Session 607-2/10/95

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and see many reasons why we have not been speaking with you regularly. There has been a tremendous alien attack, between species and species and governments, the last six to seven months. We have tried to stay clear and withstand our barriers of this nature and the tremendous force that we have represented and find to a point of exhaustion. There are many areas of destruction within the earth and many areas in which those cannot see. We have maintained our perimeter around this area and we would emphasize that each and every one needs to have the spirit of cooperation and communication of caring and working for one another.

In this particular community, it could be one way or the other. Knowingly, it can go the positive way with the entity leading a tremendous positive influence with this whole community. He’s worked many years in establishing this particular element. There is a tremendous conflict and war and MR-57 base moved, where the Mid-West is now, in North Carolina and definitely in Ashville. We have several major inner bases going on and major, major conflicts. Through this the entity has been tremendously psychically drained for his force is considered one of the most important elements in the earth. He has been used tremendously by us to offset an attack on the earth. This is what he had come through this lifetime to prevent and to be the secret weapon. It is no longer concealed but revealed that this particular entity has worked on many different levels of beings, with aliens and extra-terrestrials and galaxies beyond. And deals with those he meets to reconnect the societies and what would be considered links with other lives to the links of the galaxies and extra-terrestrial’s movements and planets. Explanations can never be explained at this time for the link-up is now at a tremendous speed.

We only would suggest total allowance of directions from the entity is needed for guidance and directions to be led by us to these deeper areas for our directions and purposes and plans. The particular horn he has used is the major weapon of sound and barriers preventing the reptilian forces of taking over—for these are the most dangerous along with several other species that are being involved. The gray forces are weaking and waning and being destroyed in its own particular destruction. We have many different elements that are going on within your Earth. The major sign of a catastrophe of the coming and the ignition and the igniting of the alien war will be the detonation of a major complex with underground area.

The underground area will be found in the Washington state with the major alien reptilian force. This force will be completely annihilated and so doing will erupt Mt. Rainier. Mt. Rainier, in a couple of months, will be strongly ignited as said before of volcanic eruptions. We have earthquake eruptions that are going on, completely strong in its own will and sessions, but we have the earthquake that has been spread from Japan to China, India and then over to the areas of Americas. We have the volcano eruptions that will be tremendous. All natural forces of exities of eruptions will start and tremendous activities of eruptions. Interesting enough, the area of eruption will be northwest into the Seattle area. Much land destruction, not too much people destruction.

We see Germany in the rise of Nazism again and the hate of the American population. There is a strange thing that has been allowed to happen in Germany and the inability to proclaim the concentration camps and gas camps. These are completely denied of being in existence for feeling that the children if not knowing will then not be responsible, but is what is happening is the complete Nazi concentration camps are all over again happening, proving not telling the children did not erase the problem. The Unitarian Europe is the great destruction as prophesied has come to be. The unifying of Europe between England and France, one of the keynotes of the great dark hour, has been accomplished. These underground drilling instruments making this tunnel possible has now become to the surface. Where did we ever develop such ingenuity to destroy tremendous amounts of rock and pulverize them and move them out as though nothing has happened?

We have taken so much for granted but these same very machines were means in which made the underground bases and alien exhibits and cities. Deep into the rocks of the mountains, these machines would go to make inner cities. When the pope is allowed to go to different areas and cities, this is the instrument in which the world government moves to control, materialize, force and also deliver the cities into the hands properly. It also under the auspices makes them have more control of the cities into what they would have done. People are not being able to communicate any longer, not speak or talk and this is one of the many prizes of this household—the sanctuary of conversation and talk, of honesty and openness of the moment. We had given many years ago the purpose of storing food and the storing of food for more than a two year period in which you probably and properly done.

It does not mean that it should not still be done. The storage of beans have seemed to been adequate. If that alone can be done, of canning and doing of beans at least that in itself will be a staple to live off of. You have your own water supply coming from the ground which is a God gift to you. Of course, chips are the process of recording people and animals and it is now in process and it is going on and on as the government is trying to record and to control individuals. The government says that it does not control people through the social security, but it is still the same social security number one needs for driving and signing on in libraries and universities. It is, therefore, a number that is used to control. After the great eruption of Mt. Rainier these will be the signals of the underground bases of destruction and conflicts. Weapons in government, weapons for trying and going to be taken away from people and trying to muster the control of weapons. People should always have the right to control and have their own weapons in their household. But in itself this is a control.

