Session 559-10/19/90

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and we find that there are many changes and movements around the earth. We do see that the war of conflicts building and escalating like never before. It is an amazing feature to see the different tones and colors of anger and hostility. We see the person of Iraq to be determined to look good, while in all reality, you’ve got to ask the question: “Where are they getting financial aid from and resources from?” You just cannot supply an army by promising. So what is not said is, “Who’s supplying Iraq with money, financial, and inputs in keeping the government solid?” There are many different concerns here, but at the same time we see there are the quiet supporters of Iraq that needs to be brought out in the open. The quiet supporters whether they are there or not always have two focuses. We see the changes affecting the whole earth, but we also see that it is the hour and year for change, but at the same time it is the beginning of change in itself. Nothing is to be trusted that comes out of Iraq, nor would we at the same time trust what goes into Iraq. There are those forces that would, what would be called, if given a chance annihilate Iraq. But the conflicts in and of itself, the dwelling spots at this particular station, is that of elongated and of, what would be said, defer of all power. We have watched and focused many hours on these issues. We do see that your President has a flair for what would be called Tingle Tinsel Tops. He would be known as Tingle Tinsel Tops. We are not being negative or derogative, it’s that it is a big gun salute sending all the force in many different directions. It is much wiser to come up with strategies and plans that will take over the years to implement, rather than to send thousands and thousands of troops in one spot. What we are saying is the United States needs to regroup of itself, not to make the flash of power and strength. In reality, that has gone out with the 80’s. There are those who come to listen and to hear, and there are those who come to understand what the President has to say. But if he would only create such a force, such a form of working at it, trying to win this conflict not with the loss of blood but slowly getting 100% commitment behind the President. 100% commitment means without blood shed. 100% commitment is an investment into the banking system. We find that President Bush should employ a system of confrontation to Iraq with plans every month, every year, every week a strategy planned out to offset it and augment the flow of energy away from Iraq without it being subtly, subtly done. What we are saying: A plan for Iraq to bring it to its knees. You must first of all plan on that of the image and ego of the populace. This is 90% of the battle. Of course, you do not realize this, and President Bush as he is known as Tingle Tinsel Top has no understanding that the people’s ego and pride if devastated in one or two percent, then the war is over. Heightened at the same time as a double-edged sword, as one is removing the ego and pride and the defense mechanisms are down, then this particular President could come forward. But it is again to regroup and reorganize. We see that there are many different changes, but the changes of sending troops into that area is an outward sign of power. Now we must need to focus on inward signs of power. These inward signs of power can relay many different channels of strength and at the same time of conviction and winning of power. You understand that if even if that military might would be encountered here, effecting that of Christmas Eve, attacking Kuwait as Iraq would say the best time to move onto Kuwait is at one in the morning Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. This would be a total, total victory, but at the same time there would be 120,000 casualties. Now that is a lot in numbers, but 120,000 casualties on both sides, breaking it down in part is this: there would be estimated at least 8,000 more or so Iraqians dead. In the American side, you would count 1,200 to 3,000 dead. The conflicts could escalate. The taking over the Kuwaiti territory as a pimple on a hill would be very costly for both sides, but nonetheless the American side would win: take over Kuwait, organize a form and control it. What we are saying: If you put people and men into an area for a conflicting situation of conflict, prepare to use those men and powers, not for image sake. Nowhere in your history of military movements has it ever been that men were placed in an area in which for show to prepare for war, for might. Let us repeat this particular, paticularities, peculiarity, peculiarities: Never in military movement has there ever been sent, deployed a force in a said area localized with military might that was not used. If you will look onto the past, it kind of reflects your future. Whenever a large amount of military power has been sent, it has 99.9% been used. This is a calculation of the utmost importance to observe. People ask now, “What do you think? Will we get into a conflict?” Well, we would say this again: That if you take a person on the street and is mugged, 99.9% of the time the mugger will take from