Session 122 – 7/9/77

[Recording begins in middle of Session.]

IS-How can the fourth lesson follow the fifth?

Forces-It follows the fifth in an array; it has the aftereffect of…

IS-Was this meeting tonight on schedule?

Forces-Um-hum [positive].

IS-Can we ask questions?

Forces-Um-hum [positive].

IS-Is everything in this house going according to plan? Could you tell us anything about the conversation that Salomon had with (LK)?

Forces-It needs to be developed. It is something that must be made strong and true as an item that seems to help.

IS-Should (LK) continue have those phone-calls? Would it…

Forces-It would be at this time — it would have fallen into a different category and it would lose it’s…

IS-That means (LK) would lose his momentum or his any kind of power of influence.


IS-Is everything there with the children going according to plan?

Forces-Uh-hum [positive].

IS-So we shouldn’t take any steps to rip them out of there?

Forces-No. It is well to leave life take it’s course.

IS-It seems that she has found a man, or you have found her a man, for I guess for the sake of the kids?


IS-Is she now remembering that prophecy that was given to her?


IS-She’s still not remembering the whole thing?

Forces-Well enough to remember.

IS-Should we bring down the talis?


IS-We didn’t hear, please?

Forces-It is being ‘talised’.

IS-Shall I put it on.

Forces-That is so silly.

IS-Than it’s enough that it’s here?

Forces-For the moment.

IS-Does (SO) have some emotional problems?

Forces-There are items that need to be ironed out and worked on, consider it a nervousness problem.

IS-A nervous problem? Is there anything in the room here that disturbs your force?

Forces-No, we can handle it.

IS-Am I moving too close?

Forces-No. As far as the meditation room and also sometimes a special lighting will be arranged as a silent meditation room for encountering of peace and harmony.

IS-Are you telling us to do something with the meditation room here?

Forces-To be creative with the lighting and the rooms to… [Inaudible]

IS-It’s very difficult for us to understand what is being said, could you help us?

Forces-It is interesting to note that the meditation rooms and be directed and guided to two aspects.

IS-Is it the meditation room here in this house?



Forces-Throughout the house.

IS-Throughout the house?

Forces-It is a constantly a reminder that it is from God that we receive all things. We are ready to leave at this moment but shall return to you.

IS: Thank you.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…