We would say the statue in the sainthood would roughly be near Fourteen-Twenty-six to Fifteen-Oh-eight.

IS-Was It St. Francis?

Forces-This was the intentions.

IS-Then we should bring it back to that?

Forces-In your own personal way.

IS-Now, now the other two are Fourteen-Fifty-five to Fourteen-Ninety-eight?

Forces-This is roughly the period.

IS-Is the angel older?

Forces-The angel would be the oldest.

IS-Is it true that it was done in a village? That the whole village contributed to it?

Forces-You would find that in Forgion. Or better yet Methpa.

IS-You mean to say there are records there of these things?

Forces-You will find a suitable amount of information.

IS-If we wrote to those places? Or is it also in an encyclopedia and stuff?

Forces-All their things have a tendency of eroding in time. But personal deities who are alive can remember much.

IS-Oh, so there are people alive who remember these things being there? Like legends about these things?

Forces-You will see as time goes on. There are some things given that are never found out. And there are others that are given. For example, in Fredricksburg as you have hit so many times, that information is still strong.

IS-In Fredricksburg?


IS-About what?

Forces-Oh, about many things.

MK-That’s where; I was buried there. Is it Fielding Lewis that’s buried under that church, Saint George?

Forces-You will find it as the time comes about. So many questions about a field where Lewis was.

JE-The angels, the ones that are here in the living room, how many pairs were made? Was it four pairs or five pairs?

Forces-You would find ten.

JE-All right, there’s one pair here, the one we found in the cemetery. Are the other pairs in the city?

Forces-You will find them throughout the country. You will find more as you progress south.

IS-You mean to say there are some in Virginia?

Forces-There are some scattered in Washington, in Boston, and parts of Connecticut.

IS-Are they being utilized?

Forces-One way or the other.

IS-Well, what I mean is are they being utilized for religious purposes?

Forces-Let us say it is a religious purpose.

IS-So the, those people wouldn’t part with them.

Forces-There is a question of that.

IS-Thank you.

JE-Should we leave the other two alone that we found?

Forces-This, for the moment, would be well.

JE-Thank you.

RU-In the Book of Matthew, in Chapter Fourteen and Fifteen there are two separate accounts of feeding the multitude. Why is it that in Christianity they only act like there was only one time when Jesus did that?

Forces-Because they are like a donkey.

RU-Thank you.

Forces-Stubborn and thick-headed. Christians are known to be thick about their heritage and what they are called their bloodline. There are many things that Jesus did that society cannot understand or reckon with.

RU-Thank you. Also, in the end of that Book of Matthew when they say “the other Maryâ€?, who does that refer to?

Forces-This could be a strong Mary that could be Mary Magdeline, or Mary, or Miria of Nazereth.

IS-Have you just mentioned three different Marys?

Forces-Let us say we mentioned two.

IS-Mary Magdalene and Miriam?

Forces-That is two.

RU-Thank you. So when they mention it it’s “Mary Magdalene and the other Maryâ€?. So that’s not Mary the mother they they… that he means there?


RU-Okay. Thank you.

IS-Why was everybody there Mary?

Forces-They would… It was a nice word to give to others.

IS-A word?

Forces-It is more to it than we can say. Sometimes we wonder if they had nothing better to do than to name children, girls, Miriam, Miriam, Miriam, Miriam. It is a strong word and name. It was what you would call a personal luck or a personal vibration for God’s feminine power to come through. Also in the Essenes it was said that Miriam would have the power of bringing in the messiah.


IS-So everybody became… ah, it’s like Virginia Beach and everybody becoming…

Forces-You would see them every Saturday morning and Saturday night. “How are you, Miriam?â€? “Fine, Miriam.â€? They kept them rather busy.

IS-So everybody thought all she has to do is to name the child Miriam and…

Forces-All they thought was to kneel down and that was it!

IS-Oh, God! No different than Virginia Beach.

Forces-Virginia Beach is just a brother-section re-incarnated of the Essenes, about the tenth degree down.

IS-And that’s where really all the Miriam’s happened?

Forces-Give or take a couple of years.

IS-Tenth degree, You mean in the order for the Essenes?


IS-Yet Mary the mother of Jesus what degree did she come from?

Forces-The third step. Females in this house there are two who are on the first step. That is (BR) and that of (RH). If (RH) properly utilizes her energy, she would manifest the first step adequately. She has a tendency of throwing off that responsibility so strongly that it’s wasting the energy field around her. That explains pokers, as she calls them, in the eye. Also, of the first step is (JE) who is also, must move from the plateau so the pokers in his eyes will not manifest. We like to give you pokers when you do not move. As the Italians consider it, “Cappece, Cap…, ‘Yes, these Italians are creative in their language and phraseology of “You better understand!â€? The third step further down the line would be considered (BH). There is one on the eighth and of the tenth step.

IS-Which step am I?

Forces-Let us say these steps inter-mingle. You cannot understand them, so do not strive to understand them.

IS-What’s then the second step?

Forces-It is between the first and the third.

IS-Thank you.

HI-Is there any information that you could give me at this moment?

Forces-Yes. Terminate your job.

HI-What should I do then?

Forces- Pick poppies.


Forces-There is a energy field that can be contributed on a spiritual level. You can join in to prepare for the strong work ahead.

HI-Thank you.

Forces-(JB) was involved with the Reading Railroad. He was the founder of it.

IS-(After whispering among the group) You mean he was one of the founders?


IS-Technically? You mean he was one of the money-founders? Or one of the engineers?