the muggee. What we are saying, a mugger does not say to the muggee, “Forget everything that just happened, I didn’t mean it.” That would be the furthest words in their minds, “Never mind”. [Laughter] You will not hear this from a mugger, “Never mind.” You might hear it on a talk show, comical as nature as much to be, but you will not hear it from a mugger. Same as this guy, Saddam Hussein in Kuwait/Iraq. The gentleman, if so lightly termed, was into and for taking over control of an Arabian territory, making himself a powerful leader in the Arabian world, usurping the power and taking from Saudi Arabia and controlling it. It did not work, for this particular President sent his army to the area to checkmate and to stop the advancing armies of Kuwait/Iraq. Combined, it might have been able to move into Saudi Arabia and take over Mecca, along with other countries coming together. Now, we are saying this: We have said in the past when any nation comes to take over another nation, it is wrong. Now this here is a reflection of a wrong. Iraq has trying to take over the little area of Kuwait. We wonder at the parallels of world conflicts that go on, on your earth. While this is going on, you have conflict in South Africa where thousands are being killed openly. Conflict between Government and rival. At the same time, you have conflict in Pakistan-thousands are killed; conflicts and rivalry. In Afghanistan you have conflicts again, and rivalry. In certain areas of South America, it is very interesting. How all of a sudden you do not hear of the contras? What happened? What happened to them? An area that was a domino theory if it fell, that the whole democracy of South America would fall, too. All of a sudden, there is no talk on this. It is like it fell into a sinkhole. The issues in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina… what is happening? How can one political arena be turned off and another turned on. It is very interesting. It is turned off when it no longer suits the need or means, and another area is turned on and heightened. What we are saying, it seems like we are rambling on, but we are only showing that where there are larger conflicts, economically and politically, the United States does not go to war with thousands and thousands of troops to that area to defend the right. In cases like this, the United States has taken platforms of the ‘right is might’. If they are successful, they will succeed; if they are only right, and if they have enough power in back. People equate right with winning, and if you perchance win, then you are a winner, and that might or power makes you right. What we are trying to show you, as well you know already, that the conflict in Saudi Arabia/Kuwait deals not with the taking over of the land as stipulated or how it was taken over, but the question is why it was taken over? And this question: “Why was Kuwait taken over by Iraq,” is much more interesting than they invading another country. Iraq took over Kuwait to get control of the Arab world, and then become the dominant force, create its own nuclear bomb, and attack the United States. What we are saying is Iraq wants Persian domination of the world, and once and for all, put the Christian and Judaic God on the back burner. What we are saying again is the Persian world had its splendor at a certain time, and then had to take a second seat. And the second seat they took, and their religion became not the most popular, and that of the Judeo-Christian God became very popular. What we’re talking about is the God-deity influence of the Western world, not under the Persian mind, but under Judeo-Christian tenets. It is the most powerful statement that you would ever want to say: That nations are being controlled and led by Judeo-Christian principles, rather than Persian principles. Saddam Hussein wants an end to this and the beginning and the flourishing of Persian spirituality. What he would want is the dominance of the world under his provincial guide of Divine providence. Destiomeno Festive: means the land is ours, and take it with for Persian conquests. So, in reality, this is his basic plan, and his most admiring dream, and we reveal it here openly, where words could not form it before by humans or others because they scratch your heads and their heads to figure, “Who’s on first and what’s on second?” Now, we will not allow them to advance into this conflict, for it has been stopped. We do not condone the influence of troops in the area at a large amount. We do condone a long-term of conflict resolution and also a long-term of confrontation, of changing and strangling the ways of monetarial wears into the city. This will have more of a permanent effect on the country of Iraq, and it also will devastate their own so-called ego of being right. We are talking in length about this particular issue because 1) the troops are built up to a massive amount; expect it to be massive more in its own endurance. There is then the availability of a conflict situation to be had. The conflict situation is created by the military power, armament, and lodgings, and logistical force that find themselves present there. You cannot build up a force again in an area without using it. What would be