Session 131 Part 1 – 9/22/77

Greetings to all here present now. We have been here for a while and enjoyed the energy. It seems to have made the process of communicating easier. In which there isn’t too much of a channel difference in connecting with this entity. It is in a such a condition that we can filter through with little difficulties. We find this evening chopped chock full of coffee in magic. We do not like coffee too much, but when you see the many different variances of words and magic, it takes different forms of expression and manifestation. What would be if different people would express themselves in a different type of thoughtform? This gives you the differences in the races in your world. Black and white and the yellows and brown. The yellow race consciousness or souls’ expression in the earth thinks in the front part of the brain or near the thin point of the eye which creates their skin to become yellow. The ones who have brown think at the back part of the head and think of always past deeds, things of the past, never seem to be producing into the future, but produces their skin-tone to be brown. Then you have those who are white and they think on top of the head and sometimes they zoom up forward and they are no longer in the body and they’re floating somewhere on top of the head. The whiter the complexion, the higher their zooming power is. Then you have the different aspects of black which think from the lower neck area in which they have certain desires that needs to be expressed. Did you ever, ever think of… of… of many forces around you? Now in this course of meditations that you all are undertaking, you must remember that each and every one of you have your own private ship, In your meditation you are tuning up this particular ship in which you call it a flying carpet, would one day come and manifest underneath you and carry the forces away with you. Sounds interesting, but if done properly, people can disappear in meditation, never coming back. The heart transfers, as in many cases. The heart is a gyro that moves around and gives momentum and becomes a ship in itself. We have all this to think about. Of all the greatest things that you have been given, the greatest part is that you are all able to continue to develop and pray and meditate together. You represent a great challenge in America and you bring forth a great spirit to people. You have come a long way. You have succeeded in many avenues. But there are still many other tracks and avenues to develop. Strive to fulfill as much as you can and contribute as much as you can. We now are ready for your questions.

IS: You said the yellow race is… has their thinking from right underneath the skin?

Forces-You would say the front of the head.

IS: Are they for the future, then?

_Forces_: This is true. They were also in the past very developed. They have all the secrets, but they are not sharing them with people.

IS: And the white race then is for now, for this moment?

_Forces_: It is for the moment.

IS: And the red race?

_Forces_: It was part of the past moment, but now it needs to be replenished.

IS: Now you said in meditation that the souls can disappear. Where do they go?

_Forces_: They travel throughout the third dimension and fourth dimension.

IS: With their physical bodies?

_Forces_: With their physical bodies.

IS: Where do they land? Or do they just travel?

_Forces_: It is a different type of travel. But they most certainly land.

IS: So it’s like life? It’s another life?

_Forces_: Life that is within them.

IS: Should we go this weekend to Virginia? To the house?

_Forces_: It would be interesting, encountering, profitable, enduring, self… it would be correct. We would be working with you. There would be many developments and many strange encounters out there. It would be feasible if desired, but it would be interesting. Sometimes, chances are it’s okay, very good, it is feasible, desirable, it’s nice, we can’t wait, they have to move! We are pushing them every inch of the word. They would have been able to move in the month of August if it wasn’t for a mental block that that woman had. It was a mental block that was selfish, that was created in her head which made her freeze. Moreso, to give you a key insight, they are so upset that they have had to sell this house. They can never get over it. As much as they try not to say that, this is their underlying pattern of thought.

IS: And it’s not that deep either!

_Forces_: Not too deep. In fact, they don’t go too far down. In fact, they don’t go too far.

IS: They’re not going to try any monkey-business with the house?

_Forces_: There is no condition to try that, or else you might turn into…

IS: Now with Kenneth, the lawyer, what is the communication that we had with him? Is it healthy? Is it the way it should be?

_Forces_: It is okay. It could be be better, but it is all right.

IS: And, there’s no change with (HA) and (SN)?

_Forces_: There has been several re-evaluations in that course of events, but it is a very strange and slow process. Once they get their mind fixed on an idea, they seem not to be concerned about other items.

IS: The La Guardia group and what’s been happening, what should we do?

_Forces_: There is a period of termination one could follow. Also a period of slight termination in which one could return and start off where it was left off. There are many fixed motives within this field of the terror in which will come to life if not corrected.

IS: For the La Guardia group? Or for us?

