Session 667-10/4/04

Greetings to all here present now. We find ourselves in such a quagmire of war and conflict that these great United States are in a great disillusionment and foreseeing the things ahead; conflicts. It is sad that America has found itself in such a position. It is, of course, going to a land and setting up house. But of course, America cannot be the babysitter of the world. Nor can it get involved with the karmetic deeds and responsibility of balance within the countries of the Middle East and traditionally with the country of Iraq. This is not the business of America. And it is not the responsibility of America to bring democracy to Iraq. Iraq is its own country for thousands and thousands of years. We are there to try to support that which is the qualities of democracy. Never are we to enforce democracy on others. This is the conflict that the republic of America represents itself to be found. It is a quagmire of feelings and issues. It’s strange as it is — unbenounced the quality of life that America finds itself in. Yes, we have seen America in the great wars and how they handled themselves through it. Taking care not to destroy the inner workings of a society. Like Germany, like Japan; they kept intact their cultural diversities. We find it hard in this particular case, to right the wrong and invasion of Iraq. Its just is mind distortions and conflicts all around. America in its simple way should admit its wrong, found that it was not a nuclear threat and of course allowed its mistake to stand. One might say we have an investment now with Iraq, and if they pull out it would create anarchy. Sometimes it takes a certain amount of inner strength to do what is obvious. Of course it will change and create such an upheaval in this area. But worse is to come; unfortunately, worse is to come. We find yourself in a situation with no good answers. And it also creates a certain amount of despair and foreboding. It is a most troubled time that we see the Earth in. And of course it is a time to stand by those qualities of truth. It is as they said, in that Book, the best of times; worst of times. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you so much for coming in. How is it that Bush can say to himself and to others, without choking, ‘we are bringing democracy to Iraq’? Where does he get the audacity, and why doesn’t anyone correct him and say how dare you try to change anywhere other than America? Where does he get that right? Where does he feel he has that right, and how come people aren’t revolting in him saying it. Because if he came into their homes and said to any American person, ‘you cannot eat macaroni from now on’, there would be a revolt in America. He wouldn’t live through a week. Yet no one is saying, ‘how dare you impose your personal will on a whole other culture and country’. Where is it coming from?

Forces: It is coming from a very, very dark place. And unfortunately darkness covers the Earth.

IS: Do people not see it, the ones that are devoted to him — do they not see it?

Forces: It is no different from the great darkness that surrounded Germany when they sent the Jews. It is the same characteristics. And it is now time for people of conscience to stand up and cry aloud. For now we have now, unfortunately, seen the wrong. And it is like the king’s clothes. He, the king, has no clothes on. So, the cry will go up in every land. Injustice — for justice sake, is injustice.

IS: When you said things are going to get much worse, where and what do you mean by that?

Forces: We wish we could financially say America will become productive. But now fear rides the waves. People are not expressive in their joy or in their beliefs of faith. They distrust the government and all it stands for. If the government, by the constitution, has turned on its people then it is time for the people to make a new government. Unfortunately, these are the words of the founding fathers. To set that which is wrong and make it right. It is a most troubled time. But America was warned by the forefathers; do not get involved with countries and their right to govern themselves. We felt we had the right to get involved in World War I and II. But we should adhere to the principles of what made this country great. Only to come out and forward when great wrongs and injustices done to make them right. We should have never been part of doing the injustice to another country; and so blatant an act as it is. We wish we can clean and make it right that America is doing. But the voice of truth has been snuffed out in America, and fear has reigned in its streets. Where once the Americans had strength and courage and able to stand for what was true and right, now fear takes its streets and cowards run the law of the land. So that which America stood for, is loosing its tarn — is loosing its golden light. We do trust that the average spirit in America will emerge and right the wrong that is done. Hopefully, not till that time will the great principles of idealism be brought anew. To take away the dreams of people and to replace it with fear is the greatest injustice to the living spirit. It is only the reflection of a troubled time on the Earth. Not all things are fair and right. And those things that need to be done. People search for the torch, and when they find it they should apply it. We will take a break at this time.

[Session closes for a few moments. Then begins again.]