Terrorism in New York City will continue as we have said as the paintings that he has prophesied in his paintings, the destruction in New York City is imminent. We have given ’86 as the time and it still is. We will not falter, we will not change from that. ’86 is the destruction in which it started; ’96 will be the accomplishment of it. In perstrong ’96 is the original prophesy of the destruction and this is true–it will not be turned, altered or changed. The destruction of New York City will be self-imposed, self inflicted and naturally done by nature. This will be accomplished into ’98. The market as we have predicted will now crash and it will crash as we have said—gradually. The government has control over the market and not this type of control for it will crash gradually. Japan will remove its money from the markets of the United States, causing a tremendous crash within our country. There will be racial wars within Denver, San Francisco, and California; Chicago, Mississippi, Atlanta. These elements will cause tremendous pain and destruction.

The magnetic field will alter and change considerably, affecting the personalities of people. The hall of records have been unleashed; the books of knowledge is revealed. The library of Atlantis has been found and will be revealed to the world. The room is under the paw of the sphinx. The Egyptian government refuses the expedition of the room but the room has been found. In the room is the flying ship of space, of distance, and the many books and knowledge of mankind. The entity has prepared for this moment and now has accomplished his mission in carrying you through this period. There shall be marshal law declared in every city in the United States. For 90 days the constitution shall be suspended. And the many different conflicts, the cities will be surrounded and people will have to give up, for food is not allowed and not enough in the cities. There shall be prisoner of war camps in the United States for undesirables. The homeless are being moved out as we speak. There shall be explosions in outer space. Fish shall be impossible to eat. There is one very interesting factor. The government cannot and will not handle troops or armaments in the cities, but they will starve the cities.

Israel shall declare war on the PLO. Arafat has said that he will take Jerusalem. Jerusalem is not his for the taking. This is our city. Israel has been surrounded by the Arabs once again. And a war to destroy them again reigns. It shall not happen. China will rise up and flex its muscle. The Iraqi war we have predicted and at the same time many have known it. Clinton is being led and told what to do. It is not Clinton that leads the government, but the committees in Washington are the leaders of this country, for they are told what to do by the directors. L. F. P. as you know him does not wish to follow orders he would be removed. He knows this. For he, too, is in a committee. If a person follows his heart and his spirit, they cannot stand within the committee they are removed like the others.

Religious leaders are brought down to bring the morale of the people to naught. O.J. Simpson is a cover story, a sham. He has been set up. You all think he’s done it, but it is to keep you all busy. Your talk shows of sexual explicit things is to entertain you, to keep you busy, to numb you, to demoralize you. They should be removed from the networks. The press has done a fine job of demoralizing the people. The government reveals itself of UFO’s and extraterrestrials. A set up within the missiles a set up within the landing in Russia of UFO’s in the park, a set up. World domnation. They as we have said, the most dangerous thing this government fears is religion, and the most dangerous thing it cannot handle is a religious force. They cannot and still not understand what makes this group strong. Do not go around saying many have left for that is what they want you to do, but not many has left. Many has left not. But this group is still the strongest. Do not succumb to the blackmail of the thought, the programming. The strength is with us. We have promised you we would lead you through this. You will move on. You will all be strong. Questions.