considered statement 1) Force times the amount equals outcome or encounter. So force times the amount equals the outcome incorporate or the destined outcome, or the incorporate outcome destined. No amount of Army or weaponry will make the outcome turn the way it should, for those who are involved. What we are saying: All war is won and lost by the availability of the power of the mind to psych oneself in believing, regardless, to believe in one’s self, one’s principles, one’s ideals, one’s God, one’s focus. This belief makes the war win or lose or anything that we do. To believe is to do, and to make a commitment in doing. The belief system has its tests and trys, but even then while you are being tested, belief even stronger must be employed. Wipe out or focus away that personality that brings you down. What we are saying: Take away from you the thoughts that of negative, destructive, and a “can’t do” attitude. As the entity has spoken to you on this, we now speak to you about it. An attitude of positiveness must be employed for the spiritual warfare and conflict that is going on in the world. It is the spiritual attitude that people hunger for, and now they will come to look for it here, and they will be instructed and employed to use it and implement it in their lives, for the food will be going out and the energy field would be going out. It is time that this country needs this. This country needs this energy. It’s very difficult to find it in its pure state. It can be found here through your prayers and your services and your dedication. It can be and will be. We find that Iraq if to be taken, must be done at night. The storms of the day of the dessert is dreadful and destructive, more devastating than the bullet. But if this conflict is done, it must be done in three days. It cannot be extended into four or five. The first three days, the initial, the initial thrust of whether winning or losing, and in this conflict the Army or the force involved must set every scale into action to operate within seven hours, and in the seventh hour of assault to take over the different and major areas of Kuwait and Iraq at the same time. Their movements through Kuwait should be done in four different stages. The four different stages are from the north, east, and west, and southwest. Then at the same time there should be an entering into Iraq, not through Kuwait, but through that area of Turkey. This should be the area of entry and take-over immediately. All bridges and highways, airports and hospital areas and station and armaments completely taking over and putting into operation a operation of international government in Iraq, leveling the buildings of government in solid form. With this, a complete take-over of Libya and that of the areas around, and at the same time those countries that would be considered hostile. In all these focusing points, it does create a great deal of unrest, but we would say again, for that other prediction or prophecy to be looked at: If an attack is to be done, Christmas Eve should be the day. And the troops that are over there now should get into an attitude of war and confrontation, than of that of waiting and relaxing. There cannot be a waiting and relaxing. You must be on your guard. You must be on your toes at all times. You must be ready to act. This action is important, and it is very important for that of the putting at bay this thought of Persian Empire to be reborn. The Persian Empire had been great at one time, and it was gone, destroyed. Every single time the Persian Empire wants to raise its head again, it causes great conflicts. The second greatest time of take-over would be considered the 16th of January. Thereafter, every consecutive third quarter would be just as important. We find that all this energy would have a unprecedent amount of reaction to world governments. We do not want conflict or war. We are only giving guidelines, pointers to a most dreaded situation, more so dreadful situation. We will enter into and help to stop this conflict or aggression. Putting it all into perspective, there are other countries that have aggression and have conflict and have take-overs, but we are not there. There had been many a times in World War II when it was told then that what was happening to the Gypsies, to the Blacks, the undesirables, the Jews. It was told them of this, and yet Roosevelt looked the other the way. Many a times they had information from Holland, from Secret Service Personnel, again they turned the other way. That is why this house represents again a force of spiritual power and energy rejuvenated, so people from all walks of life can take from it and be rejuvenated, not just locked into Catholicism or into Judaism, but all the forces that combine Judaism and Catholicism together. But, this force has been built up over the years, and at the time and told of darkness as it is now, no great darkness could befall the earth in the major countries as what is happening now, and equal to the greatest darkness must be equal to the greatest light, so those could be drawn and force that understanding of not by power but by love. And that same force of love can give the overwhelming, overwhelming answer to a dreadful and dreaded situation