Greetings to all here present now. We would like to create harmony in the world. But there is not enough Pepsi to go around. Harmony has to be done and worked for individually and it has to be strived for — for peace. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming back. Basically what Bush is doing, basically, is cultural suicide — genocide — to Iraq. Isn’t that so? Will their culture survive? Their culture is not based upon, or their religion is not based upon democracy.

Forces: We need to understand these principles. It is not based on democracy, never was. And even though there are those who would like to apply democracy to this country, it is just sometimes a country cannot assume and take on democracy because it is not the spots that there are fashioned to have. It is interesting to note that America would become the strongest if it simply just withdraw its troops and go back to its borders. Russia did it with Afghanistan. Of course the great fear would be the embarrassment to the world and another war like Vietnam — a failure. You can only go so far. Just as Israel did not attack the temple mound and aggressively took it, it simply quietly assaulted it — over and over — where Jordan finally withdrew. It is a great feat to know when to attack and where to attack. Just like Israel knew to attack the planes that flew in the sky for Egypt. Knowing that they did this and took out their airfield and planes made it the stronger element. But, Egypt could not tell the truth that their air force was annihilated; causing Jordan to come into the war thinking Egypt destroyed the Israeli air force. Truth is stranger than fiction. But in so doing, one must understand that we have to — with all the reports given — that this war is a war that was started on the wrong basis. Even though Iraq was secretly striving for atomic power and weapons, this is not what we are focused on. What we are focused on is the people of Iraq and forcing democracy to a people that never knew democracy. Is this right or wrong? What we’re looking for what is right, is one must always respect the culture of the country and keep it intact. So, we need to look at the people of the country and respect the heritage of thousands of years with that country. And be responsible for that respect.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything that we can do about that?

Forces: Prayer is important. As this group has dedicated every first Friday to pray for peace. Unfortunately, you will have these qualities abound. But the house must always be a sanctuary to all people. Through peace and through prayer, through kindness and through love and none judgment. We must stress the fact that as this house stands for the spirit, that we must share that spirit and strive for each individual to become all in the spirit they can become. It is the most difficult time, but it is also a time for challenge. That people and souls everywhere need to come together in harmony and work for the common good.

IS: Thank you. For Alice, is there anything that can be given for Alice?

Forces: She must develop her own prayer life, while she is in this restrictive state. To develop the skills of spirit. This should make her strong.

IS: Is she doing better — anything? Is she doing anything at all?

Forces: Let us say she is maintaining only to revert back for fear of gaining too much. But we must reapply the fact that a prayer and prayerful life must be restructured and re-acclimated. We will now move the questions forward to others.

IS: Thank you. [whispers] David.

Forces: Let other decide when they have their choice to speak. So we make it to your left, and then it moves to your right. So the person to your right should be the next one for the energy flow.

NN: The Flonase nasal spray that I use, would that long-term do damage, or is it okay to keep using for my sinuses?

Forces: Use it sparingly. It does have a certain tendency of not corroding but irritating the nerve endings and the wall of the membranes. Over time it could hamper a certain amount of immune system qualities for moisture and structural airflow. It is not totally in a negative; but used abundantly and excessively, as we know anything in excess is damaging.

NN: Thank you. Is that homeopathic one that I get, is that really effective? Is that helpful?

Forces: It does and can help. It just takes a certain amount of time in it process.

CN: Speaking of drugs, this recent study about Vioxx — the anti-inflammatory — that forced them to pull Vioxx off the shelf, could you tell us anything about what that was doing to people or how it was affecting people; maybe even spiritually?

Forces: Unfortunately, it went against the very grain of the immune system. Even to the point of creating heart attacks within people adversely — and death. It is a system of drug that counterbalances that of the electrical system in the body. Forcing it to go counter-clockwise when everything in the body is clockwise. So it is an adverse drug that should have never been allowed to go as far as it did.

CN: How can help progress the awareness or the knowledge of what some of these drugs are really doing to people — especially drugs for psychological health, like anti-depressants? I mean is there an activism or is there more research that should be pursued and is it reasonable to assume that some benefit could be gained by doing that?

Forces: The very first step and principle and that which is only right is the general statement to depend upon drugs is a crutch. And all who take drugs for mental well-being should turn from that and turn to practices of meditation and prayer. Drugs can help to a certain time element. But depending upon drugs takes away the very spirit of the individual. Now is that part of the World Order plan? We think it is.

