Session 123 – 7/13/77

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We find this evening particularly comfortable as far as communicating with you. It is what would be called stagnant and free atmosphere. It is the best aerial view we’ve had in the polluted city in a long, long time. We are enjoying this atmospheric show while it lasts. It is also the reason for doing such a thing is to be able to spend a longer time without the atmosphere interfering with our discussions with you tonight. We have some strong news and news that must be expressed without any black force interference. This news deals with the run-down of many departments in this particular city and in the eastern coast. As the days move on, each passing day would become stronger and stronger in line to criticism and conflicts. It seems like there shall be great deals of unnecessary turmoil and political strife and union wars going on. We also find still trouble in the seas and the high waters. There seems also to be a state in the United States that seems to be going to give a uncomfortable conditions to the country and government. In fact, they might even want to unify some thoughts that would be unique in themselves. We also must strive to warn you that your financial income must be tightly secure, but also remember that the work and discipline and the artistic development is for the soul and the expression of the finer things even though those around are not so refined. But, give it not too much attention or strive to be concerned for all will become in time operational and functioning in the forces. We also would like to speak about the waters that come from under the earth. All waters that come from under the earth are directly in connection with the springs and water fountains of Atlantis. That is, in Atlantis they had built in their civilization fountains coming from under the land. This became their source of water supply and also their health supply. When Atlantis did fall, so also did these springs become dormant. Until they finally broke through the crest of the earth and spilling out into what we call today, springs. We also find conditions during this month like a battle between the forces of good and evil. This night is the manifestation of that battle that is going on, on a physical level, on a mental level, and on a spiritual level. Think not that this evening is by accident for we have been planning it for some time. But, the reason why we’ve had it is that we must express a firm desire that the plans for Virginia be not removed from your mind but made strong. We ask that all here in this group reconfirm their commitment and dedications to their ideals and their future plans. We are also looking forward to a great change and also a great political movement into this area of Virginia and the areas around Virginia. We are also preparing and trying to strive in the atmospheric conditions for your particular vacation; strange as it might seem. We strive to make you conscious of the spiritual world as best as possible. It is also a night for the manifestation of strange powers. On this particular night their are forces that are coming in stronger without the opposition of magnetic and electrical forces around. In so doing, these forces can come into the psyche of the person and develop and give intuitive feelings. Striving for a certain peace and harmony at your job and work is necessary, but this union of spirit must be developed and not shunned away. One must develop the spirit in every form one can take. Questions. We shall refrain from reviewing certain things until later on this evening. We shall also find a great scandal or what would be called a great uprising on a spiritual level for those publicly popular people. But this is nothing, considering the great devastations and land changes in the west. For as each passing day, so also the tightening of this particular rubber band, in which soon shall cause great strong earthquakes to manifest throughout this country and great and interesting fire-forest in which strive on these type of electrical charges.

IS:You said a state will try to declare itself separate?

Forces:Not only in that context, but separate as far as problems verses the countries conscience.

IS:Could we know which state it is?

Forces: This could deal with, strange as it might seem, we would find it to be in and located around Mississippi or Atlanta or what would be called… The state in itself is un-shaky and detains great deals of wealth within the borders. This could be a truer reason for the break down. But this is not to be concerned for the moment. Question.

IS:The story of Elijah that we have been talking about for the past two days, have we hit on things as they have happened?

Forces: We must say to this point, in order that the smaller children might have substantial amount to live, we will refrain from the answers until we see that the injuries are not self-sufficient to the end of the like. Questions.

IS:Are you talking about the children in this house?

Forces:In what respect?

IS:What you just said about the injuries.

Forces: What was to be said.

IS:That you’re not going to tell us until you find out if the injuries are more or less serious.

Forces:These injuries are only the manifestation of going away from a particular path on a spiritual level. This must be constantly drawn into the conscious and subconscious mind. No sooner do we find ourselves receptive to the spiritual being, then we too become at peace and at one with the charter.

IS:You have not said anything about Elijah, you were talking about the children here?