where prayer and meditation and silence and love of God is, it can conquer any alien, any UFO, any ship. It is this power that we speak about openly. We know you have been inundated with ufologies and all things that go bump in the night. You have been inundated by this power to learn, to receive. You have been on a compact course of learning, but we say at this time that there is no amount of dark side that has power equal to the amount of the spiritual side, not only in your earth and those elements of worship between you and your universal God, but the God of the galaxies, the God of the Universe has so much that it is transcending this earth, and you will see the workings of inter-galactical forces, and as they walk through their hallways xeroxing, what they believe are the rudiments of the regulations of the powers one must adhere to, that there are universal powers of even higher and greater than this that one must adhere to through prayer and spiritual fibers of backbone and commitment. There is no grey individual that has control over the spiritual soul of man in his prayerful attitude. It is like 2,000 years of work for man to come to this point. Civilization, definition is the reflection of man and woman with their relationship of their God. Civilization is a reflection of man worshipping God. Simple. Basic. Anything that is civilized has the first fundamental power of worshipping of their God. Again, if you see, civilizations when it has reached its height, it has reached its height because of spiritual worship and moral fibers, not because of monetary greed and physical excess of acquisition of power and property and land. There is no need to control land to be powerful. And, yet Alexander the Great felt that land was powerful and was necessary to support his throne. He used a great deal of techniques in submission of the governments that he conquered, but he never received that of the spiritual conflicts between man. Man is put on the earth to experience and develop, and spiritual conflicts the inner core of man must develop with that spiritual benediction and blessing. When this happens, then the civilization flourishes, and in the flourishment comes inspiration and insight. Seek always to improve, to worship your God, to get an insight on how to do it better, and how to do it better and easier, not only to save time, but resources. What we are saying here is that civilization is only the reflection of spiritual commitment and when spiritual commitment goes down and no longer is in vogue, there is no civilization. The height of the pyramids was placed stone upon stone in perfection thousands of years ago. That perfection still stands today in reflection and resemblance of testimony to many men who have reached a point in their civilization that was on a spiritual high. The work of man’s hands is the reflection of his spiritual mind. That’s it. No other definition denominator could break it down more than that. So we are here to give you many different talks, as we have, and these talks are talks dealing with Iraq and the conflicts, dealing with your President. Why do we call him the name we call him? Not out of disrespect or disgrace to his office, or to that office. For the people of America who believe in a freedom of democracy. It is interesting to be voted that you can speak as a Senator on the floor to represent thousands upon thousands of people. The people’s ideals are important to them and must be respected. And the responsibility is enormous that everyday of your life reflects that responsibility. There is that need to govern oneself through a voice, like that of John the Baptist crying in the wilderness. We all need to make straight the way for the Lord. So when the Senators do come together, they speak. Some speak on other subjects, but they should receive the reflections of what people want done. And what the people want done, it is up to the people to voice. They do not voice it, it cannot be done. Such is the way to the spiritual powers of true powers: through that of service and improving and making things always better. The days ahead are difficult days, but they do not have to be difficult days if you incorporate a positive attitude, a “can do” attitude, an attitude that blocks all negative thoughts, and only supports constructive ideas and ideals. Than that would be the furnace and focus point of your mind, that you would be the servant of the most High, that you will bring in the Law of One, that you will bring in balance and harmony in all that you do, that if you fail you get up again, that if you thought a thought that diminishes you, you remove it. Replace it with one much brighter. You cannot afford to give in to the luxuries of self-indulgence, feeling sorry and right at the same time. They are not constructive thoughts, they are not healthy thoughts, they are not your thoughts. The thoughts do not belong to you. Do not associate with them. Abandon them as quick as they come, that you will be standing in the light and in the power and in the force of creation. Such is it. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: In fact, we have no questions to answer tonight. We are done. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…