CN: Thank you. Could you just tell me briefly, how does those drugs, especially the anti-depressants, or others, affect how the extraterrestrials interact with humanity — either through abductions or just for energy transfer? As we’ve learned in past sessions, direct emotional energy is sometimes fed from, fed off of the humans.

Forces: It is a subject that not so many people understand. There are those extraterrestrials that are moving through your world. And many a times they are right in front of you. But because we are trained not to look or see them to our right peripheral or left. But we are taught only to look forward, that these extraterrestrials have power of moving through time and space. The real factor is that we become to understand that this world as it is now and as it was thousands of years ago, were involved and in thrust by the life force of extraterrestrials. It is the quality of being able to feel and understand their presence. And by taking drugs, it makes their ability to take over the individual much easier. It is a subject that needs to be broached. That to see an extraterrestrial is the quality of understanding. Because if you do not see one, it does not make them not exist.

CN: Thank you.

IS: When you say the peripheral vision, so are you saying that they are not in the third dimension? They’re not manifested wholly or fully? Or are they manifested fully as a physical body but we just keep seeing them as we see ourselves, but if we look, really look, we will see the difference. Is that it? Which one is it?

Forces: It is if we train ourselves to see right, than we can see their manifestation. It is we’re taught differently how to look at things so we will not see them. We’re not taught to look on the sides of our bodies. We’re taught to look straight onward at things. This is why people demand the fact to see truth and to see the facts upfront. But in reality, truly to see the facts is to see it at peripheral levels.

IS: But are they in a physical body or are they just not in a physical body?

Forces: They’re very much in a physical body, but they are in a vibrational state that they can hide their presence by simply vibrating and resonating at a different octave other than what we think we are seeing. Everything around us are different vibrational octaves.

IS: So that means we might be feeling of somebody walking beside us, let’s say, and we might even see somebody walking beside us. But if we really look, that thing, that person or that thing will disappear?

Forces: What we would say, it would be transformed or be made invisible. Not that it necessarily disappears, but it is in a different vibrational scale than our density of our body. It is all how we view and how we train ourselves to look at these elements of life and extraterrestrials.

IS: But would there at certain points become the availability to be visible to us. Meaning, that we could see them, they’d be walking — let’s say if it’s a street — they might be passing by and like any other person?

CN: Only if it’s on our density, 3rd density. But these are on 4th density that he’s talking about.

IS: That’s what I’m asking. So it’s not in our dimension.

Forces: Because of their vibrational rate and our vibrational rate, you will see them truly peripherally, and never directly.

IS: Can they see us directly?

Forces: Well, the question is their vibration and their presence quite obviously sees our existence like a fishbowl. With a ether of vibrations rapped around it. Nonetheless, they can stick their hand in the water and pluck us out with no problem. We just do not understand that there is a world beyond this that we see in the bowl. But, if we train ourselves to see properly, we can definitely sense, perceive and feel their presence.

IS: Thank you.

DD: On the… thank you for helping me with the Hughes diagrams. Do I understand now the 18 by 36 that she gives is for the Noah’s diagram?

Forces: We find that you have grown to understand it, yes.

DD: And would it be the Fibonacci series would be in the middle of that?

Forces: It rotates within the middle. In an octave of C.

DD: Now you mentioned the dynasphere being on the way, is the dynasphere like an arcship?

Forces: The dynasphere is called the utter or the upside down “U”.

DD: What does that mean?

Forces: The energy is dispersed in an eucalyptic form.

DD: Do I understand that Fludd was very similar to Keely and might be encoded in the King’s James Bible?

Forces: We find this to be correct.

DD: Were they like the same person, or was that not important?

Forces: No, but we find the theory to be correct.

DD: And on this what I saw with the diagram looked like a hydrogen atom is that correct on the first diagram?

Forces: Yes.

DD: And this Star Gate, the man made in the seventies or eighties or sixties, he seemed to tune in to what you gave and made like a taroh deck — like half of what I will be making. Did he get it from you?

Forces: He received it through the very simple quality of receiving.

DD: Can anything be given more about the Fludd and how to find him in King James since he helped write the Bible?

Forces: You would find it imbued in the words of the Flood.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Is the tower room coming along as it’s supposed to, is everything on schedule, is everything okay?