_Forces_: This would be moreso not for us, as you would call it, but for La Guardia group.

IS: So these thins…

_Forces_: It is a good person, but there is a change.

JU: Change?

_Forces_: Chain.

IS: Change.

_Forces_: Chain.

RH: Chain.

IS: Chain.

RU: Chain.

_Forces_: Question.

IS: You mean to say by “terrors”, you mean that some of the terrors why… what brought them first here would awaken? But is it possible to sort of just terminate with them nicely and quietly?

_Forces_: It would not be possible, feasible at this moment. But if that is your desire, it could be worked out.

IS: Thank you. My feelings that I have about ritual and things like that, could you explain to me the origin of it or what it is? What should I do about it? Should we continue asking questions?

_Forces_: There is no trouble in trying to find out the answer. Just try to be patient and the answer will be there.

IS: It has nothing to do with a past life or anything like that?

_Forces_: In what particular case?

IS: I don’t know. Should we continue?

_Forces_: There should be no problem… as we shall see it.

GL: The dream that I had this morning about the two white flying saucers coming down and the clouds and the sun and Tom speaking to Jeshua and there was another man there, could you explain the meaning of this dream?

IS: [Whispers to (GL)] Joshua.

_Forces_: [After a pause] It would be well to re-evaluate work structure. There is so much that has been done.

IS: The what structure?

_Forces_: This… [inaudible]

IS: How come communication is fading out?

_Forces_: There is a development in themselves.

THE GROUP: [chanting] Adom malach konium. Adom malach konium. Adon malach konium. Adon malach konium. Adon malach konium. Adon malach konium. Adon malach konium. Adon malach konium.

_Forces_: In each course, each physical body carries with them centers within centers. It is up to each soul to gravitate to the center of the spoke. For in so doing there is a great joy and great happiness and a great dependence.

IS: Is this in answer to any of the questions?

_Forces_: It is a telltale answer underneath, around, about, in, and out.

IS: For me?

_Forces_: Indirectly.

IS: Should (GL) re-ask his question?

_Forces_: Question.

IS: Can I ask my next question?

_Forces_: There is no problem.

IS: How come in the past we were — I hope… we were much less and there wasn’t the difficulty in bringing into communication as is now… There is no response] Or was it in the past on a lower level?

_Forces_: This was just recent. Question.

IS: Can the other question he answered?

THE GROUP: Glory to God in the highest! Praise be to God…

_Forces_: The force is strong. But sometimes the force can be disturbing.

IS: Is it the kind of questions that we ask?

_Forces_: For instance, this question belongs in the front so they can make a record of it.

IS: This question belongs in the front so they can make a record of it. Who is going to make a record of it?

_Forces_: It sure isn’t us.

IS: Should we continue asking questions?

THE GROUP: Glory to God in the highest…

_Forces_: In this force you have entered into another expression. That of color and sound, with each section or verse, you ask from the Psalm… first remove yourself from this physical body, first the powers then they will be made… [inaudible] We are now ready for your questions again.

GL: The dream that I had this morning with the two white spaceships coming down from the cloud and Tom talking to Joshua and “Meshima”, I think it was, could you explain the meaning of this dream?

THE GROUP: Save us from destruction and protect us. Let thy light shine around us. Save us from destruction and protect us. Let thy light shine around us. Save us from destruction and protect us. Let thy light shine around us. Save us from destruction and protect us. Let thy light shine around us.

_Forces_: When such a force attempts…

THE GROUP: Forces on high strong as the wind, stand…

_Forces_: Each song that you take, you take into another book. Now we shall go on to another book. Questions.

IS: Should (GL) ask his question again?

_Forces_: It wouldn’t help.

IS: It wouldn’t help. Then what should we do?

THE GROUP: Forces on high strong as the wind, stand before us.

_Forces_: Pray for some strange, interesting conclusions. We have had… [inaudible]

THE GROUP: Forces on high strong as the wind, stand before us.

_Forces_: As the cloth is on the table, so is the voices in the throats. Greetings to all here present now. We are ready now for your questions and photographs and pictures and… [inaudible]

DN: Is there a possibility that the trouble with communication would have any relations to the entity’s physical body and the fact that he’s never quite completely rested? He always sort of works himself to…

_Forces_: This can produce some disharmony within the body. Sometimes the disharmony can produce diseases. This force is entangled with that which is to be done which desires it not.