Forces:Elijah the prophet or Elijah the child?

IS:Oh, I see. I’m sorry. Does Elijah have injuries — the child?

Forces:He has no tell-tale signs of injury. But there is a arrogance for its own way. But talking and working with the child and singing unto the child would subside and bring the child more in harmony with the natural existence around.

IS:I see, otherwise they will be manifesting serious injury in the lower back.

Forces:Question. Correct.

IS:Now, with the prophet Elijah, that we’ve been talking about for the last two days, are we hitting on what happened?

Forces:Yes, it should not be stopped, but continued.

IS:Sometimes I feel I’m afraid where it’s leading me.

Forces:So also a thousand-and-one million people.

IS:Well, what I mean is, does every miracle have a logical…

Forces: Presence of Christ within it? Sometimes we use the logical explanation in order to communicate with the individual what really had taken place.

IS:But then, in that case, with Elijah, he did have instruments to help him. I feel as if though, if that is so, than it really doesn’t take away from the miracle, right? Can we ask questions?


IS: I shouldn’t go anymore in this line, with Elijah the Prophet? My dream last night, or not dream or whatever it is, did I actually see the spaceship? [No answer.] Am I doing something wrong that you can’t answer? Because of it? Should we continue asking, questions?

Forces:We would also gravitate flowers of roses and what would be called carnations.

IS:Was I doing something wrong that you couldn’t answer?

Forces:This particular question, you can repeat it again.

IS:About Elijah, and the miracles. It seems that once one thing was opened up about the spaceships brought in into the… that he actually had instruments to help him, it also sort of pulls out a certain thing from the miracle or does it? What is it? What were this instruments; were they things of the earth assembled together, or were they something that even if this civilization would strive to go for another billion years it still would not be able to invent anything like it?

Forces:In this great strength, you will lie upon a stronger strength in which you will strive to understand the basic of matter and the pure power of substance.

IS:Oh, you mean to say that to assemble those things, the person himself would have to be somebody that can overcome certain laws within… overcome certain things within himself, therefore he can see and assemble and utilize things that are there but are only there for those that are evolved enough. Is that it?

Forces: With this force and power it is interesting to know, not far away there is the lights and the harmless sway. Instant plan may instantly cooperation to the physical level.

IS: Should we ask questions?

Forces:I don’t think I’ve ever stopped you.

IS:Yeah, but you don’t answer us.

Forces:In courses of time it is not to be answered. It is sent of what would be called Higher Force to get you ready for the answers. Question.

GL:What does ‘sleep within a sleep’ mean?

Forces:It represents going up to the super-conscious mind.

GL:Why did the vehicle that Tom described in his dream sweat?

Forces:Because it was hot. Not within the physical realms. And also there is a great deal of visitational powers from alien forces, from forces connected with his mission. I repeat, this mission that this particular group is under, has been tried and found successful, therefore there have been forces that are not so positive trying to break asunder what has been created. That is why we here have found this night to speak to you that their beams cannot pick up where we are at because they utilize your electrical system of the city. That is not to say that we are running from them. Question verses answer. We are just merely being here like no other normal day and speaking to you in a most strange way. For when the birds of the air do see that the falling nest of the Ark do hear than all that is to come shall be relieved and man shall move on. It is strange not all questions can be answered directly, but only in an indirect form are they answered. Question.

IS:Why can they not be answered directly?

Forces:They are certain forces at a time, point and reference that would not allow for the expression of such knowledge. What is thy question?

IS:I’ve asked it a few times now and I really didn’t get any answer so maybe I better not. Maybe I’m not supposed… Maybe later would be better. I don’t know. You didn’t hear my question?

Forces:We ask you for the question, not for the rhetoric of answers of your own.

IS:Well, with Elijah, did he actually have instruments?

Forces:We cannot answer this particular question. It is personal and involving much information. Again, this has to be course verses course. Time verses it all. In which, in time you would find the answer would be yes.

IS:Why did he run away from people?

Forces:It is not the point of running that has you baffled, but it is the point that the receptive channell would be correct and proper.

