Session 124 – 7/23/77

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We have been observing and watching your progress. We find it uplifting. There are many challenges ahead of all, but it should be good knowledge from your endeavors. On this particular excursion in which you will find yourselves traveling to and from a consciousness of physical and mental and spiritual balance must be achieved. We are anxious for you in approaching this trip with positive and energetic force of creativity and industrial development. Keep in mind the struggling centers of cooperating together. By so doing, we will be able to help manifest the things that you need. In this traveling you shall meet circumstances on other levels as long as you keep your center open you can feel the force when approaching. It should be extremely positive if by chance this area is not achieved perfectly or in balance then other items will have to be approached and taken care of. It should be interesting as far as this perceptivity is concerned. The worldly situation doesn’t look to good. Skirmishes here and there are destined. The condition of the city and the downtail objects is half and half — undo from the mistakes of life. We now are ready for your questions.

IS: The tent we are undertaking to do, should we do it? Or should we rather investigate in finding whether we can find something ready for us or maybe that’s not where we really are going where there would be that kind of space to utilize this kind of a tent. Or whatever information…

Forces-As far as this so-called tent is concerned, the best approach would be purchasing a tent of your own accord. In short, to purchase the materials of making it and creating the energy field around it. This will be the best interest and the only way of receiving knowledge and wisdom of tents. It is also interesting once you learn how to operate the tent, then maybe we can use you for our tents.

IS-You mean tents as in tenets?

Forces-It is both conditions.

IS-Are we going the right way about the shape of the tent?

Forces-Everything is going according to plan. The shape of the tent and the level described. We would suggest 760 or 743 or 790 square feet. Or we would say, we would suggest 18 blankets sowed together at the corners and pitch your roof in which you would sleep. But, nonetheless, the things will be strongly influenced by this particular trip. Look, not for comfortability, but for the working of spirit. Question.

IS-So, there is a spot for us or spaces for us where the tent will be utilized?

Forces-There will always be something to manifest to help you into the proper condition.

IS-No, then should we also get the heavier material so it also… is that what you meant before? That you will use that tent? Is that what you meant?

Forces-In short, the tent would be used by many who are conscious.

IS-So, we should have it in the best possible material we can find. I mean, the heavier material.

Forces-That’s true.

IS-Rather than just the one that we’ve been talking about.

Forces-Right. As strong as it is, this will have it’s good tendencies. Question.

IS-Did I understand correct we should get the thicker material?

Forces-As it would be seen, correct.

IS-Okay, is there anything else about the tent or the trip or our preparations for the trip that…

Forces-For preparation for the trip, the spiritual utensils are needed. Also, the colors for the men should be blue, yellow, green, or orange or better yet, blue, green and yellow. Their colors would be in harmony of the ideal purpose. For the young ladies, of course, their interesting creative dresses. Along with a strong character of striving to do that which is. Even if one should try to be alert to the many things around.

IS-The color green is correct?


IS-Also, my thoughts or I don’t how to call it.That was wrong.

Forces-It would be well to have expressed them, but in time it would be manifested to the best.

IS-That’s, see that’s what I… I don’t want to go in any way, shape, or form… I want to go in all the things, in accordance with what has to be.

Forces-Then we shall take each step of the way and plan it with you.

IS-Thank you.

Forces-Question. Generally, the purpose of leaving to this area is for the creative and spiritual development. If properly done, there shall be many miracles given to you. If done with a retalitorial act for thy own comfort, than this particular trip should not be undertaken. We must have you strong and show you our ways. In short, strive to become perfect and as such is done, than Render to Ceasars the things that are Ceasars.

IS-Could you tell us about our trip today to Brooklyn?

Forces-It is a force-field that has grown heavy and it is something that had to be cut asunder.

IS-Including that store?


IS-My remark to that young man, was it my own will?

Forces-It would be better off not to be of your will, but of ours.

IS-Than it was of yours?

Forces-Correct. Question.

LK-You did say 700 and some odd square feet for the measurement of the material. In the plan that we drew up of the tent it came to somewhere around 1200 square feet of material. Does this mean that the tent should be smaller than we originally planned on? [No answer.]

IS-Is this the size of the tent or the size of the material?

Forces-How is this particular question related?

IS-Well, I don’t know.

Forces-It is the size of the inner space of the tent.

IS-Oh, I see. So, the way we figured out the material amount, is that correct?

Forces-You were being guided correct.

IS-So, 12 hundred, that’s correct?


IS-Now, you gave us three measurements of the tent, is there any specific thing what this is? And the amount of poles that we have is that correct?

Forces-That shall be, and more shall be added. Remember again, this particular trip is to help develop till you have been without development. We must put you in the development stage again.Question.

RU-You mentioned the girls wearing creative dresses, does that mean on the trip or are we allowed to wear pants?

Forces-This would be throughout the trip. Occasionally, the pants would be needed.

RU-Thank you.

JU-Can you give us some enlightenment on which island or islands we should look for to travel?

Forces-These would not be what you would look for, but what we would give you.

JU-Is our plan to go over on the one ferry and return on the other?


JU-Thank you.

RH-You mentioned about the 18 blankets all put together. Where would this be, the eighteen blankets?

Forces-It is representing the centers covering and the 18 blankets represents the centers that man has covered.

RH-Should we actually sow some 18 blankets together?

Forces-It is not necessary as long as a open heart and a creative mind enters into this undertaking.

IS-What you mean to say is, even if we took 18 blankets and made a tent out of them…


JU-Is there anything additional for the meditation room things that we could take on this trip that we should get or take with us?

Forces-Everything is in working order. Books and prayers are always carried. But remember, it is done through a great deal of hard work. Question.

IS-For the entity Tom, and the things that we discussed, could you give me any enlightenment on it?

Forces-Partially true of strong attitudes of receptivity. But we have the x-factor of our influence in the actions.

IS-What you’re saying is that no matter what, it is you that decide.


IS-Am I understanding?


IS-The different holidays, barbecues and all that, when you said that there’s a lot of rejoicing that the white forces will be doing.Is that what you’re referring too? My question I ask, I mean allot of things in it.

Forces-We will be busy with you and through you.

IS-So, everything is in order?

Forces-There is not a disorder in it. As long as those are in harmony then things will work out according to the plan.

IS-Thank you. Is there anything that could be given or could be understood or we can understand about the La Guardia group — [names given] — is it just the dwindling away of a certain thing or is it something else? And their children included?

Forces-We would say a changing of patterns, and a growth from the old to the new.

IS-So, they are moving?

Forces-Slowly, but enough. We are going to leave at this moment; intent to return back tomorrow. It is strong to hear more things. But remember, this trip is a trip that we have planned ourselves, so in us planning it we will allow you to meet the nice people that we have planned for you to see. Remember, the weather is for the moment, but this what we take is for our lives.

IS-Are we fulfilling that plan so far?

Forces-Correct. It is a struggle that the determination and the cooperation in the harmony of meeting each obstacle makes you stronger. It is wiser to create your own tent, rather than to buy it. For in buying it there is no joy, no personal ownership in creating it. There is a uniqueness of having it’s own personalities affect.

IS-Are the children progressing as they should?

Forces-They are moving, the parents need to back up a little bit, they are moving.

IS-And,(SO) and (VR)? Is there a breakthrough coming for the entities parents?

Forces-This would take time.

IS-Then, we should continue the treatments?

Forces-Right away, positive and strongly correct.

IS-(SN) and (HA), we haven’t heard from them in a long time, are they drifting away, are they having difficulties? Also, with (HI)… Am I… Are my observations correct? [No answer.] Could I ask some questions?

[End of Session Recording]