DN: Does the difficulty in communication come from us? Or would another reason may be because we don’t have a regularly set pattern as we once had? Is it easier to just… to communicate with a regularly set pattern?

THE GROUP: Forces on high strong as the wind…

_Forces_: Such this is the way in which water should be flowing around.

IS: Well what does it mean?

_Forces_: It is a force that comes through, but it must be handled direction. His forces handle it properly and deliberately.

IS: There is no flow?

_Forces_: The flow is there. The energy is flawed. There the communication needs to be worked with. Question.

RU: How do we work with the communication?

_Forces_: By committing yourself. Question.

RU: Does that mean that our commitments are less now than they were two or three years ago?

IS: True. They are less now.

_Forces_: Question.

RU: Are our commitments less now than two or three years ago?

_Forces_: It is a growing progress in which spiral movements move the group and country. It’s a normal commitment. And then you shall see a change to be about, the change comes from within, but this change is in front. Question.

RU: Is the communication part… partly affected by the incident that happened in Vermont about two years ago?

_Forces_: Partially of that respect, correct.

RU: Since then we’ve had these… some difficulty with the communications during the Sessions.

_Forces_: Correct.

RU: Is there like a technical thing that perhaps was like… was damaged during that particular Session?

_Forces_: We can always say one of his cells or family of strength and work needs to be developed. Question.

IS: What can be done about it?

_Forces_: This is just preparation, repetition, and keeping the eye on the individual. Question.

RU: When you say “the individual”, do you mean the entity that you speak through?

DN: Is there anything for the physical that can be given?

_Forces_: This in itself, individual taste of horseradish; individual taste of the mustard that is hot would find that it would be involved with a great deal of disharmony… If it wasn’t taken care of through the mouth. Question.

DN: It should be taken through the mouth?

_Forces_: Not necessarily, but taken care of in that center. Question.

DN: Which… which part in the physical body is lacking and needs help?

_Forces_: There was no need to a necessary sport in which to explain everything. But as time goes on certain things must be developed and made strong. There are many avenues in which each and every one needs to develop and make strong. There are encounters to come that will make it a solidified ideal. Each and everyone must take on the responsibilities at hand. It is so easily forgotten our destiny in which each one will passes it off to the next. Question.

IS: Is there something we can do for… for the entity that you speak through on a physical level that would help for this…

_Forces_: It is a time and a course of time. These aspects work themselves out. We find that in the La Guardia group a stiffness or a strong ignorance that turns them away gradually from the ideal needing to come back. We find this same thing with the so-called strength of service of (HA) and (SN). This will also have to be straightened out. Once a person starts relieving and receiving and trying to get what they do, what they think, what they say, then it is in such a away contradictory to the purpose of the group. And in those contradictory thoughts needs to keep them to themselves and not circulate them. Question.

DN: We know from past… from the past with Edgar Cayce and certain things that happened with them, is there anything at this point in time that we can be doing in order that the progress of the group… that we can be doing for the entity you speak through that will help us along so that these things might not happen?

_Forces_: This is interesting, but it must go through a period of encounters and slight change. In time it will be made easy with the acceptance and the understanding of this group. Question.

NN: With the Nineteen-Seventy-Seven being the year of Archangel Michael, is the next time that this force will manifest as strong again in the earth, will that be at the time of the Armageddon war?

_Forces_: Let us not rush it. We have enough to work with. All these aspects that are about to happen, remember, from South Carolina to North Carolina we are creating and working in these particular states. We have also other states we are working in. But this, what you have mentioned, is upon us. It is upon us by not caring. It is upon us by not giving. It is upon us by not seeing what has to be done. As far as the year representing, it is true. The entity has sensed a strange attraction to the heart of the sacred. What would be said, the Christ heart would represent this year coming up. It is in this force or field that you enter into your new possession of your home, representing the spirit of the heart, or the Christ heart. And this would bring you into a new consciousness, a new development, a new expression. All this and the energy coming from that would be stronger than usual.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Is that the right thing that we’re going to be here about two years before we move? It will take…

_Forces_: This could be altered relatively according to plan and desire of the plan, It is not necessary to spend two years here. Six months here, the most, to a year. That is more than adequate. In fact, if you plan on going down it would be well to take more than what you have desired to take just so that the constructive work can get under hand. But nonetheless, each and every one will experience what he had to experience and has to experience. And each and every one will contribute to the development of the house. But let us not forget that the spiritual journey, the spiritual traveling is what’s important, not the material substance around, but the spiritual quality that is preserved within us that we might ever, ever, ever stand tall with such strength of inner conviction. It is this spirit that guides us and makes us strong.