IS:Yes, he was connected with the White Forces, was he not?

Forces: Correct.

IS:Are the White Forces using electricity too?

Forces: They use a higher form of energy.

IS:But not electricity.

Forces: Correct.

IS:So the miracle of Elijah with the fire had no connection really with electricity.


IS:Yet, the people of the Baal, they did have their tricks with electricity.

Forces_: Correct.

IS:Was he changing forms that he had to go away?

Forces: Correct.

IS: With Jesus, are we understanding anything, the discussion we had today about him, really giving up all his power those forty days in the desert?

Forces: We here at this time can find and enter and reveal certain life patterns of the entity that we speak through. Because of the conditions and environment, his book can be opened. Book 14 through 13, 2, 4, 8, 1, 6. In receiving this passage we shall only give highlights. We find this entity to be listed under that of nouns and pronouns. We have strange creations while this entity is striving to bring into consciousness a spiritual light and body. The purpose and mission is to prepare for the next consciousness of development within man. Where having physical relations and having a matrimonial style would become obsolete and no longer practical. That the child forces would be incarnated in a spiritual immaculate way. We find the entity to be the friend of Elijah.

IS:The Prophet.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Elisha?

Forces: Correct.

IS:I knew it!

Forces:We also find this entity to be known as King James of England.

JU:The one after the King James Version?

Forces: We find that as would be explained not as King James, but as a secret helper to the throne who was in short the power to King James. We also would find this particular entity to have strong ties in the Atlantean period as one of the White Lords who had evacuated the place and had traveled into New Foundland. His name at that particular time was called Zionite, Ziatrus, or better yet, Zank or Zitai.

IS: Ziatrus? The first?

Forces: We seem to find that correct. We also would find the entity who’s name is (DD) and who’s name is (JE) the helpers at this particular catastrophe in Atlantis — guiding and directing the regulations and rule of the day. Also, we have three other members of the group that helped for the migration down into the heart of Virginia.

IS: Can you tell us who they are?

Forces: Zicron, Zebinite, and Zibbit.

IS: Are they in this group?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Can you tell us who they are today?

Forces: Zicron would represent that of (RU). Zebinite would represent that of (IS). And that of Zibit would represent that of (BR). The entity Zicron, Zebinite, and Zibit are very strong entities trying to solve the puzzles. Zicron, would have that of the healing forces of the animal stages, Zebinite would heal that of the mental and physical bodies, and Zibit would take all the precious jewels in the kingdom of that point and store them in what would be called wheels. This information would cause the foundation and was buried in areas of Virginia. There is also a secret message of style, strength and phenomenon growth of future in which is to be revealed in time. When this is discovered, then the black forces will strive in such a way for this answer and question. We also have an invention. Taking a metal rod, in a middle point of it, and in that a section of hollow, upon which is placed aluminum or glass in which is considered liquid mercury, the liquid mercury is charged by electrograms, from the electrograms come ethers of high density radio waves not known to the consciousness of this civilization in which one could communicate with extraterrestrial beings from other forces. In short it is a form of a radial communication. Glass or metal rod, a liquid mercury, charges by electrons in which produces the information needed. We are now going to close this book for the moment. We can not answer that particular question, but we have revealed at this moment certain answers. Question.

IS:The aluminum… you said something about the aluminum also into that rod.

Forces: It is not aluminum or aluminium, but it is a condition of a coat that is painted of that particular element. More like would be called, ‘methetic’ or metallic substance of… cannot say.

IS: How big should that rod be?

Forces: As big as a cup, and as tall as a container of milk.

IS: As big around as a cup?

Forces:That is only the center point. As big as a bowl in the top. Question.

IS: Am I understanding correct, if we don’t ask all the right questions now…

Forces Partially. Question.

IS:There are many questions probably that I don’t know to ask about at this particular thing that we should know. And if we later find out that we don’t have the answer to that, and there might not be another black out for a long time, for this information…

Forces:We seem to prepare it the way we want it, don’t we?