Forces: We find the energy to being that of creating a very mystical vortex in its own form. And also the allowing of the spirit world to appear there.

IS: Is it moving according to plan? I mean the timing and all of that?

Forces: Yes, it is going according.

IS: Is Wayne happy with the work that he is doing?

Forces: We find that he is receiving much in the information state of spirit.

IS: And so everything time-wise is going okay?

Forces: Yes, we do see it.

IS: Will it get to a point where it ends, do you see it finished?

Forces: Yes, there will be that completion.

IS: Because I’m thinking about maybe I should have not done or just finish it off because of the money drain on me.

Forces: Well you can bring it to a certain level of completion; it does not have to be elaborate. But you have covered the very concepts of the room and application of it.

IS: What can I, at this point, not do? Because I’m in, I’ve started its all begun sort of…

Forces: Well, the fact is, the things that you have started — well just put them into a finishing processes. You can’t just start something in the room and say all right, let’s change this or that. Just finish it as you have planned it.

IS: The cabinets still go in there?

Forces: Well, you can do this. It is already set for it to happen.

IS: And the downstairs can wait but the bathroom downstairs I think that needs to really be accomplished.

Forces: Well, of course. This will be done too.

IS: Do you see Wayne the one that’s doing all that?

Forces: He can accomplish it, yes.

[Session excerpt here contains private information and has been edited out for public view.]

IS: Thank you. My right foot, is that something that’s never going to get better? It’s just a deteriorating thing — an age thing?

Forces: Your right foot is not going to be worse in itself, but it is progressively getting in what we would call improved from where you felt it to be last. Improvements are made gradually.

IS: Thank you. And the toes that the…

Forces: There are times when the feelings of your toes are loose or vacant, but then again there are times when they do come back to you. So you do have this waffling back and forth, but it is generally improving from where it was.

IS: Thank you. And thank you for the pictures or whatever, is the article going to be a good article about me?

Forces: Yes, it will be an article of information, of course.

IS: So, they told me it’s a very short little thing.

Forces: It’s not long of course, but it will be informative.

NN: When you talk about the same darkness falling, as it happened during Germany during World War II, to what extent — I mean is that actually going to happen or… if the election shifts and Bush is not in office then will it not progress in that direction?

Forces: If that it is shift the election, than things will change in a subtle way. But there is still more homework to be done and to be worked out from where the country finds itself.

NN: Thank you.

CN: You talked in 1995 about Mt. Rainier and the underground base there, and about how there was going to be an eruption and it would have to do with the destruction of the underground base — extraterrestrial underground base there. Recently we’re seeing Mt. St. Helens beginning eruption and having small tremor quakes. Being so close to Mt. Rainier, I’m curious if there’s any connection or if there’s also an underground base under Mt. St. Helens.

Forces: Let us say it is connected. Both are parcels to each other. And one leaked out to the other. Because there was an outlet in the active volcano now, it took the easiest path of least resistance. But knowing it also, there is a lot of conflict in this area underground with the bases thereby.

CN: So, the crust or the mantel is just maybe more vulnerable near Mt. St. Helens than it was near Mt. Rainier?

Forces: Well, we could say it even better than that. The under bases of these areas are both being annihilated and destroyed.

CN: And can you tell me anything more about the extraterrestrial agenda? Like what the progress is on the abduction agenda?

Forces: Unfortunately, during Eisenhower’s time, an agreement was done to take American’s in an abduction phase for research and for food. But now it has gone way beyond its agreement. Even to the point of total conflict. Part and parcel of all this is why you find the world in its condition as a dark moment.

CN: And part of the abduction phenomena is this cloning or this hybrid genetic agenda that I’ve been hearing about for years. What’s the progress on that — or are we seeing hybrids walking around being born and is there a percentage that you could give us of how much we’re seeing?

Forces: Let us say this. That the common individual is now aware of these hybrids. And they’re quite obviously wondering — who is and who isn’t. Unfortunately, you had the same conflicts with the Germans during and feeding and processing the people for this particular experience. It is kind of rampant what is happening. Some have said the Vice President is Reptilian in nature and a beast. The question is this; it has now advanced to the world, to the very population of America. That they very casually say he’s Reptilian in nature. This tells you more than you ever will know. At this point we, for the sake of information to be limited tonight, will leave.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…