IS: You mean to take more people?

_Forces_: Do not sound so depressed. It is not so dull or so boring or so beyond hope. There is a great number of miracles about to happen. One must be receptive to them. It is not the quality of taking more people down, but it is the quality of being perceptive of what you would desire to produce while down there.

IS: Thank you.

HI: Based on the discussion that I had with (JB) this morning, would it be wise and necessary at all to take up residence in the Virginia Beach home at all, even temporarily?

_Forces_: To take up residence in this area would be all right.

HI: But that would only be temporary. Would it not? Until we go to Schuyler.

_Forces_: It would be.

BH: Could you tell us who the unnamed angel was that the entity called forth in the service upstairs?

_Forces_: This is what would be symbolic as the angel of death.

BH: Thank you. What did it mean that more than one drop went in?

_Forces_: It represents a certain amount of sins committed. Symbolically the washing away, but more than what you have created or committed. It means you have to get out there and start working and washing away that which has been created.

RU: What would it mean in my case that I put in two drops when I…

_Forces_: Same aspect. The more you put in, the more you would have to work out.

RU: Does that mean that any sins were cleansed?

_Forces_: It is all being taken care of, but the year to come is your working period.

RU: Thank you.

IS: But there is no accident, really? Right?

_Forces_: This is a wonderful remark. There is no accident.

IS: So therefore, in another way, they have sort of taken on upon themselves — they sort of made a committment in a way to accomplish more than… than the one drop?

_Forces_: This is true. They had made a committment up in the upper room. They had made a statement. Consciously, I doubt if they were aware of it.

IS: So even though it might be a more difficult year to come, but in reality, they… they… if they pass it through okay, they’ll come out with so much more?

_Forces_: This is the way it has been chosen. This is the way it is. This is the way it has to be. This is…

LK: In the year to come…

IS: Is… I’m sorry.

_Forces_: Continue.

LK: In the year to come and with special emphasis on right now, what aspects of my development should I try to concentrate on and…

_Forces_: Repeat your question.

LK: In the year to come, and especially right now, what aspects of my development should I try to concentrate on the most?

_Forces_: Sharing with those who are around you the expression of concern, of communication, of expression, and basically the brotherhood of fellowship. Moreso, expressing oneself. It is easy for self to remain quiet rather than to communicate or commit in speech for sake of image. But it is about time that you start expressing yourself and committing yourself to those around you by sharing yourself.

LK: Also, why do I have so much trouble from about seven o’clock to eight o’clock in the morning of communicating at all? It seems like after that then things sort of break up and it’s gone?

_Forces_: It is a habit that you have created three or four years past. You’ve gotten into a particular style that you appreciate and like. You didn’t want to hassle by anybody. It is a form of selfishness and your own striving to get what you want according to what you want, it is a form that you have expressed for a while and created. Now comes a time when you no longer want that form, but the form is still there. It is up to you to break this form in order for you to move on to other aspects.

LK: To break the form, should I just like talk about anything or…

_Forces_: Don’t be ridiculous! The point is your attitude. You could wake up and talk about your ear that hurts or your nose that fell off. But the idea is that you must talk… [End of Side B] if you wake up and just talk your mouth off, then you find yourself in a very dynamic situation.

LK: Okay, Thank you.

_Forces_: Okay, You’re welcome.

IS: In my case the opposite. How do I keep quiet?

_Forces_: In your case, you are not to be kept quiet. Never has it been told or known to you to keep quiet. You must commit, you must say, you must open up that what would be called wisdom.

IS: The feelings that… that I sometimes had and battle and… what is… why are those things? How do I get rid of it?