RU:Is it supposed to be a hollow rod with mercury inside of it?


IS:Is there anymore information about the entity Tom that can be said, that can be given?

Forces:That he was a great instrument in recording many forces and magical potions throughout the history.

IS: How about Merlin, who was Merlin? Was he Merlin?

Forces: Yes.

IS:That painting of the old man in the apartment in New York…

Forces: Correct. But this must not be revealed, for it is dangerous information. For when Merlin comes back on the earth, he has a responsibility to Ireland and England, and certain forces are waiting for the vibrations to be set up to go and find out this entity to bring back, to restore a kingdom.

IS:But if Merlin is back already…

Forces: Who knows at this moment.

IS:So, what your saying is that a lot of things can not be done or else they would be recognized as that of what people or vibrations or forms are waiting in England and/or Ireland, but their will come a moment.

Forces: Correct.

IS:This lifetime?

Forces: Who knows.

[Telephone rings.]

Forces: We could take a break for a few seconds. He can take a break also.


Forces: Question.

IS: With Jesus, did he give up his power in the desert?

Forces:Let us say it was transmuted.

IS:To where?

Forces: Let us say to fields of forces of the Essenes.

IS:Did he give up those powers in order not to fall into any kind of temptation with Satan?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Did the Essenes, what did they do with these things?

Forces: Utilized it to pass down the other initiates to come.

IS: Did communication break for Jesus at the last moment, when he cried: “El, El, Lama Sabachthani”?

Forces: It was a seeming test to see but it was what you would call a black out.

IS: A necessary black out.

Forces: Correct.

IS:Did I see the spaceship last night?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was it yours?

Forces: We had to do some manuveuring to prepare for this night.

IS: That’s why everything was in darkness!

Forces: Correct.

IS: Where was I standing?

Forces: In the middle.

IS: In the middle? I was standing by some sort of door.

Forces: The door to the middle.

IS: Was it another dimension.

Forces: Cannot reveal… um-hum [positive].

IS:Please, you know what you have to tell us tonight. Instead of us asking questions, maybe you should just tell us what this…

Forces: We would strive to tell you that you are the ambassadors of the light. The black forces are striving to do away with harmony, good cheer, peace, enjoyment, hospitality, happiness, celebrations, all of this the black forces are striving to do away with in order to blame that decadence, turmoil, sadness, disease, darkness it must strive to manifest in the earth. But it cannot strive unless if this particular group does not discipline themselves, become strong, so when moments like this happen, they can manuveur like clock-work and like an organized army. In short, you are all an organized army. There is the unforseen future in which the black forces are striving to take control of many areas. They have not succeeded in the state of Virginia, they have failed continually. Therefore, treat it special and the people who are their are also special. Be patient with them and kind. Do not rush them. For they are not a lot to be rushed. You will grow with that in wisdom, but develop and contribute to the area for it is the seed of the future. We here find the black forces a strange lot. But in this particular darkness of this night, we are free to speak about them, for they are inoperative. They operate in electricity.

IS:But you did it, right?

Forces: Please, do not get us into trouble. We are only the instrument of guiding the lightning bolt to the right area. The rest was elementary.

IS: Of course, the black forces wouldn’t put it there.

Forces: What would be said we shot them to kingdom come. In the color spectrum for this group, it should stay at that blue and white and that of, that what would be called, plaids. We do operate through the spiritual surfaces in which are directed and which become evident. When these services manifest, they allow us to come through and rejuvenate and give more of the spiritual food necessary so that you can continue on with your daily work and that the black forces are eradicated during these moments, also. Question.

IS: Why is it that I feel that just in order to function right I must meditate?

Forces: Because you are one of the forces.

IS: I’m what?

Forces:People have changed from being people and have become the daughters or sons of the forces. By the virtue of meditating practically, positively, and persistently.

IS: I’m one of your daughters?

Forces: Correct. So behave yourself. Develop and work hard. And do not waste time. Compliment versus compliment.