I: Thank you for coming in. The beans, the storage of food here is very difficult because we tried what we used to have in […], but […] is better, and it’s difficult to…
Forces: All you have to do is find a Mormon in this area and they will teach you what to do.
I: A…
Forces: A Mormon.
I: Thank you.
Forces: Gold will rise; the market will fall. Question.
I: The banks?
Forces: Banks will tumble.
I: …[Inaudible]
Forces: What is there is there, not to worry, but no more.
I: Is that…
Forces: We are not worried about that.
I: You said that the religious…that the religions are demoralizing the people…
Forces: We did not say the religions are demoralizing the people. We are saying that those in power are destroying the religious leaders to demoralize the people and their belief.
I: I see.
Forces: Not that the religious leaders are righteous but that is what the people place their trust in and it is being destroyed. This is… this is a plan.
I: So even Jerry Falwell and people like that they are ok?
Forces: They too are being demoralized.
I: Now, if the committees are leading the president, and the…
Forces: The president is told what to do just as Allen is trying to be told what to do.
I: Who are the…Who is in charge?
Forces: Very few men who run the money issues of the world.
I: So my theory is…
Forces: No more than a 100.
I: So my theory is…
Forces: Is correct.
I: It’s been my thing that…
Forces: It is it.
I: When did it start like that?
Forces: Started before the seventeen-hundreds [1700’s].
I: And some of them are in families?
Forces: And they tried to stop the borders, marshal law in the skies and the airs and drugs will still come in.
I: So are these of these families or do they want to be just individuals? The ones who want control?
Forces: Control is control, whether families or individuals.
I: This session has revealed all this amount of information.
Forces: It is not revealed. The information has already been given to you in other sessions.
I: Not so specific.
Forces: We have always been specific in all these information’s.
I: Is the entity all right physically, because I have been smelling…
Forces: It is always a processing. He is processing. Under attack by the aliens, his liver does get affected.
I: So this is what I am smelling?
Forces: It is a processing. On the etheric level he is fighting.
I: Is there anything I can do?
Forces: We have gave you, we have told you. The directives are plain. He will be, he will go, he will be sent. Resources must be available to him without question and he must use it in and as we see fit. Do not limit this at this moment. Do not fall upon yourself as securing it. There are things that need to be done and your questions cannot be answered.
I: Thank you.
D: The sign of the presence that I studied? [J.G. Bennett] Can you tell me more about that. Can it be visualized as was given in a previous session?
Forces: You can visualize it. For as the earth is changing, as the earth is peeled from under your eyes, let that be a centering. Question.
D: And this order that I am reading about?
Forces: Remember, even these directions, even these ideas and concepts, they will constantly change. No one knows what is up or down. Those who have destroyed, through terrorism, the bombing of the world trade centers that you have, has been set up. They are and will admit to their guilt, but it has all been put together by the government. Those things that are happening, even the baseball strike has been planned to demoralize people.
D: Planned by our government?
Forces: It is to demoralize people to make them weak. Despair.
[Part II]
I: …why…
Forces: It is to demoralize people to make them weak.
I: The government wants to make the people… .
Forces: It is to demoralize people to make them weak. The government is a pawn and those who want to control the earth, the world, the globe, the alien attacks. We are being explicit tonight, yes. We have said these things in many forms. We are just bringing them all together tonight. We had the entity in a mass seminar, speaking and giving him directions and guidance. The people in this group are to be protected at all costs. But he has work to do with each and every one that their own directions and directors and commitments must be strong. They must not falter to outside voices, nor opinions but made strong within the center of this group.
I: Can that be done, will that be done?
Forces: We have just told you what has to be done. It is not to be forced on them, but they already know the directives in order to save themselves. They want to continue to live and to prosper, they won’t be foolish.
I: About those…
Forces: Those who have left directly and have not returned, that is not our problem.
I: So they become part of the…
Forces: That is not our problem. We will work and help where we have to.
D: Under the direction of the Tall aliens.
Forces: Repeat?
D: The people who control the world, are they under the direction of the Tall aliens?
Forces: There is a battle and they have some sort of control over that too. This is also involved with that of the other places on the moon bases – on the moon bases – and on mars bases and also ships traveling. Do not think for one minute that the explosion on Jupiter was just a comet. That was a complete war conflict as the entity has said and he was correct.
D: …people are afraid of the aliens?
Forces: Some are aliens themselves.
J: There seem to be a number of people on the outside that are seeking to come here or seeking to speak with T or…
Forces: They are being told, they are being guided. It can be done, but they seem to know on a soul level and a sub-conscience level being individuals of development that they have the answer that this is the area for their directions.
J: Is there should we be doing planning or working towards at some point some types of retreats for people where they could come and experience and learn?
Forces: Eventually, eventually. We do not mean to upset you or to cause turmoil. We are only trying to get the information across, for time is of the essence. Great conflicts with Russia, great conflicts with China, Japan; with that of Germany; it is not easy to do all this that has to be done. But most important, things are changing. And when the earth changes do happen, the magnetic force changes, and the volcanoes happen, know that these are the signs that the conflicts of the great conflicts that are going on.
I: You said something about the entity—two things. One of them is that the entity’s mission is accomplished.
Forces: His hour of accomplishment is at hand.
I: What does that mean?
Forces: It is what he has come into the earth to do is now being accomplished.
I: It doesn’t mean that he is going to disappear?
Forces: When that time comes, we will inform you.
I: And the other thing that you said about the entity that’s his time that it could go two ways, one way a positive that he can become…
Forces: That is in this community that he can change this community.
I: Now are you talking…
Forces: It is the community that could go negative.
I: Are you talking about the group?
Forces: The community is the group. The community is what be has worked on. It is this are of… that he has changed by his very presence here. The community listens and respects him.
I: So when you say community you wan the group or… ?
Forces: The community, again, is the community, the community in which he lives, moves, works and breathes.
I: So, what does it mean, what’s the answer. I don’t see the other side of the coin… But there is obviously some sort of process, decision making, something that…
Forces: That this area could be an area of each one protecting and standing for one another in this community—the community that we have planned—the ideal community of sharing and talking and walking and developing a futuristic society. From this community will be protection. Remember, your cities will start destroying and warring against themselves.
I: So you speak of the town of… ?
Forces: As a centering point, a taking off point that we have worked through this entity to accomplish.
I: So you are not just saying the group, but the whole of… .
Forces: Yes.
I: So what can we do to make it successful. To put it into being?
Forces: Communication, sharing, talking, daring. The government does not want individuals to share and talk. They want the walls to be higher and higher. At this point we must return to where the battle is. That is where we had always gone in the last few months. We are sorry we have not been able to talk to you openly as much as before, but now openly we tell you why, greeting to all here present now.
Group: Our father, who art in heaven…