_Forces_: It is something that must be developed. Remember, there are a lot of things you are not aware of around you consciously. It is faith, it is trusting, it is seeing things with the logical mind. But remember, when you are dealing with spiritual things, the logical mind must be subservient to the spirit and not analyze it on a physical, purely physical level. For it is just like Martha who is saying to the spirit of Jesus, “I have a lot of work here to do and Mary’s too busy fooling around with you. Let her come with me so she can clean the house,” And Mary told Martha, “Leave me alone and don’t bother me, you witch,” which Martha responded to her saying, “You damned knuckle-head,” and left away. This same expression is used everyday in our lives, The logical mind versus the spiritual mind to develop when the spirit of Christ is there and to work when the spirit of Christ is not there. What do we do? How do we do it? When do we turn this off? When do we turn this on? All aspects are in the development of our own problems. We must see the spirit come into our hearts, but we also must, must be receptive to the same spirit that’s around us.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Could you give me some help or guidance on how I can learn to concentrate and to be quiet?

_Forces_: The point is not only to concentrate to be quite, the point is to concentrate. It is so difficult for you to sit down and concentrate. It is as this entity has spoken to you many times before. This has come from an experience, what would be called, in Iran in which you were in the opium dens and not only the opium dens, but you were in all sorts of conditions and bribing all sorts of controlling forces. It was a nasty lifetime in which a lot of karmetic deeds were done on a negative side scale level. It is… explains why it is that you move so fast and move so slow at the same time. It is a contradictory. I have never seen a person move so fast and move backwards at the same time. Your name at that particular time was Raja Harashi. But the idea was that no one understood who you were because you kept changing your name, not only in this point. In the opium dens in the drug market you kept injecting everybody with opium in the point in which they had to pay you rubies or whatever they had in their possession to get more stuff to inject them into their arms. And then at that point you kept injecting anybody you met with the opium to the point that everybody needed the little white bags that you were selling out in the market. But in the point that you injected your own hand with the same thing because you were bored. Then you were really crazier than anything else around you because you took it and placed it on your food and ate it and then dropped dead the same night. I tell you, it was some experience lifetime in which the same experience is manifested today that must be worked out in this lifetime in order for you to move on. Or your next lifetime the word is “dum-dee-dum-dum”!

JU: Thank you.

IS: Is that the same experience in which (DN) was involved?

_Forces_: This experience (DN) was a co-maker in which he walked around selling what was left over. He broke away from that and went on to Rome in which he became a very powerful, important citizen.

JU: But for today, how… overcoming that that I can’t concentrate… what can I do?

_Forces_: What… what can you do about concentration? We would advise you to sit down and concentrate!

JU: Thank you.

_Forces_: Simple. Take a book; sit there and analyze it. Take a piece of paper and write on it, “I am (JU)” five thousand times a day and make it some discipline. When you establish some disciplines, keep the disciplines. Don’t change from one point to the other. Don’t become like that. You are wasting too much energy and it is a helter-skelter relationship that is on the verge of nuttiness… In this respect it must be creative. You have the energy. It’s given to you to be creative. If you use the energy stupidly, then you are the one who’s losing. And also being a burden upon all those who are around you. It is a responsibility that you cannot run away from. And there will have to come a point in which you will have to meet yourself finally and come straight down to grips upon doing it once and for all. For if you do not do it once and for all, unfortunately you might be put in a condition where you’ll be forced to do it, and then would merit nothing from it either. Question.

JU: Thank you.

DD: Could you help me with what I should develop into this next year?

_Forces_: You would develop into reading a book that is worthwhile.

DD: What would that be?

_Forces_: Any book that you feel that is worthwhile.

DD: That would be good for me?

_Forces_: This would be good. For you in that respect that any book that is in the development to the accordance of this group is worthwhile.

DD: Why is that given now? Before I was given not to read anything.

_Forces_: Now is the time for it to be given. Don’t tell me what to do or what not to do! If I tell you to read a book, go and get the book and sit down and read a book. Peanuts, or crackerjacks or apple snacks. I don’t care what you read, as long as you sit down and read a book and apply it to the application of this group. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

DD: Can I read Jacob Boeheme?

_Forces_: Jacob Boeheme. If this would have to be Jacob “Bummer”, them we’d bummer Jacob!

DD: Is he good?

_Forces_: Everybody is good. It is a positive reaction. It is up to you to apply the knowledge and the wisdom that you learn. In short, we are about ready to leave. Take care. Remember that one respected action has a reaction. Every action is void in itself if done negatively. Any negative actions you’ll have to pay for. We’ll be back as fast as we can when we want to. Greetings to all of you here present.

THE GROUP: Our Father, which art in the heavens…