IS: That’s why I can’t really function otherwise. But I was originally from Venus, right?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The entity Tom, he always was the forces, was he not?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, is my understanding correct about why Jesus was not really excepted because other prophets have cured the sick, raised the dead…

Forces: Correct.

IS: And the difference of what Jesus did was not anything that could be really measured by the eye, nevertheless he did it.

Forces: Correct.

IS: Jesus didn’t use any power to punish so to speak, anybody. Was it because he didn’t want to use that or he didn’t have it at that point?

Forces: Punishment came in many forms and many ways.

IS: So, Jesus used other methods.

Forces: There are many forms and methods in which Jesus utilized and developed through long hours of study to punish or to discipline those souls in that particular period in which the relationship to those around will find the new areas, those who have been punished have a sense of cheat or injustice against them which they always strive to take what is not their’s and take their’s that is not their’s and take all that which is all that which isn’t.

IS: So actually, punishment is not a good thing?

Forces: It is not a bad thing, it is a thing that has to be done. But, nonetheless, there must be a better way.

IS: And Jesus found a better way.

Forces: Correct.

IS: And he was the first then.

Forces: Correct.

IS: So it was his greatest power that he didn’t use his power.

Forces: Yes and no, no and yes.

IS: He wouldn’t have used it because he gave it away.

Forces: This entity that we speak through has certain particular powers but could not use them because of certain giving way evidence to the black forces. That is why it is better that the black forces think that this entity is Sherma Gagon.

IS: Will there come a time though…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Was Jesus also that way, though, a Smageg? Appeared to be?

Forces: Yes and no.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me about the Pyramid beads, to the fifth row that each bead represented 25 and that would double. I didn’t understand like how they went from 1, 2, 3, 4… like on the first one would each bead represent 1 and two each bead represent 2?

Forces: Each one will represent that of the same line. But we here will strive as the second, and third, and fourth and the fifth line is the fiftieth.

DD: The fiftieth?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What is that? Each bead represents 10?

Forces: If you would like.

DD: And on the sixth line, how many, how does it go from their, each bead 60?

[Telephone rings.]

Forces: We can take a break.

DD: Is it on the, on the sixth, sixth line, like by the time you get to the 5th line each bead represents 10, goes by 10s?

Forces: Interesting.

DD: And, when you get to the, when you get to the 10 line, is that how many lines there are 10?

Forces: Correct.

DD:So, there’s really only 55 beads in all? Is that correct?

Forces: All right.

DD: Is that correct?

Forces: All righty. As one might say, strong as it is, strong as it isn’t. Sounds to be heard, sounds to be heard. When that end, the geese do fly the wrong way, then you shall see, the end of the day. Strange as it is, strange as it isn’t, when the black suit shall fall, and the ocean’s filled with clay, then the rock shall tumble down and the pine trees shall fade away and the flame shall be no more and the boats split way. And then the large tankers of great mass of stone shall transport for building purposes the war that blew the dome. Strange as it is, strange as it is, for the nations shall be divided and all that is green shall be brown and all that is blue shall be purple, and all that is black shall stay that way. For all the sections within the kingdom, the pyramid forms in this way. Strange as it is, strange as it is, for all is recorded upon the walls of space and time, and yet we shall see a spiritual light come that has been predicted from the beginning of time.

DD: These beads, are they, could you tell me what metal they were made out of?

Forces: They could be made out of Onyx.

DD: Thank you very much.

JE: Can you tell us more about the time of Atlantis and with Tom?