Forces-He was the designer and the creator. Where are all your important questions?

HI-The dream that I had the other might where all the spaceships were landing all around us and we were holding down an apartment and it was a very stormy sky, could you tell me what that meant?

Forces-It meant to move out of your apartment. It is the moment in which on a invisible level a lot of F-O conditions happened.

HI-Thank you. Also, the storm that we had two weeks ago in the office quite suddenly and it shocked me. And I thought it was a, a lesson. Could you…

Forces-Yes, it is the beginning of a new cycle.

HI-Thank you.

Forces-For you, and for the understanding of the area.

HI-Thank you.

DN-Could you give us information about Tom’s ring? His new ring. And what… maybe some of what it’s for? Or what it helps…

Forces-It is the representation of a spiritual strength and healing to the cells of the physical body. And gives hope as… yes… and also gives that strength of rejuvenation and rejuvenate spirit. Also it also… also… it also allows for desires of completion to be had at certain times. It is a particular ring that has been set aside and prepared for this moment.

DN-Thank you. Also, it was correct then that each of us here manifested two physical bodies…


DN-In Fredricksburg…


DN-… were, in that same period of time, were we connected also with the Masonic lodge there?

Forces-Let us… yes.

DN-Was it that on a sort of a surface level we appeared not to be so friendly but…


DN-… we had secret meetings?

IS-May I be excused for a moment?


DN-Also, the service last night, could you explain a little more of exactly what happened and in my particular situation, was that just laziness or was that the effects of the, of the service? The nausea? And the swelling and things?

Forces-The service last night brought up from inside the body eternal… internal uneasiness. When this particular element is brought forth, it brings an uneasiness into the physical body that must be handled properly. It was the consideration that the service could have been more involved. A lot of intricate patterns could have taken over. But at that moment in that night, it was not to manifest. Then we had to give you a simple passage of that letter that would have dealt with the moment, but would have prevented of showing a higher ceremony. So we gave a temporal passage that was meaningless in one respect. And yet, a foundation to the metals within the body.

DN-So you said… you’re saying that there was a completely different service that was supposed to take place but because of what ever reasons, say negativity within ourselves, it didn’t manifest, so we got sort of a… a substitute?

Forces-Let us say that because of the work that needs to be done. Remember, you must leave your plateaus and move on to heights beyond. Do not be satisfied with what you have now. It is dangerous.

DN-Also I have a… a… a situation at… it’s I think mostly reflected now in my office, but all over… how… what can I do now? How can I… what can I…

Forces-You must become strong and to the point and discipline your emotions. You must ultimately make your decision. It is either black or white. You cannot stand in the middle any longer.

DN-Thank you.

IS-Is that also what makes him so weak?

Forces-Indecisiveness makes all those weak. It is better to make a decision and be wrong. It is better to do an act and be wrong than not to do an act and to be still and afraid of life itself.

IS-Thank you.

BR-After the flood in the time of Noah, what happened to Adam’s body?

Forces-That is in what would be said placed so the seeds propagated from his body.

IS-The seeds?


IS-The seeds of the animals?

Forces-The seeds of Adam.

BR-Is there… is there… is there a body still around to this day? Or is it seed?

Forces-You would find it in the race of the Sweden’s, the Denmark, the Norwegians. Cut that in half and you would also find it, what would be called, in Bolivia.

IS-Does it mean that the Sweden, Norwegians, and Danish are spiritual beings? Very spiritual beings? Moreso…

Forces-Yes and no. It is their responsible and their age of responsibilities should be coming again.

IS-Is that why they are one of the most beautiful people in the world, physically?


IS-Have they fallen? Or is it the same pattern as Adam himself?

Forces-Let us say the same pattern.

IS-Therefore, out of them shall come at one point?


LK-Is that what Hitler was trying to do when he tried to create the super-race modeled after the Aryan race?


LK-How did he come across the information?

Forces-The same way you are coming across the information.

LK-Was somebody close to Hitler able to give Sessions?

Forces-Remember, we have here information. There are those who can tap into it. There are others up here that give this information without our consent. As the Session goes on here, the information in another place is being taped.

IS-You mean the black forces?

Forces-Indirectly. But they can never come to a true Sessions, but a true vibration of the energy that has manifested. But remember, it stands to reason that when something is manifested in the earth, in another part a lesser degree for the black must manifest.

IS-So it’s like the trickles?


IS-But if our attitude here was a hundred per cent commitment, there were no half-way people, would not that leakage be stopped?


IS-And a little leakage like that can cause so much trouble.

Forces-Correct. Remember, it is for your own personal development and pride that you keep pushing yourself onward and do not give in to your body influence.

IS-Was Hitler alive after supposingly the remains in the bunker?

Forces-There have been disputed accounts. Some say yes. Some say no. I would say maybe… yes.

IS-So it is a definite yes?

Forces-Definite, but cannot be entered into finally, for there are many strange things that did take place that you and this group would not be able to handle.

IS-Is there some information that… something that we could handle that is expressed in any one of those many books that would be information we can use?

Forces-This cannot be given.

IS-Thank you.

BR-Why do people get migraine headaches?

Forces-Because they are working in the mines and they get graded for it. It is that their infractions of their mind, the demons enter in.

BR-The picking of the color green…

Forces-Correct. People, we have been with you for a few moments. We strive only to ask that your commitment level be elevated. That your level of plateau will not stand still. That you will constantly look and see for improvements. And constantly put items around you in order. The more the order, the more the spiritual development. Greetings to all here present now.

THE GROUP-Our Father, which art in the heavens…