Forces: Atlantis formulized the rocks and the shields. There were many areas of Atlantis that was a strong country. Atlantis formed around cliffs, Atlantis formed around the seaweed, Atlantis had domes and shapes and ships going in and out of the ocean. Atlantis had cities and capitols, one on top of the other. Atlantis was a tall slender city, heavenly in construction, silver and white, glass and purple, greens and yellows, oranges and browns. There were much light, there were much dark. But there was a growth in the spits of creativity for the arts were numerous and the creativity was even moreso. Strange as it is, this was Atlantis that floated upon the ocean that the cities could not be built with on the land. That mass lands of ocean could hold up 5 times the size of Manhattan. The city of Atlantis was a circle and within the circle all the roads came to join. Each road with a different color, each circle within a different road. Then, those other people would gather and carry around them the scarfs of their clan in which the family membership wore. The buildings could go up to 2 to 3 hundred stories; there was great, great strength in them. There were subways within the air that road on rails and upon wires, upon water too, for the rod was made out of liquid water that circulated in a cylinder fashion that in the circulation it was stronger than steel and stronger than cable. As long as the water moved at a certain force, that produced the movement of this ship that floated upon the water. It was a bevel ship; inside were grooves, and the grooves formalized the speed of the water in which they moved to. All the glass was not glass but tinted in that of inspiration for the glass did not exist but all that was there was smooth. The roads were paved and their was no decay. [End of Tape Side B] …fount eyes in which was stored much of the fruits and the juices they drank. There was no need for medical supplies for their radiant sun gave them health and healing. Their vacations was long, their singing their songs. There was a great deal of strength, a great deal of creative work that was being done. The more the creative work manifest, the more the spirit can come through. There were shoes that had no shoes and people who walked on air, for the shoes produced electric current that glided them there. There were dogs but were not dogs; for at that time they were not. For all animal beasts and pets were destroyed, for they were dangerous to the soul and son of man. Think not that your physical body is the shape in which you should be, but it is only the moment of evolution that shall stand and make you free. Think not that Atlantis did not exist, for all around you was the signs. You look into the great Mississippi, and you shall find the clay and the earth of Atlantis. You look into the fields of Ohio and you shall find the great electrical Chiefs. In that was the symbolic form of electricity that molded throughout the countryside and generated it from hill to hill. You will find also many, many avenues in which the caverns underneath in Virginia were the secret passageways in the gold forces of the aethereal chain of communication to galaxies beyond. Question.

JE: Can you tell us more about the entity Tom and what he did during the period of Atlantis?

Forces_: Made masses of people run charge in he was them. And there was a great Law and Order that had to be upheld every day. And there was a great task of services and every juvination in everyway. It was that of work and that of gathering together the future days and storage of messages for future lifetimes. Question.

IS: He was the organizer of the Laws?

Forces: Laws of the certain area that he resided in. Question.

JE: You said that the sun gave them the healing and all the medicine they need. Is the sun changed since then?

Forces: Tremendously, my friend, tremendously. The sun used to shine blue and not yellow.

IS: You refer to dogs and cats and any kinds of pets that were not in the city realms, is that what it means? Were they outside, or were they in the wilderness?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, in the same period the entity (JE) and (DD) helped the entity Tom in his work?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, those three of us that were in Virginia, what did we do?

Forces: You name it, you did it.

IS: Was I ever Madame Blavatsky?

Forces: Let us not answer that at this moment. But a great, great, great, great, great influence in expression that was beneath all understanding and it is interesting closely associated but further… we here are ready to depart. It has been interesting, the time element is practically for safe guards near but because the forces of black are wondering what has happened, let us dissapear so they will find not a trace of what has happened. Into the sky it will go and who knows what the lights will do. So much freedom for us to be able to speak in such a way to you. But, remember when the lights are back on, we have to be on our toes to do what we have to do. There is so much to speak about, so much to say, of course, in the least in everyway that knowledge is but not knowledge and not knowing is the wisdom of knowing. Yes, in the ice-cream you will have the nuts, but in the nuts, you will not have the ice-cream. Bananas are green and apples are red and violets are purple and so is your head.

IS: Our auras?

Forces: Pupil. One must be the student of the Law, and the pupil of the sons of righteousness. Strength is the beginning and cooperation is the seed. Remember, discontent and arguments is the black forces. They strive to enter into this house tonight, for they did not know what was to happen. But deep down they knew something strange was to happen and they strived in the best and worst way to break it asunder only to have me here with you in such a nice comfortable way. The way it was without them bothering us. But remember, we too have our plans, and we allow them to do what they have to do only to be. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…